Compton carries on in Wisconsin

Luna ladies keep national champ on her toes

Planet Bike's Katie Compton made her sponsors proud by taking a solo victory at the Planet Bike Cup and displaying just why she is wearing the stars and stripes jersey as the US national champion.

Her win came with ample time to spare ahead of the talented Luna Pro mountain bike duo Katerina Nash  in second place and Georgia Gould in third.

"It's mostly pressure put on myself because I like to win," said Compton, referring to the fact that title sponsor Planet Bike owner Bob Downs was spectating. "I like to feel good and race hard. Bob's been awesome and I don't feel pressure from him.

"I just want to do well for my sponsors and for myself. I think if I come in confident and with good legs I can definitely get a win or at least a podium."

Race organisers presented Compton with the prestigious US Grand Prix of Cyclo-cross leader's jersey for winning the first event of an eight-round series. She will go into the next day's round two battle ahead of Luna Pro duo Nash and Gould.

"This is the only USGP that I'll be able to get to and I'll be doing all the World Cups," said Compton. "It just makes it hard to travel back and forth to do well at everything. I would love to do more of the USGPs, I wish I could but I can't do everything and I have to pick my battles."

Perfect conditions, even better racing

After a night of rain, the cloud covered skies broke to sunshine in the early morning to help dry up the Angell Park. Slightly sticky grounds combined with technical sections and several powerful straightaways suited Compton's abilities perfectly.

The women's drum roll included Compton along with Nash, Gould and teammate Alison Dunlap, Canadian Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain), Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale), Dede Winfield (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes) among others.

"I loved the course," said Compton. "I think the rain last night was perfect, made it pretty tacky and there were a lot of twists and turns, powerful sections and technical part. I really enjoyed the race. I think it was pretty fun and I got a great effort in."

Similar to Jeremy Powers' winning start to the men's race, Compton shot out of the women's starting gate and only one woman could hang on. It was Katerina Nash who displayed an evenly matched strength and sat close behind Compton through the first lap's twists and turns. Gould followed close behind along with several smaller groups of women vying for higher places.

"I tried to keep the pace up after the start of the first lap," said Compton. "I saw that Alison and Georgia were starting to close a little bit an I though it was time to up the pace again. I gapped Katerina through the barriers and kept it on. I wanted to keep the pace high and make it a hard race. I'm working on accelerating hard out of the turns and going fast up the run-ups and over the barriers. I have to be able to do those fast for the World Cups."

Compton quickened her pace and eventually found her self alone. She maintained a near 30-second lead over Nash and motivated herself to ride even faster by thinking ahead to the world cup season that starts next month. "This is the second race this week that I'm getting a little lesson here," laughed Nash who placed second to Compton in Cross Vegas a few days prior. "It's ok. Next time I'll try to stay a little longer on her wheel and maybe one day Katie will be on my wheel, what do you think about that?"

Gould secured her third place position almost a minute behind Compton and another minute ahead of reunited chasers Sydor, Winfield and Butler along with Amy Dombroski (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches). "My last mountain bike race was 10 days ago," said Gould.

"It's hard coming into straight cross racing but I really like cross. It's so fun and people have great enthusiasm for it. Look at all the people who came out today. As a racer it's awesome to come out after a long season and get rejuvenated to race again. Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer, it really makes a difference for us."

With the top three places solidified the race was on for fourth place. Dombroski is one of the fastest sprinters in the nation and no stranger to cyclo-cross having won the US under 23 national championships for three consecutive years. She chose not to leave it to a sprint and rather attacked her group over the steep ‘stranglers' run-up located approximately 200 metres from the finish line and rode in for fourth place.


Elite / Cat. 1/2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katherine Compton (Spike Shooter)  
2Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team)  
3Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team)  
4Amy Dombroski (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix)  
5Alison Sydor (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain)  
6Susan Butler (  
7Deidre Winfield (C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes)  
8Alison Dunlap (Luna Pro Team)  
9Devon Haskell (BH USA)  
10Kristin Wentworth (Planet Bike)  
11Kari Studley (Velo Bella)  
12Linda Sone (Planet Bike)  
13Kaitlin Antonneau (Planet Bike)  
14Kimberly Flynn (Vantaggio/Specialized)  
15Annajean Dallaire (Cannondale Factory Racing)  
16Nicole Borem (DRT Consulting)  
17Robin Williams (Mercy-Specialized)  
18Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)  
19Holly Klug (Courage)  
20Sarah Kerlin (Velo Bella)  
21Erin Playman (gentle lovers)  
22Marne Smiley (Scott)  
23Ashley James (Team Kenda)  
24Corey Coogan (Ridley Factory Team)  
25Rebecca Cleveland (The Bike Hub)  
26Kathryn Steudel (Team Pegasus)  
27Therese ( Teri) Meek ( Louisville)  
28Patricia Kaufmann (Planet Bike)  
29Sarah Lukas (Gear Grinder/Hyundai)  
30Whitney Kroll (Cane Creek)  
Junior women 10-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eden Webb (Red Zone Cycling)  
2Emma Swartz (Planet Bike)  
3Frances Haley (Red Zone Cycling)  
4Alejandra Butcher (Team Magnus)  
5Cate Mcshane (Red Zone Cycling)  
6Isabella Butcher (Team Magnus)  
7Alison Roltgen (Razen Dropouts)  
Junior women 15-16
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Corrie Osborne (ISCorp/Nova Cycle Sports Foundation)  
Women Cat. 3/4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julia Daher (xXx Racing)  
2Jessica Kates Galatro (Flying Penguins)  
3Pamela Loebig (Alderfer Bergen)  
4Sarah Huang (Planet Bike)  
5Megan Lennon (Behind Bars/LGR)  
6Meredith Peterson (Bob's Red Mill)  
7Melissa Behr (Mad City Velo)  
8Kristin Gallagher (Performance)  
9Jenny Kempf  
10Josie Miller (DICE)  
11Angela Theriault (Cafe Hollander RDC)  
12Beckie Alexander (Curt Goodrich Cyclocross team)  
13Liz Baumgardt (Ellsworth)  
14Wendy Tougas  
15Melissa Putzer (Team Wheel & Sprocket)  
16Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe (Rib Mountain Cycles/Red Eye Brewery)  
17Patty Costello  
18Dana Buddenbaum (SilverCycling)  
19Jane Lee (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
20Helmy Tennis (Wildside)  
21Mary Coats (Trek Store Madison)  
22Imelda March (Team Kenda)  
Master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kimberly Flynn (Vantaggio/Specialized)  
2Diane Ostenso (Planet Bike)  
3Patricia Kaufmann (Planet Bike)  
4Gina Kenny (ABD)  
5Alison Brooks (Mad City Velo)  
6Heather Curnutt (Mad City Velo Club)  
7Susan Uphill (World Discount Telcom)  
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