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IOC awaits return of Armstrong's Olympic medal

Cycling News
September 9, 2013, 14:28,
September 9, 2013, 15:32
Second Edition Cycling News, Monday, September 9, 2013
2000 Sydney Olympic time trial podium: Jan Ulrich, Viatcheslav Ekimov and Lance Armstrong

2000 Sydney Olympic time trial podium: Jan Ulrich, Viatcheslav Ekimov and Lance Armstrong

  • 2000 Sydney Olympic time trial podium: Jan Ulrich, Viatcheslav Ekimov and Lance Armstrong
  • Somewhat ironically, Lance Armstrong was much like Greg LeMond in his embrace of aerodynamic technology.
  • Stefano Garzelli, Lance Armstrong and Ivan Basso on the 2005 stage to Ax-3 Domaines

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Nine months have passed since decision to strip him of the result and medal

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is still waiting to receive the returned Olympic medal of Lance Armstrong. The American rider, who admitted to doping during his career, was stripped of his Sydney 2000 Olympic bronze individual time trial medal nine months ago.

"We still do not have the medal back," IOC Vice President Thomas Bach said during meetings in Buenos Aires, according to Reuters. "We will continue to work with the United States Olympic Committee to get this medal back as requested in our decision."

Armstrong did not contest the decision, which the IOC made in January and then communicated to both Armstrong and the US Olympic Committee, but he also has not yet returned the medal.

The American was banned for life and stripped of all results from August 1, 1998 onwards in the wake of the US Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation into doping at his former US Postal Service team.

The IOC previously said that there will be no bronze medal winner in the 2000 Olympics time trial because it would not reallocate the medal to the fourth place finisher, Abraham Olano of Spain.

After the Armstrong scandal, there was worry that the IOC would drop cycling from its Summer Olympic Games programme as it looked to trim events for the 2020 event in Tokyo, but cycling was confirmed as a 'core sport' by the IOC during the meetings.

azureskies More than 1 year ago
Cycling needs to be banned from the olympics, as well as every other sport which dopes to win olympic medals. The IOC members who condoned doping during their tenure, such as the deceased Spaniard who was head of the IOC for a number of yearears need to be fully outted and pay financial penalties and jail time.
Eric Blais More than 1 year ago
Jail time because they cheated in a bicycle race. In that case Jail time for students that cheat at exams. It's bicycle racing it ain't murder...
Old Derailleur-in-the-mist More than 1 year ago
Jail time for fraud. Doping in pro and sponsored port is just that. Need to catch up with France...Spain almost has...but not quite.
rocket man More than 1 year ago
So no swimming, athletics, cycling, baseball for starters. Gee azureskiis your smart, maybe you could bring home gold for the biggest tool!
srsplato More than 1 year ago
Go cry somewhere else azureskies! Cycling is the best sport in the world. I would not give back the medals either. It is hypocrisy to make one person give back his medals and let the others keep theirs.
Andrew H More than 1 year ago
Ever wondered if it were possible for one person to steal the same medal twice? Now we know.
70kmph More than 1 year ago
Tyler returned his gold, come on Lance man up
benzwire More than 1 year ago
Not a clean guy on that podium. Lance gets the gold in the a-hole competition though!
marcello More than 1 year ago
The most corrupted man in the history of the sport. He also knows more about the sport than anyone, about the "really existing" conditions. I'd actually like to hear more from him, if he can be honest for 5 minutes. Oprah was rather pitiful. She didn't get anything out of him we didn't know. He's going to look really bad to the american public if refuses to return the medal.
ellenbrook2001 More than 1 year ago
anywhere that fat ugly OPRAH had no place for the interview ,someone else should have down the interview ,well a do not liked much LANCE but if a was him a will tell them get stuff with your medals a keep them or thrown them in the ocean where a TV crew too filmed ,okay the guy was wrong but giving him a break. too let too repair all dammage
Eric Blais More than 1 year ago
He should auction it off on EBay. Could help pay the bills
tommy_nickels More than 1 year ago
Anyone remember Floyd saying he could return his Tour de France trophy because he shattered it out of anger?
durgadas More than 1 year ago
Of COURSE the IOC and UCI ignored doping for the last 70 years or more. Naturally, they would. There were not rules to deal with those. Ignoring problems until FORCED to implement rules is part of parcel of ALL current bureaucracies. Then rules will be applied narrowly and only when forced to. All world bureaucracies are run this way. It is a fundamental life principle to avoid allowing ANY bureaucracy to pay even the slightest attention to you. The humans who work within them have forgotten they are human or that they are dealing with humans. They only see the rules (and their interpretation of them too, not yours; Hello, Mr McQuaid!), and in a very narrow way. When they are paying attention, they will make your life a hell (as much as possible within the rules; Hi AGAIN, Mr. McQuaid!), and they will only do what they have to at the very minimum, unless they somehow allow it to become personal and then you're REALLY _________ed. Insert your own adjective. Outraged cries mean NOTHING to a bureaucracy (Good evening Mr. McQuaid!) and less the the head of one (Oh No, I didn't mean YOU, Mr. McQuaid..., ignore me...). They only follow the rules, and ONLY when they have to- SHOCKED at the suggestion of impropriety, lack of vision or mishandling (Wait just a minute, Mr. McQuaid!). We assume we are dealing with humans, when we're NOT. Making them ENFORCE the rules is generally assumed to be beneath them (requiring effort), as it means effort on their parts to actually DO something, seen through the lens of the rules. When speaking about our beloved sport, we often assume that the people in charge care about it like it's a small powerless child needing care and proactive attention, but nothing is further from the truth. It is also a fallacy to assume that a "organization" can bring about anything remotely related to the type of beloved attention that most worthy endeavors (like cycling or any world sport really) require. Showing real care or even ethical behavior (ala Travis Tygart) is so rare as to be frankly amazing to us; yet somehow what we really continue to expect out of a nameless, faceless hydra of a bureaucracy; ANY bureaucracy. Doing so is just ridiculous, and it's even more ridiculous to expect anything much different from Cookson (or Obama or other such figureheads), sad to say. It's the greasy inhuman slope of bureaucracy ITSELF that is at issue here, and until we fix that we don't fix anything. Exerting power in their tiny range is all they the army of former humans who operate within bureaucracies have, so don't try to stop them, either. THIS IS ALL I HAVE! waaaa Look who sounds like that: Pat McQuaid. No surprises there. This is why rules aren't applied consistently, because with Lance, the overall "hue and cry" volume MADE them do something (waaah!!!), but Jan Ullrich has mostly disappeared (Kevin Livingston, I'm looking at YOU, too) and the rest get by the "do the minimum" principle of bureaucracies by being silent. Lord Help You if you get into Court- The Bureaucracy's final gauntlet or Ring of Hell. The REAL Omerta is the silence of the masses inside the robotic machinery (greased by an ethical firewall that all bureaucracies live behind, pretending they are still human while treating people inhumanly) of bureaucracies; but this silence is NOT as a result of a lack of courage on the guilty cyclist's part- but rather an understanding that speaking out gets the attention of a bureaucracy, and this, as I said, is a smart person's idea of Hell. So, for me, ONLY a truth and reconciliation process works, because T&R "bureaucracy-ify" the process we normal humans can just go through on our own, between us, as regular humans- by talking, wailing and gnashing teeth at each oher. A T&R encodes humanity in the terms of a bureaucracy in a way that NOTHING ELSE CAN. Still, this generally takes FOREVER, and only comes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late. Ridiculously, incompetently, wrong-on-so-many-levels late. But, this is typical of this inhuman behavior inherent in Bureaucracy. Par for the course. I for one don't understand why we humans continue to create "organizations" that will inherently de-humanize us in their dealings with us. Surely there is a better way.
Eric Blais More than 1 year ago
Way to long...
Walkie Talkie More than 1 year ago
Can someone summarize this for me? Gave up after the first word in ALL CAPS.
azureskies More than 1 year ago
Great BLOG Durgadas, but we live in an imperfect worl with humans who fail We are our own keepers and are responsible for OUR OWN BEHAVIOUR. So shoot down Lance OBAMA, COOKSON LIVINGSTON. Never ever look at yourself.
indurain666 More than 1 year ago
Funny how this article is really ticking off many former and active lance fanboys. Who cares if he keeps the medal or not..
LRI44 More than 1 year ago
Don't think anyone on here is losing sleep on if he keeps it or not, people are just showing an opinion. Dont think it has anything to do with 'fanboys' as in general articles about LA getting sued, the majority comment on how he deserves it, where as articles or purely doping related like this the majority take a more lenient view due to what we now know and in this case the other too blokes on the podium.
Ilan Vardi More than 1 year ago
How can you force someone to give back this item? I don't see the legal precedent.