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Training day exploration

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January 27, 2007, 0:00 GMT,
April 22, 2009, 20:29 BST

There was a strange object in the Belgian sky this morning, something I have not seen in a while. It...

Sean Worsech stays focused at Wachtebeke.

Sean Worsech stays focused at Wachtebeke.

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Belgium, January 2, 2006

There was a strange object in the Belgian sky this morning, something I have not seen in a while. It was the sun. Because of this unexpected apperance of the sun, which for the past few days has been unseen in Belgium, Steve and I were anxious to get on the bikes to start our recovery ride from the previous day's race. However, we were not the only riders with this same thought, as we prepared breakfast, Nick Weighall came into the kitchen after just finishing his ride with the sunrise.

Even though I was bundled up with just about every bit of clothing I could muster, I felt the cold the instant we began to ride. On our way to the neighboring town of Kortrijk, we couldn't help but notice how nice of a day it was. Once we made it to Kortrijk, we were both pretty hungry. This came at a prefect time because we were in the middle of the town square, we began the hunt for which of the delicious shops to choose to eat at. We decided on a deli and got these great sandwiches. After finishing lunch, we headed back to the house.

Once we arrived back to the house everything was pretty routine, we checked our email and once we got bored enough, we headed outside on the cruiser bikes to check out some of the stores in Izegem.

However, it was not a training day for Ryan Trebon and Eric Tonkin; they had a race in Middlekerke, Belgium. It was an awesome day for the US there. Eric Tonkin got 24th, Ryan Trebon got 12th, and Johnathan Page took an amazing second place. Unfortunately the race was not on TV, so we did not witness the American power.

Tomorrow, there is still no race, but we will be getting ready for our race Sunday at Diegem [ed. note - Superprestige Race #6 in Belgium].

Euro 'cross camp IV

Fresh from US Cyclocross Nationals, sixteen American riders were selected for the Euro 'Cross Camp IV from December 23, 2006, to January 3, 2007, in Belgium. US national 'cross coach Geoff Proctor started the program in 2003 and runs the camps during his winter vacation from his job teaching high school in Montana. This is the fourth year that top US riders will be given this opportunity to gain valuable 'cross racing experience in Europe and to prepare for the world championships in late January. Riders were selected for this year's camp based on their performances in the 2006 USGP of cyclo-cross and US nationals. Coach Proctor and his riders will take turns contributing diary entries.

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