Gallery: USA Pro Challenge time trial tech

Teams cobble together varied set-ups for uphill time trial

Uphill time trials always prompt the question, road bike or time trial bike?

For stage 5 of the USA Pro Challenge, riders raced up a short, the 10mi/16.1km course that climbed roughly 1,500ft.

All the GC contenders ran full time-trial set-ups, opting for aerodynamic benefit over weight reduction.

But many riders just used road bikes with clip-on aerobars. With the top European teams operating out of rented busses and trucks instead of their own fleet, some bikes didn’t make the transatlantic flight.

Further, with time trialing being an inherently uncomfortable venture, riders and mechanics modified their bikes in a variety of ways, from stacking extra padding onto arm rests and wrapping them with electrical tape, to running nose-less saddles.

Click through the gallery at above right for a detailed look at the bikes used for the stage 5 uphill time trial of the USA Pro Challenge.

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