Higgins, O'Reilly add to medal tallies

O'Reilly/Silva win men's Madison

The 2009 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships concluded at the Home Depot Center velodrome on Sunday awarding national titles in the men’s and women’s team sprint and the men’s Madison. Nearly two dozen women also contested the inaugural women’s Madison, an exhibition event for 2009.

In the men’s Madison, Cody O’Reilly (Santa Barbara, Calif./Bissell) and Iggy Silva (San Diego, Calif./Iggy Racing) lapped the field inside the final few laps to beat Black Dog’s Ryan Luttrell (Colorado Springs, Colo./Black Dog Pro Cycling) and Ryan Sagba (Denver, Colo./Black Dog Pro Cycling), 8-4.

The pairing of Shane Kline (Bally, Pa./Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Bobby Lea (Mertztown, Pa./OUCH p/b Maxxis) scored 25 points, but finished a lap down to place third. For O’Reilly the race wrapped up a successful week after winning the omnium and placing third in the points race, and for Silva the Stars-and Stripes marked his first as an elite.

“I went over to Hasselt last February with USA Cycling’s development program and did some Madison racing,” explained the 19-year-old Silva. “The competition over there is a lot better, so it really prepared me for this race. Julian (Kyer), Cody and myself are headed back over in a few weeks as well. Madison racing has a lot going on and is very exciting so it’s one of my favorite events on either the road or the track.”

In the team sprint events, the Landrover squad of Lanell Rockmore (Bethlehem, Pa./Team Alliance), Dean Tracy (Colorado Springs, Colo./land Rover-Orbea) and Kevin Mansker (Portland, Ore.) rode to a national title in the men’s contest while the Proman squad of Cari Higgins (Boulder, Colo./Proman Hit Squad) and Anna Lang (La Jolla, Calif./B&L Bike & Sport) won the women’s event.

Rockmore, Dean and Mansker clocked a winning time of 48.023 seconds to beat the Momentum trio of Kelyn Akuna (Elk Grove, Calif./Veritas Cycling Team), Steven Beardsley (Portland, Ore./Gentle Lovers) and Daniel Walker (Houston, Texas/Momentum Coaching Group), who clocked a time of 48.497 seconds, by a narrow margin of less than half a second.

In the head-to-head bronze medal match, the Affinity Cycling team of Andrew LaCorte (Plainview, N.Y./Affinity Cycles), Dan Sullivan (Bloomfield, N.J./Team Metra-Wendy’s) and David Espinoza (Breinigsville, Pa./Bike America) turned in a 48.627 to place third over LTO Velo’s Peter Billington (San Rafael, Calif./LTO Velo), Sam Milroy (Palo Alto, Calif./LTO Velo) and Rey Giovanni (Los Gatos, Calif./LTO Velo) whose 48.801 left them in fourth place overall of the 12 teams who took the start.

For the women, Higgins and Lang beat Jen Featheringhill (Portland, Ore./Bike Central) and sprint champion Cristin Walker (Houston, Texas/Momentum Coaching Group) in the gold medal final with a winning time of 37 seconds flat. For Higgins it was her third straight team sprint title.

“The team sprint is always on the last day and we’re all really tired, so it’s kind of like icing on the cake,” explained Higgins. “Today we’re all so excited about being able to participate in the first-ever domestic women’s Madison. The Madison is becoming an international event so it’s great that the U.S. is keeping pace. We even have a field of 10 teams which is great for the first time.”

In the bronze-medal match of the women’s team sprint, Home Depot’s Dana Feiss (Telford, Pa./Home Depot Center) and Cj Boyenger (Orange, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) clocked a 37.757 to edge Amelia Bjesse-Puffin (Portand, Ore./Brian’s House of Pain) and Andrea Fisk (Portland, Ore./Velo Bella) of the ATRH squad by a mere tenth of a second.

Despite being an exhibition-only event, the women’s Madison was undoubtedly the highlight of the final day of competition at the 2009 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships. A total of 10 squads, including several powerhouse teams, lined up for the start of the first-ever event. It was the Vanderkitten team of Lang and Jennifer Reither (Chatsworth, Calif./Vanderkitten) however that stole the show, sneaking around to lap the field and grab the win. The victory gave Lang her unofficial second title of the day.

The Vanderkitten pair scored 10 points to the Proman squad of Christen King (Huntington Beach, Calif./Proman) and Higgins’ 20, but the extra lap earned them the victory. Tomassini’s Catherine Fiedler-Cook (Long Beach, Calif./Tomassini) and Cassandra Hollman (Paramount, Calif./Tomassini) also earned 10 sprint points to finish third.

Women's Team Sprint
1Proman Hit Squad0.37.000 
 Cari Higgins  
 Cassandra Holman  
2Meg Bike Central0.37.160 
 Jen Featheringill  
 Cristin Walker  
3Home Depot0.37.757 
 Dana Feiss  
 CJ Boyenger  
 Amelia Bjesse-Puffin  
 Andrea Fisk  
5Boardmark / Gregg's0.38.965 
 Amara Boursaw  
 Tela Crane  
6She Pedals0.39.605 
 Dena Eaton  
 Kara Vidaca  
 Catherine Fiedler-Cook  
 Cassandra Holman  
8Brians House Of Pain0.41.125 
 Emily Charbonneau  
 Camille Hook  
Men's Team Sprint
 Lanell Rockmore  
 Dean Tracy  
 Kevin Mansker  
2Momentum 10.48.497 
 Kelyn Akuna  
 Steven Beardsley  
 Daniel Walker  
3Affinity Cycling0.48.627 
 Andrew Lacorte  
 Dean Tracy  
 David Espinoza  
4Lto Velo0.48.891 
 Peter Billington  
 Sam Milroy  
 Giovanni Rey  
5Drunk Monkeys0.50.020 
 Jonathan Fraley  
 Joshua Ryan  
 Allen Vugrincic  
6Brian's House Of Pai0.50.078 
 Brian Abers  
 Per Bjesse  
 Zak Kovalcik  
7Affinity Mk Ii0.50.935 
 Marius Farioletti  
 Nelson Li  
 Colin Prensky  
8Eddie's Boyz0.51.533 
 Tc Valentine  
 Antony Galvan  
 Victor Mcquaide  
9Southwest Bikes0.52.427 
 Phillip Watford  
 Quinn Hatfield  
 Joseph Patterson  
10Masters United0.52.771 
 Stuart Press  
 Douglas Northcott  
 Vann Johnson  
11Bike Central0.53.483 
 Curtis Bergquist  
 Mark Godfrey  
 Patrick Jacks  
12Momentum Cycling 2  
 Mathieson Tj  
 Andrew Weathers  
 Ryan Crane  
Men's Madison
 Cody O'Reilly  
 Iggy Silva  
2Black Dog Pro Cyclin  
 Ryan Luttrell  
 Ryan Sabga  
 Shane Kline  
 Bobby Lea  
4Cycle Loft  
 Eric Barlevav  
 Jackie Simes  
5We Mean Clean  
 Daniel Holloway  
 Ben Jacques-Maynes  
6Southbay / Rock  
 Danny Heeley  
 Ian Moir  
7Amgen Giant  
 John Walsh  
 Keith Ketterer  
8Hawk Relay  
 Colt Peterson  
 Dan Vogt  
9Matrixx Rich Bike Ma  
 Andrew Armstrong  
 Chris Carlson  
10Felt Factory  
 Kevin Schiller  
 Shawn Wallace  
11Now Ms Society  
 Kit Karzen  
 Rahsaan Bahati  
12Team Beer  
 Zak Kovalcik  
 David Mccook  
DNFSpeed Fix  
 Andrew Kruse  
 Jack Lindquist  
DNFBike Central  
 Brian Abers  
 Matt Martinez  
DNFRocky Mounts Izze  
 Danny Hiller  
 Greg Pent  
DNFTrek Livestrong  
 Julian Kyer  
 David Koesel  
Women's Madison
1Vander Kitten  
 Anna Lang  
 Jennifer Reither  
2Proman Giant  
 Cari Higgins  
 Christen King  
 Catherine Fiedler-Cook  
 Cassandra Holman  
4Proman Midgit  
 Shelley Olds  
 Coryn Rivera  
5Verducci Breakaway  
 Theresa Cliff-Ryan  
 Colleen Hayduk  
 Christine Chang  
 Jennifer Triplett  
7She Pedals  
 Valerie Brostrom  
 Dena Eaton  
8Sugar Cycles  
 Amara Boursaw  
 Shelby Reynolds  
 Kate Gracheck  
 Kendi Thomas  
 Emily Charbonneau  
 Norrene Godfrey  


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