Will Jones

Will Jones

Senior Tech Writer

Will joined the Cyclingnews team as a reviews writer in 2022, having previously written for Cyclist, BikeRadar and Advntr. He’s tested countless bikes, from budget-friendly starter options to money-no-object race machines, as well as innumerate tyres, components, and riding gear. Thanks to a lack of desire to ride indoors, he has developed a real expertise in wet and cold weather gear, helped no end by living in one of the wettest parts of the UK. 

There are few cycling disciplines he hasn’t at least dabbled in, with years of road, gravel, and cyclocross experience bolstered by peripheral immersions into fixed gear, BMX, mountain biking, bike polo, tandems, time trialling, and good old-fashioned touring. 

Not content with simply riding off-the-peg bikes, he has also put himself through frame-building school, so is a passable brazer, and has a real appreciation for the handbuilt scene, as well as an in-depth knowledge of bike geometry and the limitations inherent in bicycle design. 

As well as his bread and butter of tech news and reviews, he’s a skilled photographer and has produced countless galleries from the biggest races on the planet, not only highlighting bicycle tech, but giving readers a true behind-the-scenes feel of what it’s like to be roadside, in the pits, and shoulder to shoulder with pro riders. 

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