Lincoln for president

The rest can't follow his pace

Unfortunately for early yellow jersey wearer, Yannick Cornille, the first cross country stage, over 16 km, later in the day, was not technical enough for him. Yannick Lincoln, a Mauritian took control by winning the stage and taking over the GC.

Lincoln is using the race as preparation for the African Continental Road Cycling Championships in Namibia in early November. His face revealed a deep disappointment after the prologue; he was almost dismayed that he didn't win. He reasoned why he didn't perform, "Always in the first few kilometers I am a little tense. The more I go, the better for me. "

The Mauritian Lincoln pummeled the opposition in the cross country, winning ahead of Hugo Caetane. But it didn't start off like that. He waited, as he likes to do, on the early volcanic-ribbed jeep-track, and then pounced out of the corners with more road-like prowess than mountain-cat agility.

Every lap of the four-lap event saw Lincoln snap the hangers-on: Hugo Caetane, Christian Emmanuelle, Christophe Gerard, Giles Guillaumin and a suffering Cornille. They all dropped backwards as a result of an interminable pace applied by Lincoln.

Cornille later revealed why he was having problems on the stage. "My tire pressure was too hard, and I paid for it."

The course was up-and-down and had competitors criss-crossing each other on the climb. Cut into the sweet potato fields, the climb treated riders to dental shock on the way down, and on the way up, it wore down their resolve. A shorter course exposes riders' weaknesses more quickly.

By lap three, the Mauritian had opened a 1:02 lead over the chasers.

At the finish he regained his confidence, "Every day I will push, push very hard," said Lincoln, a man on a mission. "I have got the African Champs in my mind. I will train very hard here."

With a 7km downhill coming up on Friday he said, "I will go cool, easy. I can make a huge gap in the marathon"

Lincoln may still have a short term in his presidential authority over the tour. Except that his message bodes badly for his competitors, it seems that his training pace is at the same level as the others racing pace.

Christophe Gerard showed his consistency and maturity to hang on to the last remaining podium spot.

Stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yannick Linlcon0:51:04 
2Hugo Caetane0:01:28 
3Christophe Gerard0:02:30 
4Christian Emmanuel0:03:09 
5Gil Guillaumin0:03:35 
6Georget Burel0:04:42 
7Yannick Cornille0:04:47 
8Frederic Savre0:05:38 
9Olivier Heutte0:05:54 
10Christophe Lincoln0:06:35 
11Andreas Freiter0:06:44 
12Mathieu Rivet0:07:03 
13Armand Le Court De Billot0:07:20 
14Dany Vogel0:07:45 
15Liam Somers0:07:59 
16Denis Valentin0:08:03 
17Arnaud De Commarmond0:08:35 
18Sebastien Tyack0:08:36 
19Olivier Le Court0:08:54 
20Daniel Chaussalet0:10:42 
21Jean Philippe (Jnr) Tyack0:13:24 
22Jean Philippe Tyack0:14:35 
23Michael Kedhoo0:15:44 
24Gabriel Mayer0:16:12 
25Stephane Payet0:16:13 
26Lawrence Wong0:18:01 
27Simon Pougnet0:18:18 
28Pascal Pilot0:18:34 
29Gordon Brown0:19:06 
30Daniel Maestracci0:19:57 
31Xavier De Chalain0:20:07 
32Sebastien Bax0:20:20 
33Thierry David0:20:34 
34Cedric Passee0:21:09 
35Michel Mayer0:21:25 
36Andre Le Blanc0:21:31 
37Frederic Nicolin0:25:10 
38Hans Brasse0:30:17 
39Antoine Dufoix0:30:36 
40Gerard Chan-Kin0:31:06 
41Bryan Trousquin0:39:04 
42Kesaven Oothendee0:40:26 
43Sully Robert0:41:16 
General classification after stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yannick Lincoln0:54:25 
2Hugo Caetane0:01:39 
3Christophe Gerard0:02:32 
4Christian Emmanuel0:03:16 
5Gil Guillaumin0:03:45 
6Yannick Cornille0:04:38 
7Georget Burel0:04:48 
8Olivier Heutte0:06:01 
9Frederic Savre0:06:04 
10Christophe Lincoln0:06:48 
11Andreas Freiter0:07:00 
12Mathieu Rivet0:07:28 
13Armand Le Court De Billot0:07:44 
14Dany Vogel0:07:48 
15Denis Valentin0:08:33 
16Liam Somers0:08:37 
17Arnaud De Commarmond0:08:51 
18Sebastien Tyack0:08:53 
19Olivier Le Court0:09:20 
20Daniel Chaussalet0:11:08 
21Jean Philippe (Jnr) Tyack0:13:36 
22Jean Philippe Tyack0:15:47 
23Michael Kedhoo0:16:26 
24Stephane Payet0:16:33 
25Gabriel Mayer0:17:01 
26Lawrence Wong0:19:01 
27Simon Pougnet0:19:06 
28Gordon Brown0:20:06 
29Thierry David0:20:51 
30Xavier De Chalain0:21:03 
31Daniel Maestracci  
32Cedric Passee0:21:20 
33Sebastien Bax0:21:38 
34Andre Le Blanc0:22:23 
35Michel Mayer0:22:46 
36Frederic Nicolin0:26:48 
37Hans Brasse0:31:57 
38Antoine Dufoix0:32:18 
39Gerard Chan-Kin0:32:44 
40Bryan Trousquin0:40:40 
41Sully Robert0:42:04 
42Kesaven Oothendee0:42:38 
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