Bretagne sign Fédrigo as team expands

Budget and roster boost planned for Breton squad to build on Tour success

The management and sponsors at Bretagne-Séché Environnement are set to increase the size of the Breton team’s budget and roster with a view to building on a successful 2014. Their season’s highlight has been an impressive debut appearance at the Tour de France.

Having already signed Jonathan Hivert from Belkin, Bretagne have now announced that FDJ’s four-time Tour stage-winner Pierrick Fédrigo will also be joining them next season, when Bretagne’s roster will rise from 16 to 20 riders.

“They are riders who are hungry and can represent the image that we demonstrated on the Tour,” team manager Emmanuel Hubert tells L’Équipe. New pros Maxime Cam and Kévin Ledanois, from the Breton BIC2000 team will also be part of the line-up. BIC2000 will also become the official feeder squad for Bretagne.

Hubert says that the team’s aggressive riding during the Tour, where their riders featured in a significant number of breaks, caught the attention of their sponsors. “They want more of that, to pursue the adventure, but to do it on a bigger scale,” he says.

Hubert reveals that the team’s newest partners – online bank Fortuneo, dairy company Still and meat company Jean Floc’h – have all given concrete guarantees about their ongoing commitment. The team also indicates that the deal with Bretagne and Séché Environnement could continue beyond the end of 2015, when the current agreement runs out.

“Our goal is to bring together a pool of Breton companies,” one of the team’s four directors, Henri Le Bobinec, tells L’Équipe.

Hubert’s long-term objective is for Bretagne to be part of the new team hierarchy that the UCI is set to introduce in 2017, comprising a top Pro A division of 16 teams and a Pro B division of eight.

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