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Bretagne-Séché Environnement announces partnership with BIC 2000

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Bretagne-Schuller DS Emmanuel Hubert.

Bretagne-Schuller DS Emmanuel Hubert. (Image credit: Isabelle Duchesne)
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An emotional Olivier Le Gac (France) atop the podium for the junior men's road race

An emotional Olivier Le Gac (France) atop the podium for the junior men's road race (Image credit:

French Pro-Continental outfit Bretagne-Séché Environnement have announced that as of 2015, the amateur BIC 2000 (Brest Iroise Cyclisme 2000) team will become its official reserve team.

The general manager of Bretagne-Séché, Emmanuel Hubert, explained that the partnership strengthens the structure of the Breton team and is also an anticipation of the UCI's planned reform of teams from the 2017 season which proposes a reduction in team size but allows for teams to have a 'B-squad' or development team.

"It will bring much credit to BIC 2000 which will itself evolve as a team and enhance its appeal with respect to young riders and potential future sponsors," Hubert said. "Soon, it is expected that we will have a real synergy and will be able to offer to BIC 2000 the same resources as our pro team."
Yvon Caër, the team manager of BIC 2000, was equally welcoming of the agreement between the two team from Brittany.

"By becoming next season's reserve team for Bretagne-Séché Environnement in the context of the reform of 2017, we will offer a clear plan for young riders that we will select," Caër said. "And those lucky enough to go pro later in Bretagne-Séché Environnement, will do so in a more serene environment.

"As our staff will be shared, the riders will be on familiar ground. Finally, riders who wish to continue their studies can do themselves also in full serenity, with courses tailed to the individual."
BIC 2000 is one of twenty teams that compete in the highest level of French amateur competition, the DN1. Past riders for the team include Franck Bonnamour, 2013 European road race and current stagiaire with Bretagne-Séché, and junior world road race champion Olivier Le Gac who has signed a multi-year deal with


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