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Froome ready to ride with Wiggins in 2014

Stephen Farrand
August 13, 2013, 17:45,
August 15, 2013, 15:17
First Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Thumbs up. Chris Froome (Sky)  en route to Paris

Thumbs up. Chris Froome (Sky) en route to Paris

  • Thumbs up. Chris Froome (Sky)  en route to Paris
  • Nairo Quintana (Movistar), Chris Froome (Sky) and Peter Sagan (Cannondale) stand victorious on the podium in Paris
  • Chris Froome (Sky) celebrates his overall victory in the 100th Tour de France

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Tour de France winner heads to Colorado to prepare for the world championships

Chris Froome (Team Sky) has said there is no reason why he and Bradley Wiggins cannot ride together in same races and perhaps even at the 2014 Tour de France, describing suggestions that the two Britons don’t get on as "an outside look at things".

Froome was speaking briefly on Sky Sports in London before flying to Colorado for the USA Pro Challenge that begins on August 19. It will be his first serious race since winning the Tour de France in July 21 and marks the start of his build-up for the world road race championships in Tuscany.

Froome studied the road race circuit in Florence last week, apparently telling local guide and former professional Roberto Poggiali that he likes the hilly circuit but revealing that he will not ride the individual time trial event for Great Britain. Wiggins will target the time trial but it is unclear if he is willing to be Froome's domestique for the road race.

The two British riders clashed near the end of Wiggins' dominant ride in the 2012 Tour de France and have ridden different race programmes since the Tour of Oman in February. Wiggins admitted that Froome has earned the right to lead Team Sky at the 2014 Tour de France after winning this year but suggested that he may be in the team along side Froome.

"I don’t see any reason why not," Froome said diplomatically. "We're both professionals and we've both won the Tour de France now. There are a lot of races on our calendar but I don’t see why not."

Froome denied there's competition between the two.

"I wouldn't say that. I think it's more of an outside look at things. We’ve never competed at a race together. At each race there's a clear plan and a clear leader. It doesn't happen in pro cycling that you have two guys (from the same team) racing against each other."

A colourful journey from Africa

Froome gave Team Sky's its second consecutive Tour de France victory with a dominant performance in July. He finished 4:20 ahead of Nairo Quintana (Movistar) and 5:04 ahead of Joaquim Rodriguez (Katusha). Froome said he expected a bigger challenge from Alberto Contador (Saxo-Tinkoff) who was only fourth at a distant 6:27.

"I was expecting more of a battle, a closer race. I thought that Contador would have been closer to where I was. Saying that, it wasn't easy. Every day here was something to overcome, there was always something happening and some big challenges.

"It's been a colourful journey from riding a bike and growing up in Africa to getting into the Euro scene and eventually the Tour de France. It's wasn't easy but that's part of the accomplishment I feel."

Froome praised his teammates for their support and again picked out Richie Porte as Team Sky's next Grand Tour contender.

"My teammates were hugely important. I wouldn't have reached Paris in yellow without their support during every step of the way. They made sure I was hydrated, fed and protected in every moment of the race."

"He (Porte) is definitely one of the best. He put everything on the line to sacrifice his chances to keep me in the yellow. He's one for the future."

Getting ready for the world championships

Froome has ridden a series of criteriums since the Tour de France but will soon do some more serious efforts at altitude at the USA Pro Challenge.

Despite a long hard season and success at the Tour de France, he seems motivated for the world championships in Tuscany.

"It was a huge thing for British cycling for Cavendish to be in the world champion's jersey and it would be an absolute honour to wear the jersey myself," he said.

"It's going to be a really tough race down in Florence, though. It finishes with a hard circuit - keeping in mind it's 280km and over 4000m of climbing - so it's going to be a little bit of a gamble. I think a couple of groups of riders could win it, either a punchier climber or a real pure climber, so it does open the race up to a lot of guys who could do really well there. But that makes it more exciting and I'd like to give it a shot and go for it."

mr. tibbs More than 1 year ago
Get out, Wiggins. Go to a team that'll support you and give us a good race next July.
happytramp More than 1 year ago
I agree. I'd actually love to see Wiggin's move team and go head to head with Froome, Nibali, Quintana and in in form Contador and Andy Schleck. That would be some race.
Terrence Martineau More than 1 year ago
not going to happen...
Peter von More than 1 year ago
sadly it's not looking that way no, but it would be cool, if nothing else it would be a welcome change to have someone in the GC with a better TT than Froome. But i don't think Wiggins will put himself through as much dieting and mountain training to be a domestigue for Froome, so it'll be intriguing to see what role he'll fit in. He is after all still a great athlete. Maybe a classics run in coming years could be an option, maybe Roubaix is too much for him, but San Remo, Vlaanders and Amstel might be good options.
Lucifa More than 1 year ago
Hey Newb, You do know that riders do transfer from team to team right? Wiggo doesn't have to ride for Sky for the rest of his career.
Rob Alan More than 1 year ago
Dont think you can genuinely comment on this till the parcours comes out for the 2014 race. But a route similar to this year does not suit Wiggins at all.
_nm___ More than 1 year ago
if it does, do you reckon it's worth collecting signatures on a petition to try and make pressure on him to move teams?
Rob Alan More than 1 year ago
The way Wiggins is talking about gaining weight for the worlds TT I don't know if he will ride for GC again in a GT. Porte seems set on the Giro and Henao for the Vuelta. Doubt any other team pays Wiggins the way Sky do.
Lightening Toke More than 1 year ago
The frustration of our desire to see Wiggins on another team is a violation of our rights. A petition may be the only way to speak truth to power and reveal to everyone that in fact our rights are violated.
Pulpstar More than 1 year ago
BMC would fit Wiggo
Terrence Martineau More than 1 year ago
that's all that BMC needs... another rider fighting it out for a top 40th placing... lol...
DaleUK More than 1 year ago
Wiggins can do a job for Froome next year in the Tour without doubt, I dont think going to another team is an option, he wants to return to the Track for Rio 2016 for a career swansong. Sky will give him the support he needs to do it, no other team can compete with that.
Terrence Martineau More than 1 year ago
I totally agree.. Wiggins will be an invaluable big engine for Froome... go back to track... maybe an hour attempt... he should actually be able to power to a good Paris Roubaix as well.. bike handling might be an issue.. he has a lot of options... I think he's realized that everything came together for one year and he had an amazing season... but, not going to be repeated... now we just have wait for some of his less knowledgeable fans to come to terms...
Chris Todgers More than 1 year ago
terrence - we agree for once. good to see the content of your posts has moved on from the constant barrage of doping accusations that so often are the focus of your posts!
martinvickers More than 1 year ago
Yes, 2012 was ideal for him - but then look back in the lemond Hinault era - literally hundreds of KM of TT - you can imagine the TT damage Wiggins could have done on those courses. Th Tour has got progressively less TT friendly in recent decades - 2012 was an anomoly in that sense, and he took advantage - much as Cavendish did in copenhagen (how often do we have pure sprinter Worlds?) But, yes, 2014. Guys bear in mind one obvious but unmentioned thing - Froomes chief leiutenant, Porte, has been promised the Giro. He's unlikely to be fit to superdom Froome - that, I'd suggest might be where Brad's big engine comes in, perhaps with either Hanao or Kannaugh for the pure mountains
rocket man More than 1 year ago
Agree but I can not see him doing well in a race like Roubaix, bike handling as you say might be a big issue.
bikerbruce More than 1 year ago
You guys act as if these riders are pawns in a game that can be reused indefinitely. Regardless of dislike or suspected doping, Wiggins has done it all. He has nothing left to prove and he has nothing left in the tank. You've seen his last podium of a world tour race of any type and he will not attempt the hour.
Rob Alan More than 1 year ago
Bikerbruce - I sincerely doubt we have seen the last of him. I expect to for instance to at least podium at the world TT if not win.
Brian Handy More than 1 year ago
I doubt he'd be motivated to train and diet at the same level as 2012 just to be Froome's domestique.
LanterneVerte More than 1 year ago
he was 25th in Paris-Roubaix in 2009 when he was very skinny, he can handle it, the extra bulk can only help
Rob Alan More than 1 year ago
All the talk of him potentially going fo Roubaix I think is not too strong. Doubt he has the racing nouse or the sprinting ability to beat a Cancellara/Boonen to win Roubaix or Flanders type race.
BigFatCoward More than 1 year ago
why would he be fighting for 40th, if i'm not mistaken the last 3 GT's he has targetted and finished he came 3rd, 3rd, 1st. as well as many many many excellent placings in week long stage races, you are blinded by your hatred and it has renedered you completely irrational and increasingly misguided.
chechu More than 1 year ago
I am sorry to say I agree we may have seen the best of Wiggo, and what a best that has been. The man took advantage of a course set for him, but he still had to do the work. Froome has won the psychological battle over him now and if Wiggo still wants to ride it will have to be as Froomes little helper from now on. If he gets paid well for that, why not. Once he's gone the money will end
TANK91 More than 1 year ago
Terence your opinion is ivalid you said Quintana was a better ITT'er before the TDF than CF and he would be best GC guy in ITT. All because NQ did well in a hilly ITT, you no nothing m8.
Terrence Martineau More than 1 year ago
I never said that... I said that we'd see... that he had shown promise... the guy is 23 and he finished second... let's see some of the stuff I said.. a) Cadel Evans would crash and burn... 39th place... check! b) I said Movistar and Saxo would have the strongest teams in the race (not individuals.. teams)... they were riding circles and droping Sky's team left and right, but Froome was just too strong... check! c) I had Quintana as my dark horse... I even used "his coming out party".. he finished second place.. check! d) I said that Rodriguez was going to finish well and was keeping his "powered dry" when other said he wasn't showing form... 3rd place.. check! e) Porte was much stronger than I predicted.. wrong.. f) Contador was much weaker than I predicted.. wrong.. g) TJ was had a few bad days and finished way down on GC, but also had a few stellar days.. was a bit off there h) and if you actually read my post.. and most don't.. they read them selectively like you... I predicted that Froome would be hard to beat.. 1st place... check! from where I'm sitting I predicted some wrong, but mostly right... and some stuff like Quintana high place on GC and Cadel crashing and burning... most thought I was dead wrong on before the tour...
ianfra More than 1 year ago
Presumambly you could also email me next week's winning lotto numbers!
Toobab More than 1 year ago
I can give you last weeks if it's any use?
maplethedog More than 1 year ago
He knows it all, just ask him...
azureskies More than 1 year ago
Big Wiggins fan here, Brad seems intelligent enough to ride to his capabilities. If he wants the bank at SKY, he will perform as needed, Brad is a true pro, yeah! I think Brad was burnt out from last years awesomeness.