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Michael Rogers returns adverse analytical finding for Clenbuterol

Barry Ryan
December 18, 2013, 16:33,
December 18, 2013, 22:15
Second Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Michael Rogers (Saxo-Tinkoff) celebrates his first win of 2013

Michael Rogers (Saxo-Tinkoff) celebrates his first win of 2013

  • Michael Rogers (Saxo-Tinkoff) celebrates his first win of 2013
  • Michael Rogers (Saxo-Tinkoff) celebrates his solo victory in the Japan Cup
  • A split-second decision by Michael Rogers led to Saxo-Tinkoff blowing the lead group apart in the final hour of stage 13
  • Jack Bauer, Michael Rogers and Damiano Cunego made up the Japan Cup road race podium.

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Australian tests positive after winning the Japan Cup

Michael Rogers has been provisionally suspended after returning an adverse analytical finding for Clenbuterol, the UCI announced on Wednesday. The Saxo-Tinkoff rider returned the positive test following his victory at the Japan Cup on October 20.

The UCI also announced that Belgium's Jonathan Breyne (Crelan-Euphony) has returned a positive A-sample test for Clenbuterol and is also provisionally suspended. The 22-year-old was tested at the Tour of Taihu Lake in China, on November 5.

Rogers, who joined Saxo-Tinkoff from Team Sky last December, remains suspended until a Cycling Australia panel convenes to hear his case. If an analysis of the B sample confirms the positive test, Rogers faces a suspension of up to two years under Article 21 of the UCI Anti-Doping Rules.

"The decision to provisionally suspend this rider was made in response to a report from the WADA-accredited laboratory in Tokyo indicating an adverse analytical finding of clenbuterol in a urine sample collected from him in a test during the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race on 20 October 2013," reads the UCI statement announcing Rogers’ suspension.

Rogers' victory at the Japan Cup was his only win of the 2013 season in what was his final race of the campaign, and came after he attacked alone at the end of a rain-soaked day in Utsunomiya. He rode the Tour of Beijing before the Japan Cup race and could have eaten contaminated meat while in China.

Rogers, the Saxo-Tinkoff team and new team manager Stefano Feltrin were not available for comment when the news of the positive result was announced. 

A solid performer in stage races

The 33-year-old from New South Wales has raced for Mapei, QuickStep, T-Mobile, Highroad, Team Sky and Saxo-Tinkoff during a professional career that has seen him claim three world time trial titles and earn a reputation as a solid performer in week-long stage races.

Rogers' best finish at a Tour de France came in 2006, when he reached Paris in ninth place overall. He later admitted that he was trained by the controversial Dr. Michele Ferrari in 2005 and early 2006, but denied that he had doped under the Italian’s supervision.

At Team Sky, Rogers played an important role in Bradley Wiggins’ 2012 Tour victory, acting as the team’s influential road captain, but surprisingly left the team for Saxo-Tinkoff in December of last year. Both Sky and Rogers denied that his departure was linked to the team’s zero tolerance policy, in which riders and staff were required to sign a declaration that they had never been involved in doping.

Speaking to Cyclingnews in June, Rogers said that his decision to leave Sky for Saxo-Tinkoff was "strictly financial."

Rogers' Saxo-Tinkoff leader Alberto Contador tested positive for Clenbuterol at the 2010 Tour de France, and was eventually stripped of his title and handed a retroactive two-year ban in February 2012.

QbixNorway 10 months ago
Another one bites the dust.
colnago200 10 months ago
He was on Team Telekom when it was rife - hes one of the few who escaped...this was coming
fosse septique 10 months ago
Agree, he escaped ans was surprised he had a birth at sky but every one is saying the sport is cleaner concerning blood doping but the other methods are still going on
wrinklyvet 10 months ago
I think you mean a berth! ;-)
zphogg 10 months ago
No, I think he gave birth while on Sky. It was all hush, hush.
Getagrip 10 months ago
Yeah. Don't you realise from the comments here that it's obvious Team Sky have the right drugs for him to give birth...
GuyIncognito 10 months ago
Ironic how he can skate past both being caught in the Freiburg investigation and being named by Sinkewitz and then get busted for something this small
sbroaddus 10 months ago
micro this and micro that... we learned from LA that if you go small but keep it consistent, you can evade the evil doers that want to clean up the sport.
TShame 10 months ago
It was the steak.
sbroaddus 10 months ago
well, you can try anyway... i congratulate the doping control workers for catching another.
James Silva 10 months ago
what makes you think they "caught him"? he hasn't been convicted yet!
RobbieCanuck 10 months ago
Duh, he tested positive! Under WADA rules the onus is on him to explain it away. That my friend is a conviction until proven innocent.
roberthightowerjr 10 months ago
he is bad news, goodbye rogers.
Uncle_Tod 10 months ago
Great, here come the steak analysts...
Eric Blais 10 months ago
You got to admit it would be appropriate. But again, it did not workout for is teammate
kdogg64 10 months ago
He raced and performed extremely well during the heart of the doping years, so it's not a complete surprise he doped. However, it's a bit strange that he would keep doing it, but given his age, maybe he needed it to compete.
cristi1 10 months ago
This year was a fine year in comparison with the season at team sky. My questions is if he is doping he win Japan Cup and 2 years ago riding apparently clean demolished the peloton in TDF. Is that thing really possible?
Dear Wiggo 10 months ago
In fact at Sky he was "the lightest he's been since he was 16" and "recording the highest power", all at Team Sky. To go from there, to forget or ignore all the training techniques he MUST have learnt, only to need to dope up to win some poncy Japan Cup, won most recently by the Conti riders from Australia.. The mind boggles that anyone can continue to think Team Sky riders are clean.
Chris Todgers 10 months ago
Ripper 10 months ago
Chris, opening his mouth for something ????
TheFred 10 months ago
Well said. I can't think of a single reasonable argument against your points except the insulting "he didn't dope but ate something contaminated". Of course, Roger's doping is not conclusive that Sky dopes. But, as you said, why dope if you know the secrets to marginal gains that have dominated the peloton the last two seasons?
Dope Fiend 10 months ago
All pros are dirty. All pros are dirty. ALL OF THEM.
blemcooper 10 months ago
No need for analysis--unlike Europe, China is known to have a significant problem with clenbuterol contamination of its food supply. WADA thought it enough of a problem to issue a general advisory. Google "wada clenbuterol in china" for their press release on it.
reubenr 10 months ago
The alert puts the riders on notice and hence eliminates that as an excuse. His steak is cooked.
Mark Hornsby 10 months ago
But even if it was accidentally ingested, that WADA advisory poses a huge problem for him; because that explicit warning, combined with strict liability, makes it almost impossible for him to make the case that there was no significant negligence on his part. If he has chosen to ignore the warning, then that in itself could be construed as significant negligence.
Golddigger 9 months ago
Yeah, he should have forgone all food during his time China, 'cause the UCI told them to watch out. Love your logic!
Joe_Runner 10 months ago
As I understand it, kangaroo meat is naturally high in clenbuterol and Mick had a friend deliver some roo meat to him in China. I'm sure he has the sales slip tucked away somewhere.....
Jesus from Cancun 10 months ago
First good meat joke. Ever
Silver Bullet 10 months ago
this one has been a long time coming. await sushi excuse.
barthvos 10 months ago
My thought exactly. 0,ooooooooooooooooooooo..............................
Pignone Fisso 10 months ago
Why would he use a Sushi excuse? He was in China, not Japan. Plus meat is not really used in Sushi. The Beef-With-Peppers-In-Spicy-Black-Bean-Sauce excuse would be more appropriate here.
backofthepack 10 months ago
Rodgers test positive during the Japan Cup
Anonymous 10 months ago
"returned the positive test FOLLOWING his victory at the Japan Cup on October 20." "was TESTED at the Tour of Taihu Lake in China, on November 5."
Undecided 10 months ago
Of course, your second quoted passage actually referred to a different person.
backofthepack 10 months ago
Here's the full quote for you: "Michael Rogers has been provisionally suspended after returning an adverse analytical finding for Clenbuterol, the UCI announced on Wednesday. The Saxo-Tinkoff rider returned the positive test following his victory at the Japan Cup on October 20. The UCI also announced that Belgium's Jonathan Breyne (Crelan-Euphony) has returned a positive A-sample test for Clenbuterol and is also provisionally suspended. The 22-year-old was tested at the Tour of Taihu Lake in China, on November 5." I understand reading comprehension is tough. Take your time and read slowly so it sinks in this time
RobbieCanuck 10 months ago
Its a joke PF - called a play on words!
PJK1972 10 months ago
Maybe this has something to do with his sudden move from Sky to Saxo at the end of last year. We all know Sky have a zero tolerance doping policy and had to sign up to it or leave. Maybe he thought he could get away with it at Saxo?
tommy_nickels 10 months ago
From what I've read on here, it seems more likely that Sky gave him a secret superdrug that only shows up as clenbuterol over a year later.
Flandrian 10 months ago
A secret superdrug showing up over a year later as clenbuterol? What a load of tosh. Please give us a break from this type of comment.
wwabbit 10 months ago
QbixNorway 10 months ago
Haha. Know when you are being trolled.
mattghg 10 months ago
tommy_nickels was obviously joking, friend...
Mark Hornsby 10 months ago
Flandrian, you really don't get the concept of irony, do you? :)
dingophoto 10 months ago
He thinks irony is a supplement.
indurain666 10 months ago
hahaha...missed it...
Flandrian 10 months ago
A secret superdrug that only shows up as clenbuterol over a year later?? What a load of tosh. Still - I have read it on here so it may be true............
Anonymous 10 months ago
seriously? I understand that some of the commentary nuances are lost when it is in a forum, but you can't see that post as a joke?
TANK91 10 months ago
You no this site hates Sky when a comment like this troll saying it shows up 1 yr laters gets 17 thumbs up.
Frubberduck 10 months ago
I was under the impression it was actually a joke, parodying those select few who criticise anything they do as opposed to the many who casually dislike them. Did you not understand a joke?
mattghg 10 months ago
I got the same impression.
Dear Wiggo 10 months ago
No. He doesn't.
PatsyCline 10 months ago
Translated: You know this site [] hates SKY. Proof? The comment made by that troll about showing 'up 1 year later' gets 17 "thumbs up".
Chris Todgers 10 months ago
LOL - that is just shockingly bad. tell us more about this superdrug which shows up as clenbuterol a year later!!!!! pplease please please share your wisdom! desperate
WillieTheWaiter 10 months ago
seriously? can you not even read the comments explaining to the other slowpokes that it's an ironic comment before posting?! good to see someones still using LOL on the interwebs tho. LOL!
danjo007 10 months ago
dont worry Wille; Togers is a desperate fool who will stop any nothing to defend his precious SKY.
kdogg64 10 months ago
I have a feeling he's been getting away with it for a long time.
Raskol 10 months ago
Have his performances significantly improved since leaving Sky?
kdogg64 10 months ago
No, it's his performances over the last ten years that got him to Sky and then to Saxo.
Cance > TheRest 10 months ago
If this really is true that Rogers doped, I think he can say goodbye to his career considering his age. Then it will be interesting to hear him about his time at Sky and his honest views on Sky's "training program"
bigmig1000 10 months ago
so what your suggesting is that he may get a 6 month off season suspension, our a postdated suspension that started the date of his last race.... if he confesses everything that happened: good, bad or ugly at Team Sky?
TANK91 10 months ago
He can say all he likes they will have to get some positives still, Rogers cant take the whole team down ca n he.
sumbit 10 months ago
Zabriske, Danielson, Vande Velde, Levi, Hincapie all no postives. Sorry Tank
Bigtime 10 months ago
Big champions
Anonymous 10 months ago
but it took Landis and Hamilton getting busted for doping to start the ball rolling.
RobbieCanuck 10 months ago
But a ton of admissions
Afterthought 10 months ago
Except, of course, if he still says there was no doping there you'll just claim he isn't being honest.
Lance, remember Bassons? 10 months ago
You've really got to let your Sky obsession go Cance, I know you're a massive fan and want Wiggo's babies, but please stop with all the "How can I turn a massive unrelated negative story into how Sky run a systematic doping program".....set yourself free and the world will seem a better place.
derBazi! 10 months ago
I was under the impression you wanted to have Wiggo's babies. I guess you'll have to fight over him with Cance. You clearly love Sky like the Ami's love Lance.
Chris Todgers 10 months ago
why is that then? he got busted as saxo - not Sky, so why are sky's training programmes relevant..
Bigtime 10 months ago
REDLANTERN 10 months ago
Not quite boom - How many Postal positives were found at Postal, and how many from riders after Postal? Takes good, consistent management to ensure monitoring and dosing remain below radar and deep enough pockets to ensure dangerously high but still negative findings are never seen by the public.
Tour87 10 months ago
The only thing that surprises me is that it's taken so long for Rogers to get nailed.
kdogg64 10 months ago
Second that.
Snitor 10 months ago
This test is clearly wrong. Doping is dead, as we've been told so many times!
doggee 10 months ago
Dead or not, at least they are getting caught.
doggee 10 months ago
The tough part is how long it takes to catch these guys.....Race was in October, 2 months to find out if they were positive?
bigmig1000 10 months ago
it does take that long. There is a lot of eye dotting and tee crossing before you get the package in the mail that says you have tested positive. The longer it takes to get the package from the governing body the higher the likelihood of the test being positive.
kevinzamora 10 months ago
If they were truly getting caught then the whole pro peloton would be suspended... be realistic, this sport isn't going to change in a couple years, it's in the very sport's nature to dope as long as the organizers keep making super-human races; as long as the media, sponsors, etc. keep putting such gigantic pressure on the victories; as long as hundreds of cyclists from decades ago are held as legends when many know or at least suspect they all doped...
fosse septique 10 months ago
yeah your right about pressure: just take tinkoff commenting on contador's performance in the tour, so does contador thinks oh perhaps i should eat more cow to keep the sponsor happy
KatoMiler 10 months ago
Yea, I know because Oleg Tinkoff said so.
anatomy34 10 months ago
Agreed! If LA wasn't present, there can be no conspiracy. (TT's Rules of Order, Section 7, paragraph 2)
the sceptic 10 months ago
Chris Froome reacts: "Its unfortunate that people keep focusing on these things that happened in the dark era of the sport. October was more than 10 years ago, and I wish everyone would just move on and pretend they believe in me instead"
Raskol 10 months ago
Bit mean but funny.
FabiquesAnquetillara 10 months ago
funny :)
Slicky 10 months ago
You sir, made my day
Cristopher Lucas 10 months ago
almost spit coffee out my nose. lol
Russell Clarida 10 months ago
Best comment I've read in a while. If you have a few, watch froomie's 1st rest day press conferences, he is one of the most bland yellow jersey wearers I have ever watched. Everything practiced, respectful of everyone - I don't know about you, but as a fan, I liked the irreverent 2000s...
TANK91 10 months ago
Yes being bland and nice is wrong, lets support the bull Armstrong haha. You sir must love Lance to say that. You would rather a bully speak over a considerate person just becuase Froome is nice.
bike_boy 10 months ago
hahaha nice one mate, that was good!
Chris Todgers 10 months ago
i cant believe some people think this is funny. it is moronic.
danjo007 10 months ago
get back in your hole
Ripper 10 months ago
Wa wa waaaaaaa Wa w a
bike_boy 10 months ago
ha ha ha moron.
alexvalentine 10 months ago
I'm guessing the excuse will be meat contamination at the Tour of Beijing since clenbuterol in Chinese meat is fairly common. I don't think Rogers would be looking to drop weight in October and unlike Alberto I highly doubt it was the result of a blood transfusion.
B_Ugli 10 months ago
Depends on how much of it they detected.
davidmam 10 months ago
Absolutely. It would have to be a vanishingly small amount. It was a urine sample, which measn it would have to be clen that was recently ingested[1] (within the previous day or so maximum). If the amount was known then the credibility of his defence can be established. We know the retention levels of clen in meat for systemic usage, roughly how much meat he ate and then estimate hwo much would have been excreted into the urine sample. The answer is probably that it would be near or below the limit of detection for a one off issue. The records of people testing positive for clen by eating contaminated meat are those who have been consuming it as part of their diet for some time, not one off meals. [1] or brought in through a blood transfusion
TimmyD67 10 months ago
Riders at the T of B: about 120. Riders at the T of B that eat meat while in China: perhaps 70 or 80 ? Riders at the T of B that subsequently test positive for clenbuterol: 1
alexvalentine 10 months ago
How many of those riders were tested for clem in October? I'm guessing not many.
TimmyD67 10 months ago
They certainly weren't ALL tested. I know first-hand from one T of B rider (not Rodgers) that the testers showed up at his door days after the race. All UCI riders are subject to testing at random times and are probably stuck a half dozen times a year. Seems fair to claim that a significant number (dozens?) were tested in this time frame.
NoMapNoCompass 10 months ago
I am not a big fan of Rogers or Sky for that matter but I have to agree with Alex that this sounds like a case of contamination, especially given that he raced in China and also taking into account the point in the season when this occurred.
runninboy 10 months ago
except that Clenbuterol is known to build muscle and drop fat. The end of the season, you take some to stay lean when you are riding less.
Scansorial 10 months ago
You might want to read the 2nd paragraph again.
TimmyD67 10 months ago
Good point. That guy was in China, but not at T of B. It helps Rodgers' case...a bit.
blemcooper 10 months ago
One that we know of. Positive A samples are supposed to be confidential. For all you know, dozens of riders tested positive, but only Rogers' positive was leaked (or released to the public by Rogers himself or by his team?).
blemcooper 10 months ago the article, UCI announced this. Did they change the rules about confidentiality?
KatoMiler 10 months ago
My understanding of the rule is that it's the rider's responsibility to make sure whatever he/she ingests, etc., does not contain any banned substances. And I think this is largely whey Contador was convicted and sentenced. Anybody know if this is, in fact, true???
alanshearer 10 months ago
I believe that's partially correct. However, there's a difference between a contaminated supplement and contaminated food. An athlete ingests supplements at his or her own risk, because supplements are not necessary. But food is necessary, and no athlete should have to choose between being a vegetarian and competing. If an athlete can prove the positive was from a contaminated supplement, he or she might get a reduced ban. On the other hand, if the athlete can prove tainted meat, then there may be no ban at all (although the results may still be negated). It's my understanding that Contador was not able to prove that his positive was the result of contaminated meat.
mattghg 10 months ago
That is also my understanding.
barthvos 10 months ago
It is a bit more compliocated than that. Producers of supplements can have their batches tested. And when they test negative they are put on a list that can be found on the sites of the doping authorities. Those are the supplements that can be used safely. When you test positive while you have only used supplements that are approved you can have the remains of the supplements tested. and when the substance that is found in the doping test is also found in one of the approved supplements you're cleared. Use a supplement that is not on the list of approved supplements and test positive you can try to prove what you want but when that supplement is contaminated it is done, end of story and no clearance. In 2010 Rui Costa could prove his supplement contained methylhexanamine and he was cleared.
Edward Winkler 10 months ago
and I'm guessing, you would have to be stupid to go to China or Mexico to race and eat local meat. I for one would not allow any member of my team to eat anything that I did not have brought in from out of the country. On the other hand, knowing the Chinease Government, it may be impossible to bring in food from outside the country. A good question to ask would be how many samples from the Bejing Olympics tested positive for clenbuterol?
runninboy 10 months ago
OR it is the perfect excuse if you want to dope. You take clen to get lean, drop weight and build muscle. We also don't know if it might be a masking agent for something else. So when you want to drop some weight build some muscle while riding less, head to mexico or china. If you get popped you claim "everyone knows the meat is tainted here" perfect excuse.
RobbieCanuck 10 months ago
But if everybody knows why would you dope knowing you will probably get caught and the onus is on you to prove you didn't know the meat was tainted?
Fignon 10 months ago
your right. He should have flown from Australia or Europe with some meat in his hand luggage.
Mark Parsons 10 months ago
Errr...who's his team manager?!
FabiquesAnquetillara 10 months ago
Sir Dave until recently.
Flandrian 10 months ago
Even Sir Dave is not responsible for his ex riders nearly a year after they have left!
FabiquesAnquetillara 10 months ago
Negative while in Sky, not negative while not in SKY. A) he never doped,got made in china meat B) was clean before and only started just now in order to win poinless Japan Cup C) was doping all along,but now he does not have SKY science to make him "fly under the radar" Make your pick
1CameronMurray 10 months ago
D) He used to dope - PRE SKY CONTRACT, then after Wiggo triumph couldn't sign the "I never ever doped before.." contract, so moved on, Saxo seemed the obvious choice, for the doubters there is the Riis/Contador factor, or for the believers like myself that Contador truly is an unfulfilled talent, and the new, clean, and performing very well clean at Sky, Mick could help Contador, but Alberto isn't fit yet imho. However, I think Mick put in some decent shifts in support of Nicolas Roche this season. This is contamination for me, but until we get all the data, % of whatever, let's not crucify the guy just yet
FabiquesAnquetillara 10 months ago
to 1CameronMurray: personally I think it was contaminated food - obvious risk in china where he raced before. (ad your D - I am not buying that he was, then clean at Sky, then again doing it. Too much twisted to be true, imho. plus, he was just as strong at 2012 TdF as 2013 TdF, no "visible" difference between as you suggest clean/not clean, so I assume he was in the same "clean/not clean" category in both '12 and '13.
1CameronMurray 10 months ago
@FabiquesAnqutillara - I don't disagree with you, in fact I'm certain Rogers has been clean for at least the last 4 years
dopersoulcrusher 10 months ago
Sky is no different than any of the other successful pro teams. They take whatever is required to remain competitive, if there is a developmental compound that is not restricted (i.e. no validated assay in place to detect) then utilized to form a competitive advantage. Do you really think that Sky is that much better for multiple years than all of the other teams combined? Does this remind you of something? Its not real my royal Brit subjects. Don't invest too much emotion money or time under the CGI apparition of physical dominance that Sky is selling. That is unless you would still feel comfortable wearing a yellow bracelet right now. Sky is merely a time delayed image of US postal. God save the queen