Florencio to return to racing this month

Cervelo says OTC medication contained banned product

Xavier Florencio is expected to return to racing this month, Cervelo TestTeam has announced on Sunday. The team withdrew the Spaniard from the Tour de France at the last minute when it was discovered he had used a product containing a banned product.

Florencio explained that he had been suffering from “increasingly painful” haemorrhoids after the Tour de Suisse, and bought a common over-the-counter remedy. After using the product he told the team doctor about it on the day before the Tour started. The doctor told him it contained ephidrine, a banned product which could lead to a positive doping control. The team then withdrew him from the Tour squad.

“The rider did indeed have the ailments as stated. The product he used to self-medicate is the most commonly sold over-the-counter medication to treat this ailment in Spain,” the team said in a statement issued Sunday afternoon.

Florencio “understands and accepts the steps taken by team management to protect him and the team.” According to the team, the case demonstrated the importance of “a policy to clear any medication in advance with the medical staff.”

The only remaining hurdle to Florencio's return to racing is his physical condition. As soon as that is cleared up and the medical staff pronounces him fit, he can race again. That is expected to be in time for the Clasica Ciclista San Sebastian on July 31, which Florencio won in 2006.

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