Happy hosts of the cycling family

More plane rides for Rory

It seems that I am always on a plane when I am writing these diaries!

This time I'm heading for San Diego. It's always nice to go home again, but I will only be there for four days before departing for the next trip. Another weekend, another state. However, I do appreciate my life and all the great things in it. I have the opportunity to do a job that most people do as a hobby. This sport is something we all love, no matter how many ups and downs we may have.

This month I've read a book. Yes, I managed to do it. I dragged myself away from the Internet, my iphone and a myriad of magazines just long enough to finish one of those old fashioned things called a book! I spent the weekend reading what I refer to as 'Floyd's Book'.

Now, I am an honest person and if I thought the book was garbage I would have no problem saying so. However, it was pretty damn captivating. The book includes fantastic descriptions of the inner workings of a cycling team and a Tour de France winner's life. Sorry Floyd, but I didn't buy it... I got it from something called a 'library'. Amazing - they lent me a book for free!

We lead an interesting cycling existence here in the United States. It's a big country, and the types of races vary greatly from week to week. For those wondering, traveling in the USA during July/August is normally a nightmare. However, I have discovered that there is a silver lining.

There are certain races in the US where we have something known as 'host housing'. This can be a difficult concept to fathom for those that grew up on European racing. To my very happy surprise, this is one of the best experiences in US racing. Complete strangers invite an entire team into their house!

By entire team I mean just that:

Eight riders
One director
Two soigneurs
One mechanic

These host families allow us to basically take over and turn their lives into complete disarray. Not only do these people take us in, they also feed us! It's an interesting concept to get into my thick skull. However, this is the essence of the sport we love.

People are enthralled with cycling and are willing to put themselves out to enjoy our whirlwind visit. When did I think it would be better to sit in a hotel room and not give back to the people that make the sport happen? After a week of wreaking havoc on the fridge, pantry, and freezer of this family, I am a believer. Not only that, I've also experienced 'real kindness' in its simplest form.

Final quote of this entry. Take it or leave it advice that I have learnt more about his month - I remember my mother telling me this years ago (to which I never listened). "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all."

Rory Sutherland Team OUCH - Maxxis twitter: rorysutherland1

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