Kabush wins Trek Store round of Canada Cup

Batty victorious in women's race

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Kabush (Can)1:44:29 
2Raphael Gagne (Can)0:00:50 
3Cameron Jette (Can)0:01:12 
4Neal Kindree (Can)0:01:27 
5Derek Zandstra (Can)0:02:11 
6Leandre Bouchard (Can)0:02:52 
7Mitchell Bailey (Can)0:03:40 
8Kris Sneddon (Can)0:03:41 
9Andrew Watson (Can)0:03:55 
10Evan Mcneely (Can)0:04:12 
11Evan Guthrie (Can)0:04:15 
12Troy Wells (USA)0:05:08 
13Peter Glassford (Can)0:05:14 
14Brad Hudson (NZl)0:06:43 
15Adam Morka (Can)0:07:49 
16Andrew L'esperance (Can)0:07:59 
17Antoine Caron (Can)0:07:59 
18Patrick Chartrand (Can)0:08:22 
19Daniel Varga (Can)0:08:43 
20Ryan Atkins (Can)0:09:51 
21Seamus Powell (USA)0:09:58 
22Ross Davis (Can)0:10:19 
23Sébastien Cadieux-Duval (Can)0:10:27 
24Felix Wilberg (Can)0:10:29 
25Steven Noble (Can)0:10:56 
26Alex Lavertu (Can)0:11:26 
27Mathieu Bélanger Barrette (Can)0:12:01 
28Matthew Farquharson (Can)0:12:11 
29Danny Souter (Can)0:13:48 
30Bretton Matthews (Can)0:14:33 
31Kelsey Krushel (Can)0:14:54 
32Etienne Moreau (Can)0:15:20 
33Tyson Wagler (Can)0:15:25 
34Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can)0:16:13 
35Emmanuel Boily (Can)0:16:19 
36Jarrod Forrest (Can)0:16:33 
37Jon Kinsie (Can)0:18:18 
38Francis Lehoux (Can)0:18:24 
39Eric Batty (Can)0:18:31 
40Corey Brioschi (Can)0:18:31 
41Xavier Perreault (Can)0:19:57 
42Zach Winn (Can)0:21:19 
43Timothy Carleton (Can)0:21:41 
44Trent Meyers (Can)0:22:14 
45Jacob Mcclelland (Can)0:23:49 
46Scott Lynch (Can)0:35:25 
47Maxime Lemay (Can)0:35:26 
48Jon Winfield (Can)0:35:27 
49Jeremi Bussières (Can)0:35:28 
50Corey Davis (USA)0:35:28 
51Steven Turcotte (Can)0:35:29 
52Mark Winfield (Can)0:35:30 
53Jon Slaughter (Can)0:35:30 
54Simon Wagler (Can)0:35:31 
55Jerome Samson (Can)0:35:32 
56Tom Guiot (Can)0:35:33 
57Chris Fruetel (Can)0:35:33 
58Jonathan Cantin (Can)0:35:34 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Batty (Can)1:41:51 
2Sandra Walter (Can)0:03:00 
3Amanda Sin (Can)0:04:08 
4Mikaela Kofman (Can)0:06:12 
5Mariske Strauss (RSA)0:09:29 
6Cayley Brooks (Can)0:10:33 
7Mandy Dreyer (Can)0:11:42 
8Heather Gray (Can)0:12:26 
9Haley Smith (Can)0:13:35 
10Sarah Moore (Can)0:15:09 
11Andréanne Pichette (Can)0:17:30 
12Valerie Meunier (Can)0:17:51 
13Susan Stephens (Can)0:19:20 
14Annie Foreman-Mackey (Can)0:19:57 
15Annick Chrétien (Can)0:20:27 
16Katlyn Dundas (Can)0:21:13 
17Laurence Harvey (Can)0:21:36 
18Laura Bietola (Can)0:23:37 
19Emily Flynn (Can)0:23:41 
20Erin Vicary (USA)0:25:01 
21Samantha Wagler (Can)0:25:40 
22Katie Button (Can)0:35:03 
23Elyse Nieuwold (Can)0:35:09 
24Hannah Cooley (Can)0:35:12 

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