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Serebryakov banned for 4 years in EPO case

Cycling News
December 25, 2013, 17:15,
December 25, 2013, 17:12
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, December 26, 2013
Race leader Alexander Serebryakov (Team Type 1)

Race leader Alexander Serebryakov (Team Type 1)

  • Race leader Alexander Serebryakov (Team Type 1)
  • Thumbs up from stage 3 winner Alexander Serebryakov (Team Type 1-Sanofi)

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Russian tested positive twice

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) announced earlier this month that Alexander Serebryakov has been banned for four years following his positive test for EPO.

The 26-year-old tested positive in an out-of-competition control taken on March 18. The news was released as the Russian was preparing to start Paris-Roubaix with the Euskaltel-Euskadi team.

Serebryakov was then put under further scrutiny, as a previous sample taken February 21 was tested using a new analytical method, and this test also showed evidence of EPO use.

Serebryakov's suspension began upon his notification of the first positive on April 5, 2013, and will run through 2017.

cyclemike66 9 months ago
Yup, new generation, clean racing. Everything is A OK. Nothing to see here in the world of pro cycling. It's all real and honest. Just enjoy and go about you business.
Anonymous 9 months ago
The peloton will never be 100% clean but is pretty close and thee ones who take risks are the lower end riders that think can get away because they are less tested
Dope Fiend 9 months ago
They all dope, get that through your head mate. All of them. ALL OF THEM!
Anonymous 9 months ago
you're a loser. peraphs we should study people like u failed at cycling to find what's your motivation to came here saying trash.
KatoMiler 9 months ago
@Anonymous - What a comment to make? What evidence do you have that the current peloton is "pretty close" to being 100% clean? "You're a loser." Really? And using an alias like "Anonymous" to post whatever opinion comes to mind takes a huge amount of courage, yes? As far as I'm concerned, and based on the evidence I've seen, both you and DF represent the extremes, and the truth is probably somewhere in between.
TANK91 9 months ago
@KatoMiller, and what evidence does he have saying all of them dope lol, pretty sure Annonymous is the one talking sense as their is only a few positives and he said its as close to 100%, why not attack the poster who said they all dope all of them? What evidence as he have to say that you fool. Dont you look a lil silly
KatoMiler 9 months ago
@TANK91 If you read my post, you can see I don't believe either comment shows much real validity. And I think it's clear I have no interest in defending anybody who states that all current cyclists are dopers. I also don't care for making these posts personal attacks like "you're a loser". Read… and think critically. Otherwise, it's you who looks "lil" rather, well… you said it.
Stelvio08 9 months ago
In my opinion northern european teams are doing everything they can to stop drug cheats. Spain and Italy based teams need to take a look at themselves, and the harm that is being done by turning a blind eye to out of competition testing. Yes there have been several drug cheats caught recently, and that is credit to the work that is being done by the test authorities. Tennis, Rugby and Premiership Football don't test, therefore "don't have" any drug cheats...
mikeyb 9 months ago
just nottrue. the italian and spanish agencies do more than anyone else to bust drugs. puerto and mantova being two such examples. don't see anything on that scale happening in the uk etc. france have a very cynical press corp and a well funded testing infrastructure but can't say the sameelsewhere.... and please don't kid yourself there is less going!
KatoMiler 9 months ago
Not sure what evidence you've seen to make such sweeping comments. It would be great to have you share some of it. Maybe we could all learn something. I don't know whether what your saying is true or not, but it does come across as simply generalizing. And that's unfortunate, because (if there is some truth to it) it make it easy to dismiss.
bike_boy 9 months ago
IMO the spanish and italians are doing a great job at catching cheats. You're actually falling into the same mind set as the idiots running Tennis, Rugby and Premiership Football have. Think about it you even ride?
Flandrian 9 months ago
Does it matter if posters "ride" or not? I do - but it doesnt make me an expert.
ianfra 9 months ago
Certainly if this is your opinion, I humbly suggest you take up watching Golf or Curling.
Stalky 9 months ago
This is his opinion because these are the actual facts we have to go on. No one can prove that there is an underworld of doping in the peloton given the current information we know about it. It's purely speculation
Christopher A. Lemon 9 months ago
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cyclemike66 9 months ago
Actually I'll just go and ride my bike! Ianfra, It's sad that you would justify doping in the sport by insinuating one needs a stronger stomach to watch doped cyclists, and if not, one should watch Golf. My comment was meant to be sarcastic due to the fact that there has been not one, not two, but three doping stories in as many weeks. Yet every week there is some pro suggesting a new leaf has been turned and the peloton is clean. The math is simple. The peloton is not clean and we are being lied to yet again.
Alpe73 9 months ago
"The peloton is not clean and we are being lied to yet again." 1. This is not a surprise. 2. As a fan, there are three choices ..... a) Just enjoy and go about your business. b) Don't watch pro cycling and donate money or time to WADA and/or UCI. C) As you were.
Alpe73 9 months ago
BTW, UCI Cyclocross World Cup from Heusden-Zolder, later today. If anything like last week's leg, should be absolutely smashing good entertainment., seriously. UCI's live feed was brilliant last time.
KatoMiler 9 months ago
Yea baby! The season has been spectacular so far!!!
ianfra 9 months ago
I once lived on a road in which there lived three separate families, all of whom had a person in their midst who was done for ABH (ie violence). Does this make all the inhabitants of that street violent? My point, dear boy, was to say that one bad apple or even three doesn't make a statistical analysis worthy of your original very intelligent comment. If you truly believe that, say, 90% of the peloton are riding 'on drugs' then I would be happy to receive the pearls of your wisdom. Meanwhile, I would assert that the majority of the peloton is clean and we are now catching the hopeless characters who do not seem to have enough EQ to understand that what they are doing is totally out of order. You get characters like this in all walks of life. Incidentally, rather than accuse me of being pro-doping (I was mouthing off about LA more than 10 years ago) perhaps you don't understand how wrong it is to accuse people of doping when they are more than likely as opposed to doping as you allegedly are.
Lance, remember Bassons? 9 months ago
An elegant and reasoned response Ianfra, however I think on deaf ears it will fall.
Anonymous 9 months ago
That is what has been said for the last 2 decades and hindsight has shown that yes we are catching the hopeless characters but we were missing all the other characters who were also doping but were smart enough to get away with it.
TheFred 9 months ago
To the guy with the ridiculously overlong pseudonym: please never use that word "reasoned" again unless you enjoy being viewed as an anonymous copycat, without a mind of his own, who is oblivious to the fact that the word is not used in common English, spoken or written. And to ianfra: Your analogy veered off course when you mentioned violence. Although I believe there is a new mindset--doping reports don't lure sponsors during a global economic crisis--the problem ain't gone yet. Remember, they stand to individually become rich (ie secure, safe, famous) by doping and likely view it as only potentially harmful to themselves.
Raoul Duke 9 months ago
Can't have any sympathy here. Unless someone knows something more it seems pretty clear cut and pretty poor judgement by Serebryakov.
GuyIncognito 9 months ago
There's nothing else to know, he's simply a high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production
TGeneC 9 months ago
At least a cheat got caught. The testing may never fully catch up with the methods, but at least some are being weeded out. I'll keep looking at the glass as half full, thanks...
Janjapan 9 months ago
Can somebody explain why he gets suspended for four years? The new WADA Code with a four-year-suspension for dopers is implemented for 2015.
trevorho 9 months ago
You're right - it should be a life ban... for two offences.
DirtTurtle 9 months ago
I'd assume its because they were so close together, the rider may not have been notified about the first violation before the second(as the UCI would see no chance to redeem himself).
Pedal Pusher 9 months ago
Great he has been caught but perhaps 4 years is not a big enough penalty. He was obviously was doping consistently to return 2 positives in a 4 week window. If he got 6 years plus its likely he would never compete again because 6 years from 26 years to 32 years old would make it near impossible whereas 26 years to 30 years allows a small window. It would be great to see other penalties - compulsory 3 hours weekly work for a charity for the length of the ban might work.
winkybiker 9 months ago
They should throw him out for life. Tell him to get a job.
azureskies 9 months ago
I was in a foreign country and EPO is sold over the counter , no prescription needed. Asked a nurse, and she told me that in college, their athletic department had a fulltime doctor, using all preperations. Knocking 1.5 seconds off the 100 yard dash. I WOULD SAY BETWEEN THE CLINIC, AND HAMILTONS BOOK, a full on doping program could me modelled. Sick!
RobbieCanuck 9 months ago
I wonder if Froome thinks fans should be banned from discussing another doping case and just put on our rose tinted glasses