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Swiss Road Championships 2010

Date range:
June 23-27, 2010

June 26, Road race: Elite women: Kriegstetten

Aubry claims first national title

Cycling News
June 26, 2010, 17:23 BST,
June 27, 2010, 6:37 BST

Cervélo tops women's race

Cervélo TestTeam's Emilie Aubry claimed victory today in the Swiss National Road Championships in Kriegsstetten. The 21-year rider from the western part of Switzerland took the title on the 118 km course in a sprint finish, ahead of Pascale Schnider ( and Doris Schweizer (Bigla Cycling Team).

Aubry, Schnider and Schweizer escaped after a flurry of attacks and were able to hold their advantage until the final sprint. Schweizer moved first with about 700 meters to go but was pulled back, resulting in a tight photo finish.  Aubry won her first national title ahead of Pascale Schnider with Doris Schweizer finishing third. The peloton finished 28 seconds behind.

"It is my first big victory and it means a lot for me to win and wear the national jersey," said Aubry. "This is payment for all my past hard work. But I really have to say thank you to Patricia, my teammate. We worked together throughout the race and she definitely deserves a big part of this victory."


Elite women - 118.2km
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Emilie Aubry (Cervélo Pro Cycling Testteam) 3:10:42  
2 Pascale Schnider (    
3 Doris Schweizer (bigla cycling team)    
4 Jennifer Hohl (bigla cycling team) 0:00:28  
5 Mirjam Schwager (    
6 Fabienne Sommer (    
7 Jessica Schneeberger (    
8 Désirée Ehrler (bigla cycling team)    
9 Patricia Schwager (Cervélo Test Team)    
10 Diana Rast (RRC Nordwest, Campione Celeste)    
11 Iris Zwahlen (Straubhaar-Carreisen/    
12 Jessica Uebelhart (bigla cycling team)    
13 Sandra Weiss (bigla cycling team)    
14 Jasmin Achermann (VC Rain Fischer BMC)    
15 Alexandra Born (pro cycling aarau)    
16 Stephanie Ledermann (VC Pfaffnau-Roggliswil)    
17 Astrid Gruskovnjak (pro cycling aarau)    
18 Martina Weiss (bigla cycling team)    
19 Riccarda Mazzotta (RCO Biel)    
20 Marcelle Moser (RSC Aaretal Münsingen)    
21 Nathalie Schneitter (Colnago Arreghini Südtirol)    
22 Marion Brem (    
23 Anette Michel (VC Industrie Zürich)    
24 Myriam Saugy (Club Cyclophile Sédunois)    
25 Sonja Reusser (    
26 Nicole Hanselmann ( 0:00:37  
27 Valentine Grob ( 0:02:53  
28 Lise Müller (Cyclophile Sédunois Texner - BMC - Groupe Mutuel) 0:06:39  
29 Jennifer Sägesser (RC Gränichen Thömus Racing Team)    
30 Angelika Meier (RV Wetzikon) 0:08:44  
31 Anita Oeschger (VMC Gansingen) 0:26:14  
32 Sara Tretola (VC Bärau / PlusportCycling Team) 0:26:16  
33 Fabienne Leutenegger (RRC Nordwest Reigoldswil)    
U23 men - 177.3km
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Michael Baer (Team ATLAS PERSONAL) 4:17:17  
2 Alexandre Mercier (Vcc Morteau-Montbenoît) 0:00:54  
3 Marcel Aregger (PRICE Custom-Bike)    
4 Michael Hofstetter (Team Hörmann)    
5 Dominique Stark (RV Uster Radsport Flatera) 0:00:57  
6 Sébastien Reichenbach (Team ATLAS PERSONAL) 0:00:59  
7 Samuel Horstmann (PRICE Custom-Bike) 0:01:19  
8 Lorenzo Rossi (VC Mendrisio-PL Valli)    
9 Cyrille Thièry (VC Orbe) 0:03:52  
10 Christian Andres (team cycling sports)    
11 Jan Keller (Team Hobi Bau AG-M.F.Hügler-Wetzikon) 0:03:54  
12 Roman Stricker (VC Mendrisio-PL Valli) 0:03:56  
13 Mirco Saggiorato (Team Bürgi - FIDI BC) 0:03:58  
14 Jonathan Fumeaux (cyclophile sédunois C.C. Etupes) 0:04:09  
15 Dominik Fuchs (team cycling sports)    
16 Daniel Henggeler (PRICE Custom-Bike)    
17 Christopher Duperrut (Cyclophile Morgiens) 0:05:23  
18 Till Dreier (Team Hörmann)    
19 Joel Eglin (GS RUFALEX Rollladen) 0:12:14  
20 Micha Eglin (RRZ Nordwest)    
21 Silvan Dillier (Chambéry Cyclisme Formation AG2R LA MONDIALE) 0:13:17  
22 Lukas Rohner (Team ATLAS PERSONAL)    
23 Luca Conrad (team cycling sports)    
24 Lukas Jaun (RRC Magglingen)    
25 Livio Waldispühl (A-Team Merida Hitzkirch)    
26 Michael Kyburz (Bike Club Olten)    
27 Mirko Monighetti (Velo Club Bellinzona)    
28 Lorenzo Monighetti (Velo Club Bellinzona)    
29 Dominic Hänni (RSC Aaretal Münsingen)    
30 Eric Brüngger (VC Mendrisio-PL Valli)    
31 Mathieu Donzallaz (VCC Morteau Montbenoît)    
32 Dominik Stucki (G.D. Weilenmann)    
33 Adrien Buntschu (Texner-BMC-Groupe Mutuel)    
34 Marco Lippuner (Team Hörmann)    
35 Fabio Anelli (Velo Club Bellinzona)    
36 Ramon Bechter (GS RUFALEX Rollladen)    
37 Lucca Albasini (VC Mendrisio-PL Valli)    
38 Christian Schneeberger (VC Mendrisio-PL Valli)    
39 Markus Jehle (BMC-Sogecoma-Hottinger Cycling Team)    
40 Damien Corthésy (VC Orbe)    
41 Markus-Amadeus Schweizer (VC Mendrisio-PL Valli)    
42 Moreno Angst (GS RUFALEX Rollladen)    
43 Peter Erdin (Team ATLAS PERSONAL)    
44 Peter Frei (Team Hobi Bau AG-M.F.Hügler-Wetzikon)    
45 Jonas Elmiger (VC Rain/Toshiba)    
46 Patrick Schelling (VC Fischingen-Raiffeisen Neckertal-Volg)    
47 Harco Riesen (RRZ Nordwest)    
48 Claudio Imhof (Chambéry Cyclisme Formation AG2R LA MONDIALE)    
49 Roman Baum (RRC Magglingen / Leveco cycling team)    
50 Andreas Wenk (team cycling sports)    
51 Stéphane Parisod (BMC-Sogecoma-Hottinger Cycling Team) 0:13:31