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US Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships 2013

Date range:
October 25-27, 2013

October 25, Short track:

Morrison and Valdez win collegiate short track national titles

Cycling News
October 25, 2013, 19:32 BST,
October 28, 2013, 16:46 GMT

Courtney and Zaveta win women's championships

Four national titles were won on Friday as the 2013 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships got underway on North Carolina's Beech Mountain.

The second national championship of the 2013-2014 collegiate cycling season and the final event on USA Cycling's 2013 national championship calendar, the three-day competition got off to a fast (and snowy) start with the short track races.

It was 25 degrees when racing got underway in the morning, meaning that racers not only had to compete against their collegiate rivalries but they also had to compete against the weather and course conditions.

Division I Men

In the men's Division I race, University of Colorado senior Sam Morrison was victorious.

"I just got the hole shot," he said "And then Chris (Baddick) came up on the first climb and kind of sat in second and I just looked back and saw the climb had a little gap and figured I might as well go for it since Chris was sitting on."

Morrison's teammate, Chris Baddick (University of Colorado-Boulder) followed him over the line for the silver medal while Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College) was third. Joshua Johnson (Marian University) and Stephan Davoust (Fort Lewis College) rounded out fourth and fifth.

Division I Women

Capping off a successful mountain bike season that included a world cup win and sixth-place in the junior women's race at the UCI Mountain Bike Worlds, Kate Courtney (Stanford University) claimed victory in the women's D1 short track event.

"It feels amazing. Well, right now it feels a little bit cold. It was a really exciting race," the 18-year-old Courtney said after her win. "I had gotten a little bit of a gap and started to settle in and tell myself 'you can do this.' Then I slid out and had to run one of the hills and got caught, so that was a little bit of a mental challenge because I had to get a gap again which was hard."

After Courtney attacked, she created a second gap which she maintained all the way to the finish line, riding in ahead of silver and bronze medalists Lauren Catlin (Fort Lewis College) and Allie Dragoo (Marian University). Linnea Dixson (University of Wyoming) and Emily Shields (Lees-McRae College) completed the race in fourth and fifth.

Division II Men

In Division II, Zachary Valdez helped Brevard College start the weekend out on the right foot when he won the men's short track event. He finished ahead of the Mars Hill University duo of Michael Keith and Timothy Jenkinson while Wesley Lamberson (Union College - KY) and Robert Rimmer (Virginia Intermont) rounded out the podium in fourth and fifth.

"I'm just really proud of the team," said Brevard coach Ryan Sheedy. "We experienced some adversity when Cypress Gorry, who was cross country and short track cross-country national champ last year, had a training accident about 10 days ago. So that was a big hit and then Lewis Gaffney, who was winning the men's short track, his pedal snapped off and he was out of the race. Zach saw that and went on the attack and put on a big gap."

Division II Women

In her last mountain bike season as a collegiate rider, Erica Zaveta (Brevard College) finished on a high note with the win in the Division II women's short track race.

"Off the line I missed my pedal and kind of went back two spots and then clipped in. I attacked right at the first climb and just held the lead," the new national champion (and reigning DII national cyclo-cross champ) said after crossing the finish line.

Following Zaveta over the finish line were second- and third-place finishers Alexis Skarda (Colorado Mesa University) and Sarah Hill (Brevard College). Essence Barton (California Lutheran University) and Addyson Albershardt (Mars Hill University) were fourth and fifth.

Full Results

Men division 1 short track
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Samuel Morrison (University of Colorado Boulder)    
2 Chris Baddick (University of Colorado Boulder)    
3 Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College)    
4 Joshua Johnson (Marian University)    
5 Stephan Davoust (Fort Lewis College)    
6 Andrew Dillman (Marian University)    
7 Payson McElveen (Fort Lewis College)    
8 Sepp Kuss (University of Colorado Boulder)    
9 Alex Meucci (University of Florida)    
10 Bryan Lewis (University of Virginia)    
11 Luke Vrouwenvelder (Lees-McRae College)    
12 Gabriel Baca (Midwestern State University)    
13 Miles Hubbard (Appalachian State University)    
14 Josh Brown (Utah State University)    
15 Daniel Williams (Lindenwood University)    
16 Casey Hildebrandt (Lindenwood University)    
17 Greg Krieger (Colorado State University)    
18 Michael Dutczak (University of Illinois at Chicago)    
19 Christopher Bogedin (Lindenwood University)    
20 Lukas Grob (Georgia Institute of Technology)    
21 Gunnar Bergey (Lees-McRae College)    
22 Alek Minkis (Marian University)    
23 Kenneth Hall (Lindsey Wilson College)    
24 Travis Monroe (Lindsey Wilson College)    
25 Mark Currie (Colorado State University)    
26 Tanner Hurst (Cumberland University)    
27 Forrest Conrad (University of Vermont)    
28 Keith Omundson (University of Colorado Boulder)    
29 Matthew Fanfelle (University of Nevada-Reno)    
30 Derek Laan (Indiana University-Bloomington)    
31 Kenneth McNeill (Northeastern University)    
32 Tyler Kjorstad (University of Wyoming)    
33 Adam Steurer (North Carolina State University at Raleigh)    
34 Michael Sampson (Fort Lewis College)    
35 Nicholas Newcomb (University of California-Santa Cruz)    
36 Gregory Buker (Florida State University)    
37 Garrett Lundberg (Fort Lewis College)    
38 Cody Phillips (Lees-McRae College)    
39 Maxwell Ackermann (University of Wisconsin-Madison)    
40 Wyatt Myers (Lindsey Wilson College)    
41 Nathan Labecki (Marian University)    
42 Jakub Valigura (University of Colorado Boulder)    
43 Tyler Stewart (The University of Texas at Austin)    
44 Davis Bentley (Lees-McRae College)    
45 William Curtis (University of California-Santa Cruz)    
46 Joshua Longenecker (Georgia Institute of Technology)    
47 David Barrett (Midwestern State University)    
48 Robert Chrisman (The University of Texas at Austin)    
49 Luke Beemer (Marian University)    
50 Alex McMahon (Appalachian State University)    
51 Peter Striegel (University of Vermont)    
52 Stewart Thompson (California State University-Sacramento)    
53 Luke Woodard (Virginia Polytechnic University)    
54 Gavin Kline (Virginia Polytechnic University)    
55 Jacob Roy (University of Massachusetts Amherst)    
56 Nathan Trimble (Texas State University-San Marcos)    
57 Jake Boone (Texas State University-San Marcos)    
58 Jason Brinsfield (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)    
59 Andrew Faturos (Colorado State University)    
60 Zach Wegryn (Virginia Polytechnic University)    
61 Christopher (CJ) Brish (Lindenwood University)    
62 Evan Hartig (Lindenwood University)    
63 Bill Lucy (Virginia Polytechnic University)    
64 Zach Deitch (Marian University)    
65 Michael Smith (University of Massachusetts Amherst)    
66 Reece Oleson (Cumberland University)    
67 Ross Ramage (University of Nevada-Reno)    
68 Dana Greenlaw (University of Vermont)    
69 Brian Jorgensen (Lees-McRae College)    
70 Ricky Pimentel (Colorado State University)    
71 Bryce Lowrey (University of Virginia)    
72 gunner gilliam (Lindenwood University)    
73 TIm Hayes (Texas State University-San Marcos)    
74 Zach Bodhane (Colorado State University)    
75 Cory Rand (University of Vermont)    
76 Matthew McCarter (Appalachian State University)    
77 Jason Midkiff (Appalachian State University)    
78 Jeffrey Nagy (The University of Texas at Austin)    
79 Amos Zimmermann (The University of Texas at Austin)    
80 Ford Murphy (Northeastern University)    
81 Richard OBriant (North Carolina State University at Raleigh)    
DNF Will Canup (University of Virginia)    
DNF Logan Luker (Cumberland University)    
Men division 2 short track
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Zachary Valdez (Brevard College)    
2 Michael Keith (Mars Hill University)    
3 Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill University)    
4 Wesley Lamberson (Union College-KY)    
5 Robert Rimmer (Virginia Intermont College)    
6 Steven Pearl (Humboldt State University)    
7 Graham Ruhmann (Western State Colorado University)    
8 Dylan Johnson (Brevard College)    
9 Morgan Ryan (Colorado Mesa University)    
10 Jeffery Sikes (Colorado Mesa University)    
11 Tony Kaatz (Ripon College)    
12 Spencer Lowden (Brevard College)    
13 Ricardo Creel (Boston College)    
14 Benjamin Senkerik (Ripon College)    
15 Hunter Resek (Mars Hill University)    
16 Nicolas Jimenez (Colorado School of Mines)    
17 Forrest Russell (Adams State University)    
18 Peter Noon (Western State Colorado University)    
19 Doug Todd (West Texas A & M University)    
20 Dalton Guggemos (Michigan Technological University)    
21 Robert Leeson (Warren Wilson College)    
22 Michael Flynn (Warren Wilson College)    
23 Alex Alleman (Western State Colorado University)    
24 Jeff Sabatka (Western State Colorado University)    
25 Cory Wittwer (Colorado School of Mines)    
26 Mitchell Collins (Wake Forest University)    
27 Robin Crandall (Warren Wilson College)    
28 Andrew Lints (Rochester Institute of Technology)    
29 Justin Graves (Humboldt State University)    
30 Marcus Reed-Thorsen (Ripon College)    
31 Dylan Wright (Humboldt State University)    
32 Parker McColl (Michigan Technological University)    
33 caleb woodworth (Western State Colorado University)    
34 jake wands (Colorado School of Mines)    
35 Alvin Garlejo (Humboldt State University)    
36 Michael Eck (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)    
37 Adam Degemann (Colorado Mesa University)    
38 John Siff (Warren Wilson College)    
39 Conor Steward (Abilene Christian University)    
40 Quint Berkemeier (Colorado Mesa University)    
41 Luke Plummer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)    
42 Tanner Chaney (Union College-KY)    
DNF Tucker Brown (US Air Force Academy)    
DNF Lewis Gaffney (Brevard College)    
DNF Ian Gielar (Rochester Institute of Technology)    
DNF Stephen Vogel (Wake Forest University)    
Women division 1 short track
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kate Courtney (Stanford University)    
2 Lauren Catlin (Fort Lewis College)    
3 Allie Dragoo (Marian University)    
4 Linnea Dixson (University of Wyoming)    
5 Emily Shields (Lees-McRae College)    
6 Sofia Gomez Villafane (Fort Lewis College)    
7 Katherine Shields (Lees-McRae College)    
8 Coryn Rivera (Marian University)    
9 Elizabeth White (University of Vermont)    
10 Emma Klingaman (1 - Cat3) (Lees-McRae College)    
11 Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming)    
12 Erin Donohue (Lees-McRae College)    
13 Morganne Endicott (Cumberland University)    
14 Brittany Clawson (Fort Lewis College)    
15 Hailey Sarausky (Lees-McRae College)    
16 Eileen Mazzochette (Stanford University)    
17 Mackenzie Filippi (Lees-McRae College)    
18 Jordan Cooper (Colorado State University)    
19 Namrita O'Dea (Georgia Institute of Technology)    
20 Ashlee Wilson (University of Colorado Boulder)    
21 Maria Carrelli (2 - Cat3) (Georgia State University)    
22 Emily Elbers (Marian University)    
23 Suzie Livingston (Colorado State University)    
24 Elizabeth Schwab (Fort Lewis College)    
25 Lindsey Durst (Lindenwood University)    
26 Sage Kitson (Fort Lewis College)    
27 Lauren Presley (Colorado State University)    
28 Jacqueline Kabel (Colorado State University)    
29 Erin Wilson (Colorado State University)    
30 Paige Sanders (Lindsey Wilson College)    
31 Emily Palmer (Lindenwood University)    
32 Kasinee Gehring (Pennsylvania State University)    
33 Katy Aceto (Colorado State University)    
34 Lisa Thompson (Northeastern University)    
35 Gabriela Ruiz (Boston University)    
36 Amy Czerwonka (Marian University)    
37 Madison Mills (Lindsey Wilson College)    
38 Lauren Macdonald (Appalachian State University)    
39 Miranda Gajda (University of Vermont)    
40 Catherine Hollibaugh (Marian University)    
41 Erikaceae Pearsons (California State University-Sacramento)    
42 Natalia Fonseca (The University of Texas at Austin)    
Women division 2 short track
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Erica Zaveta (Brevard College)    
2 Alexis Skarda (Colorado Mesa University)    
3 Sarah Hill (Brevard College)    
4 Essence Barton (California Lutheran University)    
5 Addyson Albershardt (Mars Hill University)    
6 Kara Uhl (1 - Cat3) (Union College-KY)    
7 Angela Vitulli (Western State Colorado University)    
8 MacKenzie Paul (US Air Force Academy)    
9 Allison Jones (Warren Wilson College)    
10 Elizabeth Lurz (Abilene Christian University)    
11 Ariana Dittmer (Colorado Mesa University)    
12 Rosette Reynolds (Ripon College)    
13 Lillian Hacker (Warren Wilson College)    
14 Ellie Atkins (Western State Colorado University)    
15 Lexie Millard (Colorado Mesa University)    
16 Nicole Miranda (Brevard College)    
17 Sophia Marchiando (2 - Cat3) (Ripon College)    
18 Tesa Anderson (Warren Wilson College)    
19 zoe Smith (Western State Colorado University)    
20 Mikaleh Smith (Colorado Mesa University)    
21 Sarah Godish (US Air Force Academy)    
22 Cate Westenhover (Baylor University)    
23 Alessia Faverio (Warren Wilson College)    
24 Amanda Swords (Millersville University of Pennsylvania)    
25 Natalie Iwamoto (Adams State University)    
26 Merrill Oakley (Yale University)    
27 Kalie Plasier (US Air Force Academy)    
28 Megan Blaney (Wake Forest University)    
29 Sarah Felpel (Mars Hill University)    
DNS Alexis Kelley (Western State Colorado University)    
DNF Katy Applin (Wake Forest University)    
DNF Caitlin Sullivan (US Air Force Academy)