UCI Road World Championships 2016

October 9-16, 2016, Doha, Doha, Road - CDM

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Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Hello and welcome to the Cyclingnews live coverage of the elite women's team time trial.

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Women's TTT start list

  1. 14:47:19 GST

    The clock is ticking down to the start of the women's TTT. 


  2. 14:48:43 GST

    The first team - Twenty16-Ridebiker of the USA will start at 2:10 local time in Doha. 



  3. 14:49:12 GST

    The team will b lead by three-time gold medalist Kristin Armstrong.


  4. 14:53:43 GST

    There are just eight women's team competing today, with the strongest teams off later on in what will be an intense 90 minutes of racing.  


  5. 14:55:07 GST

    As expected an as forecast, the weather is hot and dry, with temperatures of 35/36C. There is some wind but forecasts suggest wind speeds of 15km/h.   


  6. 14:58:09 GST

    The first teams to start are currently warming up in the special air conditioned tents at the start area. With a technical start to the course and the intense of effort of the TTT, warm up is vital today. 

  7. 15:05:16 GST

    Cyclingnews will also have coverage of the men's TTT that follows the women's race, plus a full report and news from today's Paris-Tours race -the last race for many of the sprinters who will fight for the road race rainbow jersey next Sunday. 


  8. 15:09:10 GST

    Eddy Merckx is about to drop the flag for the start of the TTT.


  9. 15:09:52 GST

    Here we go! 


  10. 15:11:58 GST

    They're off!


  11. 15:12:33 GST

    The Twenty16 team is quickly into formation as they ride into a head wind on the first section. 


  12. 15:14:53 GST

    The early part of the course includes 18 turns around the Lusail shooting complex.


    It is followed by a straight road to the finish area at the Doha Pearl and then further corners and roundabouts near the finish.

  13. 15:16:19 GST

    The City Ljubljan team is also underway and is tucked in an aero line.


  14. 15:16:54 GST

    Next off is the Italian-based BePink team, who has finished third in one edition of the women's TTT.


  15. 15:19:06 GST

    Staying together is vital early on but Twenty 16 has lost a rider and so waiting for Allie Dragoo.  


  16. 15:19:37 GST

    Hitec roll away, with Kirsten Wild in the six rider squad. 


  17. 15:21:07 GST

    After the early curves, Twenty is on the straight road to Doha. The wind is coming from the left, with the riders in a slight echelon. 


  18. 15:21:41 GST

    Cervelo Bilga roll out next. They're one of the big teams in the sport and contender this year.


  19. 15:22:37 GST

    Ciarne Horne of Britain is a Olympic pursuiter and so has huge power and speed. 


    It will be interesting to see how she rides the 40km distance.


  20. 15:24:44 GST

    Rabo Liv also start their ride. They are also a medal contender today. 


  21. 15:25:42 GST

    The riders will pass through two intermediate time check today, to give an indication of who is riding the fastest. 


  22. 15:27:13 GST

    The Boels Dolmans team give a last high five before starting their ride. 

  23. 15:29:54 GST

    The Canyon Sram team is also off, meaning all the teams are underway. 

    Some on board TV cameras show the effort the Canyon riders are making.


  24. 15:30:25 GST

    Canyon are the defending world champions.


  25. 15:31:11 GST

    Twenty16 set a time of 17:52 at the first time split.  


  26. 15:32:20 GST

    Technique will be vital in the TTT. It is a combined effort of all six riders, with the strongest riding for longer on the front rather than setting a speed that the others can't match.


  27. 15:33:19 GST

    The BePink reach the first time split but are four seconds slower than Twenty16. 


  28. 15:35:07 GST

    The Canyon team is about to leave the Lusail start area for the straight road to Doha. They are currently riding at 58km/h thanks to a tail wind. 


  29. 15:36:09 GST

    Hitec sets a time of 18:12, they're off the pace for now.


  30. 15:37:57 GST

    Cervelo is fast. Setting 17:22. That's 30 seconds faster than Twenty16. 


  31. 15:39:04 GST

    This TTT, because of the wind, exposed roads and technical finale, is a real test of riding ability. 


  32. 15:39:46 GST

    Twenty16 is in trouble with Dragoo dropped again. 


  33. 15:40:42 GST

    Rabo Liv set an intermediate time of 17:37. They're second fastest so far behind Cervelo.   


  34. 15:42:36 GST

    The Boels Dolmans team is fast, setting a time of 17:10. They looks smooth too.


  35. 15:44:19 GST

    Twenty16 reach the second intermediate check, stopping the clock in 33:23.


  36. 15:45:16 GST

    Canyon are the fastest at the first time check with 17:01.


  37. 15:45:45 GST

    They are almost 10 seconds faster than Boels Dolmens.


  38. 15:46:45 GST

    There is little time for the riders to take a drink but riders take a swig on an aero bottle when in last place of the six riders. 


  39. 15:50:17 GST

    The on-bard camera shows just how smoothly the Canyon riders are in their six-rider formation.


  40. 15:50:54 GST

    Not so the Twenty16 team that go long on a roundabout near the Pearl and so hit the brakes to avoid crashing.


  41. 15:54:09 GST

    Cervelo set 32:48. We will soon see if they can hold a medal position.


  42. 15:56:49 GST

    The Canyon team includes: 


    Alena Amialiusik (Blr)

    Hannah Barnes (GBr)

    Lisa Brennauer (Ger)

    Elena Cecchini (Ita)

    Mieke Kröger (Ger)

    Trixi Worrack (Ger)


  43. 15:57:53 GST

    Boels Dolmans are fast too and fighting for the title. They set 31:50 at the second split.


  44. 15:59:04 GST

    Canyon Sram lose a rider - Kröger. Will that affect their speed? 


  45. 15:59:35 GST

    Boels Dolmans are still in six. 


  46. 16:00:22 GST

    Canyon has lost some speed on the straight road, they stop the clock 32:04, they lost 24 seconds in that sector.


  47. 16:00:53 GST

    Canyon seems to have lost its tight formation and so is losing time.


  48. 16:01:48 GST

    Here comes Twenty and the fourth riders stop the clock in 51:28.


  49. 16:02:48 GST

    Three riders finished together but the fourth was dropped, forcing the fifth rider to dig deep to limit the time loss.


  50. 16:03:28 GST

    Rab Liv reach the Pearl but they are down to just 4 riders after losing two in the corners.


  51. 16:05:47 GST

    Crash! A Rabo Liv goes down. 


  52. 16:06:35 GST

    Anouska Koster hit the roadside barriers and has blood on her face. 


  53. 16:06:58 GST

    BePink finish with a time of 51:27.


  54. 16:07:45 GST

    Koster is not seriously hurt but was shocked to crash like that. 


  55. 16:08:24 GST

    Sadly a local police motorbike has slowed the Boels Dolmans team on a bend. 


  56. 16:10:02 GST

    Hitec finish in a time of 52:05, they're third fastest so far.


  57. 16:10:56 GST

    Cervelo is a lot faster, setting a time of 50:38, finishing with four riders. 


  58. 16:11:16 GST

    That is the time to beat now.


  59. 16:12:12 GST

    Canyon is in the finishing circuit at the Pearl but are down to four riders. 


  60. 16:12:40 GST

    Boels Dolans is also down to four but have lost their rhythm.   


  61. 16:13:58 GST

    Here comes Boels Dolmans, they're struggled in the final two kilometres but stop the clock in 48:41.


  62. 16:14:20 GST

    All four drop their heads after the huge effort for the 40km. 


  63. 16:14:42 GST

    Can Canyon beat Boels Dolmans? We will soon find out. 


  64. 16:15:00 GST

    They are also down to four riders.


  65. 16:15:47 GST

    They lost a chunk of time mid-race and so will probably finish second or lower. 


  66. 16:16:57 GST

    They're too slow! Boels Dolmans are world champions!


  67. 16:17:20 GST

    Canyon set a time of 49:29 to take silver.


  68. 16:17:42 GST

    The Boels Dolmans rider celebrate with lots of hugs.


  69. 16:18:07 GST

    Canyon was 48 seconds slower, with Cervelo at 1:56.


  70. 16:19:05 GST

    Here is the full result: 


    1 Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam 00:48:41
    2 Canyon-SRAM Racing 00:49:29
    3 Cervelo Bigla Pro Cycling Team 00:50:38
    4 BePink 00:51:27
    5 Twenty16-RideBiker 00:51:28
    6 Hitec Products 00:52:05
    7 BTC City Lubljana 00:52:24
    8 RaboLiv Women Cycling Team 00:54:44


  71. 16:22:26 GST

    The first men's teams are already starting. We will have full live coverage very soon. 


  72. 16:28:32 GST

    To read our brief race report click here.


  73. 16:31:07 GST

    Thanks for joining us for live coverage from the women's TTT. 


    We will be back soon for live coverage of the men's TTT.



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