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Wiggins could ride the Vuelta a España

Cycling News
February 10, 12:20,
February 10, 11:34
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Bradley Wiggins makes his season debut

Bradley Wiggins makes his season debut

  • Bradley Wiggins makes his season debut
  • Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) on the podium for his second place finish in the 2013 time trial Worlds
  • The final podium: Brad Wiggins, Juan Jose Cobo and Chris Froome

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Team Sky riders wants more race days ahead of Worlds

Bradley Wiggins (Sky) says that he may ride the Vuelta a España this season, as he builds up to the World Championships.

"I felt last year that I was short of racing when it came down to the worlds," Wiggins told the Guardian newspaper.

Wiggins has only competed at the Vuelta once previously, in 2011. The Brit chose to ride the Spanish grand tour after he was forced out of the Tour de France with a broken collarbone. Wiggins went on to finish third, but he was beaten by his domestique at the time Chris Froome, who finished second.

According to the newspaper, Wiggins believes that the best possible preparation for the World Championships will be to emulate three-time champion Tony Martin.

The British rider will be aiming for his first gold medal in the individual time trial, in Ponferrada, and to beat Martin for only the second time. Wiggins hoped that it would be last year, deliberately putting on weight to increase his chances against his more specialised rivals.

Compared with previous years, Wiggins’ 2013 racing schedule was pretty light. Injury prevented him from taking part in the Tour de France and he only began his build-up at the Tour of Poland. He won the final day time trial and went on to win the overall classification at the Tour of Britain, a month later.

Wiggins looked to be in the ascendancy, however, he was beaten, for the second time, by Martin. He said that the effort involved in taking the silver medal "left him with sore legs for a week.”

This season, he will attempt a much busier race programme. Wiggins has begun his season at the Mallorca Challenge this week. He will also ride the Ruta del Sol, Tirreno-Adriatico and Milan-San Remo. In April, he will take on his first big target of the year at Paris-Roubaix, before heading out to the US for the Tour of California. Wiggins is also hopeful that he will return to Sky’s Tour de France team, in July.

If Wiggins was to take gold, he would be only the second British rider to do so in the event. Chris Boardman won the inaugural title in 1994. David Millar claimed victory in 2003, but it was later removed from his palmarès, after it was discovered that he’d taken EPO.

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taborpolkadots 6 months ago
Not sure where he slots in after having won so much. Do not picture him winning a GT again, nor do I picture him beating Tony Martin. Sure, he could win the Tour of Dubai, but that's a fair way down from winning the Tour. Should he start dominating the smaller tours like Switzerland or Paris-Nice? Or, the cobbles? I would like to see him on the top step again.
Manuel Schoel 6 months ago
I think his main target will indeed be Paris-Roubaix but does he stand a chance against Boonen, Cancellara, Sagan, Stybar and Co.? On the other side, who thought 5 years ago that Wiggo could win the Tour? Nobody! And yet he did it.
blemcooper 6 months ago
Five years ago nobody knew if/when there would ever be a Tour with a course that was tailor made for Wiggins' characteristics. Once the course was revealed, nobody was surprised Wiggins would have a good chance at winning and he made the most of it with a great build up and strong performance from him and his team. Is there anything in his history that would suggest Wiggins would be a strong contender for Paris-Roubaix this or any year?
Cance > TheRest 6 months ago
The answer would have to be no. There is nothing whatsoever that suggest that Wiggins would be able to win Paris Roubaix, especially not his apparently very poor bike handling (think if it starts to rain on those cobbles, Wiggins would need to walk instead of ride) ...
Peter von 6 months ago
I'm pretty sure Wiggins has a much better technique than you give him credit for.
Nicolaj221 6 months ago
Peter von did you watch the Giro last year? That was poor bike handling, he was going 5km/h downhill, and falled either way.
mononck 6 months ago
Peter von, at the last Giro, he had a chest infection. We simply don't know why he rode as he did. He could have been riding with fever, body aches, headaches, ... I don't know. Having said that, he never did anything to suggest a good technique on cobbles. I'd like to see him come back too though. A lot of the slagging off he got (from moronic anti-brit haters mainly) is a bit unjustified. His achievements on both track and road have helped british cycling to reach its current situation. No one likes to see a champion go out the back door.
Pedal Pusher 6 months ago
There is a TTT - no guarantee he would pick up time here, one ITT, (34.5) at stage 10 where he may gain a a bit of time, though not sure of the course and a short ITT of 10kms on the last stage when every rider will be exhausted. Unless he has the sky team to tow him up the mountains he would be lucky to be top 5 let alone top 10. And if it rains, gets cold or he has to descend alone - he is likely to abandon!
Manuel Schoel 6 months ago
I don't think you got the point. He will not ride the Vuelta for GC-reasons. He will race it like Tony Martin: To build up for the worlds!
Pedal Pusher 6 months ago
I got the point I was interested in - it doesn't matter how he races it - he'll probably never catch Tony Martin unless Tony is injured! That said Wiggins seems to have accepted he's not a GT GC leader any more!
alimac 6 months ago
Woah twiggo no more! Check out the picture. He looks like he's been out on the pies. could be turning himself into a "unit" like Fab.
BYOP88 6 months ago
How long it will be before Wiggins throws the toys out the pram?
mononck 6 months ago
Not as soon as it takes you to vent your frustrations and pour you bile over this site....
sam171 6 months ago
still cant believe cobo won in 2011.
HeadPack 6 months ago
You are not alone.
Max Headwind 6 months ago
Brad consistently rode away from the best in the world with the exception of Froome. He almost won the hilliest Vuelta in recent years, stopped not by fitness but a healing collar bone and poor gear selection. Again and again Wiggo has shown if he puts his mind to it he can do almost anything. I for one hope he has another magic season. But he like Garmin is committed to clean riding and that train may have left the station last year.
Nicolaj221 6 months ago
You're a brit aren't you?
mononck 6 months ago
What are you Nicolaj? Just out of curiosity?
Nicolaj221 6 months ago
I'm from Denmark.
PJK1972 6 months ago
Agreed. Brad might not be an explosive climber but he's very hard to get away from. His diesel engine will get back up to you. It might take him 20-30 seconds to get back on your wheel but he'll be there! It's all about limiting losses for his style of riding. I just wish people would stop dissing him for not being Contador, Quintana etc. If all GC contenders were mountain goats who were only average TT's, then cycling would be a lot more boring.
chewi666 6 months ago
Well said. And for those people who say the 2012 tour was tailor made for him - what else was he supposed to do? It was up to the organisers to create the course. As Wiggins is a good TT rider and a good climber in long steady mountains he is naturally going to look for races that suit him. Some may find that boring, but that's hardly his fault.
Talsofurn1 6 months ago
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El Ray 6 months ago
Wiggins was the best climber at Trentino last year. But for a mechanical he would have won, I'm sure. How he rode back to the lead group, passing rider after rider proved that he's capable. He was also on form at Catalunya and was up with the best on the queen stage. Dan Martin was allowed to escape because he wasn't seen as a threat, all the big names were marking each other, including Wiggo. The big goal was the Giro and unfortunately it was a disaster but at least it proves he's not just a "Skybot". There's weaknesses and they were there for all to see. That doesn't make him a has been or take anything away from 2 x Dauphine, 1 x Paris-Nice, 1 x TDF, 1 x Romandie etc.