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POC signs three-year deal with Garmin-Sharp

January 13, 16:43,
January 13, 16:47
Second Edition Cycling News, Monday, January 13, 2014
POC is sponsoring Garmin-Sharp for three years

POC is sponsoring Garmin-Sharp for three years

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Pro road team partners with helmet and sunglasses manufacturer

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The professional road cycling team Garmin-Sharp will be wearing the distinctive helmets and sunglasses of the Swedish company POC for three years, according to the companies who announced the deal on Friday.

POC made its first push into cycling with mountain-bike helmets. Last year Garmin-Sharp rider Ryder Hesjedal began wearing POC sunglasses in road racing.

"We are now entering the road bike scene and we need to go all in and support our mission of doing everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents, and at the same time assist with performance through advances in technology," POC CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn said in a press release.

"With Team Garmin-Sharp's spirit, values and attitude, we have found a perfect partner. Together we will come up with even better, safer and faster products for the team and in their quest to win, but also benefit road cyclists around the world who will be able to use the same products and innovations for training and racing."

POC also makes ski helmets, and body armor for mountain biking.

Team Garmin-Sharp will be using POC's Octal, Octal Aero and Tempor time trial helmets, along with DID and DO Blade sunglasses.

"We pride ourselves in working with best-in-class partners to develop equipment that helps our riders perform at their best. POC is another great example of a superior partnership and we are thrilled to add them to the Slipstream family," Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports and Team Garmin-Sharp, said in a press release.

Garmin-Sharp will begin racing the new gear at the Australian National Championships in January.

NoMapNoCompass 8 months ago
Needs a fluor yellow option!
go crazy 8 months ago
Uh oh, does that mean more and more riders are going to be wearing those Ryder Hesjedal "Worlds Ugliest Sunglasses Evar"???
João Sá 8 months ago
Ryder Hesjedal is happy!
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
Haha just my thought. Those glasses are just ..... Also the normal (non-aero) helmets are ugly as hell when compared to other non-aero helmets. Did they make a little kid design them or what happened???? :O Wearing ugly POC equipment is actually a shame, now that Garmin has finally gotten themselves some very nice looking clothes.
Greg Khan 8 months ago
Rad !
PCM Geek 8 months ago
They make a real nice looking product...
Eurobikesales Bikesales 8 months ago
Ugliest helmets/glasses ever.
Squiggle 8 months ago
I've not seen one in real life but the Octal seems like a pretty good looking lid (I agree that the TT lid is ugly as hell!). I also think the glasses are pretty nice but only the new ones, the current range has yet to grow on me.
MarySzo 8 months ago
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nowhereman 8 months ago
We can immediately award them the to honor of Fugliest kits in the peloton, for the next three years. There will be no competition for that award now.