UCI announces men's road Olympic quotas

Great Britain with five, USA with two, Italy and Spain get maximum

The UCI today released the final counts for each country that qualified to participate in the men's road events at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The road race allocations are based on the final 2015 WorldTour nations rankings, with the Continental Tour rankings filling in for those countries who failed to qualify via the WorldTour. The time trial places are based on the same system, with extra positions coming via performances in the UCI Road World Championships in 2015.

Spain and Italy were the only teams to qualify for the maximum number of riders, earning five places for the road race and two for the individual time trial.

Great Britain, Colombia and Belgium earned five spots for the road race, but only one for the time trial after missing out of the top 10 at the World championships.

The United States failed to qualify via the WorldTour, and as fifth best nation in the Americas Tour, earned two places for the road race. Thanks to Taylor Phinney's efforts at Worlds, the team earned an additional place in the time trial for two starters.

2016 Olympic men's road quotas

Road RaceITT
 Belgium5 1
 Colombia5 1
 Great Britain5 1
 Italy5 2
 Spain5 2
 Australia4 2
 Czech Republic4 2
 France4 2
 Germany4 2
 Netherlands4 2
 Norway4 1
 Poland4 1
 Portugal4 2
 Slovenia4 1
 Switzerland4 1
 Argentina3 1
 Canada3 1
 Denmark3 1
 Islamic Republic of Iran3 1
 Morocco3 1
 Russian Federation3 1
 Ukraine3 1
 Algeria2 1
 Austria2 1
 Belarus2 2
 Kazakhstan2 1
 New Zealand2 1
 South Africa2 
 Turkey2 1
 United States Of America2 2
 Venezuela2 1
 Costa Rica1 
 Dominican Republic1 
 Hong Kong, China1 
 Puerto Rico1 
 United Arab Emirates1 

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