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Video: De Maar crashes out of winning break at Tour de San Luis

Peter Hymas
January 21, 13:36,
January 21, 12:37
Second Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Tour de San Luis
Phil Gaimon (Garmin Sharp) and Marc de Maar (UnitedHealthcare) in the breakaway

Phil Gaimon (Garmin Sharp) and Marc de Maar (UnitedHealthcare) in the breakaway

  • Phil Gaimon (Garmin Sharp) and Marc de Maar (UnitedHealthcare) in the breakaway
  • Marc de Maar (Unitedhealthcare) shaved off his beard for the final stage

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UnitedHealthcare rider pragmatic about what might have been

Were it not for a momentary mental lapse by Phil Gaimon (Garmin-Sharp) late in the opening stage of the Tour de San Luis, UnitedHealthcare's Marc de Maar might have been the rider to pull off a momentous victory in the finishing city of Villa Mercedes rather than the Garmin-Sharp debutant.

At approximately 20km to go in the 164km first stage, Gaimon led de Maar and two other breakaway companions, Leandro Messineo (San Luis Somos Todos) and Emiliano Contreras (Argentina), into a roundabout but made an error as to which road they needed to take for their exit. As a result, both de Maar and Messineo crashed, leaving Gaimon and Contreras to vie for victory and the Argentinean race's first leader's jersey.

De Maar would ultimately finish in third, 1:17 down on Gaimon, and proved to be as big a gentleman in his assessment of the incident as Gaimon, who expressed immediate regret after winning the stage.

Moments after crossing the finish line de Maar relates what happened at the roundabout, makes a wry comment about the heat, reveals that he's racing with a recently broken collarbone, and discusses his long day off the front at the Tour de San Luis.

MavicMoto 7 months ago
What a quality kid! 90% of pro riders would have thrown Phil G under the bus, but DeMaar held his countenance!
azureskies 7 months ago
If Gaimon took down a rider due to his own mistake, is it not his responsibility to stop, and ride along with him, to contest the sprint win? Most of the pros,(including Armstrong, Ullrich) rode by these rules. What is Vaughters doing, training his steeds to be cat 5 riders?
wheel chaser 7 months ago
It's not as though mental mistakes are a rarity, they they occur every day in cyling, some resulting in serious injuries. All you can do is keep pedaling and opologize after.
Lord.Bachus 7 months ago
Good sportmenship used to be normal among cyclists... and there is an unwritten law that if your actions make someone crash, you wait for them to return, espescially if your lead is that big.