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Back to basics for Goss in 2014

Cycling News
December 29, 2013, 13:13,
December 29, 2013, 12:52
First Edition Cycling News, Monday, December 30, 2013
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Matthew Goss (Orica - GreenEdge)

Matthew Goss (Orica - GreenEdge)

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Change in race program for Australian sprinter

Even by his own admission, Matt Goss has failed to deliver his best since signing for Orica GreenEDGE at the start of 2012. Two individual wins – one at the Giro and the other at Tirreno Adriatico - were scant consolation for a rider who in the first six months of 2011 won 10 races, including Milan-San Remo.

Now, as he enters the final year of his current deal with the Australian team, he admits that he overcomplicated certain aspects of his profession and that 2014 will see a return to program that proved so successful almost three years ago.

“2013 wasn’t what I wanted and that’s for sure. There’s no beating around the bush with that, I guess,” he recently told Cyclingnews.

“2014 I’m going to try and go back to how I did things in 2011 and 2010 even. The way I’ve trained before and in what I have confidence in. It’s going back to basics a little bit.”

“It’s the same with the race programme a little bit. I’ve done Tirreno in the last two years but next year I’m going to go back to doing Paris-Nice and just trying to go back to how did things in 2010 and 2011 when I was more consistent.”

When Goss signed for Orica at the end of 2011 he was expected to lead the Australian outfit in the sprints of major races. Along with Simon Gerrans – the other linchpin of the squad – there were high expectations that the former HTC rider could deliver results on a consistent basis. However he found himself swamped in sprints with the emergence of riders such as Marcel Kittel and an improving Peter Sagan.

Team manager Matt White has already stated that Goss will take on races in a similar way as the Cannondale front man but as yet Goss has not finalised his complete program. His form – and that of the other sprinters on the team - in the early months of the year will determine whether he starts the Giro d’Italia or the Tour of California.

“I was trying to do more,” Goss said of his preparation.

“I tried to do everything better and better and I just seemed to complicate things more and more. 2012 was probably not as noticeable as I changed a few things and it was an okay year but not a great year. Then I tried to things even more and I didn’t achieve what I wanted.”

“When you don’t win it starts to build up and build up and you put more and more pressure on yourself. You’ve just got to deal with that move on. If I can go back to having confidence in doing things that I know used to work then that will help relieve the pressure.”

One aspect that does look concrete is that Goss will race less in the first half of 2014. At the Tour de France this year he lacked the acceleration to take on Kittel, Sagan and the other leading sprinters, a factor he puts down to too much racing ahead of July.

“If you look at the guys coming to the Tour now like Kittel and Greipel, they’re quite fresh. They’ve done a bit of racing but last year I did Romandie, Giro, Suisse and the Tour. I didn’t have that zip or acceleration. I was plenty strong enough but I was flat. I want to do that. That’s what I did before hand. I used to have periods of around four to six weeks where I could train but this year I’ve just tried to race more and more and that’s had a downward effect.”


wirral 9 months ago
Look, Whitey'll see you right, Gossy, mate. Go and see Whitey.
ElenaHTaylor 9 months ago
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Ryo Hazuki 9 months ago
grasping at straws here for goss.
Pedal Pusher 9 months ago
Goss just doesn't convince me - there's a lot of riders out there without teams for 2014 but Goss was kept on at OGE after 2 lean years. And thinking Goss can challenge Sagan - based on his last 2 years form that just aint gonna happen!
Strydz 9 months ago
He already had the contract so I should imagine it was easier to keep him than dump him, also there wasn't really a big name sprinter on the market. I would think after his Vuelta and late season results Matthews is developing nicely and should get more chances to lead in the bigger WT races, if Goss doesn't fire early you would hope OGE relegate him to 2nd tier races and leadout duties then send him packing by seasons end. I don't know what he is on contract wise but it would be at the higher end at OGE so it would free up cash to go after a big name.
bike_boy 9 months ago
I believe he was the highest paid rider at OGE in 2012, not sure about now though.
rocket man 9 months ago
They already have a super sprinter lined up for 2015, I can't wait to see what Caleb Ewen can do on the pro tour.
bike_boy 9 months ago
He has a 3 year contract, they kept him on because 2014 is his 3rd year with them. When he first signed, we all knew he'd be riding with them in 2014. There is a formula to work it out, but I can't think of it right now. It's something like a year on your calendar is equal to a year in his contract and you add all the contract years together or something and you have the total.
n085329 9 months ago
Nice one. That's gold!!
sime72 9 months ago
He doesn't need to convince you or anyone other than OGE management. Your opinion is irrelevant.
Cance > TheRest 9 months ago
Perhaps not, but there's nothing irrelevant about stating that Goss will have a hard time reaching his former level, now that the competition is better. Of course Goss can always just keep riding for OGE making no results, if thats what you mean.
Michael Rand 9 months ago
Love it. Arm chair critics. Up against the Ropes Gossy. Come out swinging and Prove the doubters wrong. Bring that true Aussie Fighting spirit out and you wont go too far wrong.
Tony M 9 months ago
I watched Matt Goss in the Christmas Strictly Come Dancing.The way that boy moved I'd say he's in for a big year 2014