An interview with Robbie McEwen

A prologue is not usually Robbie McEwen's thing, but as usual, the Australian speedster is focusing...

A reflection of human nature

A prologue is not usually Robbie McEwen's thing, but as usual, the Australian speedster is focusing on tomorrow's second stage, where he can use his talents. But as he tells Cyclingnews' John Trevorrow, it's been difficult to get into the swing of things with the drama leading up to the race.

CN: Well, Robbie, the first question has to obviously be, what's your view of what happened yesterday.

RM: Well, if they have got hard evidence of doing the wrong thing, they get kicked out because they have done the wrong thing. It has brought the sport into the spotlight for the wrong reasons. I suppose as far as the rest of the world is concerned, it's cycling which is involved again it is bad for us, it reflects badly on the sport of course. They should be naming the other sports and athletes too. They have got to do it otherwise, if you were there and you did it, get out.

CN: Just touching on that, because a lot of people don't know, but in the same Spanish inquisition there were 150 athletes from other sports named or insinuated against

RM: As a rider, I know only what I read in the paper on the internet or what I hear, so we have got to be careful and not judge people too quickly but in the beginning they said there were a couple of hundred names and from a number of different sports but they are only crucifying cycling. Those names and sports are being held back and if that is because cycling is really pushed to name names quickly before the Tour started, but they were already leaking names of cyclists from the beginning but not from any other sport. It's not fair on cycling as a sport in general, but even so if those guys have done what these reports say, they can't expect any mercy.

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