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Return to Tour de France unlikely for Wiggins

Cycling News
August 16, 2013, 20:16,
August 16, 2013, 21:17
First Edition Cycling News, Saturday, August 17, 2013
Eneco Tour, Stage 5
Bradley Wiggins (Sky)

Bradley Wiggins (Sky)

  • Bradley Wiggins (Sky)
  • Bradley Wiggins (Sky)
  • Bradley Wiggins (Sky) signs autographs at the Eneco Tour

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British star misses the track

After finishing up the stage 5 individual time trial at the Eneco Tour on Friday, Bradley Wiggins (Sky) answered the usual battery of questions about the Tour de France and his form ahead of the upcoming road world championships in September.

Wiggins was fifth in the Eneco Tour time trial, which was a mere 13.2km, short compared to the world championship time trial. He was nine seconds off the pace of stage winner Sylvain Chavanel.

"I'm pretty disappointed," he said to, "though I knew since checking out the course that it was good for specialists like Taylor Phinney and Jesse Sergent. The first part was technical."

"In addition, these distances just too short for me. Besides, I think I could have been at a disadvantage because of my early start time and because of the wind getting calmer later in the afternoon."

Last year's Tour de France winner, who missed this year's edition, also did not see a future for himself back at the Tour. He cited the "supremacy of Chris Froome for the next five years" as a reason he wouldn't have to chase another Tour victory. Froome is Wiggins' teammate on Sky.

"I would prefer my attention back toward the track," said Wiggins.

wrinklyvet More than 1 year ago
Wiggins was disappointed, which is how he should feel, especially after sitting in the hot seat so long, However, those nine or ten seconds or so are no big deal and it could be that at this stage he is well on his way for good form in the Worlds. As he says, a time trial as short as this on a course that started off quite technical is not the same as what he is aiming for later in the year. Congratulations to them all - Wiggins himself and those who beat him here. he was indeed the man to beat.
vrusimov More than 1 year ago
Yep, at 58 kilometers, ole Brad will need every bit of the new 8kgs of muscle... Nothing can be extrapolated one way or another from such a short and technical performance. I'm just puzzled why 69kg is suddenly not sufficient near the end of a cycling season to perform at his best when the best time trial results of his entire career have occurred at that weight. Puzzling...Puzzling...but a ton of things he has said in the past have been equally puzzling.
Doughnut More than 1 year ago
And you know better than Wiggins because?
vrusimov More than 1 year ago
Is this rhetorical? I will say this again because some ears seem to flap, eyes seem to flutter, or fingers have a tick. I don't need to know better or what is better for Mr. Wiggins.
wrinklyvet More than 1 year ago
Everybody could see last year that he was extremely thin so as to be light for all the climbing and I am not at all surprised that it is not a good idea to continue on a perpetual basis to train like he did. As far as I know, the body works best on the right balance of fat and muscle. As you know, he never said he would put on 8kgs of muscle but now, as previously, you misrepresent him. Any weight gain will be a balance of the two and if he feels better for it that's fine.
vrusimov More than 1 year ago
Well if he gains fat, that would be metabolically inactive and hardly conducive to good performance. He will increase his CdA, lower his power to weight and relative VO2 max putting on 18 lbs of muscle or fat. I have never heard of a cyclist doing this in all the years that I have followed cycling. But you see that is the beauty of the Sky program. A guy can lose nearly half a liter of blood dropping from 82 to 69kg and still ride faster than time trial specialists like Cancellara and Martin. Train like he did? OR lose weight like he did? I would say he had the right mix of fats and muscle at 69kg because he performed better in pro time trials than he ever did at any other weight...wouldn't you say?
wrinklyvet More than 1 year ago
If you say so.
nepetalactone More than 1 year ago
"Supremacy of Chris Froome" -- Good on Brad in recognizing his teammates' and his own strengths and weaknesses; and admitting it, excuse free. This will have the Wiggo haters tripping all over themselves.
vrusimov More than 1 year ago
The Supremacy of Chris Froome for the next five years??? Now that is funny! I guess the not so subtle insinuation is that he will have become a 6 time Tour winner by the end of his career. The last two riders who have won over 5 consecutive tours can hardly be seen as having been clean in all 5 of them. One has had his results completely stripped and the other? Well maybe we will get some truth one day...even if Garcia could not extract it from him...
cothercott More than 1 year ago
jump on every word why don't you? Froome's what, 28? Assuming he looks after himself and doesn't get ill he can count on 4 or 5 years of being at this level. So he stands a chance of at least being a contender. There's no insinuation, it's guess from someone who's feeling disappointed and pissed off.
vrusimov More than 1 year ago
thanks for sanction...I will as a matter of fact.
LanterneVerte More than 1 year ago
Sloppy reporting, what did Wiggins actually say about the TdF? Did the words ''Return to Tour de France unlikely'' actually come out of his mouth? Just because he isn't riding for the win doesn't mean he won't ride.
wrinklyvet More than 1 year ago
Perhaps he was enigmatic.. Sloppy headline, perhaps.
vrusimov More than 1 year ago
Wiggins is DONE winning Grand Tours ... bet on it my friend!
ericstkl More than 1 year ago
Wiggins is no dummy about being second to Froome, just as it was when he won the TdF. He knew that this year's TdF did not fit his abilities well, so he chose not to compete and that is what pisses me off. He refuses to ride for anyone else but himself. Had he helped Froome the way Froome helped him, his tour would have been that much more dominant. So it may be no surprise that he may not ride in next year's TdF, but he didn't actually say that. We shall see, but I doubt it based on his history (albeit as short as it is).
wrinklyvet More than 1 year ago
For those who only watch the TdeF (and I think there are many) his history is short. Those with a more rounded view of cycling don't thinks so. It is really silly to let riders upset you. They owe you nothing. You should enjoy what they do achieve and if for any reason the riders you want to watch are not present you should find someone else of interest to follow. You know he wasn't himself after the Giro so why do you think he would ride the Tour - just to please you?
vrusimov More than 1 year ago
Yes...he helped him but he could also barely restrain himself from nearly humiliating Wiggins every time the road went uphill. Do you ever ask yourself if that Tour was gifted to Wiggins with a caveat? I will say adamantly that Froome has been better than Wiggins since the Vuelta in 2011. I don't think what is between him and Froome is cozy or cordial.
ProfTournesol More than 1 year ago
I'm not surprised that he's going to avoid Grand Tours. 3 weeks without rain is unlikely.
rickpaulos More than 1 year ago
A hat trick of whinning. too short too windy too many corners
wirral More than 1 year ago
Wiggins perfect grand tour, both map and profile: ------------------------------------------------------------ and no wind! Then we will see him back again challenging for the 3-week races.
gregod More than 1 year ago
bizarre. wiggins' talent on the track is well proven, so it is understandable that he would want to return for more success. however, a fourth place and a win in the tour de france should be signs a further greatness in the grand tours despite a terrible giro that was plagued with poor weather. why he is not thinking of moving from sky and giving up on GTs doesn't make sense. bizarre.
Bmo012 More than 1 year ago
Back to the track......Is the thinking "Olympic champion, TdF champion, World champion, HOUR RECORD". Go on Brad, have a go!!
barn yard More than 1 year ago
its pretty obvious he has had enough of the ridiculousness that is team sky. guilty conscience?
Rob Alan More than 1 year ago
why would he have a guilty conscience? You know that GB track squad is heavily tied in with Team sky - as in same personel and approach.
maxmartin More than 1 year ago
Concerned about his own health, unwilling to keep up with supposedly "scientific" training, diet regime. That makes total sense.
Bola del Mundo More than 1 year ago
Wiggins is wise and he is doing it clean.
erader More than 1 year ago
yep. they are all clean "again" :-).