Sneddon and Davison win BC Bike Race

Sager and Simms collect final stage victories

There is a reason the BC Bike Race is mostly won by regional riders. Technical courses require precision and to do that at high speeds is easier when you know what is ahead. Strength is important, but timing of energy use for the contour of the land, knowing where not to get hung up in tricky sections, and feeling confident in exactly how fast you can go through a blind corner all add up to better momentum and flow. You can always try to follow a local but they will eventually make a move that you didn’t see coming. A flick of the bars, combined with just the right pressure out of a corner sets up the bike and body for that squeeze between the trees you didn’t see coming. A sign of a technical course is when race history is predominantly on the side of locals and the time gaps from the front to back stretch over hours.


In the end, Sechelt resident Kris Sneddon (Kona Racing) took home yellow for the second year. Throughout the week, he attacked in the trail and on the climbs and was probably the most all around rider in the men's race.

Pulled into the second overall position was his Kona teammate, American, Spencer Paxson. Tristan Uhl (787 Racing) was probably as capable of a rider on the descents as Sneddon, but as a first timer to the race he had the newness of the course and his admittedly lackluster climbing working against him.

Kona’s broom wagon was in town and ready to work for Sneddon. Uhl, from Austin Texas, never stopped attacking, and even on the last day he exploded off the front early as one last effort before the curtains closed. He faded hard and finished the lowest he had all week in ninth place, but still managed to hold on to third overall.

The stage wins were split three for Sneddon, two - including today - for Jason Sager (Backcountry Bikes), one for Barry Wicks of Kona, and one for Uhl. Tristan is the only rider who was doing the BCBR for the first time.

Sager’s second victory of the week came when he used his experience coming into the finishing turn to cut a sharp inside corner and come around Wicks for the stage win. It was a fitting finish for the Backcountry Bikes rider who claims to be on the retirement plan but can’t quite let go of his fitness or love of strategy. He ended up seventh in the overall.

"It doesn’t matter how your results are at BC you always have an awesome time.There is no better riding or racing anywhere," said Sager.


Last year’s second place overall finisher and Whistler winner Kim Hurst entered the race looking to win stages but had come up short throughout the week. She decided this would be her last chance, and she lost no time going off the front to chase down the podium. She was in the lead looking confident when a racer ahead of her crashed and came down hard. Hurst stuck to the honor system of the race and stayed with the rider until help was able to come. Even though she didn’t gain the podium spot in the way she hoped for, she stood on it with the rest of the women at the end of her day in honor of her care for a fellow racer.

Probably the most exciting race of the week to watch was the women’s battle for the podium. It came down to a four-minute gap in Whistler between Wendy Simms (Kona Racing) and Lea Davison (Specialized Bicycles). Three different women went to the top of the podium throughout the week but the battle for first was between current US National Champion Davison and multi-time winner Simms. Each rider had reason to not be on best form for the BCBR, Davison five months out of hip surgery, and Simms returning to school as well as a general redirection away from racing.

On the first day, Davison gave everyone a reason to perk up and take notice when she opened up the week with a win in the North Shore. This Vermont native could not only climb fast, she also had the confidence and poise to bag one of the most technically challenging courses in this years race. From there on, it was a game of hot potato with first place between her and Simms and Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon) who snagged the Powell River stage after a hard stage 2 where her normal sunny disposition was challenged by a tough day.

Simms went in to stage six with a five-minute gap on Davison, but the American’s tenacious attacks gave her a nine-minute win at the end of the day and moved her into the yellow jersey. Coming into the short final stage, closing a four minute gap seemed highly unlikely for Simms at the start of the day. True to her competitive spirit she didn’t let that deter her from attacking and putting Davison’s legs in shackles.

When Simms crossed the line first everyone checked the time to see what the gap to Davison would be. Two and a half minutes later she crossed the line winning the BC Bike Race by 1:49 after seven days and 18 hours of racing.

"Today I actually fell apart at the seams a little bit. I was super tired and honestly if there was 10 more km in the stage I would have lost it," said Davison. "It’s amazing to have it this close. A couple minutes separating us after 18 hours of racing so it’s been really fun with different faces on the podium."

It was Davison’s first time at the BC Bike Race, and she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face when talking about the race.

"It has amazing singletrack, is super fun, this race is very impressive, from transporting 600 people to the showers. I would suggest it to anyone. It should pretty much be on every mountain biker’s life list."

Very rarely does the women’s field have the depth of talent it did this year which made the racing that much more exciting to watch and to be a part of.

"It’s been fun having it be more competitive. It’s good to see and it’s bound to happen. You don’t have to worry too much about your reputation by getting smoked by Lea. She’s an awesome rider. She’s great technically and she’s super fit," said Simms.

Enduro men

One category that didn’t get much attention this year was the enduro part of the BC Bike Race. The race within the race got to a slow start when the timing in North Vancouver encountered some issues. This year the enduro format reduced its number of segments to one each day instead of two for the first six days of the race.

Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Bicycles) ended up returning to the enduro top spot after getting bumped last year. He only had the slimmest eight-second margin over second place finisher Jeff Beaston from Courtney, BC. An even thinner margin of four seconds separated Beaston from Logan Wetzel (Transition Bikes). It was a week of exchanging stage wins and if Wetzel had not plowed his face into the ground in Squamish he might have had the 12 seconds he needed to win the overall.

The enduro riders are trying to shaving seconds by saving energy before each stage and taking lines a more conservative general classification rider would resist attempting. Beaston and Hestler each live near where a stage was held and Wetzel made the relatively short drive up from Bellingham, Washington to tackle the BCBR enduro overall.

When asked why a local such as himself would do the race, Beaston sited the vibe more than anything of the event as the appeal. "I never wanted to do it before then last year. I went and watched a stage, and something flipped. Looked really cool the excitement and the people were stoked. It was then I decided to do my local race. I’d do it again every couple years."

Wetzel last did the race in 2008 and noticed the change. "Back then it was longer days with a lot more fireroad. It’s definitely better now. It’s a little more condensed and higher quality. You have a little more time to relax. But it’s still very challenging."

Enduro women

In the women's category of the enduro, the top two spots were taken by Catherine Pendrel (Luna Chix) and Wendy Simms (Kona Racing). Those two are some of the smoothest riders any where and have raced on the international scene for years. It was third place finisher Emilie Thy of Cumberland who entered the race the week before it started with a friends entry that really showed her grassroots chops. She may not have been as fast in the overall, but her placing proves that the enduro rider can come from a different segment of fitness and still be competitive with some of the best riders in the world.

The only difficulty Thy had was getting around the slower riders around her. Pendrel and Simms were going hard and amongst riders who are of similar riding ability. They took the course at a more relaxed pace until the enduro segments which meant more people to come around when she dropped in.

To the guys out there in her way, she had to do the best she could to get around them. "I say please please please let me by, to a lot of stubborn guys that maybe aren’t so excited about girls passing them going down. Then I say please some more and then I just cut inside the corner."


There are a lot of great races going on at the BC Bike Race but the duo category is the one that has the most tradition. The BCBR started out as a duo only race before allowing the solo category. Part of the reason was to keep a buddy system on the longer point to point days when being lost and alone on technical trail was more of a safety issue.

This year the category had less competition but the teams at the top were winning the overall in stages and proving that two people can go fast. The other interesting element to the two top teams was the composition of an older more experienced rider leading a younger first timer through the trails of British Columbia.

The Rocky Mountain Bicycles duo men's team of Greg Day and Quinn Molberg, who both live in Squamish, ended the week with another win in their category as well as a top 10 finish in the overall stage in Whistler. Probably the highlight of their week was winning the overall stage in Squamish where both live within hucking distance to the trails they raced on. Getting to race at home can be extra motivation when you have your support network there cheering you on. For Molberg that was "Friends and family. Parents, brother sister, girlfriend, bike coach. Everyone that is meaningful." on the sidelines giving you the boost you need.

Luna Chix women's duo team of Catherine Pendrel and Maghalie Rochette were dominant in their category as Pendrel set a challenging pace for her enthusiastic apprentice Rochette. When asked how her teammate was and did they have any laughs on the trail, Rochette quipped, "I couldn't wish for a better teammate. Maybe she's laughing, but I'm just looking at her two Shimano stickers on the back triangle of her bike, and I'm watching that and staying there making sure the two stickers don't go too far away." Rochette's determination to stay on pace and learn how these stage races worked was clear all week.

"Maghalie never had done a stage race. She was wondering how hard can we dig and the more days we did, the more confidence she got and that became 'Hey I can do this,'" said Pendrel "She's so positive all the time and receptive to learning. She's a really good partner to have."


Men stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Jason Jason Sager (United States)1:10:08 
2Team Barry Barry Wicks (United States)0:00:03 
3Team Spencer Spencer Paxson (None)0:00:05 
4Team Kris Kris Sneddon (Canada)0:00:07 
5Team Erik Erik Skovgaard Knudsen (Denmark)0:01:09 
6Team Toby Toby Swanson (United States)  
7Team Oliver Oliver Zurbruegg (None)0:01:10 
8Team Nico Nico Pfitzenmaier (South Africa)  
9Team Tristan Tristan Uhl (United States)0:03:25 
10Team Aaron Aaron Wilson (United States)0:04:20 
11Team James James Porter (United Kingdom)0:04:34 
12Team William William Geor (Australia)0:04:37 
13Team Chris Chris Benson (Canada)0:05:09 
14Team Motoshi Motoshi Kadota (Japan)0:05:17 
15Team Travis Travis Hauck (Canada)0:05:24 
16Team Garett Garett Heitman (United States)0:05:45 
17Team Nick Nick Gould (United States)0:05:48 
18Team Michael Michael Robinson (Canada)0:06:42 
19Team Stephen Stephen Dempsey (United States)0:07:10 
20Team Peter Peter Reid (Canada)0:07:51 
21Team Tim Tim Olson (United States)0:07:55 
22Team Logan Logan Wetzel (United States)0:07:59 
23Team Eric Eric Tourville (Canada)0:08:35 
24Team Brian Brian Cooke (Canada)0:08:50 
25Team Shawn Shawn Bunnin (Canada)0:08:53 
26Team Geir Ottar Geir Ottar Kvernstuen (Norway)0:08:58 
27Team David David Voll (Germany)0:09:17 
28Team Joel Joel Harwood (Canada)0:09:41 
29Team Stevie Stevie Cullinan (United States)0:09:49 
30Team Robb Robb Parsons (United States)0:09:56 
31Team Nick Nick Hendrickson (United States)0:10:45 
32Team Andreas Andreas Hestler (Canada)0:10:46 
33Team Ryan Ryan Keesey (Canada)0:11:06 
34Team Ben Ben Sigston (Canada)0:11:20 
35Team Benjamin Benjamin Perin (United States)0:11:47 
36Team Carlos Carlos Lizalde (Mexico)0:12:10 
37Team Raimu Raimu Sonobe (Canada)0:13:03 
38Team Thiago Thiago Fernandes (Brazil)0:14:45 
39Team Mark Mark Dunlop (New Zealand)0:15:21 
40Team Ross Ross Wilkinson (Australia)0:15:48 
41Team Damian Damian Gonzalez (United States)0:16:05 
42Team Erik Erik Bakke (Canada)0:16:20 
43Team Dave Dave Jetz (Canada)0:16:21 
44Team Robert Robert Biard (United States)0:17:14 
45Team Charles Charles Kim Jr. (United States)0:17:35 
46Team Axel Axel Duennwald (Switzerland)0:18:12 
47Team Jonathan Jonathan Nutbrown (Canada)0:18:26 
48Team Gian Gian Malaer (Switzerland)0:18:29 
49Team Mike Mike Levy (None)0:18:33 
50Team Matthew Matthew Boulcott (New Zealand)0:18:53 
51Team Justin Justin Grow (United States)0:19:00 
52D & J David Anderson (Canada)  
53Team Ofer Ofer Rubin (United States)0:19:36 
54Team Jeff Jeff Beeston (Canada)0:19:52 
55Team Gustavo Gustavo Astolphi (Brazil)0:20:46 
56Team Dave Dave Sutton (Canada)0:20:49 
57Team Mads Mads Hoffmann (Denmark)0:21:49 
58Team Kent Kent Allison (New Zealand)0:21:54 
59Team Peter Peter Gierlich (Netherlands)0:22:29 
60Team Richard Richard Hemmings (United Kingdom)0:22:56 
61Team David David Stringer (Canada)0:22:57 
62Team Delvis Delvis Gomez (United States)0:24:22 
63Team Lyell Lyell Woloschuk (Canada)0:24:41 
64Team Chris Chris Pauls (Germany)0:24:59 
65Team Ricardo Ricardo Purri (Brazil)0:25:05 
66Team Joe Joe Johnson (Canada)0:25:09 
67Team Pedro Pedro Ferolla (Brazil)0:25:17 
68Team Brandon Brandon Thomson (Canada)0:26:02 
69Team David David Whybrew (Australia)0:26:06 
70Team Adam Adam Dewitt (United States)0:26:45 
71Team David David Smyth (Australia)0:26:48 
72Team Ãëœystein Ãëœystein Nesse (Norway)0:27:35 
73Team Raz Raz Dana (Israel)0:28:37 
74Team Tim Tim Schafer (Canada)0:28:48 
75Team Chris Chris Watts (United States)0:29:11 
76Team Ted Ted Hahn (United States)0:29:15 
77Team Matthew Matthew Perry (Canada)0:29:16 
78Team Tim Tim Hogan (Canada)0:29:38 
79Team James James Maebus (Australia)0:30:10 
80Team Bjarke Bjarke Refslund (Denmark)0:30:33 
81Team Travis Travis Goodrich (United States)0:30:57 
82Team Mulvey Mulvey Kelly (New Zealand)0:32:05 
83Team Nick Nick Bedford (New Zealand)0:32:28 
84Team Ico Ico Schutte (None)0:33:39 
85Team Michael Michael Wolf (Canada)0:34:01 
86Team Leonardo Leonardo Moraes (Brazil)0:35:03 
87Team Nik Nik Wolfgramm (Switzerland)0:36:23 
88Team Shiva Shiva Mayer (United States)0:36:27 
89Team Mauricio Mauricio Gonzalez (Costa Rica)0:37:06 
90Team Julio Alfredo Julio Alfredo Wanderer (Brazil)0:37:44 
91Team Jamie Jamie Dool (Canada)0:39:08 
92Team Daniel Daniel Ferraz (Brazil)0:39:58 
93Team Stefan Stefan Kendel (Canada)0:40:08 
94Team Chris Chris Hollett (Canada)0:41:03 
95Boodookie Racing Le Le (United States)0:41:40 
96Team Pete Pete Tabor (United States)0:42:23 
97Team Tom Tom Place (United States)0:42:36 
98Team Frantz Frantz Noel (Canada)0:42:39 
99Team Andrew Andrew Dutton (United States)0:43:17 
100Team Aaron Aaron Chamberlain (None)0:43:24 
101Team Christopher Christopher Rampton (United States)  
102Team Robert Robert Stephenson (Australia)0:43:29 
103Team David David Artusi (United States)0:43:32 
104Team Jed Jed Salazar (United States)0:44:01 
105Team Matt Matt Del Nin (Canada)0:46:08 
106D & J Julius Von Bieberstein (Canada)0:48:02 
107Boodookie Racing Ryan Moore (United States)0:48:48 
108Team Andrew Andrew Boulton (Canada)0:49:34 
109Team Buchanan Buchanan Elliott (Canada)0:49:42 
110Team Shane Shane Helwer (Canada)0:50:55 
111Team James James Gibbins (Canada)0:50:58 
112Team Christian Christian Palzer (United States)0:51:40 
113Team Aaron Aaron Ufferman (United States)0:52:06 
114Team Dan Dan Rach (Canada)0:53:32 
115Team Michael Michael Grant-Orser (Canada)0:54:29 
116Team Dave Dave Herrick (United States)0:54:53 
117Team Scott Scott Zuk (Canada)0:55:19 
118Team Jeff Jeff Sears (Canada)0:55:58 
119Team Zachary Zachary Schneider (United States)0:57:08 
120Team Russell Russell Van Der Beeck (United Kingdom)0:58:06 
121Team Jeremy Jeremy Larsen (United States)0:58:38 
122Team Ruy Ruy Cunha Filho (Brazil)1:00:11 
123Team Simon Simon Ross (Australia)1:02:51 
124Team Armando Armando Murga (Canada)1:03:03 
125Team Michael Michael Kirkpatrick (Canada)1:05:49 
126Team David David Fast (Canada)1:06:34 
127Team Trevor Trevor Poth (Canada)1:06:36 
128Team Cody Cody Howitt (Canada)  
129Team Ryan Ryan Sweeney (Canada)1:06:50 
130Team Michael Michael Molloy (Australia)1:08:47 
131Team Shawn Shawn Graver (Sweden)1:12:51 
132Team Mike Mike Whitbread (United Kingdom)1:16:54 
133Team Omer Omer Shapira (United States)1:17:00 
134Team David David Kinnear (United Kingdom)1:17:09 
135Team Philip Philip Evans (United States)1:22:02 
136Team Ugo Ugo Pallavicini (Brazil)1:38:31 
137Team Jeremiah Jeremiah Stieben (Canada)1:40:20 
138Team Matthew Matthew Henry (United States)1:46:36 
139Team Dan Dan Hendricks (United States)2:21:20 
Women stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Wendy Wendy Simms (Canada)1:28:34 
2Team Lea Lea Davison (United States)0:02:30 
3Team Sonya Sonya Looney (United States)0:03:37 
4Team Amanda Amanda Sin (Canada)0:06:17 
5Team Kim Kim Hurst (New Zealand)0:06:18 
6Team Margaret Margaret Leyland (New Zealand)0:07:34 
7Team Terri Terri Rhodes (Australia)0:09:20 
8Team Sarah Sarah Greenwood (Canada)0:11:14 
9Team Emilie Emilie Thy (Canada)0:14:01 
10Team Karen Karen Mann (Canada)0:18:25 
11Team Rikke Rikke Kornvig (Denmark)0:19:33 
12Team Melanie Melanie Gabanna (Canada)0:21:32 
13Team Cindy Cindy Bakke (Canada)0:23:40 
14Team Genevieve Genevieve Baril (Canada)0:23:47 
15Team Natalie Natalie Nohra (Canada)0:25:10 
16Team Deborah Deborah Motsch (France)0:25:47 
17Team Anisse Anisse Chami (Brazil)0:39:36 
18Team Carolina Carolina Pereira (Brazil)  
19Team Niki Niki Milleson (United States)0:40:12 
20Team Elizabeth Elizabeth Vezina (Canada)0:40:59 
21Team Megan Megan Blackett (New Zealand)0:41:49 
22Valhalla Pure Outfitters Nanaimo - Partners in Grime Christina Sharun (Canada)0:45:39 
23Team Izabela Izabela Rudol (Australia)0:45:56 
24Team Siobhan Siobhan Fox (Canada)0:47:28 
25Team Danielle Danielle Petancic (United States)1:02:31 
26Team Tiffany Tiffany Watts (United States)1:05:10 
27Dirt Girls Kim Story (Canada)1:13:40 
28Dirt Girls Tracy Watkin (Canada)1:13:41 
29Team Lynda Lynda Lawrence (Canada)1:19:40 
Duo men stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rocky Mountain Bicycles Greg Day (Canada) Quinn Moberg (Canada)1:12:45 
2Rocky Mountain Christian Gauvin (Canada) Ian Carbonneau (Canada)0:08:41 
3Bike4Life Joerg Franke (Switzerland) Ruben Wey (Switzerland)0:09:50 
4Bike Barn/Jakroo Samuel Kummrow (Switzerland) Aart Van Kooy (Canada)0:10:31 
5Team Jean-Francois Gelinas (Canada) Jean-Francois Gelinas (Canada) Jerome (Canada)0:18:15 
6Van Mercer Mike Mercer (Canada) Bill Van Beek (Canada)  
7Jabali Diego Grasa Yago (Spain) Marc Gasch Navarro (Spain)0:18:17 
8Cern FB Lionel Peyrard (France) Mika Kinnunen (Switzerland)0:21:43 
9The Norwegians Ketil Heggtveit (Norway) Christian Coll (Norway)0:23:10 
10Wallace Boys Steven Wallace (United States) Brian Wallace (United States)0:24:17 
11Beachwood bikes Adam Davison (United States) Alexander Murray (United States)0:24:50 
12PowerWatts Nord Rejean Rochette (Canada) David Gagnon (Canada)0:27:51 
13Team NZ Graham Norman (New Zealand) Tony Innes (New Zealand)0:28:59 
14Gizbin Etienne Lessard (Canada) Samuel Bouchard (Canada)0:32:04 
15Lekka Loops Henk Van Zyl (Canada) Lennard Pretorius (Canada)0:37:30 
16Team AH Joshua Simpson (United States) Nicholas Adsero (United States)0:38:10 
17Poivre et Sel Yapo Alle-Ando (Canada) Denis Vachon (Canada)0:40:05 
18The Swizzly Grizzlys Marco Baer (Switzerland) Dieter Baer (Switzerland)0:44:11 
19Team ValBerg Brian Valverde (United States) Derek Melberg (United States)0:47:37 
20Pinch Flats Bruce Mcknight (Canada) Jamie Sproule (Canada)0:50:57 
21Slow Poke Nick Bitar (Australia) Patrick Cooper (Australia)1:00:44 
22Leatherstocking Cutters Jens Foehrenbach (United States) James Bernard (United States)1:06:12 
23FT26 Nicolas Lemoing (Germany) Steffen Schraegle (Germany)1:11:59 
24oldbutslow Charles Whiting (United States) Scot Jones (United States)1:14:17 
25Pil Piles 1 Xujie Yang (Spain) Pablo Beltran (Spain)1:28:40 
26Pil Piles 2 Weibin Ruan Ye (Spain) Carlos Shan Wen Ruan (Spain)1:37:28 
Duo women stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1LUNA Chix Maghalie Rochette (Canada) Catharine Pendrel (Canada)1:19:12 
2TaG Team Lesley Tomlinson (Canada) Gretchen Reeves (Canada)0:23:25 
3Golden Bay Kayaks NZ Mary Jowett (New Zealand) Lisa Savage (New Zealand)0:25:16 
4Saddle tramps Karin Grubb (Canada) Saravie Brewer (Canada)0:39:52 
5Kristi 'n Jane Jane Guyer (United States) Kristi Stump (United States)0:48:27 
6AwesomeX2 Tricia Davis (United States) Debbie Hunter (United States)0:59:23 
Men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Kris Kris Sneddon (Canada)15:13:54 
2Team Spencer Spencer Paxson (None)0:02:38 
3Team Tristan Tristan Uhl (United States)0:11:45 
4Team Barry Barry Wicks (United States)0:21:11 
5Team Erik Erik Skovgaard Knudsen (Denmark)0:34:22 
6Team Oliver Oliver Zurbruegg (None)0:37:52 
7Team Jason Jason Sager (United States)0:43:57 
8Team Nico Nico Pfitzenmaier (South Africa)0:44:51 
9Team Toby Toby Swanson (United States)1:10:12 
10Team Garett Garett Heitman (United States)1:22:35 
11Team Travis Travis Hauck (Canada)1:28:05 
12Team Logan Logan Wetzel (United States)1:32:45 
13Team Aaron Aaron Wilson (United States)1:33:28 
14Team Chris Chris Benson (Canada)1:33:42 
15Team Nick Nick Gould (United States)1:39:49 
16Team Peter Peter Reid (Canada)1:42:10 
17Team Shawn Shawn Bunnin (Canada)1:42:31 
18Team William William Geor (Australia)1:53:16 
19Team Geir Ottar Geir Ottar Kvernstuen (Norway)1:53:17 
20Team James James Porter (United Kingdom)1:56:58 
21Team Brian Brian Cooke (Canada)2:08:50 
22Team David David Voll (Germany)2:11:41 
23Team Joel Joel Harwood (Canada)2:39:53 
24Team Erik Erik Bakke (Canada)2:48:52 
25Team Tim Tim Olson (United States)2:52:15 
26Team Damian Damian Gonzalez (United States)2:53:54 
27Team Stephen Stephen Dempsey (United States)2:55:18 
28Team Motoshi Motoshi Kadota (Japan)2:58:51 
29Team Robb Robb Parsons (United States)3:01:11 
30Team Andreas Andreas Hestler (Canada)3:05:43 
31Team Carlos Carlos Lizalde (Mexico)3:12:09 
32Team Eric Eric Tourville (Canada)3:16:32 
33Team Benjamin Benjamin Perin (United States)3:26:03 
34Team Ben Ben Sigston (Canada)3:26:53 
35Team Bjarke Bjarke Refslund (Denmark)3:29:00 
36Team Dave Dave Jetz (Canada)3:32:19 
37Team Thiago Thiago Fernandes (Brazil)3:33:36 
38Team Raimu Raimu Sonobe (Canada)3:39:40 
39Team Robert Robert Biard (United States)3:40:14 
40Team Ryan Ryan Keesey (Canada)3:43:55 
41Team Nick Nick Hendrickson (United States)3:55:22 
42Team Jeff Jeff Beeston (Canada)3:57:22 
43Team Jonathan Jonathan Nutbrown (Canada)3:57:47 
44Team Gian Gian Malaer (Switzerland)3:59:07 
45Team Axel Axel Duennwald (Switzerland)4:01:48 
46Team Ofer Ofer Rubin (United States)4:10:37 
47Team Ross Ross Wilkinson (Australia)4:16:38 
48Team Mike Mike Levy (None)4:31:06 
49Team Dave Dave Sutton (Canada)4:35:14 
50Team Buchanan Buchanan Elliott (Canada)4:54:41 
51Team Gustavo Gustavo Astolphi (Brazil)4:58:03 
52Team Kent Kent Allison (New Zealand)5:09:21 
53Team Mark Mark Dunlop (New Zealand)5:11:03 
54Team Mads Mads Hoffmann (Denmark)5:13:14 
55Team David David Stringer (Canada)5:18:26 
56Team Matthew Matthew Boulcott (New Zealand)5:20:19 
57Team James James Maebus (Australia)5:22:13 
58Team Pedro Pedro Ferolla (Brazil)5:31:36 
59Team Justin Justin Grow (United States)5:42:54 
60Team Ãëœystein Ãëœystein Nesse (Norway)5:43:20 
61Team Adam Adam Dewitt (United States)5:44:08 
62Team Peter Peter Gierlich (Netherlands)5:45:21 
63Team Raz Raz Dana (Israel)5:48:57 
64Team Delvis Delvis Gomez (United States)5:56:53 
65Team Brandon Brandon Thomson (Canada)6:00:45 
66Team Ricardo Ricardo Purri (Brazil)6:17:48 
67Team Nick Nick Bedford (New Zealand)6:22:15 
68Team Stevie Stevie Cullinan (United States)6:33:27 
69Team David David Smyth (Australia)6:47:22 
70Team Joe Joe Johnson (Canada)6:48:38 
71Team David David Whybrew (Australia)6:56:52 
72Team Ted Ted Hahn (United States)7:09:06 
73Team Chris Chris Pauls (Germany)7:15:56 
74Team Tim Tim Schafer (Canada)7:16:13 
75Team Richard Richard Hemmings (United Kingdom)7:36:36 
76Team Mulvey Mulvey Kelly (New Zealand)7:39:05 
77Team Charles Charles Kim Jr. (United States)7:46:09 
78Team Chris Chris Watts (United States)7:46:11 
79Team Ico Ico Schutte (None)7:47:03 
80Team Tim Tim Hogan (Canada)8:15:04 
81Team Nik Nik Wolfgramm (Switzerland)8:30:31 
82Team Matthew Matthew Perry (Canada)8:31:45 
83Team Shiva Shiva Mayer (United States)8:54:16 
84Team Jamie Jamie Dool (Canada)9:00:57 
85Team Pete Pete Tabor (United States)9:02:40 
86Team Stefan Stefan Kendel (Canada)9:07:54 
87Team Frantz Frantz Noel (Canada)9:12:56 
88Team Julio Alfredo Julio Alfredo Wanderer (Brazil)9:13:05 
89Team Travis Travis Goodrich (United States)9:18:26 
90Team Michael Michael Wolf (Canada)9:27:22 
91Team Leonardo Leonardo Moraes (Brazil)9:48:43 
92Team Daniel Daniel Ferraz (Brazil)10:10:02 
93Team Andrew Andrew Dutton (United States)10:10:05 
94Team Aaron Aaron Chamberlain (None)10:42:10 
95Team Christopher Christopher Rampton (United States)10:44:27 
96Team Chris Chris Hollett (Canada)10:47:06 
97Team Mauricio Mauricio Gonzalez (Costa Rica)10:47:17 
98Team James James Gibbins (Canada)11:14:11 
99Team Matt Matt Del Nin (Canada)12:07:06 
100Team David David Fast (Canada)12:32:17 
101Team Trevor Trevor Poth (Canada)13:00:14 
102Team Jeremy Jeremy Larsen (United States)  
103Team Cody Cody Howitt (Canada)13:00:18 
104Team Christian Christian Palzer (United States)13:23:47 
105Boodookie Racing Ryan Moore (United States)13:25:46 
106Team Jeff Jeff Sears (Canada)13:34:56 
107Team Tom Tom Place (United States)13:36:41 
108Team Scott Scott Zuk (Canada)13:44:25 
109Team Andrew Andrew Boulton (Canada)13:49:09 
110Team Armando Armando Murga (Canada)13:49:24 
111Team David David Artusi (United States)14:15:16 
112Team Dan Dan Hendricks (United States)14:51:46 
113Team Dan Dan Rach (Canada)15:03:45 
114Team Mike Mike Whitbread (United Kingdom)15:10:06 
115Team Russell Russell Van Der Beeck (United Kingdom)15:13:07 
116Team Robert Robert Stephenson (Australia)15:14:07 
117Team Ugo Ugo Pallavicini (Brazil)16:11:26 
118Team Simon Simon Ross (Australia)16:15:08 
119Team David David Kinnear (United Kingdom)16:45:32 
120Team Michael Michael Molloy (Australia)17:58:40 
121Team Shawn Shawn Graver (Sweden)18:07:07 
122Team Ryan Ryan Sweeney (Canada)18:10:55 
123Team Philip Philip Evans (United States)18:18:25 
124Team Michael Michael Grant-Orser (Canada)18:29:30 
125Team Zachary Zachary Schneider (United States)18:39:49 
126Team Ruy Ruy Cunha Filho (Brazil)18:49:45 
127Team Omer Omer Shapira (United States)18:57:20 
128Team Michael Michael Kirkpatrick (Canada)19:14:25 
Women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Lea Lea Davison (United States)18:27:48 
2Team Wendy Wendy Simms (Canada)0:01:49 
3Team Sonya Sonya Looney (United States)0:19:15 
4Team Kim Kim Hurst (New Zealand)0:37:10 
5Team Amanda Amanda Sin (Canada)1:26:18 
6Team Terri Terri Rhodes (Australia)2:22:42 
7Team Margaret Margaret Leyland (New Zealand)3:30:11 
8Team Sarah Sarah Greenwood (Canada)3:41:57 
9Team Emilie Emilie Thy (Canada)4:10:25 
10Team Karen Karen Mann (Canada)4:30:13 
11Team Natalie Natalie Nohra (Canada)5:55:00 
12Team Cindy Cindy Bakke (Canada)7:05:03 
13Team Genevieve Genevieve Baril (Canada)7:10:57 
14Team Deborah Deborah Motsch (France)7:33:26 
15Team Melanie Melanie Gabanna (Canada)7:46:21 
16Team Megan Megan Blackett (New Zealand)7:56:45 
17Team Niki Niki Milleson (United States)9:46:26 
18Team Elizabeth Elizabeth Vezina (Canada)9:50:44 
19Team Anisse Anisse Chami (Brazil)10:43:19 
20Team Carolina Carolina Pereira (Brazil)10:44:41 
21Valhalla Pure Outfitters Nanaimo - Partners in Grime Christina Sharun (Canada)11:37:06 
22Team Siobhan Siobhan Fox (Canada)13:57:54 
23Team Tiffany Tiffany Watts (United States)16:00:15 
24Team Danielle Danielle Petancic (United States)17:40:17 
25Dirt Girls Tracy Watkin (Canada)19:28:29 
26Team Lynda Lynda Lawrence (Canada)19:54:23 
Duo men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rocky Mountain Bicycles Greg Day (Canada) Quinn Moberg (Canada)16:12:07 
2Bike4Life Joerg Franke (Switzerland) Ruben Wey (Switzerland)1:49:58 
3Bike Barn/Jakroo Samuel Kummrow (Switzerland) Aart Van Kooy (Canada)1:59:57 
4Rocky Mountain Christian Gauvin (Canada) Ian Carbonneau (Canada)2:15:02 
5Jabali Diego Grasa Yago (Spain) Marc Gasch Navarro (Spain)4:28:48 
6Team Jean-Francois Gelinas (Canada) Jean-Francois Gelinas (Canada) Jerome (Canada)4:31:35 
7Van Mercer Mike Mercer (Canada) Bill Van Beek (Canada)4:46:00 
8The Norwegians Ketil Heggtveit (Norway) Christian Coll (Norway)5:07:36 
9PowerWatts Nord Rejean Rochette (Canada) David Gagnon (Canada)5:13:14 
10Cern FB Lionel Peyrard (France) Mika Kinnunen (Switzerland)5:13:18 
11Team NZ Graham Norman (New Zealand) Tony Innes (New Zealand)5:18:46 
12Wallace Boys Steven Wallace (United States) Brian Wallace (United States)6:17:24 
13Beachwood bikes Adam Davison (United States) Alexander Murray (United States)7:01:57 
14Gizbin Etienne Lessard (Canada) Samuel Bouchard (Canada)7:42:34 
15Team AH Joshua Simpson (United States) Nicholas Adsero (United States)7:58:29 
16Lekka Loops Henk Van Zyl (Canada) Lennard Pretorius (Canada)8:55:23 
17Team ValBerg Brian Valverde (United States) Derek Melberg (United States)11:05:57 
18The Swizzly Grizzlys Marco Baer (Switzerland) Dieter Baer (Switzerland)11:22:07 
19Poivre et Sel Yapo Alle-Ando (Canada) Denis Vachon (Canada)11:50:52 
20FT26 Nicolas Lemoing (Germany) Steffen Schraegle (Germany)13:58:59 
21Pinch Flats Bruce Mcknight (Canada) Jamie Sproule (Canada)14:08:38 
22oldbutslow Charles Whiting (United States) Scot Jones (United States)16:45:31 
23Slow Poke Nick Bitar (Australia) Patrick Cooper (Australia)17:12:19 
24Leatherstocking Cutters Jens Foehrenbach (United States) James Bernard (United States)17:24:16 
25Pil Piles 1 Xujie Yang (Spain) Pablo Beltran (Spain)19:46:48 
26Pil Piles 2 Weibin Ruan Ye (Spain) Carlos Shan Wen Ruan (Spain)21:48:06 
Duo women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1LUNA Chix Maghalie Rochette (Canada) Catharine Pendrel (Canada)18:31:33 
2TaG Team Lesley Tomlinson (Canada) Gretchen Reeves (Canada)3:15:21 
3Golden Bay Kayaks NZ Mary Jowett (New Zealand) Lisa Savage (New Zealand)5:47:44 
4Saddle tramps Karin Grubb (Canada) Saravie Brewer (Canada)8:24:55 
5AwesomeX2 Tricia Davis (United States) Debbie Hunter (United States)11:20:46 
6Kristi 'n Jane Jane Guyer (United States) Kristi Stump (United States)12:44:19 
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