Lazer's Bullet aero helmet has sliding vent and louvres

Similar to Bell Star Pro but with different location and tilting slats

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Belgian helmet company Lazer has shifted philosophies on its aero helmets with the new Bullet. Instead of snap-on or permanent shells on top of its regular road helmets like the Z1, the Bullet has a sliding vent down the center. In addition to opening a hole in front of the forehead, the Bullet's slider tilts inner louvres for more ventilation.

"We were pushed by our pro riders for something more specifically aero than the Aeroshell helmets," said Lazer's Chris Smith. "The Bullet has a slimmer frontal profile and an elongated shape that was designed for aerodynamics with computer modeling and wind-tunnel tested."

The Bullet is still in prototype form and so there is no price or final weight yet.

In addition to the operable vents, the Bullet has ample side vents for an aero helmet.

Smith said the Bullet will come with two vents covers — the honeycomb piece shown above, plus a solid option.

The design is similar to the Bell Star Pro, which launched at the 2014 Tour de France. The Star Pro has a sliding switch on the top of the helmet that closes off the vents from the inside. Unlike the Bullet, the front of that helmet is solid, regardless of the sliding vents' position.

In related news, Lazer has a new Track Air helmet with a truncated tail designed for mass-start or sprint events where a rider's head will often be moving around. The integrated, mirrored visor on the Track Air pops forward slightly for a little ventilation.

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