Stages Cycling indoor bike launched

Power-meter-equipped indoor bike draws on company's history

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Power-meter company Stages Cycling today launched Stages Indoor Cycling with two models of indoor bikes, the power-meter-equipped SC3 and the SC2.

Stages Cycling jumped into the power-meter game at the end of 2012, but its parent company, Foundation Fitness, had already been producing indoor bikes for two decades. In fact, the genesis of the left-crank power meter Stages now sells came from Foundation Fitness.

The Stages Indoor Cycling bikes will be sold to gyms and individuals. Unlike many one-size-fits-all gym bikes, the SC3 and SC2 were clearly designed by cyclists. BikeRadar had a chance to ride the SC3, and a few things were notable. The Gates carbon belt drive is smooth and quiet. Height and fore/aft adjustments are quick and easy for the saddle and the handlebars. The company's patent-pending 'SprintShift' lets you quickly change resistance similar to shifting chainrings. So you can do a hard effort, then immediately drop the resistance. There are three SprintShift settings. Then there is also a big dial for gradually adjusting tension like you'd find on most gym bikes. And, of course, on the top-end SC3 you get power data.

The SprintShift lever (in silver) lets you quickly change resistance, similar to shifting between the small and big chainrings. There are three settings. The blue knob gradually adjusts tension like on most gym bikes

As with a Stages power meter, the SC3 transmits power data in Bluetooth and in ANT+, so you can connect it wirelessly with your smartphone or a cycling computer like a Garmin. There is also an included head unit that you can download with a USB stick, too.

The SC2 is identical to the SC3 but without the power meter. The handlebars look and feel familiar to cyclists, especially when compared to a typical gym bike's bullhorn-style bars.

Pricing has not yet been announced.

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