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Wicks wins Lumberjack 100

Ryan O'Dell

Carey takes women's race by over 28 minutes

Lumberjack 100 Women's winner Amanda Carey (Kenda)

Lumberjack 100 Women's winner Amanda Carey (Kenda)

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The Founders Lumberjack 100 sold out yet again in 2012 with a packed field of solid competition in every division vying for the re-known hatchet award. Hot and dry conditions this year created new challenges for racers as a firm race course in lap one of three turned into beach-like riding.  Barry Wicks and Amanda Carey won the men's and women's divisions.

Women: Carey makes it three in a row

Defending NUE Champion Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) captured her third straight win in the series this year, finishing in a time of 7:42:35 as she goes for her third consecutive series title. Eight races remain in this year's series.

Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) has a few years on her competitors yet remains in the hunt in her best year ever with three second place finishes so far this year. Simril placed second to the NUE Series Champ on Saturday in 8:11:04 but admitted that the Lumberjack course did not play to her strengths, "For me, this race is the most daunting one of the series. The rolling singletrack with no rocks and no sustained climbs plays into all of my weaknesses."

Simril only wanted to improve her time from last year - her first Lumberjack - and survive the heat. What had surprised her was how full throttle the race is from start to finish.

"I got a great start and was encouraged to see that my first lap split was 10 minutes faster than last year's. I pretty much rode that wave the rest of the race. By the third lap, the course had gotten so churned up from all the riders that it felt like we were riding on the beach - definitely made the legs burn like crazy."

Jane Pearson (Yorktowncycles- Raw Revolution), who took the third in a time of 8:25:55 said, "I got a great start. After watching how fast things kicked off last year, I was prepared and made sure I got a good position. It feels surreal lining up at dawn to embark on racing 100 miles but looking around me at my fellow racers I saw excitement and anticipation which gave me energy to do so."

Pearson avoided a downed rider on the first sandy singletrack and kept Simril in sight for as long as possible. "I joined several speeding 'freight trains' of riders and went for it just enjoying the pumping fast terrain. After racing 50 miles in New York over peanut butter clad rock, it was fun to get some fast, twisty, dry trails under my wheels. I was smiling a lot. After placing fifth and fourth at NUE races; taking third was the bee's knees!"

A happy Julie Whalen (Freewheeler Racing) claimed fourth place in her first Lumberjack at 9:10:42. She said, "I am relatively new to mountain biking, having spent most of my life as a runner, but I feel like I have truly found my home in this sport. The energy, camaraderie, and enthusiasm surrounding this event were all perfect examples of why. When it comes down to it, mountain bikers are simply a great group of people to be around!"

Stephanie Smith finished fifth at 9:15:34, and Shannon Ancel (Cone Health/cycles De Oro/gvc)rounded out the podium in sixth place in 9:22:55.

Men: Wicks gets his first series win

The top six riders all finished sub seven hours, however, it was 31-year-old Barry Wicks (Kona) getting his first NUE Series win and setting the bar for record time a smidge higher at 6:27:19.

Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing) shook off the gremlins that plagued him earlier this year at Cohutta, Syllamo's and Mohican by stepping up to the podium just over one minute later at 6:28:48.

Last year's record-winning time of 6:30:25 was set by NUE defending champion and last year's race winner, Christian Tanguy (Team CF), who came up short this year, yet continued his strong showing and his lead in the NUE Series with a third place finish (6:35:36).

Drew Edsall (Kenda/Felt), who rolled in three minutes later in 6:38:53, elaborated a bit on how things shook out in the Manistee Forest of Michigan, "Coming into this race I knew, to have a solid top three finish, I would need a lot to go right against the solid competition here. Unfortunately, a lot went wrong! I crashed, lost two bottles, and got a stick stuck in my wheel at one point. That's racing and minimizing those errors is a huge part of success at NUE races. I gave it all I had and the power numbers showed it."

With an intense start, Edsall and others pushed 300-400 watts on the road heading toward the singletrack.

"I had a solid position in the singletrack but unfortunately touched bars in a really bad spot with Kevin Carter causing an insanely awkward and fast summersault on my bike about a minute into the singletrack," said Edsall. "That was intense and not the way you want a 100 miler to start. However, I was somehow unharmed for the most part, gathered my things together, and got back on the bike."

Edsall worked with Rob Spreng to catch the front group 20 miles in. The leaders included Wicks, Tanguy, Josh Tostado, Michael Simonson and Carter. The Kenda/Felt rider stayed with them until about halfway through lap two of three.

The strong man from Colorado, Tostado, rolled into fifth place, just ahead of the SiMonster, Michael Simonson (RBS Trek MTB Team) who finished sixth at 6:52:28. He described his race. "[I] lead the pack into the parking lot. Wicks took the chute. I was second wheel and missed the crash but Wicks pushed the pace hard at the start. A group of six developed after the first lap. Christian and I pushed the pace through road monkey on the second lap then Carter and Wicks pushed the pace at the end of lap two. The heat took me out and I limped in for sixth. Tostado caught me with about three miles to the finish."

Singlespeed men: Batdorf makes an early break away and holds on for the win

Three-time defending NUE Series champion Gerry Pflug (Salsa/pro Bikes) had to sit this one out thanks to an unexpected tick bite to the groin at Syllamo's Revenge that forced him to drop out of the Mohican 100 two weeks ago, just 46 miles into the race. Pflug's absence left the singlespeed division open to a wild eyed pack of one geared riders looking for their shot at the top spot at Lumberjack.

Hal Batdorf seized the opportunity, claiming his first NUE Series victory in 7:11:16 and breaking the course record set by the Pflug last year.

"I had a smooth start and was able to work my way up to Mike Montalbano (Bicycle Tech/eleven Madison Park/tomac/gu/schwalbe), Dwayne Goscinski (Dogfish/cyclewerx/dch/noah's Foundation), and Trevor Rockwell. Our group stayed together for the entire first lap despite the furious pace."

Batdorf, Goscinski and Rockwell rode away for the start of lap 2 after Montalbano had a slow water stop.

Batdorf gapped the others halfway through lap two without actually attacking. "I knew at this point that I had pretty good legs and was going to put in a maximum effort to attempt to catch Justin Pokrivka," said Batdorf. "I finally made contact with Justin after a long flat road section at the beginning of lap three. Justin led us into the singletrack and I could immediately tell that he was suffering. I made the pass on a short punchy climb and would ride solo for the remainder of the race. I kept my pace high and did a personal time trial for the final 20 miles. I knew what Mike and Dwayne were capable of so I made sure to finish strong."

Montalbano was third in 7:16:19, less than a minute behind Goscinski, who finished second at 7:15:40.

"Last year, I wasn't prepared for the intensity of the start of this race so this year I went as hard as I could to be right on Justin Pokrivka's wheel entering the singletrack. After about five miles or so, it became apparent to me that Justin's pace was a little harder than I was willing to go for 100 miles so I sat up, took a drink, and waited for the chase group of singlespeeders to catch me."

Goscinski, Rockwell, Batdorf and James Harmon were in this group, which paced off of geared rider Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor). Harmon attacked on the firetower climb, jumping on to Eddie O'Dea's wheel and opening a small gap.

Justin Pokrivka (Top Gear/Cohen & Associates), coming off a big win at Mohican two weeks ago, held on for fourth place in 7:30:59 with 26-year-old Jacob Marshall (Freewheeler Racing) at 7:32:28 taking fifth and 44-year-old Brad Keyes (Carborocket) rounding out the podium in sixth place at 7:37:37.

Masters: Sanborn leads with three wins

Following wins at both Cohutta and Mohican, 50-year-old Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) took a commanding lead of the NUE Series on Saturday with a big win at the Lumberjack 100 more than 40 minutes ahead of his nearest competitor. His winning time of 7:18:04 also set a new course record previously held by NUE Masters Champion and last year's race winner Robert Herriman (Trek 29er Crew/wsc/acfstores.Com), who set the bar at 7:25:30.

"After avoiding any mishaps on what seemed to be more of a frantic start than normal, I settled in and started picking riders off climbing up Catamount. That left me in the top twenty before jumping on the first two-track," said Sanborn, who took 20mph pulls with Dan Kotwicki (Aberdeen Bike).

They bridged up to Garth Prosser (Specialized Bicycles, Ashford Surgical,Mama Mimis)and Eddie O'Dea (Topeak-Ergon).

"The four of us ripped through Road Monkey setting the pace for a 2:17 first lap for me. At that point, there were huge gaps in the field, and I just set more of relaxed pace for lap two. I was still climbing strong but the trails were getting looser and slower with each lap it seemed. Riding portions of laps two and three with Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles) definitely helped break up the monotony of the latter stages of the race. Hitting Bushwacker on lap three, I knew I was going to take home my second Lumberjack Axe trophy and was able to have some fun on the way in. Hats off to race director Rick Plite and his crew for another great Lumberjack 100!"

Ray Fulkerson (CMS), 53, placed second on a course he described as dry and dusty. "My early goal was to hang with the top female for the first lap, special thanks goes out to Amanda Carey. The second lap goal, always the most difficult mentally, was to keep my time within 10 minutes of first place. Seeing 5:08 on the clock as I was finishing the second lap was great motivation for eclipsing the eight-hour mark. Heading into the last mile my eyes were glued on the clock as I finished with a 7:58:17, a reduction of 42 minutes over 2011. However, I did not do this alone. There was such a tremendous amount of camaraderie among racers during this race."

Mike Belanger (Racing Greyhounds) took the third podium spot at 8:04:47. David Maclean came in a few minutes later 8:10:11 with Dennis R Schueler Jr. (Rbikes.Com/fleettruckparts.Com/lanajewelry.Com) rounding out the podium in fifth place at 8:28:04 and 54-year-old David Bell (Cambr) placing sixth in 8:40:28

The next stop for the NUE Series is Sunday, July 15 in the high country of Breckenridge, Colorado for the Breckenridge 100, the home race of Josh Tostado. Stay tuned for a race preview and all the action.

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Barry Wicks (Kona) 6:27:19  
2 Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing) 0:01:29  
3 Christian Tanguy (Team CF) 0:08:17  
4 Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt) 0:11:34  
5 Josh Tostado 0:22:50  
6 Michael Simonson (Rbs Mtb Team) 0:25:09  
7 Ryan Krayer (Adventure212 / Specialized) 0:32:44  
8 Jacob Rytlewski (Breezer Bikes) 0:34:32  
9 Robert Spreng (Dirty Harry's) 0:36:12  
10 Jorden Wakeley (Einstein Racing) 0:36:13  
11 Garth Prosser (Specialized Bicycles, Ashford Surgical, Mama Mimis) 0:36:54  
12 Zack Morrey (Blueridgecyclery/notubes/magura/schwalbe) 0:37:48  
13 Benmelt Swanepoel (Squirt) 0:38:31  
14 Michael Naughton (Wheel Werks/gore) 0:39:19  
15 Troy Barry (Hammer Nutrition/no Tubes) 0:41:31  
16 Ezra Mullen (Dg Cycles) 0:41:32  
17 Greg Kuhn (Rbs Mtb Team) 0:44:09  
18 Morgan Olsson (Revolting Cogs) 0:44:40  
19 Aaron Fader (Bloomington Cycle And Fitness) 0:45:08  
20 Edward O'Dea (Topeak-Ergon) 0:46:02  
21 Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles) 0:48:41  
22 Bradley Schmalzer (Bikeman.Com/xxcmag) 0:53:20  
23 Dan Kotwicki (Aberdeen Bike) 0:59:10  
24 Jonathan Davis (Trek Bike Store, Boulder Racing Team) 0:59:11  
25 Scott Hoffner (Hometown Bicycles) 0:59:20  
26 Chris Peariso (Adventure212 / Specialized) 1:00:11  
27 Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor) 1:03:50  
28 Joe Thomas (Cms Racing Team) 1:06:25  
29 Rick Mezo (Rbikes.Com) 1:07:50  
30 Jay Click (Cycletherapy) 1:10:55  
31 Cj Brish (Hometown Cycling) 1:18:19  
32 Jason Lowetz (Einstein Racing) 1:22:09  
33 Lee Unwin (Specialized/cycleops) 1:25:58  
34 Geoff Perrill (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 1:26:35  
35 Mark Donakowski (Racing Greyhounds) 1:27:13  
36 Anthony Gwin (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 1:28:56  
37 Scott Simpson (Precisionmtb.Com, Smith Optics, Odi Grips) 1:29:24  
38 Mitch Moen (R-Bikes.Com) 1:29:46  
39 Donald Cumming (Wolverine Sports Club) 1:32:46  
40 Stefano Frascaroli (Racing Greyhounds) 1:33:08  
41 Chris Patterson (D2 Racing) 1:33:35  
42 Eric Patterson (D2 Racing)    
43 Tom Scott (Team Speed Merchants) 1:34:43  
44 Todd Gillihan (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 1:35:52  
45 Scott Smith (Tvb Race/tomato Head) 1:38:21  
46 Robert Crooks 1:39:24  
47 Dominic Bosco (Rbikes.Com/shambaugh&son) 1:40:50  
48 Sascha Leuthold (Rbs Cycling Team) 1:40:54  
49 Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing) 1:43:46  
50 Jurrien Davison (Top/ Hup) 1:44:09  
51 Paul Riggs (Racing Greyhounds) 1:45:26  
52 Zach Brace (Mesa Cycles) 1:45:29  
53 David Messing (Team Fraser) 1:46:36  
54 Bruce Grell (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 1:49:19  
55 Tom Stritzinger (Team Stritz Racing) 1:50:15  
56 Kelly Sugg (Klm/ Cold Stone) 1:50:40  
57 Alex Gonzalez (Team Sandbag) 1:52:22  
58 Scott Luca (Einstein Racing) 1:52:54  
59 Ben Playfoot 1:54:43  
60 Brad Majors 1:56:48  
61 Daniel Sterling (Racing Greyhounds) 1:57:40  
62 Wade Bagnall (Founders Alger Racing) 1:57:41  
63 Greg Witt (Rbs Mtb Team) 1:57:59  
64 Jody Cagle (Racing Greyounds) 1:59:47  
65 Brandon Elliott (Iron Cycles) 1:59:49  
66 Mike Wheeler (Rbikes.Com) 1:59:58  
67 Adam Naish (Rbs Mtb Team) 2:00:18  
68 Joshua McCreedy (Sisu Cycles) 2:01:25  
69 Brent Krmpotich (Velorution) 2:03:58  
70 Kelly Jedynak (R-Bikes) 2:08:01  
71 Mark Bowers 2:09:44  
72 Eric Hune (Team Apex Multisport) 2:12:03  
73 Patrick Wallace (Ellicottville Bike Shop) 2:12:06  
74 Andy Klevorn 2:12:07  
75 Michael Seaman (Specialized) 2:14:33  
76 Paul Nash (Team Jackson Hole) 2:15:05  
77 Yuri Cook (Raintree Pediatrics) 2:15:14  
78 David Grant (Racing Greyhounds) 2:15:29  
79 Tim Smith 2:15:34  
80 Greg Hughes (Cft Cycling Team) 2:18:14  
81 Chris Torrance (Racing Greyhounds) 2:26:07  
82 Frederick Hatfield (Greater Than) 2:28:26  
83 Brian Schultz (Abrc) 2:29:00  
84 Greg Giles (Racing Greyhounds) 2:29:32  
85 Kevin Dittmer (Racing Greyhounds) 2:32:00  
86 Todd Juhlin (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 2:32:13  
87 Jeremiah Johnson (Speedway Wheelman) 2:32:39  
88 Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery) 2:34:04  
89 Jeff Dullard (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 2:34:52  
90 Joshua Neider (McG Trails Edge) 2:36:16  
91 Jim Leikert (Trails-Edge.Com) 2:36:19  
92 Chris Maltby (Terry's Cycle Of Alma, Michigan) 2:37:56  
93 Michael Henry 2:39:23  
94 Kevin McCranie 2:41:13  
95 Casey Abston 2:42:22  
96 Michael Bigney (Freewheeler Racing) 2:43:16  
97 Todd Rillema (Freewheeler Racing) 2:43:24  
98 Scott Adema (Racing Greyhounds) 2:45:56  
99 James Plichta (West Michigan Coast Riders) 2:48:34  
100 Marc Brunette (Epichappens Race Team) 2:48:46  
101 Mark Cole (Adventure212 / Specialized) 2:49:07  
102 Nick Perrow (Pamba) 2:49:47  
103 Anthony Ippolito (Johnny Sprockets/southern Brazil Adventures) 2:50:13  
104 Pete Skellenger (Team Priority Health) 2:52:28  
105 Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds) 2:55:12  
106 Chad Wiegand (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 2:55:16  
107 Samuel Hayward 2:57:47  
108 Joshua Hogeterp (Founders Alger Racing) 3:00:40  
109 Douglas Schmidt (J'S Bikes /ihop)    
110 Michael Coffman (Aberdeen Bike And Sport) 3:02:07  
111 Kevin Van Veelen 3:02:25  
112 David Moore (Cycletherapy-Specialized Racing) 3:02:26  
113 Patrick Conneely (Jbv Coaching) 3:04:39  
114 Alex Pearson (Yorktown Cycles - Raw Revolution) 3:07:12  
115 William Ott 3:07:52  
116 Mike Riffe (Team Fraser) 3:09:28  
117 Jonathan Evans (Hup United) 3:09:41  
118 Jason Jilbert 3:09:55  
119 Robert Lucia (Rbs Cycling Team) 3:10:20  
120 Thomas Landry (Team Hot Dog) 3:10:43  
121 John Slater (Dte) 3:11:40  
122 Kevin Grzelak 3:11:51  
123 Butch Welke (Treadhead Cycling) 3:12:15  
124 William Shaver (Freewheeler Racing) 3:12:31  
125 Steven Buday 3:14:29  
126 Christopher Davis (Stanky Creek Cycling)    
127 Tony Barrett (Memphis Velo) 3:18:21  
128 Joel Boynton 3:20:11  
129 James Rivamonte 3:22:46  
130 Chad Brewer (West Michigan Coast Riders) 3:23:17  
131 Tony Hersberger (Cyclefit Sports Club) 3:23:47  
132 Ryan Ondersma (Free Wheeler Racing) 3:24:27  
133 Brian Czarnecki (Crash Test Dummies) 3:25:03  
134 Russell Petts 3:29:30  
135 Kurt Bloyd (Bloomington Cycle) 3:34:26  
136 Dave Kempeinen 3:40:59  
137 Chris Beggs (Team Apex Multisport) 3:41:28  
138 Ryan Allen (D2 Racing) 3:42:00  
139 Greg Aronson (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 3:42:13  
140 Mark McClanahan (Paint Creek Bicycles) 3:42:28  
141 Michael Moscato 3:42:58  
142 Jeff Hammond 3:43:23  
143 Eric Broekhuis (Rapid Wheelmen) 3:44:56  
144 Steve Wester 3:45:02  
145 Bryan Underwood 3:45:25  
146 Gregory McDaniel (Team Mcdaniel) 3:47:20  
147 John Tenwalde 3:47:30  
148 Ralf Scharnowski (Founders Alger Racing) 3:51:06  
149 Enrico Lagman 3:51:30  
150 Shawn Beeton (Highplainsracing) 3:51:39  
151 Chad Smith (J'S Bikes / Ihop) 3:51:41  
152 James Depree 3:52:04  
153 John Griffiths (Nycmtb) 3:52:39  
154 Robert Ballantyne (Chicago Fire Department)    
155 Todd Rookus (Hc Hooligans) 3:54:02  
156 Zack Jordan (Black Sheep Bike) 3:57:39  
157 Roger Inman 4:00:56  
158 Kevin Leitner 4:01:25  
159 Donnie Tietsema 4:02:04  
160 Shawn Crowley (Founders Alger Racing) 4:06:28  
161 Thomas Buday 4:06:47  
162 Robert Sandle 4:08:55  
163 Jeff Stasser (Downwindsports.Com) 4:11:34  
164 Chris Schabel 4:12:05  
165 Mike Schultz (Highland Training.Net/dirty Harrys.Net) 4:16:39  
166 Grant Hammons (J'S Bikes/ihop) 4:18:22  
167 Jeff Vander Maas 4:19:55  
168 Derek Dykstra (Two Dudes One Muk) 4:27:27  
169 Gavin Shipley 4:30:32  
170 Robert Simetz (3 Girl Tribe) 4:30:50  
171 Jon Venlet 4:32:06  
172 Jeff Festian (Rapid Wheelmen) 4:36:07  
173 David Giefer (Rapid Wheelman) 4:36:08  
174 Michael Zaleski 4:41:14  
175 Jim Thacker (Cora - Cincinnati Off Road Alliance) 4:45:31  
176 Nathan Kade 4:58:10  
177 Ryan Weatherwax 5:04:28  
178 Jeff Smith (Cyclewerx) 5:04:58  
179 David Hintz 5:05:12  
180 Brian Kwekel 5:12:47  
181 Gary Cadelina (Lucban) 5:21:15  
182 Scott Bosley 5:24:15  
183 Edward Barker (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 5:31:22  
184 Todd McInally (Cycletherapy)    
185 Douglas Smith (Maumee Valley Wheelman) 5:33:21  
186 Tom Stoner 5:39:35  
187 Xavier Vasquez 5:48:38  
188 Jamal Schott (McC) 5:50:46  
189 Lyle Michaels (Fbr) 5:55:31  
190 Douglas Bowman 6:08:40  
191 Jim Heiss (Heiss Llc) 6:38:07  
192 Luman Strong 6:38:08  
193 Forrest Omland (Team Catfarm) 6:52:12  
DNF Brandon Draugelis (Team Cf)    
DNF Jimmie Colflesh (Mom And Pop Racing)    
DNF Chris Goddard (Team Fraser)    
DNF Bruce Pisarek (Cobc National Engineering)    
DNF Eric Bales (Chicken Ranch Crew)    
DNF Ron Catlin (Rbs Mtb Team)    
DNF Derek Hill (Cycletherapy)    
DNF Curtis Prohaska (Team Fraser)    
DNF Ron Gratop    
DNF Tim Fargo (Wolverine Sports Club)    
DNF Thomas Hayward    
DNF Jeff Zimmerman    
DNF David Johnson (Drake's Coffee)    
DNF Andrew Brown (Soul Cycles/wtb/mtb-Life.Com)    
DNF Ryan McKinnie (Two Wheel Tango)    
DNF Brian Roginski (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Brent Harlos (Chicken Ranch Crew)    
DNF Laurence Etgen (Halter's Cycles)    
DNF Eric Schlorff    
DNF Tak Kakiuchi (Trails Edge)    
DNF Michael Campbell (Iron Cycles)    
DNF Aaron Huntington (Speed Merchants)    
DNF Dan Clasen (Team Moosen)    
DNF Erik Silvassy (Big Ring Coffee Mtb)    
DNF Rob Mendering (616 Fabrication)    
DNF Thomas Varvaro (Team Moosen)    
DNF Shawn McNamara (Epichappens Race Team)    
DNF Filip Filipovic    
DNF James Taylor    
DNF Bob Bingham    
DNF Tom Lining (Kenda/luv2mtb)    
DNF Lee Cook    
DNF Robert Werkema (Hybris Software)    
DNF Bryan Marek (Speed Merchants)    
DNF Bryan Deal (Precisionmtb.Com)    
DNF Brian Comiskey    
DNF Steve Bassett (Team Hot Dog)    
DNF Steve Vigneau (Big Ring Coffee)    
DNF Thomas Wideman (Macatawa Cycling Club)    
DNF Nicholas Mehl (Tri-City Cyclists P/b Jack's Bike Shop)    
DNF Henry Loria (Team Lactic Acid)    
DNF Matthew Janiszewski    
DNF Christopher Faille    
DNF Steve Wilbur (Geoff's Bike And Ski)    
DNF Mark Parmelee (Cycletherapy)    
DNF Colin Kimber    
DNF Todd Anthes (Team Priority Health)    
DNF Kristopher Ouvry (Cannondale Midwest Racing)    
DNF Alex Mitevski (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Ronald Loeffler    
DNF Aaron Vande Wege (Speed Merchants)    
DNF Mike Neeley (Crash Test Dummies)    
DNF Tim Bessette    
DNF Michael Mack (Team Moosen)    
DNF Badger Beall (Tri-City Cyclists)    
DNF Jeff Weaver    
DNF Keith Bosker    
DNF James Vreeland (Beatthetrain)    
DNF Kelly Messick (Team Moosen)    
DNF Robert Bennett (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Charles Bittman (Hybris Software)    
DNF Troy Mehl    
DNF Donald Wood (Cannondale Midwest Racing)    
DNF Nick Shue (Big Ring Racing)    
DNF Kurt Brushaber    
DNF Todd McNeilly (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Sean Stewart    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Amanda Carey 7:42:35  
2 Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) 0:28:29  
3 Jane Pearson (Yorktowncycles- Raw Revolution) 0:43:20  
4 Julie Whalen (Freewheeler Racing) 1:28:07  
5 Stephanie Smith 1:32:59  
6 Shannon Ancel (Cone Health/cycles De Oro/gvc) 1:40:20  
7 Kaysee Armstrong (Tvb Race/tomato Head) 1:45:23  
8 Shannon Tenwalde (Combo Race Team/ Whole Foods/ Roll) 1:46:44  
9 Heidi Shilling (Combo Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll) 1:47:52  
10 Summer Olmstead (Custer Cyclery) 1:58:45  
11 Zandra Inman (Mtb-Life.Com/ Soul Cycles) 2:08:34  
12 Lisa Markley (Roll Models Bike Shop[) 2:11:11  
13 Jane Van Hof (Real Women Tri) 2:21:46  
14 Emily Savickis 2:23:37  
15 Darcy Sanford (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 2:29:48  
16 Anna-Lisette Davis (Fitzgerald's Bicycles) 2:36:42  
17 Sarah Temby (Built By Zac @ Rbs) 2:42:23  
18 Jeni Roosen (Rogue Racing Project 513) 2:57:52  
19 Heather Brewer (Gtmtba) 3:09:31  
20 Jennifer Yohn (Geoff's Bike And Ski) 3:23:30  
21 Lorinda Putter (Raintree Pediatrics) 3:30:32  
22 Jaime Martin (Flying Rhino Cc) 4:16:07  
23 Amy Michaels 4:40:15  
24 Susan Estes (Just Sue) 5:14:07  
DNF Melissa Petty (Sco/micrometals)    
DNF Molly Wolf (Gore Bike Wear)    
DNF Leslie Conrad (Pure Energy Cycling - Pro Air Hfa)    
DNF Monica Tory (Velo Bella)    
DNF Sara Sirotkin (Pedal, Littleton Co)    
DNF Patti Bills (Velo City Cycles)    
DNF Kelly Ayer (Camba/eddy's Bike Shop)    
DNF Jennifer Dolenga (Cycletherapy-Specialized Racing)    
Singlespeed men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Hal Batdorf (Breezer Bikes) 7:11:16  
2 Dwayne Goscinski (Dogfish/cyclewerx/dch/noah's Foundation) 0:04:24  
3 Mike Montalbano (Bicycle Tech/eleven Madison Park/tomac/gu/schwalbe) 0:05:03  
4 Trevor Rockwell (Decorah Bicycles) 0:09:04  
5 Justin Pokrivka (Top Gear /cohen & Associates) 0:19:43  
6 Jacob Marshall (Freewheeler Racing) 0:21:12  
7 Brad Keyes (Carborocket) 0:26:21  
8 Jason Pruitt (Peoples Brewing, Las, Hodson Bay) 0:32:42  
9 Dennis Baldwin (Ellicottville Bike Shop) 0:39:20  
10 Adam Wheeler (Precisionmtb.Com) 0:42:55  
11 Robin Oscar (Motor Mile Racing) 0:55:35  
12 Jeffrey Payn (McG/trails Edge) 0:59:52  
13 Richard Long (Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team) 1:18:11  
14 Daniel Abraham (Fitzgeralds Bicycles) 1:19:15  
15 Dave Demaegd (Spin Zone Racing) 1:31:48  
16 Rich Kidd (Tvb Race/ Tomato Head) 1:32:50  
17 Scott Fader 1:37:37  
18 Joseph Seidl (Trails Edge Cyclery) 1:37:57  
19 Todd Greene (Trail's Edge Cyclery)    
20 Philip Vanderlugt (Freewheeler Bike Shop) 1:38:09  
21 Brian Gillies (Aberdeen Bike And Fitness) 1:39:11  
22 Ian Dunlop (Algoma Bicycle Company) 1:40:46  
23 Mike Bernhard (Twin Six) 1:51:27  
24 John Lionberger (Pony Shop Cyclocross) 2:00:50  
25 Charles Snyder (Trail's Edge Cyclery) 2:00:54  
26 Brian Bratney (Racing Greyhounds) 2:13:54  
27 Craig Van Renterghem (Team Rack) 2:19:14  
28 Neil Nicholson (North Central College Cycling Club)    
29 Danny Hill (Culver's Racing) 2:20:48  
30 Bill Ostrowski (World Bicycle Relief) 2:32:06  
31 Alex Pless (Hometown Bikes) 2:34:35  
32 Chuck Kovick (Aberdeen Bike - Mysinglespeed.Com) 2:35:01  
33 Jeff Bliss (Freewheeler) 2:35:54  
34 Michael Brower (Freewheeler Racing)    
35 Chris Brower (Freewheeler Racing) 2:52:27  
36 Daniel Almirall 3:22:52  
37 Bill Hill 3:27:11  
38 George Hollerbach (Newtown Bike) 3:40:45  
DNF Trevor Rockwell (Decorah Bicycles/twin Six)    
DNF James Harmon (Benidorm/createx Colors)    
DNF Lee Shaw (Precisionmtb.Com)    
DNF Erik Garland (Trails Edge)    
DNF Trevor Smela (No Boundaries/ Twin Six)    
DNF Barry Van Volkinburg (Farm Team Racing)    
DNF Matt Potter (Team Apex Multisport)    
DNF Stan Brish (Hometown Cycling)    
DNF Wayne Cook (Specialized/team Fraser)    
DNF Mark Stahl (Mysinglespeed.Com)    
Singlespeed women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Danielle Musto (Salsa/twin Six/kenda) 8:30:31  
2 Danielle Shaver (Founders Alger Racing) 1:16:38  
3 Jocelyn Linscott (Dark Horse Cycles) 1:48:13  
4 Michelle Minnerick 2:46:20  
Masters 50+
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) 7:18:04  
2 Ray Fulkerson (Cms) 0:40:13  
3 Mike Belanger (Racing Greyhounds) 0:46:43  
4 David Maclean 0:52:07  
5 Dennis R Schueler Jr (Rbikes.Com/fleettruckparts.Com/lanajewelry.Com) 1:10:00  
6 David Bell (Cambr) 1:22:24  
7 Thomas Markley (Roll Models Bike Shop) 1:26:59  
8 Craig Morris (Racing Greyhounds) 1:27:35  
9 Kieth Riege 1:31:41  
10 Gerry Naski (Wolverine Sports Club) 1:34:29  
11 Jeff Doerr 1:35:50  
12 Eric Schroeder (Goodspeed Cycles) 1:41:45  
13 Jeffrey Scofield (Rapid Wheelmen) 1:48:17  
14 John Wyrick (Team Brad/biowheels) 1:58:00  
15 Dennis Scanlon (Guy's Bicycles Racing) 2:06:58  
16 Jon Mullen (Dg Cycles) 2:08:10  
17 Will Botens (Rbs Cycling Team) 2:09:51  
18 Mark Jones (Orrville Bike Club) 2:23:10  
19 Albert Lake (Cad Teamo2) 2:27:05  
20 James Wilson (Team Cf) 2:27:30  
21 Charles Cole (Racing Greyhounds) 2:36:18  
22 Mike Howard (Pamba/bushwhackers) 2:45:14  
23 Lee Boughner (Rapid Wheelmen) 2:46:18  
24 Mike Clark (Velo City Cycles / Hup United) 2:48:07  
25 Brian Orwat (Wnymba) 2:54:14  
26 Gary Terrell 3:00:22  
27 Bob Kidder 3:06:06  
28 Bob Anderson (Gimpy Dog) 3:08:02  
29 Robert Gaddis (616 Fabrication) 3:08:26  
30 Matt Graves (Bissel) 3:18:26  
31 Carl Urbon (Racing Greyhounds) 3:28:35  
32 Eric Vogt (Rbs Cycling) 3:39:48  
33 John Kowalczyk (Rapid Wheelmen) 3:45:23  
34 James Flaherty (Qcw) 3:50:52  
35 Dave McIntee 3:51:37  
36 Jan Toscano 5:09:30  
37 Tom Uber 5:30:28  
DNF Steve Toorongian (Ingram Micro /tom's Pro Bike)    
DNF Mark Hadfield (Team Moosen)    
DNF Lloyd Lind (Rbs Cycling Team)    
DNF Byron Bailey    
DNF Randy J Bultman (Velo-City Cycles)    
DNF George Fulkerson    
DNF Roy Logan (Velo City Cycles)    
DNF Jay Jones (Cycletherapy/specialized Racing)    
DNF Chip Ellison (Pearl Izumi/shimano)    
DNF Jim Jordan (Black Sheep Bike)