Ario Sejati claims men's downhill

Suemasa victorious in women's event

Mio Suemasa (Japan) and Popo Ario Sejati (Indonesia) won the elite downhill championships at the Asian Continental Championships on Saturday in Malaysia.

Suemasa, a regular on the downhill and four cross World Cup circuit, defeated Risa Suseanty (Indonesia) by over 15 seconds and Aussanee Pradupyard (Thailand) by 27 seconds.

"The downhill track here is totally different from Japan, I hope that the Malaysian Cycling Federation can organize more mountain bike events here," said Suemasa, who also complimented organizers on the course.

Ario Sejati won the elite men's race ahead of Naoki Idegawa (Japan) and Tanaphon Jarupeng (Thailand) by four and 11 seconds respectively.

"I've only been competing for two years," said a happy Ario Sejati. "The other riders were also very competitive."

Japan also took top honors in the junior men's race. Kazuki Shimizu won by just over one second. Hildan Atosma Katana (Indonesia) was second and Muhammad Aim Mohd Fauzi (Malaysia) was third.

"The Asian (junior) competitors are as 'fierce' as in Europe," said Shimiz, who also added that he liked the track.
Both Atosma Katana and Mohd Fauzi were among those using the race as training for the upcoming SEA Games in Laos.

"I really hope to win gold in the upcoming SEA Games in Laos," said Atosma Katana.

"I'm very dissapointed that I didn't win the gold medal. If I am chosen to compete in SEA Games - Laos, I will do my best to make up for my loss here today," said Mohd Fauzi.

Thailand's Vipavee Deekaballes won the junior women's race ahead of Bui Thi Quyen (Vietnam) and Kuan Hui Wu (Chinese Taipei). Deekaballes' margin of victory was over one minute.

Elite men


1Popo Ario Sejati (Indonesia)0:02:39.498 
2Naoki Idegawa (Japan)0:00:04.119 
3Tanaphon Jarupeng (Thailand)0:00:10.785 
4Junya Nagata (Japan)0:00:11.782 
5Hong Chun Tan (Singapore)0:00:15.754 
6Stanley Jalip Jr. (Malaysia)0:00:16.077 
7Jun-Sung Park (Korea)0:00:17.343 
8Suherlan Agus (Indonesia)0:00:18.105 
9Ian Francis Krempl (Singapore)0:00:20.788 
10Sitichai Ketkaewmanee (Thailand)0:00:21.159 
11Ssu Han Chiang (Chinese Taipei)0:00:22.696 
12Tsui King Man (Hong Kong, China)0:00:23.530 
13Ghazali Hakiki Ali Samson (Malaysia)0:00:25.517 
14Seyedjamal Hosseini (Islamic Republic of Iran)0:00:25.838 
15Lau Shu Sum (Hong Kong, China)0:00:26.196 
16Hock Cheng Seow (Malaysia)0:00:27.823 
17Mohd Herman Mohd Arsek (Singapore)0:00:28.023 
18Eleazar Barba Jr. (Philippines)0:00:29.437 
19Mohd Elmi Jumari (Malaysia)0:00:32.508 
20Hossein Rafiei (Islamic Republic of Iran)0:00:36.784 
21Amin Takandi (Islamic Republic of Iran)0:00:37.145 
22Cheng Yu Chiang (Chinese Taipei)0:00:41.581 
23Mohamad Reza Nouri (Islamic Republic of Iran)0:01:00.706 
24Mohd Raihaan Abd Aziz (Brunei Darussalam)0:01:08.824 
Elite women
1Mio Suemasa (Japan)0:03:01.597 
2Risa Suseanty (Indonesia)0:00:15.336 
3Aussanee Pradupyard (Thailand)0:00:27.544 
4Tomoko Iizuka (Japan)0:00:30.114 
5Pei Ni Chou (Chinese Taipei)0:00:39.298 
6Min-Hee Joo (Korea)0:01:09.152 
7Norsyuhaini Othman (Malaysia)0:01:10.044 
8Masziyaton Mohd Radzi (Malaysia)0:01:22.103 
Junior men
1Kazuki Shimizu (Japan)0:02:56.011 
2Hildan Atosma Katana (Indonesia)0:00:01.309 
3Muhammad Aim Mohd Fauzi (Malaysia)0:00:09.677 
4Norshahriel Ahmad Nazali (Malaysia)0:00:13.860 
5Jae-Kyu Lee (Korea)0:00:14.370 
6Chatchai Jarupeng (Thailand)0:00:21.285 
7Muhamad Fareez Borhanudin (Malaysia)0:00:32.759 
8Sina Sahihi (Islamic Republic of Iran)0:00:39.403 
9William Chan Yue Shin (Singapore)0:00:41.527 
10Leung Chun Yin (Hong Kong, China)0:00:47.465 
11Wei Chin Un (Chinese Taipei)0:00:49.865 
12Ha The Long (Vietnam)0:01:43.513 
13Leon Harith A.Hamid (Malaysia)0:01:43.840 
Junior women
1Vipavee Deekaballes (Thailand)0:03:42.402 
2Bui Thi Quyen (Vietnam)0:01:05.466 
3Kuan Hui Wu (Chinese Taipei)0:01:50.381 


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