Schultz takes Whiskey 50 after Juarez drifts off course

Andy Schultz (Kenda-Felt MTB Team) won the Whiskey 50 endurance mountain-bike race in Prescott, Arizona, on Saturday after race leader Tinker Juarez (Cannondale Factory Racing) veered off course in the closing miles and missed the finish. The pair had been off the front together up the course’s penultimate climb when Juarez pulled away, only to lose track of course markings in the final miles to town leaving Schultz with the victory and a new course record.

Jeff Herrera finished second in the open men’s class and Lance Runyan was third. Endurance professional and TransAlps veteran Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe’s) was the first female finisher ahead of Sarah Kaufmann and Sonya Looney.

Perfect weather sets up course-record pace

Mild conditions in Prescott, located at 5,300-feet elevation in the center of Arizona, and a contingent of nationally-ranked endurance professionals in the 375-rider field (including Rebecca Rusch, Jeff Kerkove, Ariel Lindsley, Yuri Hauswald among others), setup a quick pace for the event.

"There was a big group together through the pavement," Schultz said at the finish line. "Then it kicks up and gets steep right before you hit dirt so I pushed the pace into the singletrack and by the time we got off, there was four of us left."

Tinker Juarez was one of the four. The two managed to escape the lead group together on the 10-mile ascent out of Skull Valley. Schultz, who plans to race a calendar of elite-level cross country this season culminating with the Firecracker 50 marathon National Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado, took the lead on the climb.

"I couldn't shake Tinker though," he said. "With maybe two miles to go on the climb, he started gapping me."

Even though he started to gap Schultz, Juarez wasn't sure he was clear. "I could see that he was getting farther back but I still thought he was setting me up for something," Juarez said. "So we hit this fast downhill singletrack and I just kept it going."

Juarez led out of the forest and back into town. All he needed to win was to cruise in to the finish line. But he made a wrong turn, handing the victory to Schultz. "In town I got to an intersection with a signal and I was not sure exactly where to go," he wrote on his blog. "Apparently, there was supposed to be someone there to direct us to turn left. But my time had beat the course record and they didn't expect anyone so quickly. So I figure the traffic director arrived about a minute after I passed the intersection."

Juarez added that after a long drive to the event the day before the race, he missed critical information about the course that could have helped him. "We were beat after the long drive, though, and while the late evening rider's meeting was going on, we were already sleeping. That was probably the fatal flaw."

Once off course, it took Juarez a while to figure out his mistake. "I couldn't believe it," he said after finally finding the finish line. "I know I'm old but it can't be just the age. There weren't enough people there to tell me where to go. It just kicks me."

"On a personal level, I feel terrible," said race promoter Todd Sadow of Epic Rides. "It's never good to see anyone get lost on a course, especially when they’re in first place. We hope we can get him back here next year with better knowledge of the course so we can see him victorious."

The pedigree of the other women in the field in mind was the key to Gretchen Reeves' win in her first race of the season, according to the rider. "I saw Rebecca Rusch on the first climb," Reeves said after the race. "So I rode like she was right behind me the whole time."

The 26-year-old Schultz, from Durango, Colorado, will next race at the Mellow Johnny's Classic US Pro XCT race at Lance Armstrong’s Austin, Texas ranch while 49-year-old Juarez heads for Spain to compete in a four-day stage race. Reeves, 38, of Avon, Colorado, said she picks events for their fun and challenge factor and will compete in the Teva Games this year. Reeves is a veteran of the TransAlps mountain-bike stage race and will contest the Trans Rockies in 2010 along with her boyfriend.

Full Results

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Men open 50 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Schultz3:17:50
2Jeff Herrera0:00:03
3Lance Runyan0:00:16
4Daniel Matheny0:05:16
5Will White0:09:27
6Yuki Saito0:10:23
7Jeremy Thatcher0:11:04
8Scott Keller0:11:40
9Eric Salstrand0:12:04
10Sloane Anderson0:12:23
11Dana Weber0:14:28
12Zachary Keller0:15:46
13Kamden Reedy0:16:52
14Kyle Reedy0:16:53
15Brent Prenzlow0:18:14
16Davis Jonathan0:18:34
17Shannon Boffeli0:20:02
18Ward Baker0:20:49
19Jeff Kerkove0:21:02
20Tim Bolton0:23:10
21Clifford Clermont0:25:04
22Josh Kelley0:25:20
23Chris Suter0:25:35
24James Walsh0:26:18
25Trapper Steinle0:26:54
26Benjamin Webster0:29:35
27Brad Johnson0:31:07
28Marc Driver0:31:16
29Tony Smith0:32:46
30Matt Connors0:33:01
31Ron Jensen0:33:36
32Josh Maule0:35:09
33Ben Jones0:36:13
34Marcus Hayward0:38:23
35Ben Sullivan0:38:43
36Bill Wheeler0:38:58
37Benji Kozuch0:39:19
38Daniel King0:39:32
39Zachary Stanford0:41:36
40Bob Saffell0:43:22
41Alan Christianson0:43:46
42Jeff Hemperley0:44:16
43James Winebrenner0:44:32
44Chris Jenkins0:44:42
45Dan Peckardt0:44:57
46Daryl Roberts0:46:15
47Erik Keniston0:47:15
48Stephen Zetich0:48:40
49Jeff Garmany0:50:06
50Paul Broaderip0:50:10
51Matt Kipper0:50:21
52James Gerber0:50:27
53Derek Eysenbach0:50:31
54Tyson Hall0:50:32
55Corey Coplea0:50:42
56Richard Fiske0:51:49
57Dan Maher0:52:58
58Zack Heim0:54:14
59Leslie Handy0:54:34
60Brock Boynton0:54:50
61Kyle Rafford0:56:42
62Ariel Lindsley0:58:33
63Jim Koziol0:59:23
64Chris Ramsey0:59:51
65Greg Martin1:00:05
66Ryan Waldron1:01:09
67Craig Nelson1:01:11
68Cameron Coker1:01:41
69Michael Cline1:02:53
70Jay Castleberry1:03:48
71Tyler Ford1:03:58
72John Shumaker1:04:11
73Erik Luebkert1:04:59
74Alex Strickland1:07:44
75Don Eldridge1:07:48
76Clint Lepetich1:07:55
77Michael Krall1:08:00
78Brian Sullivan1:08:04
79Steve Delong1:08:12
80Robert Monahan1:08:59
81Matthew Braselton1:09:29
82Ryan Weeger1:10:22
83Jason Ransdell1:11:23
84Jason Welborn1:11:33
85Jeff Cuthbertson1:12:16
86Jason Lilje1:12:19
87Mike Herlinger1:12:37
88Todd Sims1:13:39
89Jens Raz1:14:51
90Doug Gangi1:14:58
91Ignacio Rivera De Rosales1:15:49
92Marty Ryerson1:16:27
93Matt Sniegowski1:16:28
94Noah Holcomb1:16:30
95David Rimron1:16:33
96James Robinson1:17:29
97Simon Zmyslinski1:17:50
98Jesse Peck1:18:59
99Trent Cox1:19:23
100Jared Nelson1:20:12
101Jeffrey Ryan1:22:07
102Jeremy Killen1:22:40
103Mike Dale1:22:59
104Ryan Oliphant1:23:03
105Christopher Richards1:23:39
106Dustyn Ladewig1:23:50
107Matt Donaldson1:26:09
108Ashley Oelschlaeger1:28:01
109Chewy Aitken1:28:49
110Scott Douglas1:29:20
111Chris Bosselmann1:30:22
112David Finocchio1:34:52
113Ryan Lord1:35:33
114Tom Stack1:36:24
115Jim Tryonas1:36:28
116Adam Pace1:37:37
117Brian Murphy1:39:46
118Corey O\'brien1:40:39
119Nick Ellett1:40:48
120Christopher Weber1:40:51
121Jim Chott1:41:19
122Darryl Mckinney1:43:52
123Steven Bolton1:44:15
124Brett Laycock1:44:21
125Sinjin Eberle1:45:46
126Jason Alexander1:46:34
127Matt Rozar1:48:37
128Jason Hall1:50:11
129Joe Roberts1:51:55
130Matt Carstens1:56:23
131Bill Ickes1:57:31
132Bud Heintz1:57:35
133Rusty Spinney1:57:36
134Kevin Kraus1:59:07
135Davis Mcneil1:59:53
136Phil Maxwell2:03:05
137Scott English2:03:37
138James Matt2:06:05
139Ed Fryatt2:06:48
140Jeff Wortzel2:08:06
141Scott Smith2:09:11
142Adam Kroger2:10:50
143Kurtn Mindy2:14:10
144Will Johnson2:14:18
145Chad Gorman2:14:45
146Shawn Gregore2:15:30
147Brett Wham2:16:45
148Paul Dellorco2:17:44
149Ben Hammer2:18:38
150Rob Griffin2:19:13
151Mike Miller2:19:20
152Ken Gardner2:21:20
153Brian Coffman2:23:34
154Wilson Lee2:24:53
155Joe Baumgarte2:26:30
156Derek Oldfield2:26:31
157Nathan Andrews2:27:25
158Casey Kelso2:29:26
159Patrick Black2:31:09
160David Meyers2:31:31
161Keith Hubbard2:32:56
162Adam Bergen2:34:01
163Steven Cabourne2:34:13
164Kevin Brown2:35:05
165Ernie Negrete2:37:24
166Rob Shaver2:39:03
167Rob Bauer2:39:19
168Mark Weston2:42:46
169Duane Sullivan2:42:47
170Mike Rothermel2:44:28
171Zachery Kinsfather2:46:15
172Jeremy Wilkey2:48:40
173James Bliss2:48:52
174Chris Muller2:49:17
175James Mandolini2:51:01
176Nathan Holt2:51:11
177Andrew Rounseville2:54:06
178Daniel Sands2:55:57
179Tommy Pepe2:57:08
180Khoa Hua2:57:24
181Bryan Jensen2:57:28
182Jeremy Boggs2:59:05
183Chad Lusk3:02:28
184Aaron Baltins3:03:11
185Ronald Sheahan3:03:15
186Jim Sweet3:06:32
187Tim Huber3:06:36
188Brennan Howes3:14:15
189Ron Heide3:15:02
190David Schaffner3:16:30
191Lee Middleton3:17:19
192David Fay3:18:43
193Raymond Obolewicz3:19:43
194Ray Titus3:22:04
195Michael Kehler3:22:53
196Brett Stanton3:23:01
197Mike Hearty3:23:29
198Jamie Seegert3:33:24
199David Bouchard3:38:07
200Marty Coplea3:38:25
201Jason Lusk4:03:27
202Blair Burton4:05:49
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Women open 50 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gretchen Reeves3:51:41
2Sarah Kaufmann0:12:21
3Sonya Looney0:14:15
4Rebecca Rusch0:20:45
5Jen Hanks0:40:18
6Ann Sylvester0:43:08
7Sarah Wallick0:51:25
8Emily Mann1:01:40
9Cathy Yndestad1:04:48
10Gianna Bianchi1:35:25
11Veronique Pardee1:43:34
12Kris Hanning1:59:38
13Alexandra Martinez2:05:11
14Kristen Bonkoski2:35:21
15Stephanie Vogel2:44:06
16Patti Schmidt-iverson2:53:08
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Junior men 50 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Gross4:21:33
2Garrett Chott0:43:24
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Singlespeed men 50 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Hileman3:44:02
2Beto Villegas0:03:32
3Yuri Hauswald0:07:50
4Tom Ament0:12:17
5Travis Mcmaster0:15:52
6Dustin Wardle0:16:15
7Gregory Bury0:21:00
8Tim Hull0:24:48
9John Mylene0:27:57
10Brandon Bogardus0:28:20
11Neil Becwar0:31:34
12Jeff Wood0:36:16
13Phil Panipinto0:39:30
14Andy Stevenson0:40:57
15Reade Jackson0:47:44
16Aaron Johnson0:47:50
17Kristofer Pleszewicz0:47:52
18Tyler Zander0:53:23
19Mike Haas0:56:13
20Glen Shoemaker0:57:23
21Patrick Olson1:00:48
22Matt Killeen1:03:22
23Mark Eikenberry1:17:59
24R.j. Mcnulty1:19:06
25Steve Reynolds1:20:31
26John Lupo1:25:16
27Wayne Thayer1:27:54
28Chad Sexton1:29:54
29Travis Jones1:58:38
30Ryan Wesson2:01:05
31Byron Mcclurg2:28:11
32Quincy Haarer2:37:46
33Kaolin Cummens2:53:16
34Martin Petrocelli3:00:01
35Eric Armbruster3:11:54
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Singlespeed women 50 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paula Bohte4:53:20
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Master men 45+ 50 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Doug Andrews3:33:02
2Mimmo Futia0:15:04
3Keith Koller0:22:28
4Robert Laroche0:24:10
5Tom Archer0:27:00
6Andrew Yates0:28:25
7Bill Lenhart0:34:50
8Gary Strabala0:34:50
9Chris Grove0:35:00
10Jim Jordan0:35:16
11David Johnson0:36:32
12Richard Merrick0:40:31
13Rod Silvey0:41:32
14Art Macfarland0:42:59
15Steve Larson0:48:47
16Chuck Ensign0:49:33
17Jeff Butler0:51:03
18Grant Taylor0:53:37
19Mike Perry0:54:16
20Rob Harter0:59:41
21Steve Gross1:06:14
22Dave Thompson1:06:23
23Jack Adams1:07:10
24Jonsthan Green1:09:37
25Brian Beattie1:13:11
26Michael Mckenna1:17:16
27Elrie Iverson1:18:09
28John Fitzner1:21:09
29John Solomito1:22:43
30Todd Deangelis1:23:16
31Paul Camp1:24:05
32Riley Frazier1:27:44
33Jeff Strong1:27:56
34Tod Thornton1:28:29
35Randy Harris1:29:05
36James Mahoney1:31:47
37David Lash1:32:22
38Stephen Boland1:36:36
39Glenn Miller1:40:38
40Mark Delaney1:43:57
41Fred Uttke1:44:42
42Kevin Quigley1:45:51
43Mark Keller1:46:13
44Kevin Sternitzky1:50:36
45Walt Lopus1:58:25
46Bruce Purdy1:59:14
47Kerry Yndestad2:01:19
48John Sanders2:01:53
49Kevin Lockart2:06:07
50Lee Larocelle2:06:10
51Eddie Rea2:13:22
52Bryan Blue2:17:33
53Jeff Thomas2:18:44
54Richard Wolf2:22:11
55Dale Delaney2:22:54
56Ray Eberlin2:23:17
57Scott Golden2:29:19
58Jeffrey Flemmer2:34:39
59Rick Watts2:37:03
60Bryant Johnston2:37:23
61Daniel Friedman2:42:14
62Darin Maxwell2:43:27
63Sean Clifford2:44:38
64Richard Cunningham2:52:04
65Bob Martin2:59:49
66Monty Owen3:02:26
67Joseph Warta3:02:33
68Dan Warta3:02:35
69Robin Brown3:06:07
70David Lind3:14:01
71Bruce Shoemaker3:18:18
72Blake Hudson3:18:20
73Tom Donaldson3:19:43
74Stan Goldstein3:22:51
75Doug Farlow3:22:52
76Thom Porterfield3:23:17
77Anthony Ruggeroli3:28:15
78William Rainaldi3:32:27
79Eric Wilkey3:39:52
80Wes Baker3:39:55
81Scott Goodson3:40:52
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Master women 50 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sandi Scrimgeour5:10:10
2Roxanne Hall0:04:08
3Leslie Masters1:14:08
4Wendy Skean1:16:12
5Jill Futia1:24:59
6Karen Eberlin1:27:30
7Jeann Starling1:53:58
8Lisa Crujido2:34:31
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Men open 25-mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Graham Aldridge2:17:02
2Tim Maddux0:12:43
3Jason Downing0:15:18
4Travis Erwin0:19:25
5Kenneth Kimble0:19:38
6Dave Lefevre0:24:38
7Peter Sproul0:25:03
8Douglas Lage0:27:16
9Kevin Donnellan0:27:50
10Will Ortiz0:31:03
11Ryan Mortensen0:31:26
12Shawn Vaca0:31:34
13Clayton Stude0:31:55
14Brian Roberts0:31:56
15Michael Lamers0:33:40
16Alex Stedman0:34:09
17Sadhu Low0:34:30
18Seth Sproul0:37:17
19Dave Rowe0:43:03
20Devin Delnicki0:44:41
21Brad Knox0:45:03
22Ben King0:45:05
23Tom Contini0:45:09
24Michael Lugo0:46:22
25James Bria0:47:40
26Marion Vance0:47:46
27Bryan Vahjen0:48:02
28Jason Pfaff0:48:20
29John Ferguson0:49:14
30John Day0:49:22
31Guillermo Cortes0:49:30
32Jeff Shaffer0:50:42
33Dan Breyer0:52:59
34Ryan Zilka0:53:11
35Matt Kellerman0:54:10
36Christopher Mertens0:54:14
37Greg Trone0:54:33
38Colt Mehler0:54:46
39Gaired Fressadi0:56:10
40Paul Dewitt0:56:55
41Brad Vanderley0:58:29
42Randy Zima0:58:31
43Kevin Palmer0:59:34
44Aaron Kerth0:59:52
45Eric Naughton1:02:01
46Clif Hill1:03:00
47Jason Boles1:04:23
48Micah Caudle1:05:31
49Richard Swedbergh1:05:39
50Dave Domagala1:06:15
51Michael Akerson1:07:14
52Jeff Hughes1:07:33
53Franklin Pendleton1:07:35
54Robert Mansolillo1:07:49
55Albert Ubieta1:08:39
56Nicolas Cyr1:08:45
57Mark Burnside1:09:29
58Mark Horrocks1:09:33
59Jeffrey Horen1:09:35
60Scott Beckstead1:09:49
61Philip Whitford1:12:46
62Benjamin Corso1:14:58
63Andy Weitkunat1:15:02
64Ignacio Jimenez1:15:19
65Jon Bush1:16:08
66Justin Devine1:16:23
67Thierry Bousquet1:18:29
68Jeremy Wolfe1:19:28
69Ryan Mccallum1:19:30
70Douglas Rehder1:21:01
71Jay Rapson1:21:22
72Rob Lininger1:21:27
73Ryan Hensley1:21:45
74Rudy Dabdoub1:22:14
75Harry Cooper1:23:13
76John Donovan1:23:16
77Jeff Barber1:23:43
78Mark Strasser1:24:18
79Devin Petry1:24:46
80Tim Johnston1:24:57
81Guy Bell1:25:16
82Miguel D. Crisantes1:25:23
83Jeff Smith1:25:27
84Sean Moreau1:25:30
85Richard Meyers1:26:07
86John Pollard1:26:12
87Nathan Moroney1:26:14
88Steve Lee1:26:23
89Michael Knowles1:26:31
90David Richardson1:30:01
91Jeff Gordon1:30:43
92Rick Lemieux1:33:47
93Edward Ellermeyer1:33:48
94Scott Givens1:34:30
95Cory Foster1:34:32
96Brandon Brizzolara1:35:08
97Peter Crocker1:35:21
98Jason Mckinney1:36:34
99Blair Mclaughlin1:36:38
100Michael Stevenson1:36:49
101Richard Lorenzen1:36:52
102Garret Westlake1:37:12
103Sean Henning1:37:53
104Agustin Farias1:39:15
105Jeff Kubiak1:39:57
106Chris Janick1:40:17
107Rob Seals1:44:44
108Mike Desoto1:44:51
109Mark Funicello1:45:04
110Mark Labelle1:45:08
111John Holbert1:46:13
112Mike Mccarrick1:48:12
113Kelly Varney1:50:06
114Adam Campbell1:50:35
115Derek Matz1:50:47
116Tyler Goodrich1:51:44
117Nicholas Dubs1:54:12
118Scott Wraith1:56:40
119Heriberto Alanis1:56:47
120Matt Halverson1:57:15
121Alan Floyd1:57:21
122David Rengifo1:58:40
123Mertie Stompro1:58:41
124Alex Harris1:58:42
125Michael Brusseau2:01:55
126James Dickerson2:02:01
127Will Ward2:03:17
128Daniel Chitwood2:03:42
129Ruben Leon2:04:58
130Darien Humbert2:06:20
131Shawn Tringham2:06:36
132Kevin Vislusky2:07:15
133Jeff Baylor2:07:20
134Clint Haynes2:07:20
135Justin Rizor2:07:29
136James Kerridge2:08:57
137Mike Wilda2:09:19
138Jon Baggett2:09:35
139Wallace Davis2:09:37
140Rene Guerrero2:09:39
141Matthew Paciorek2:09:57
142Timothy Gillis2:10:16
143Michael Harvey2:11:02
144Randy Lovin2:11:53
145Dan Cox2:11:54
146Toby Guillette2:11:55
147Jeremy Rhodes2:12:43
148William Turcato2:14:30
149David Brandt2:14:51
150Rob Benson2:15:00
151Joseph Clickner2:16:23
152Mitch Sandoval2:18:43
153Matt Hilbert2:20:02
154Thomas Stotler2:20:04
155Jim Heilmann2:20:31
156Timothy Johnson2:20:33
157Luke Lamers2:20:37
158Jason Hobbs2:23:13
159Victor Kish2:26:59
160Matt Alexander2:27:14
161Edward Gray2:27:18
162Jon Hilton2:27:20
163Alvaro Ii Garcia2:27:46
164Justin Gingg2:28:26
165Jason Hill2:28:26
166Nick Wood2:29:52
167Nathan Smith2:29:55
168Robert Hughes2:29:56
169Justin Kissel2:30:07
170Andrew Coffey2:32:05
171James Baker2:34:15
172Brian Strand2:34:16
173Chris Popham2:35:47
174Brian Fox2:35:58
175Casey Taylor2:36:14
176Mark Chadwick2:36:24
177Greg Brown2:36:25
178Oscar Campos2:36:25
179Jason Fletcher2:37:32
180Raymond Harris2:38:00
181Jeff Kreutzer2:38:01
182Lane Mondeau2:38:08
183Manuel Heredia2:40:53
184Chris Rogan2:42:04
185Patrick Allock2:46:03
186Jacob Lindenstein2:46:06
187Matthew Payne2:48:51
188Jeffrey Cummens2:50:15
189John Peterson2:51:38
190Christophe Warin2:52:04
191Eric Toulouse2:52:05
192Lane Johnson2:53:18
193Tracy Hunter2:53:52
194Greg Clark2:55:16
195Aaron Cooper2:56:36
196Jason Meador2:58:58
197John Lohrman2:59:04
198David Poirier2:59:44
199Paul Diaz3:00:24
200Thomas Nuetzel3:01:28
201John Raber3:02:03
202Chris Weisenbach3:03:54
203Justin Elliott3:03:58
204Tim Leahy3:04:22
205Aaron Davis3:04:53
206Yann Le Faou3:05:43
207Stewart Park3:06:11
208John Montez3:06:23
209Eric Sommers3:08:43
210Blake Holt3:10:55
211Nathan Dahl3:10:59
212Jeff Wilson3:15:34
213Gordon Conklin3:15:51
214Mark Milutin3:18:12
215Jonathan Debake3:18:26
216Matthew Odonnell3:19:08
217John Hubbard3:19:27
218Willie Sommers3:34:13
219George Toro3:36:26
220Charles Engel3:39:04
221Brad Swank3:54:36
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Women open 25 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Abby Hipperly2:53:28
2Katrina Lopeman0:20:04
3Karen King0:23:04
4Sarah Phelps0:24:43
5Lisa Barnard0:48:23
6Kristin Aldridge0:48:58
7Wendy Jones0:51:43
8Courtney Lynch0:54:43
9Nicole Dykert1:08:37
10Nicole Gunton1:15:13
11Rachel Peters1:17:17
12Nancy Donnellan1:21:44
13Colleen Venti1:21:56
14joanne Leahy1:22:26
15Laura Kyriakakis1:26:00
16Brooke Weitkunat1:26:15
17Liane Ehrich1:37:36
18Jeanette Wesley1:40:06
19Maggie Penman1:44:46
20Jessie Turner1:48:24
21Holly Stabler1:50:40
22Senta Givens1:53:38
23Kristin Dunlap1:58:43
24Cindy Nowak2:00:44
25Isabel Gomez2:02:15
26Christina Maas2:14:13
27Lisa Byrd2:35:54
28Tracy Madler2:38:22
29Becky Bliss2:39:10
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Junior men 25 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyler Coplea2:29:15
2Owen Graves0:06:27
3Pablo Silva1:01:17
4Logan Boyd1:04:49
5Marcos Esparza1:04:50
6John Kramer1:04:53
7Nathan Franklin1:28:19
8Donovan Caputo1:51:23
9Connor Hiestand1:51:24
10Alexander Degrazia2:03:28
11Tanguy Toulouse2:24:09
12Patrick Williams2:56:57
13Ryan Sanders3:24:17
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Junior women 25 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lizzy Caputo5:45:57
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Singlespeed men 25 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Riley Post2:31:56
2Dan Hight0:03:08
3Hunter Keating0:10:34
4Mark Challoner0:11:02
5Zach Johnson0:12:58
6Tobias Corwin0:13:49
7Christophe Noel0:21:34
8Jesse Robbins0:26:13
9Stuart May0:31:10
10Steve Cernohous0:34:45
11Garrich Black0:37:08
12Joshua Groves0:39:22
13Nathen Kroeker0:39:24
14Joth Jacobson0:50:48
15David Johnson0:52:41
16Paul Carbone0:58:24
17Tony Trevino0:59:59
18Richard Bogan1:00:46
19Tony Eyrich1:07:15
20Rick Brazil1:10:13
21Steve Lummer1:25:19
22Keith Crow1:29:36
23Joey Daigneault1:57:04
24Greg Hitt2:01:30
25Josh Buckheister2:06:22
26Vernie Aikins2:30:57
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Singlespeed women 25 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Tomaszewski2:57:57
2Micki Mckay0:25:22
3Tina Ooley0:27:03
4Janet Kerby0:33:00
5Viorica Jennings0:39:04
6Katie Tuttle0:47:33
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Master men 45+ 25 mile
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bill Morris2:53:06
2Michael Whitehead0:01:56
3Kent Loganbill0:11:07
4Steve Becker0:14:25
5Chris Carothers0:14:40
6Chris Sieben0:15:22
7Ramon Garcia0:16:56
8Markus Zimmer0:17:20
9Denver Mckinney0:18:03
10Ron Sampson0:19:17
11Joe Alred0:21:22
12Rob Hehlen0:21:55
13Scott Miller0:26:50
14Larry Bernstein0:30:09
15Robert Butler0:33:13
16Dave Sewell0:34:05
17Jay Sullivan0:36:15
18Gabriel Lucero0:36:51
19Octavio Real0:37:09
20Mitchell Sereda0:37:21
21Tom Cox0:40:48
22Steven Hudson0:43:22
23David Lemon0:46:28
24Erik Weissenberger0:48:42
25Robert Coombs0:49:47
26Pete Rogan0:50:56
27Douglas Thompson0:51:04
28Paul Koenig0:51:30
29Bryan Lee0:52:21
30Leland Mellen0:53:03
31Kim Humphrey0:53:11
32Brad Harrris0:53:15
33Paul Dignan0:54:04
34Don Thrailkill0:57:35
35Gary Sanders0:58:10
36Charles Wilson0:59:00
37Gene Cannarella1:00:50
38Phil Tiemeier1:03:09
39Bob Harrison1:06:15
40Dave Woodhams1:08:23
41Ron Erickson1:08:27
42Billy Mason1:11:53
43Kurt Harris1:12:52
44Al Gordell1:14:34
45Craig Church1:15:41