Kaufmann wins stage 2 and takes over Trans Zollernalb lead

Second women's stage win for Süss

German marathon champion Markus Kaufmann grabbed the win on the second stage of Trans Zollernalb from Balingen to Albstadt and took over the yellow leader's jersey on Saturday.  After a crash, the initial leader of the race, Urs Huber, abandoned while Esther Süss won her second stage in the women's category.


It was a turbulent second day. Leader Huber crashed after 20 kilometers while sitting in the four-man leading group at the time. Huber "only" suffered abrasions, but abandoned the race.

Afterward, Torsten Marx and Matthias Pfrommer got punctures. They were riding as part of a seven-rider leading group when the flats occurred.

When it came to the second intermediate sprint, Kaufmann and Mennen left the other three. Matthias Leisling, Kristian Hynek and Hannes Genze couldn't follow the duo.

With four kilometers to go, in an uphill section, Mennen flatted his front wheel. So the way was open for Kaufmann to take his first Trans Zollernalb stage win. His advantage ended up being 1:15 to Genze and 1:17 to Leisling.

Kaufmann was also able to take over the race lead, after having bad luck on stage 1, when he had chain suck with two kilometers to go.

"Bad luck for Robert and also for Urs," Kaufmann said regarding his competitors. "Today I felt much better than yesterday, and I realized that Robert and me, we were the strongest in the uphills."

Kaufmann will start with 55 seconds of advantage to Leisling into the last stage from Albstadt to Hechingen. Genze is exactly one minute back.

Mennen lost 1:53 and is now fifth (1:21) behind Hynek (1:21).


Esther Süss also had to survive some difficult moments. She was riding together with Silke Schmidt in the lead, but for around 15 kilometers, she had less air in a tire.

"It was difficult in the corners and in the downhills. So I decided to change the wheel at last tech zone in Meßstetten," said Süss.

Schmidt had no hope to escape. "I was sure, that Esther would come back up to me again," said the 26-year-old, who is battling a cold and therefore not in perfect form.

Süss indeed did catch yer, leaving Schmidt with only a few kilometers to go. She won the stage by 35 seconds.

Jana Zieschank got the third spot on the podium, 12:54 back and took third overall.

Full Results

Men stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Markus Kaufmann (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude2:52:06 
2Hannes Genze (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:01:15 
3Mathias Leisling (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:01:17 
4Kristian Hynek (Cze) Elletroveneta Corratec0:01:21 
5Robert Mennen (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:01:53 
6Tim Böhme (Ger) Team Bulls0:07:26 
7Markus Bauer (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:07:43 
8Christian Kreuchler (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:07:46 
9Markus Westhäuser (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:08:00 
10Uwe Hardter (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:08:02 
11Stephan Schiele (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:08:21 
12Andreas Kleiber (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:09:03 
13Peter Hermann (Ger) Team Firebike Drössiger0:10:00 
14Max Friedrich (Ger) Firebike-Drössiger  
15Stefan Danowski (Ger) Team Bergamont0:11:14 
16Rupert Palmberger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:11:21 
17Aaron Beck (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:12:10 
18Wolfgang Mayer (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:13:04 
19Sönke Wegner (Ger) Bq Cycling Team / World Of MTB0:17:43 
20Steffen Weisenseel (Ger) Bmc Development Team0:17:45 
21Ralf Fischer (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim  
22Sascha Schwindling (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:17:50 
23Jannik Lambert (Ger) RC Pfälzerwald / Pfalzwerke / Juwi0:17:52 
24Jago Fechtmann (Ger) Nutrixxion MTB0:17:57 
25Torsten Marx (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:21:49 
26Philip Meiser (Ger) 2Exercise.Net/RV Tempo Hirzweiler0:21:53 
27Robert Schmitt (Lux) LC Tétange0:22:23 
28Kai Kugler (Ger) Centurion Vaude0:23:39 
29Matthias Bettinger (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:25:41 
30Simon Laib (Ger) EBE Racing Team0:26:29 
31Marcus Wilmes (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:26:34 
32Nikolaus Syc (Ger) Focus Rapiro Racing0:27:58 
33Daniel Neusius (Ger) RV Taube Orscholz 19210:28:31 
34David Schädler (Ger) Serpentine Velosport  
35Jan Kaliciak (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:29:18 
36Robert Gorgos (Ger) Redheads Team0:29:37 
37Fabian Eppler (Ger) Team Alber / Best-Bike-Parts0:30:00 
38Christoph Cords (Swi) XC Riders0:30:28 
39Ralf Kropp (Ger) RRV Hameln / Santos Rohloff Team0:31:26 
40Ragnar Wirths (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:32:35 
41Andre Schütz (Ger) RC Pfälzerwald0:32:44 
42Matthias Deuble (Ger) Cts Cycle Training Schwarzwald0:33:02 
43Michael Vogel (Ger) RSV 06 Nattheim Team Voba0:33:09 
44Peter Paelinck (Bel) Www.Reevax.Be  
45David Schiel (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:36:17 
46Wouter Dierckx (Bel)0:36:23 
47Christian Schöllhorn (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:44:22 
48Marcus Richter (Ger) Rsc Wiesbaden0:44:39 
49Mark Schneider (Ger)0:45:23 
50Michael Teutschmann (Swi) Giant Swiss0:46:04 
51André Domin (Ger) Radsport Rhein-Neckar0:46:31 
52Kai Bodmer (Ger) Katrin Schwing Trek Domatec Team0:46:45 
53Thomas Lehner (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:47:25 
54Tobias Sindlinger (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:47:33 
55Daniel Sauter (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:51:01 
56René Hördemann (Ger) Bmc Development Team0:54:04 
57Arman Yigitkurt (Ger) RSV Geislingen0:56:03 
58Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:58:59 
59Ronny Dölker (Ger) RSV Geislingen0:59:39 
60Elmar Wörner (Ger) Team Toyota Sauter0:59:46 
61Christoph Erkner (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion1:00:20 
62Timo Igelmund (Ger) Sig-Labor Koblenz -Poison Bikes1:05:43 
63Philip Decker (Ger)1:06:21 
64Ralf Berenhäuser (Ger) Sig Labor Koblenz Poison-Bikes1:07:53 
65Danny Hoedemaekers (Ned) RRC De Pedaalridders1:10:20 
66Christopher Bork (Ger) RSV Stuttgart-Vaihingen E. V.1:11:11 
67Uwe Köhler (Ger) Team Saarschleife1:12:04 
68Konstantin Lang (Ger) EBE Racing Team1:12:20 
69Jürgen Schulz (Ger) Sportfreunde Lauffen1:17:42 
70Christoph Pöttgen (Ger) Mountain Heroes1:19:03 
71Ingo Hilburger (Ger) RC 09 Noppenberg/ Team Toma Cycles1:32:53 
72Markus Abt (Ger) Sparkasse Zollernalb1:34:49 
73Frank Holder (Ger) Csv-MTB-Team1:46:28 
74Peter Van Sterkenburg (Ger) Team Saarschleife - RV Taube Orscholz 19212:25:48 
Women stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Esther Süß (Swi) Wheeler Ixs Pro Team3:20:07 
2Silke Schmidt (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:00:35 
3Jana Zieschank (Ger) Best-Bike-Parts0:12:54 
4Gabi Stanger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:20:55 
5Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) EBE Racing Team0:23:59 
Men general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Markus Kaufmann (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude4:47:02 
2Mathias Leisling (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:00:55 
3Hannes Genze (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:01:00 
4Kristian Hynek (Cze) Elletroveneta Corratec0:01:03 
5Robert Mennen (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:01:21 
6Tim Böhme (Ger) Team Bulls0:07:08 
7Markus Bauer (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:07:17 
8Markus Westhäuser (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:08:02 
9Christian Kreuchler (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:09:01 
10Aaron Beck (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:12:13 
11Uwe Hardter (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:12:48 
12Stephan Schiele (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:13:10 
13Andreas Kleiber (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:13:16 
14Max Friedrich (Ger) Firebike-Drössiger0:14:46 
15Peter Hermann (Ger) Team Firebike Drössiger0:14:50 
16Rupert Palmberger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:15:35 
17Stefan Danowski (Ger) Team Bergamont0:16:00 
18Wolfgang Mayer (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:17:18 
19Torsten Marx (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:21:31 
20Sönke Wegner (Ger) Bq Cycling Team / World Of MTB0:22:29 
21Steffen Weisenseel (Ger) Bmc Development Team0:22:37 
22Sascha Schwindling (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:22:42 
23Ralf Fischer (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:25:33 
24Jannik Lambert (Ger) RC Pfälzerwald / Pfalzwerke / Juwi0:25:41 
25Jago Fechtmann (Ger) Nutrixxion MTB0:25:46 
26Matthias Bettinger (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:28:41 
27Robert Schmitt (Lux) LC Tétange0:30:14 
28Kai Kugler (Ger) Centurion Vaude0:33:59 
29Philip Meiser (Ger) 2Exercise.Net/RV Tempo Hirzweiler0:35:34 
30Simon Laib (Ger) EBE Racing Team0:37:30 
31Marcus Wilmes (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:37:51 
32Nikolaus Syc (Ger) Focus Rapiro Racing0:39:19 
33Daniel Neusius (Ger) RV Taube Orscholz 19210:39:53 
34Robert Gorgos (Ger) Redheads Team0:39:57 
35David Schädler (Ger) Serpentine Velosport0:40:02 
36Jan Kaliciak (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:40:16 
37Fabian Eppler (Ger) Team Alber / Best-Bike-Parts0:40:20 
38Ragnar Wirths (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:42:18 
39Ralf Kropp (Ger) RRV Hameln / Santos Rohloff Team0:42:26 
40Michael Vogel (Ger) RSV 06 Nattheim Team Voba0:44:32 
41Matthias Deuble (Ger) Cts Cycle Training Schwarzwald0:46:22 
42Andre Schütz (Ger) RC Pfälzerwald0:46:28 
43David Schiel (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:49:39 
44Wouter Dierckx (Bel)0:50:11 
45Peter Paelinck (Bel) Www.Reevax.Be  
46Christoph Cords (Swi) XC Riders0:55:09 
47Thomas Lehner (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:58:27 
48Tobias Sindlinger (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:58:50 
49Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:59:01 
50André Domin (Ger) Radsport Rhein-Neckar1:00:30 
51Marcus Richter (Ger) Rsc Wiesbaden1:01:27 
52Mark Schneider (Ger)1:02:40 
53Kai Bodmer (Ger) Katrin Schwing Trek Domatec Team1:06:17 
54Christian Schöllhorn (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team1:07:22 
55Michael Teutschmann (Swi) Giant Swiss1:09:50 
56Daniel Sauter (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team1:13:31 
57René Hördemann (Ger) Bmc Development Team1:16:40 
58Arman Yigitkurt (Ger) RSV Geislingen1:20:09 
59Christoph Erkner (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion1:23:27 
60Philip Decker (Ger)1:23:32 
61Elmar Wörner (Ger) Team Toyota Sauter1:27:31 
62Ronny Dölker (Ger) RSV Geislingen1:29:49 
63Timo Igelmund (Ger) Sig-Labor Koblenz -Poison Bikes1:30:02 
64Ralf Berenhäuser (Ger) Sig Labor Koblenz Poison-Bikes1:32:03 
65Uwe Köhler (Ger) Team Saarschleife1:44:27 
66Christopher Bork (Ger) RSV Stuttgart-Vaihingen E. V.1:48:22 
67Christoph Pöttgen (Ger) Mountain Heroes2:00:09 
68Konstantin Lang (Ger) EBE Racing Team2:01:08 
69Jürgen Schulz (Ger) Sportfreunde Lauffen2:04:00 
70Danny Hoedemaekers (Ned) RRC De Pedaalridders2:06:36 
71Ingo Hilburger (Ger) RC 09 Noppenberg/ Team Toma Cycles2:20:27 
72Markus Abt (Ger) Sparkasse Zollernalb2:21:53 
73Frank Holder (Ger) Csv-MTB-Team2:27:39 
Women general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Esther Süß (Swi) Wheeler Ixs Pro Team5:26:05 
2Silke Schmidt (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:03:02 
3Jana Zieschank (Ger) Best-Bike-Parts0:21:22 
4Gabi Stanger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:28:57 
5Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) EBE Racing Team0:30:51 
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