New Campagnolo mechanical groups - first look

Similar to Shimano, Campy's 4-arm spider replaces standard and compact styles

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On Monday, Campagnolo released some information and images on its 2015 Super Record, Record and Chorus mechanical groupsets. The Italian manufacturer first teased some of the new aesthetic and design with its recent 'RS' group seen at races like the Giro d'Italia. While weights and prices are yet to be announced, here is some basic information and some of Campagnolo's claims about the three new road groups.

New derailleurs

The new Super Record, Record and Chorus groups have a new front derailleur design with a one-piece carbon outer cage, and an extended arm that increases leverage at the derailleur and thus reduces force required at the lever for shifts.

The new rear derailleur moves at a different angle that Campagnolo says puts the chain closer to the cassette throughout the range than prior derailleurs. Campagnolo claims the new design will improve chain life and performance as it now has a better interface with the cassette. The new derailleur makes shifting easier, too, the company claims, especially on the larger cogs.

New ErgoPower levers

The change to the new Super Record, Record and Chorus Ergopower levers cannot readily be seen, but could improve the rider's interaction with the bike. Now, the ErgoPower levers will use two lever clicks to drop down from the large chainring to the small ring, and then a third click will add extra trim for the largest cogs. Campagnolo reasons that this will reduce, if not eliminate dropped chains, and that riders usually won't be in the largest cogs when shifting from the large to the small ring.

While in the large ring, Campagnolo says there is no need for trim as the system can work across all 11 cogs without chain rub.

Campagnolo retains the mechanical systems' multiple-shift ability in both directions — up to three gears up and up to five gears down — by continuing to depress the respective lever through the requisite clicks.

The hoods were also redesigned in hypoallergenic silicone.

New four-arm cranks

Finally, Campagnolo's new Super Record, Record and Chorus cranks feature a new four-arm spider design that allows for use of any chainring combination. Currently, one has to choose between compact cranks or standard cranks. Now, all three combinations — 50/34, 52/36 and 53/39 — will work on the 2015 cranks.

Pricing, weights and availability

Campagnolo has not yet disclosed pricing, weights or availability for the new groups.

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