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UCI Road World Championships 2009

Date range:
September 23-27, 2009

September 23, Men's U23 Individual Time Trial: Mendrisio - Mendrisio 33.2km

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer
  1. 10:37:14 CEST

    Good morning and welcome to the opening race of the 2009 UCI Road World Championships!  We have the men's Under 23 time trial this morning.

  2. 10:41:30 CEST

    We are having some technical difficulties at the moment, so please bear with us.

  3. 10:42:51 CEST

    We have about half the riders underway by now, and here is how we stand:

    1.Dennis Van Winden (NED)        42.04
    2.Dmitry Sokolov (RUS)                   .16
    3.Jakub Novak (CZE)                       .25


  4. 10:43:54 CEST

    The 65 riders are divided into four groups.  The first two groups have gone, and the next group is scheduled to start at 10:50.

  5. 10:44:58 CEST

    Marcel Kittel of Germany crosses the halfway marker with a time of 20:32, which is the best time for that checkpoint.

  6. 10:54:20 CEST

    Manuele Boaro of Italy has crossed the finish line in fourth place, at 42:27.

  7. 10:57:19 CEST

    We have a number of "exotic" riders in this race, such as Daniel Tekelehaimanot of Eritrea.

  8. 11:00:08 CEST

    Kittel has passed the final intermediate time  check with a large lead and looks to set a good new best time at the finish.

  9. 11:01:47 CEST

    The riders are all going off at one-minute intervals.  A lot of riders are being passed, or are riding semi-together.  We earlier saw three riders arrive almost simultaneously at the finish!

  10. 11:04:40 CEST

    Kittel is approaching the finish.

  11. 11:06:00 CEST

    And he breaks the 42 minute mark!  Kittel brings in a time of 41:19.  Will this be the winning time in the end, as well?

  12. 11:10:01 CEST

    Kittel is also European U-23 time trial champion.

  13. 11:10:57 CEST

    The last rider of the third group took off at 11:05, and the next (final) group starts at 11:30.

  14. 11:14:04 CEST

    The last group consists of 16 riders, including the two Americans Peter Stetina and Tejay Van Garderen and Great Britain's Alex Dowsett.  Not to mention last year's numbers one and two, Adriano Malori (Italy) and Patrick Gretsch (Germany).

  15. 11:19:06 CEST

    Two others in the final group are Ryan Anderson of Canada and Jack Bobridge of Australia.

  16. 11:20:05 CEST

    Matthias Brändle of Austria is 20th at the half-way time check, at 21:26.

  17. 11:24:01 CEST

    The Canadian David Veilleux has put in a good time at the halfway mark.

  18. 11:26:48 CEST

    Slovenia's Blaz Jarc is warming up.

  19. 11:30:50 CEST

    Ryan Anderson of Canada is underway now, as the first of the last group to go.

  20. 11:32:53 CEST

    The Italian U-23 champion, Alfredo Balloni, is now on the course.

  21. 11:33:59 CEST

    Boisson of France is fifth at the intermediate time check.

  22. 11:34:56 CEST

    Westley Gough of New Zealand comes in as 8th overall, with a time of 42:43.

  23. 11:35:50 CEST

    Veilleux of Canda is fourth at at the second time check.

  24. 11:36:33 CEST

    Julien Vemote of Belgium takes the start.  Only nine riders left now.

  25. 11:38:00 CEST

    Oops, we forgot to mention another Australian, Jack Bobridge, who will take off  -- right now!

  26. 11:38:41 CEST

    And he is followed one minute later by Rasmus Christian Quaade of Denmark.

  27. 11:40:31 CEST

    This is Bobridge's last appearence in the U-23 ranks.  He will be with Garmin-Slipstream next year.

  28. 11:42:46 CEST

    Tejay Van Garderen of the USA is underway now.  He will ride for Columbia-HTC next season.

  29. 11:43:00 CEST

    Only three riders to go!

  30. 11:43:00 CEST

    Andrei Krasilnikau of Belrussia has gone now.

  31. 11:44:50 CEST

    Veilleux of Canada has now moved into second place at the finish.

  32. 11:45:32 CEST

    The last two riders are also underway now:  Patrick Gretsch of Germany and Adriano Malori of Italy.

  33. 11:46:09 CEST

    Veilleux was 37:47 seconds slower than Kittel.

  34. 11:47:00 CEST

    Nelson Oliveira of Portugal has topped Kittel by one second at the first intermediate check point.

  35. 11:47:28 CEST

    And Dowsett slips in between Oliveira and Kittel at that time check.

  36. 11:48:56 CEST

    Here's the current situation: 

    1.Marcel Kittel (GER) 41.19
    2.David Veilleux (CAN) 37.457
    3. Dennis Van Winden (NED) 0.45
    4. Nicolas Boisson (FRA) 1.1.34
    5.Dmitry Sokolov (RUS) 1.1.75
    6.Jakub Novak (CZE) 1.10.20

  37. 11:49:46 CEST

    Van Garderen is a top tip to win today, but the youngster isn't putting any pressure on himself.  You can read more here:

  38. 11:52:54 CEST

    We are getting best new times at each of the time checks, it seems.

  39. 11:53:54 CEST

    Balloni has the new best time at the halfway mark, 5 seconds over Kittel.

  40. 11:54:31 CEST

    Van Garderen 11 seconds down at the first time check.

  41. 11:57:20 CEST

    Gretsch and Malori both seem to be having problems today.  They were the top two in this race last year.

  42. 11:57:47 CEST

    Bobridge sets a great new time at the halfway mark, some 17 seconds faster.

  43. 11:59:00 CEST

    These are the times at the first intermediate check:
    1. Jack Bobridge (AUS) 11.25.50
    2. Patrick Gretsch (GER) 11.26.95
    3. Tejay Van Garderen 11.37.25

  44. 12:02:06 CEST

    Here's some signing news:  Australian Luke Roberts will ride for Team Milram in the coming season.

  45. 12:05:00 CEST

    Balloni comes in with a new best time at the finish, 41.1.70, and is our new leader.

  46. 12:07:00 CEST

    Dowsett of Great Britain has caught the man before him, Schnyder of Switzerland.

  47. 12:08:54 CEST

    Oops, we were a bit over hasty.  Balloni is not yet at the finish line!

  48. 12:09:50 CEST

    Bobridge blasts his way to a 30 second lead at the intermediate time check!

  49. 12:11:48 CEST

    So our top finishers at the moment are still:
    1. Marcel Kittel (GER)
    2. David Veilleux (CAN)

    3. Dennis Van Winden (NED)
    4. Nicolas Boisson (FRA)

  50. 12:12:57 CEST

    And Balloni comes in as second at the finish!

  51. 12:13:32 CEST

    Oliveira of Portugal sets a new best time of 41:03.

  52. 12:14:00 CEST

    Our top three now are:  Oliveira, Kittel and Balloni.  We'll work on getting their times.

  53. 12:15:16 CEST

    We still have 13 riders on the course.

  54. 12:16:23 CEST

    Gretsch has just passed the rider in front of him.

  55. 12:16:52 CEST

    The German is now second at the halfway mark.

  56. 12:17:27 CEST

    Malori is struggling on the climb.

  57. 12:18:15 CEST

    And Bobridge breaks the 41 minute mark!  He moves into the lead with a time of 40:44.

  58. 12:19:15 CEST

    Gretsch's time of course was at the three-quarter mark, not the halfway.  He has caught the man in front of him but not passed him.

  59. 12:21:50 CEST

    Gretsch has finally passed Krasilnikau.

  60. 12:22:55 CEST

    Here are the standings at the finish so far:

    1 Jack Bobridge (AUS) 40.44.79
    2 Nelson Oliveira (POR) 18.73
    3 Marcel Kittel (GER) 34.46
    4 Alfredo Balloni (ITA) 39.14
    5 David Veilleux (CAN) 1.11.93

  61. 12:23:37 CEST

    So Bobridge leads...a great talent.

  62. 12:24:00 CEST

    Van Garderen is 11th at the finish, with a time of 42:09.

  63. 12:25:06 CEST

    Only three riders left now.

  64. 12:26:15 CEST

    Gretsch takes third place, grabbing the bronze medal away from his German teammate Kittel.

  65. 12:26:53 CEST

    Malori finishes fifth.

  66. 12:27:29 CEST

    It has finally hit Bobridge that he is World Champion.  The tears come and he lets out a sob.....

  67. 12:28:00 CEST

    Here is our top six in the race:

    1 Jack Bobridge (AUS) 40.44.79
    2 Nelson Oliveira (POR) 18.73
    3 Patrick Gretsch (GER) 27.66
    4 Marcel Kittel (GER) 34.46
    5 Adriano Mallori (ITA) 36.48
    6 Alfredo Balloni (ITA) 39.14
    7 David Veilleux (CAN) 1.11.93

  68. 12:29:01 CEST

    Congratulations to our three medal winners, and to all the riders.

  69. 12:30:11 CEST

    We will be back in a few hours for the women' time trial.  Join us as of 14:00 CET for the next race!

  70. 12:31:12 CEST

    First gold to Australia...