Tour de Pologne 2013

July 27 - August 3, 2013, Rovereto, POL, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

The Tour of Poland ends today with a 37 kilometer individual time trial.

  1. 16:59:21 CEST

    Today's closing time trial covers a rolling 37 km from Wieliczka to Krakow. No ranked climbs, but no real flats, either.

  2. 17:02:20 CEST

    As always, it is a bit hard to get information on this race, but we will do the best we can. We hear that Taylor Phinney of BMC currently has the best time of 47:50. His teammate Marco Pinotti is second, six seconds down. But Bradley Wiggins is underway and is of course a threat.

  3. 17:06:00 CEST

    Cheng Ji of Argos-Shimano was the first to go today, at 15:40. The last will be race leader Christophe Riblon (AG2R), who takes off at 17:43.

  4. 17:07:26 CEST

    We have a new leader and it is no suprise: Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack-Leopard), with a time of 47,32, which is 18 seconds faster than Phinney.

  5. 17:11:23 CEST

    There are only 113 riders here today. They take off at two minutes intervals, until the top ten, who have a two minute interval.

  6. 17:13:01 CEST

    Wiggins was second fastest at the intermediate time check, two seconds behind the time set by Pinotti.

  7. 17:17:07 CEST

    • Team Sky

    Danny Pate of Sky had a chain problem, during his time trial, and had to get help. That didn't stop him from putting in what the team calls “a strong time of 50:11”, which puts him in 8th place at the moment.

  8. 17:21:10 CEST

    There was at least one non-starter today. Belkin reports that Steven Kruijswijk got ill during the night, and will not ride today.

  9. 17:25:34 CEST

    • Astana

    Vincenzo Nibali has crossed the finish line with a time of 49:53, putting him in 8th place at the moment.

  10. 17:27:04 CEST

    We think that Wiggins will be coming in shortly. It will be interesting to see if he can top Cancellara.

  11. 17:28:38 CEST

    And does he ever! Wiggins beats the Swiss rider's time by nearly a full minute: 46.36!

  12. 17:32:16 CEST

    Talk about coming back with a bang -- what a great ride by Wiggins. Hard to believe that anyone will top that time.

    Bradley Wiggins (Sky)

  13. 17:38:31 CEST

    The leader's jersey changed hands again yesterday, and now belongs to Christophe Riblon (AG2R). Will he still lead GC after this time trial?

    1     Christophe Riblon (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale     31:09:20      
    2     Jon Izaguirre Insausti (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi     0:00:19      
    3     Rafal Majka (Pol) Team Saxo-Tinkoff     0:00:20      
    4     Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Sky Procycling     0:00:24      
    5     Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica-GreenEdge     0:00:27    

  14. 17:42:25 CEST

    • AG2R

    Riblon also leads the points classification.

    1     Christophe Riblon (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale     58      pts
    2     Rafal Majka (Pol) Team Saxo-Tinkoff     57      
    3     Thor Hushovd (Nor) BMC Racing Team     55      
    4     Jon Izaguirre Insausti (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi     52      
    5     Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Sky Procycling     52     

  15. 17:44:54 CEST

    Riblon should be taking off around this time, and he is the last rider of the day.

  16. 17:49:22 CEST

    Here is the top ten as of this moment:

    1.Bradley Wiggins (Sky)   46.36
    2.Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack)  +0.56
    3.Taylor Phinney (BMC)   +1.14
    4.Marco Pinotti (BMC)    +1.20
    5.Jesse Sergent (Radioshack-Leopard)  +2.19
    6.Nikolay Mihaylov (CCC)   +2.26
    7.Giovanni Visconti (Movistar)   +3.02
    8.Stef Clement (Belkin)   +3.08
    9.Thomas Dekker (Garmin-Sharp)  +3.13
    10.Vincenzo Nibali (Astana)   +3.49


  17. 17:54:19 CEST

    Kristof Vandewalle of OPQS has pushed himself into fifth place, with a time of 48.16.

  18. 17:56:41 CEST

    It is another bright sunny day today!

  19. 18:00:27 CEST

    Bartosz Huzarski of NetApp-Endura has led the sprint classification for the entire race.

    1    Bartosz Huzarski (Pol) Team NetApp-Endura     13      pts
    2     Angel Madrazo Ruiz (Spa) Movistar Team     7      
    3     Bartlomiej Matysiak (Pol) CCC Polsat Polkowice     6      
    4     Mathias Frank (Swi) BMC Racing Team     3      
    5     Pawel Cieslik (Pol) Poland     3    

    Bartosz Huzarski (NetApp-Endura) leads the sprint classification

  20. 18:03:32 CEST

    • Orica GreenEdge

    Orica-GreenEdge's Peter Weening  is underway. He came in only 27 seconds down on GC, and is entertaining hopes of doing well enough today to snatch the overall lead.

  21. 18:08:36 CEST

    Weening was fifth at the intermediate time. Rafal Majka, the Saxo-Tinkoff rider who wore the leader's jersey early on, was 24 seconds slower than Weening.

  22. 18:10:20 CEST

    Former yellow jersey Jon Izaguirre charges up to the intermediate time check, but crosses it only as 16th.

  23. 18:11:28 CEST

    Riblon even slower at the time check, about 26th.

  24. 18:17:59 CEST

    • Vacansoleil - DCM

    Tomasz Marczynski (Vacansoleil) has claimed the mountain title, as there are no ranked climbs today.

    1     Tomasz Marczynski (Pol) Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team     86      pts
    2     Darwin Atapuma Hurtado (Col) Colombia     64      
    3     Bartosz Huzarski (Pol) Team NetApp-Endura     58      
    4     Thomas Rohregger (Aut) RadioShack Leopard     37      
    5     Sylvester Szmyd (Pol) Movistar Team     23      


  25. 18:19:00 CEST

    Ivan Basso crosses the line with the 14th best time on the day.

  26. 18:22:21 CEST

    Eros Capecchi has caught his two minute man in teh last kilometer, and takes 11th place.

  27. 18:25:25 CEST

    Here comes Weening. Will he have picked up enougt time to take the GC lead?

  28. 18:26:27 CEST

    He crossed the line with a time of 48.20. Remember, he was 24 seconds down on the race leader.

  29. 18:28:23 CEST

    Henao (Sky) is the next to come in, and puts in a time of 49.14. So Weening leapfrogs over him into fourth place.

  30. 18:29:06 CEST

    Looks like this will be a great time for Majka. He is really going all out!

  31. 18:29:39 CEST

    But not good enough. Weening jumps up another spot....

  32. 18:30:02 CEST

    48.53 was Maijka's time.

  33. 18:31:05 CEST

    Second place in GC is Jon Izaguirre, not particulalry known for his time trial skills. But he too is going well.

  34. 18:32:48 CEST

    He too is too slow, so Weening is now second. And when we look at Riblon, we can believe tht Weening might just take the GC....

  35. 18:33:15 CEST

    It's all or nothing for Riblon here, and he knows it.

  36. 18:33:49 CEST

    No! It is over! Weening has won!

  37. 18:34:18 CEST

    Riblon crosses the line in a time of 49.03.

  38. 18:35:32 CEST

    Weening finished sixth on the stage, which was enough to give him the overall win.

  39. 18:36:35 CEST

    A come-from-behind victory for Weening, and a comeback win for Wiggins. Congratulations to both!

  40. 18:37:33 CEST

    Riblon in fact tumbled to third overall. Weening wins, with Izaguirre second by 13 seconds, and Rilbon third at 16 seconds.

  41. 18:41:35 CEST

    And here is the top ten for the day:

    1 Bradley Wiggins (GBr) Sky Procycling 0:46:36
    2 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) RadioShack Leopard 0:00:56
    3 Taylor Phinney (USA) BMC Racing Team 0:01:14
    4 Marco Pinotti (Ita) BMC Racing Team 0:01:20
    5 Kristof Vandewalle (Bel) Omega Pharma-Quick Step 0:01:40
    6 Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica-GreenEdge  0:01:44
    7 Jon Izaguirre Insausti (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi  0:02:05
    8 Dominik Nerz (Ger) BMC Racing Team 0:02:13
    9 Sergei Chernetckii (Rus) Katusha 0:02:15
    10 Rafal Majka (Pol) Team Saxo-Tinkoff  0:02:17

  42. 18:42:20 CEST

    The final overall rankings:

    1 Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica-GreenEdge  31:58:07
    2 Jon Izaguirre Insausti (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi  0:00:13
    3 Christophe Riblon (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale  0:00:16
    4 Rafal Majka (Pol) Team Saxo-Tinkoff  0:00:26
    5 Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Sky Procycling  0:00:51
    6 Eros Capecchi (Ita) Movistar Team  0:00:51
    7 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale  0:01:14
    8 Ivan Basso (Ita) Cannondale Pro Cycling  0:01:38
    9 Tanel Kangert (Est) Astana Pro Team  0:02:35
    10 Chris Anker Sörensen (Den) Team Saxo-Tinkoff  0:02:50

  43. 18:46:08 CEST

    That was it for this year's Tour of Poland! Once again, congratulations to today's two winners, Bradley Wiggins (Sky) and Peter Weening (Orica-GreenEdge).

    And thanks for reading along!

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