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Cancellara to tackle hour record

Cycling News
July 5, 2013, 09:56,
July 5, 2013, 11:06
Second Edition Cycling News, Friday, July 5, 2013
Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack Leopard) announced his new three-year deal with Trek today

Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack Leopard) announced his new three-year deal with Trek today

  • Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack Leopard) announced his new three-year deal with Trek today
  • Fabian Cancellara might need to ask for a leader's jersey in a slightly bigger size

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Swiss to make attempt after Worlds or 2014 Paris-Roubaix, says Guercilena

Fabian Cancellara is set to make an attempt on the world hour record within the next twelve months, either after the world championships in September or immediately after the 2014 Spring Classics campaign.

Speaking to Switzerland’s Italian-language television station RSI on Thursday evening, RadioShack-Leopard manager Luca Guercilena revealed that Cancellara would tackle the hour on the new velodrome at Grenchen, which is the headquarters of the Swiss cycling federation.

Cancellara had previously told Bicisport in 2009 that he planned to attack the hour record “sooner or later” but acknowledged that he would need time to prepare specifically for racing on the track.

The hour record currently stands at 49.7km and was set by Ondrej Sosenka in Moscow in 2005. Sosenka’s career ended when he tested positive for methamphetamine at the Czech time trial championships three years later.

A Cancellara attempt would bring considerable prestige to a record that has lost some of its lustre since the UCI opted to ban tri-bars and re-set the record to Eddy Merckx’s 49.431km from 1972.

That decision saw Chris Boardman’s 56.375km on the since outlawed “Superman” position from Manchester in 1996 downgraded to the status of “Best Human Effort,” and the previous bests set by Francesco Moser (1984), Graeme Obree (1993 and 1994), Miguel Indurain (1994) and Tony Rominger (1994) were also expunged from the record books

Boardman brought the curtain down on his career in October 2000 by bettering Merckx’s record on a traditional bike in Manchester, clocking 49.441, but the best road time triallists of the intervening period have all opted to forgo the hour record.

Lance Armstrong infamously claimed that he was planning an attack on the hour record in 2001 as a means of explaining his collaboration with the controversial doctor Michele Ferrari, but no such attempt was ever on the cards.

Cancellara is currently racing at the Tour of Austria and has built the second half of his season around reaching peak condition for the world championships in Florence. The Worlds road race takes place on September 29, meaning that a Cancellara hour record attempt would be likely to take place in the first half of October, or – if he decides to wait until next spring – in the weeks immediately after Paris-Roubaix.




FFrenchcyclisme More than 1 year ago
Yes unfortunately the hour record has lost its lustre and has no longer the prestige it used to be. The EPO generation + superman position alomost made Eddy Merckx record ridiculous. I remember merckx getting off his bike unable to walk and saying " Never again", while Rominger getting off his bike after clocking over 54km/h saying ' Another try tomorrow". Ridiculous !!
TShame More than 1 year ago
Is it possible for anyone to be more excited than me?
Doghouse More than 1 year ago
racyrich More than 1 year ago
I predict now that he'll never make the attempt. After some testing he'll realise that he simply can't get aero enough. The steps needed to address that - big position changes, bars higher and longer, narrower reach - will be too dramatic to effect in the limited period of top form he'll have in the 2 windows of opportunity mentioned.
Uncle_Tod More than 1 year ago
You forget he is Spartacus! He will never quit chasing his goals, just look at his spring campaign after last year's bad luck, I just say it's a way of saying you got lucky last year Boonen, this year these victories are mine!
FignonLeGrand More than 1 year ago
What, pardon, he wont be using training wheels. He can ride a bike.
Jesus from Cancun More than 1 year ago
As much as I admire Cancellara, I have to agree with you. The guy is a beast, but he would be faster if he could get a bit more aero on a regular drop bar like the one he would need to ride for the UCI official record. He would also need to develop a smoother pedaling style. Sometimes it looks like he is wrestilng the bike or trying to kick a ghost next to him. He is so good that he might as well break the record the way he rides now, but a good specific track training would allow him to leave an untouchable record... until Tony Martin decides to give it a go.
nightfend More than 1 year ago
Wiggins. I think he would have the best chance of breaking the hour record. He might as well go for it, since he seems to have given up on the TDF.
FabiquesAnquetillara More than 1 year ago
I have seen in flesh Cancellara ridding (training) on the track. He knows how to do it. Really well. Have you seen him timetrialing? He can be supersmooth even on the road. And getting track drill will represent NO problem. He knows it.
G3K762mm More than 1 year ago
Don't forget though, he used "electronic doping", lol. Remember those ridiculous reports that he had some sort of electric motor stowed in his bike tubing All because some dork showed him rapidly accelerate after "pressing some sort of button". How about a shift lever? The general public knows little more about cycling than the Tour de France and that there have been a lot of doping scandals. There are only "doping scandals" because somebody bothers to check, unlike in almost all sports in the U.S.
Dr_Stav More than 1 year ago
Fantastic! The hour record to me always appears more purist - a man, a standard bike, 1hr, how far? With all the different tech in cycling now, I like the fact that an attempt at the hour is a direct comparison between athletes and answers some of the question of who's better - Merckx or Cancellara? With cyclists from different generations who'll never have a fair race between them with advancing years, it's good to have the yard stick. I'd like Martin to have an attempt too.
DerekandMartha Larson More than 1 year ago
Who's better? For some reason, I don't think Eddie would hide from the TDF.
east_eight More than 1 year ago
Fantastic news. Great to see a big name tackling what used to be a blue riband challenge. Martin, Boonen and Wiggins next?
Benito More than 1 year ago
Boonen, yeah right.
east_eight More than 1 year ago
Why not? Knows his way around a track and no stranger to long, lone efforts
Benito More than 1 year ago
You don't really need a lot of track-experience to do the hour. Furthermore, Boonen is not a time-trialist. He is very capable in performing a long, lone effort after a long and hard prelude, which he can digest better than most.
TheCycleSeen More than 1 year ago
This is great to see. Always hoped someone like him would take a stab at it and would love to see Wiggins go for it also. Hopefully this kick starts some interest in it again among the modern peloton. And it just shows you how exceptional Merckx was that in the 28 years between his record being set and Boardman breaking it on the standard bike, 28 years worth of athletic advancement could only see Bordman put 10 metres on it.
Dr_Stav More than 1 year ago
Would never happen, but to have Wiggins, Cancellara and Martin all on the same kit but in three different crowd packed velodromes, in three different countries, all starting at the same strike of the hour would be brilliant.
barn yard More than 1 year ago
add bobridge and geraint thomas to that list
Jesus from Cancun More than 1 year ago
I'd say Bobridge and Durbridge...
Steven Nicholson More than 1 year ago
it'd probably need a very wealthy person with an interest in the history of cycling to make it happen but Wiggins in Manchester, Martin in Berlin and Cancellara in France/Italy (i don't know if Switzerland has any major velodromes) all racing at the same time would be a brilliant event.
FignonLeGrand More than 1 year ago
sorry I have uncontrollable pedantry disorder. The article states he will do it at a velodrome in Switzerland
Steven Nicholson More than 1 year ago
appologies, only just read the article properly
TheDude More than 1 year ago
No, he is in Switzerland because of the elevation. Add a few thousand meters to Manchester and Berlin, then it could happen. While not as important as for the mile, thin-air aerodynamics is still important. Training for the altitude even more so.
Mad_Malx More than 1 year ago
Don't think any of the Swiss cities are above 1000m
rums ranger More than 1 year ago
What a great thought..
yetanothergreenworld More than 1 year ago
Awesome! Fab Cab: please but the hour record back on the map!
durgadas More than 1 year ago
For me, the hour record is the greatest cycling achievement. Of course, I'm not a 100lbs skinny guy either. I am a 6'2" wattage machine and it's always held my fascination. I was obsessed with it in the 1990's, but what I know now means that this will never hold the same lustre for me as it did then. Of course, this makes me happier about Graeme Obree's accomplishments given that we know he wasn't on the juice unlike everyone else... hint hint. I'd be glad to see the Main Wattage Machine of the last few years give it back some polish.
nightfend More than 1 year ago
The big problem? All of these records were fueled by riders taking PEDs. Not sure how a clean rider can compete.
iZnoGouD More than 1 year ago
1 hour of miserable pain for what?
Cyclisme More than 1 year ago
Breaking the hour record puts you into history books - fame fame fame, a motivation for a lot of stuff in sports.