Gallery: Time trial bikes at the Giro del Trentino

A look at the bikes in action in the opening team time trial stage

Many of the 16 teams in action at the Giro del Trentino used the opening team time trial to test their aero bikes, equipment and warm-up routines before the rapidly approaching Giro d'Italia.

The 13.4km TTT was covered at an average speed of 56.620km/h, making aerodynamics but also bike handling vitally important.

Before the riders could begin a final reconnaissance of the 13.4km course on closed roads, the UCI judges carefully measured every bike to ensure it fitted within the length limitation rules. A spirit level was also used to check that saddles were horizontal, with several mechanics forced to make rapid adjustments before the bikes were approved for competition.

Bikes are becoming more and more aerodynamic, with both front and rear hidden brakes no the norm rather than the exception. The Time Machine used by the BMC squad has an integrated front brake in the fork and a rear brake under the bottom bracket, while Team Sky's Pinarello Bolide has small cover on the front and rear brakes.

Hidden head steerers are also becoming far more common if not de-rigor, with the Colombia team's Wilier Triestina bikes having the biggest and most innovative look thanks to a split head tube design.

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