Wiggins reflects on final Olympic Games - Video

British rider says anything less than gold in team pursuit would be a serious disappointment

Sir Bradley Wiggins raced in his first Olympic Games in 2000 in Sydney, Australia, and will complete his career when he races the team pursuit with the British squad in Rio later this month.

"It just seems like yesterday that I was in Sydney 16 years ago and doing my first," Wiggins said in the first part of an exclusive video with British Cycling. "To be honest when I was there, I just only ever imagined doing one, and if 'this is it and I have to go and get a job on Monday morning', it's a fantastic experience. So to be here, five Olympiads later, going through the same thing again... it's a really special achievement for me."

The four-time gold medallist goes into this year with a young British pursuit squad, and details in part two the characteristics of his teammates.

Despite the team coming second at the UCI Track World Championships in the team pursuit behind Australia, Wiggins is confident the British squad can win gold, saying that Ed Clancy had still been recovering from an injury in March, but is back to full strength.

"Ed's back to full fitness, [which] is a huge part of the team, I still think it's for us to lose."

I think this is the first time in 16 years I've been part of a team pursuit squad where every one of the guys is of equal strength," Wiggins said. "Ed Clancy's still, for me, one of the most talented athletes in the world... he defies the laws of physics and nutrition. He's the only rider I know who comes to the track with a litre and a half of Coke and a Dairy Milk and that's what gets him through the session. No one else could do that but him."

Find out what he has to say about his other teammates in the video below.

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