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UCI Track World Championships 2011 2011

Date range:
March 23-27, 2011

March 24, Women's Team Sprint:

Three-peat for Meares and McCulloch

Cycling News
March 24, 2011, 19:23 GMT,
March 25, 2011, 14:54 GMT

Great Britain takes silver, China tops France for bronze

Kaarle McCulloch and Anna Meares sing Advance Australia Fair as the Australian flag is raised

Kaarle McCulloch and Anna Meares sing Advance Australia Fair as the Australian flag is raised

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The Australian duo of Anna Meares and Kaarle McCulloch claimed their third consecutive gold medal in the women's team sprint world championships. The team which has dominated the post-Olympic years edged out the British pair, veteran Victoria Pendleton and relative newcomer Jessica Varnish, with a 33.237 to the Brits' 33.525.

In the bronze medal final, China bested France, setting a time just shy of Great Britain's, in a 33.586.

For world record holders Meares and McCulloch, however, the times showed "room for improvement", which they will need to remain ahead of the rapidly improving Varnish, who edged out Pendleton's two-time world champion partner Shanaze Reade for this year's event.

"For us it's a matter of achieving specific goals," said Meares. "There's only one competition that's bigger, and that's the Olympic Games. This is where we're going to be able to try things and make mistakes and learn from them in time to ride personal best times in London."

"Even though we're the best in the world right now, I still see room for improvement - there are 16 months till the Olympics and I can pretty much guarantee we are going to break our record again and we're going to go much faster,” McCulloch said.

"[Having Britain] coming up is more motivation for us. I still feel like Anna and I can go faster in both the first and second lap. That will come through specific training we'll do about eight months out from the Games. Although we did target this event, we haven't targeted it enough yet to see the full potential we can ride."

The British team were equally pleased to put in a solid ride, with Varnish excited to prove her mettle in her first world championships, and Pendleton proud of her young teammate's efforts.

"I was doing 19.2 when we got fourth in the world championships [last year]. To do 18.9 now, I'm really happy with that and I'm just going to keep doing it and keep riding and do my best to be here next year," said Varnish.

Pendleton said she is really pleased with the way her form is coming along just in time. "It felt pretty good out there. The conditions are quite heavy here, there is very high pressure which does make quite a big a difference out there, it's not a fast track. For Jess to go sub-19 [18.992 in qualifying - ed.] that's practically an 18.8 in Manchester. I wouldn't be ambitious to say that and it's a great step forward - I'm really excited for the team sprint!"

Women's team sprint final

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Australia 0:00:33.237  
  Anna Meares    
  Kaarle Mcculloch    
2 Great Britain 0:00:33.525  
  Victoria Pendleton    
  Jessica Varnish    
3 People's Republic of China 0:00:33.586  
  Shuang Guo    
  Jinjie Gong    
4 France 0:00:33.731  
  Clara Sanchez    
  Sandie Clair    


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Australia 0:00:33.342  
  Anna Meares    
  Kaarle Mcculloch    
2 Great Britain 0:00:33.356  
  Victoria Pendleton    
  Jessica Varnish    
3 People's Republic of China 0:00:33.569  
  Lin Junhong    
  Jinjie Gong    
4 France 0:00:33.601  
  Clara Sanchez    
  Sandie Clair    
5 Germany 0:00:33.618  
  Miriam Welte    
  Kristina Vogel    
6 Lithuania 0:00:33.788  
  Gintare Gaivenyte    
  Simona Krupeckaite    
7 Netherlands 0:00:34.151  
  Yvonne Hijgenaar    
  Willy Kanis    
8 Ukraine 0:00:34.373  
  Iryna Papezhuk    
  Lyubov Shulika    
9 Russian Federation 0:00:34.521  
  Viktoria Baranova    
  Olga Streltsova    
10 Spain 0:00:34.909  
  Helena Casas Roige    
  Tania Calvo Barbero    
11 Colombia 0:00:35.242  
  Juliana Gaviria Rendon    
  Diana Maria Garcia Orrego    
12 Hong Kong, China 0:00:36.033  
  Wai Sze Lee    
  Zhao Juan Meng    
13 Greece 0:00:36.087  
  Angeliki Koutsonikoli    
  Dimitra Patapi    
14 Korea 0:00:36.216  
  Won Gyeong Kim    
  Eunmi Park    
15 Japan 0:00:36.796  
  Ryoko Nakagawa    
  Kanako Kase