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Malaysian Fauzan dominates stage 5

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Spectators await the race in Timor

Spectators await the race in Timor (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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Stage 5 winner Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Malaysia)

Stage 5 winner Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Malaysia) (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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The community really got into the 2011 Tour de Timor

The community really got into the 2011 Tour de Timor (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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Specators en route

Specators en route (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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The finish of stage 5

The finish of stage 5 (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi wins stage 5 of the Tour de Timor

Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi wins stage 5 of the Tour de Timor (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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Racers went by so fast they were a blur

Racers went by so fast they were a blur (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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Passing racers are cheered on

Passing racers are cheered on (Image credit: Tour de Timor)
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Young cycling fans in Timor

Young cycling fans in Timor (Image credit: Tour de Timor)

Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi of team Malaysia arrived in Manatuto for the stage win in 4:11:23. Matt King of Skytrans came in second in 4:12:47 as part of a three-man chase group with Ashley Hayat of Fitzroy Revolution in 4:12:50 and Ben Mather of Rapid Cycling in 4:12:54.

"I'm really tired, this is the furthest stage yet," said Fauzan. "Today I thought it was good to put some pressure on the other riders, I felt good."

"At the first KOM they were just pushing themselves hard, I just followed them, stayed with the pack. At the second KOM, I decided to break away from everyone and I had to go alone because all of my other teammates were tired".

"My target today was to win a stage, so I'm glad I did it". Fauzan himself is new to mountain biking, being more of a road racer. "I knew I had an advantage on this stage because there was a lot more road racing." "I will probably try to win tomorrow's stage, my other teammates would like to do that as well".

Runner-up King was full of admiration for Fauzan, "Today, the Malaysian dude was just so strong, going up the last KOM he rode away from us and we didn't give him much of a gap but he just held us the whole way. It was absolutely gutsy ride from him, it was well deserved, very well deserved."

Third placed rider Hayat said, "I was donated a third. So the Malaysian guy had won and we had three in the bunch chasing, I was pretty wrecked, Ben (Mather) was really strong but he'd already had a win so he offered me the podium place, it was very generous of him." Hayat has had a better day today, and is looking forward to the final stage. "Tomorrow will be nice, cruise back to Dili, lots of noise, lots of screaming fans"

Tinker Juarez was again amongst the top in a time of 4:16:12 as part of the first major group approximately five and a half minutes behind the winner. "The roads were about the best you could ask for in this kind of racing, it was so smooth, the whole day gave us some rest," said Juarez.

"My strategy was to just stay with the peloton, we were trying to catch the breakaways, but at one point they caught us off guard, we got as close as about a minute, by the time we got our water and did everything they were gone so we really blew our chances, the other group was already long gone so we shut it off and just rode a group together."

"I think I blew my chances in the king of the mountains, there are three strong guys just blazing up the hill like it's a downhill. I'm thinking now I just want to have a good day tomorrow so I can be happy."

Orlando da Costa was again first of the Timorese males with a time of 4:30:49 in 30th place. He was closely followed by brother Jacinto da Costa and team mate Antonio Martins.

Ahmad Yani of team Merpati Indonesia came in top Indonesian and in 20th place overall in the second major group arriving 11 minutes after the breakaway. "I'm getting more tired with each stage, and with 140 kilometres, plus the heat and strong winds, I just stayed with the pack. I just kept my energy by keeping with the pack."

On Timor, Yani continued to be impressed with the country. "This stage is different to the others, I thought the beaches were really nice. I was surprised to see how nice people were even though they knew I was Indonesian."

Melinda Jackson from the team Trailmix was the first of the women with at time of 4:37:49. "The first 70km we were with a bunch of about 60 men, and it was pretty easy riding. And then the KOM started, and it all just blew apart, like we knew it would then, so from then on it was just Kath and I up the hill and we hurt ourselves a lot."

"Earlier Peta flatted, it was really unlucky, as we were climbing the KOM, Naomi had a derailleur off her bike and was changing her hanger".

The ride today was the longest in Tour de Timor history at 142km. The road was mostly good, sealed bitumen, including the 10km hill climb through Baucau before it headed back down to the coast to stop over in Manatuto.

Manatuto is capital of the sub-district and district, also named Manatuto. It is known for its pottery, salt production and the amazing diving along the coast line back towards Dili. Riders will tomorrow be retracing their voyage from the first day of the Tour when they head back along the same stretch of coast before a special tour of Dili's bairos.

Full Results

Men stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi4:11:23
2Matt King0:01:24
3Ashley Hayat0:01:27
4Ben Mather0:01:31
5Paul van der Ploeg0:05:23
6Alex Denham0:05:24
7Adrian Jackson0:05:26
8Luke Fetch0:05:27
9Christopher Hanson0:05:28
10Rohin Adams0:05:29
11Scott Liston0:05:30
12Tinker Juarez0:05:31
13Neil van der Ploeg0:11:07
14Wan Mohammed Najmee Wan Mohammed0:11:09
15Nelson Silva0:11:10
16Shahrin Amir0:11:11
17Kel Boers0:11:12
18Duncan Murray0:11:13
19Ahmad Yani0:11:14
20Sugianto Binjai0:16:28
21Phillip Orr0:17:07
22Andrew Bell0:17:08
23Brett Kellett0:17:09
24Craig Peacock0:17:10
25Sean Hurley0:17:17
26Mohd Razif Mohd Salleh0:17:59
27Jeremy Doolan0:18:00
28Mark Mcinnes0:19:22
29Orlando Da Costa0:19:26
30Jacinto Da Costa0:23:33
31Antonio Martins0:25:45
32Silas Everett0:30:28
33Ivan Kallaur0:32:16
34Phil Mawbey0:34:41
35Christopher Loynes0:34:43
36Phillip Brownscombe
37Nuno Cardoso
38Andrew Barcroft0:34:44
39Matthew Turner
40Andrew Packer0:34:48
41Bill Murphy0:34:50
42Greg Murison0:34:51
43Tim Retchford0:34:52
44Ryan Hawson0:34:57
45Jason Finlay0:38:15
46Jeremy Soawyer0:39:32
47John Groves0:40:49
48Samuel McGregor0:40:58
49Greg Newton
50Stephen Harries
51Hideyuki Takeuchi
52Amir Mahmud
53Pedro Lopes
54Joel Hossack
55Stuart Gee0:40:59
56Guy Falla0:43:37
57Abe Yoga0:47:22
58Evan Acheson0:47:25
59Arthur Gatt0:47:55
60Nick Westwood0:48:15
61Johny Dobe0:48:22
62Kersten Jauer0:50:58
63Peter Talbot0:52:10
64Jeremy Winfield0:52:21
65Sirko Schroeder0:54:32
66Phil Blum0:54:33
67James Sloan0:54:34
68Aaron Caden
69Jorge Silva0:55:46
70Craig Junor0:56:03
71Leandro Soares0:56:08
72David Dennis1:00:53
73Ray Giddins1:02:07
74Azhari Yusuf Lubis
75Charlie Stephenson1:02:59
76Murray Thornton1:05:08
77Joao Matos1:06:21
78Januari Fernandes1:07:41
79Cameron Dalton1:08:49
80Nick Cooke1:10:01
81Adam Humphryson1:10:02
82Roger Decurtins
83Tome Soares
84Hugh Williams
85Laurence Guttmann
86Karri Golding1:10:13
87Carl Maroney1:10:14
88Paulo Pereira1:11:47
89Tim Ferres1:12:08
90John Oliveri1:13:18
91Alberto Da Costa1:14:41
92Mark Lackenby1:14:42
93Januari M. Da Costa
94Toby Lanzer1:14:51
95Shane Cody1:15:18
96Cameron McDougall
97Nathan Dalton1:21:16
98Carlos Godinho1:21:35
99Mark Norden1:23:24
100Timothy Stats1:23:36
101Bonifacio Martins1:24:15
102David Lyons1:27:12
103Colin MacInnes1:32:02
104Afriano Lopo1:32:51
105Jason Honrado1:32:54
106Martinho Pinto1:35:12
107Jeff Prime1:35:24
108Evaristo Varela1:36:04
109James Hardman1:36:09
110Joe Young1:36:19
111John Roy1:36:28
112Mark Mathews1:36:33
113Scott Davis1:36:41
114Agustinho Guterres1:40:00
115Domingos Pereira1:40:12
116Michael Smith1:40:58
117Matthew Fitzgerald1:41:40
118Tony Marker1:42:09
119Christian Patouraux1:42:17
120Mark Jensen1:42:51
121Daniel Gilfillan1:42:52
122Carlos Lopes1:42:53
123Shane McCarthy1:42:56
124Gareth Scott1:42:58
125Steven Peterson1:43:00
126Fernando Pereira1:43:44
127Abel Martins1:46:17
128Kieran Laughton1:46:44
129Manuel Guterres1:49:01
130Rob Rutherford1:51:24
131David Sheley
132Feliciano Mendonca1:51:28
133Carlos Silva1:52:29
134Januario Mota1:56:41
135Patrick Giddings1:57:29
136Charlie Van Der Lit1:58:15
137Henrique Santos1:59:19
138Gene Till1:59:31
139Darren Francis1:59:32
140John Parncutt2:00:28
141Joao Pereira2:01:39
142Dylan Reilly2:01:50
143Stephen Malloch2:02:01
144Rabilas Aniceto Jr Tabangcura2:02:42
145Kim Kwee Ng2:02:43
146Chris Clarke2:04:59
147Ivan Lay2:05:36
148Colin Smith2:05:37
149Jan Hiemstra2:05:43
150Gary Perkins2:06:21
151Xavier Caximoro2:07:13
152Warren Matulick2:07:22
153Bruno Samuel Efido2:08:53
154Kurt Proctor-Parker2:09:00
155Julian Edwards2:09:01
156Agusto Soares2:09:02
157Zeferino Belo2:10:28
158Jacinto Soares2:11:08
159Gregorio B. Correia2:11:10
160Ian Kruger2:12:20
161Marco Bottari2:12:38
162Phil Wilson2:12:42
163Mario Belo2:14:56
164Andrew Duff2:15:03
165Kiang Chen Tan2:16:03
166Tito Carvalho2:16:46
167Daniel Moriarty2:16:47
168Marcelino Fernandes2:16:54
169Pheng Khoon Benny Goh2:19:00
170Peter Svara2:19:40
171Camilio Colo2:20:10
172Jack Fisher2:23:03
173Nick Corrie2:23:05
174Hiroshi Yoshimura2:23:29
175Alcino Baptista2:24:34
176Zitu Baptista da Costa2:25:12
177Brendan Gibson2:26:19
178Carlos Colo2:27:16
179Feliciano Araujo2:27:43
180Julito Marques2:27:47
181Franscisco Marques da Conceicao2:27:48
182Antonio Magno2:27:50
183Andrew Carter2:30:34
184Florindo Moreira2:34:39
185Ramang Kristian2:35:02
186Rosito Jesus2:37:16
187James Scott2:38:20
188Daniel Walker2:38:22
189Evan Armstrong2:38:25
190Daniel O’Brien2:39:09
191Jaquel Da Silva2:41:33
192Marcus Peters2:42:18
193Helge Suhr2:42:20
194Joanico Lopes2:45:02
195Richard Vernon2:46:16
196Marcos Martins Cachola2:47:16
197Torben Sko2:48:09
198Michael Stone2:51:06
199Julio Da Costa2:51:08
200Stephen Draper2:51:09
201Adam Fletcher2:51:10
202David Craven2:51:19
203Matt Schmidt2:52:53
204Cristian Da Costa2:53:45
205Chris Bray2:54:07
206Victor Borges2:54:30
207Brenden Koh2:54:48
208Guilhermino Orleans3:00:41
209Marcelino Manu3:00:49
210Bryan Baker3:01:25
211Sean Tisdale3:01:26
212Bryce Stuart Paterson3:01:39
213Brenton Jenke3:04:46
214Domingos Bras3:06:47
215Domingos Oliveira3:07:53
216Ian Donnelly3:10:44
217Jon Stagg3:10:48
218Michael Laing3:11:08
219Manuel Barreto3:11:10
220Simao Fernandes3:12:21
221Ben Psaila3:12:23
222Angelo Barros3:12:24
223Michael Loufman3:14:11
224Matthew Perrett3:14:34
225Austin O’Hearn3:16:17
226Manfred Greitschus3:19:09
227Peter Murphy3:19:11
228Remy Christian Izendooren3:19:50
229Martin Hanssen3:20:43
230Carlos Savio3:22:51
231Ezaquiel Paulino3:22:56
232Timothy Wallace3:24:48
233Jean Francois Bijoux3:24:52
234Greg Hinds3:24:54
235Orlando Gomes3:25:04
236Pete Wallis3:25:15
237Andrew James3:25:31
238Mark Korsten3:27:40
239Mike Sweeney3:29:32
240Tim Greenwell3:29:34
241Antonio Soares3:29:37
242Mukhtar Assis3:31:06
243Pat Jonklaas3:32:12
244Grant Knisely3:37:28
245Peter Pearse3:37:45
246Ananias De Araujo3:38:38
247Carlos Pereira3:41:47
248Barry Collins3:42:17
249Keith Reynolds3:44:01
250Will Strong3:44:02
251Dan Gosling3:45:24
252Tim Ogden3:47:02
253Mervin Jumawan3:47:18
254Jarrick Lay3:47:19
255Liam Sibly3:47:21
256Derek Chua3:47:22
257Jimmy Lim3:48:06
258Daniel Spasojevic3:49:55
259Jason Pyne3:50:51
260Michael O’Dea3:52:25
261Rob Williams3:54:56
262David Natoli3:58:19
263Robert Spittle4:00:54
264Jun Hao Foo4:04:05
265Sze Hiong Terrence Tan4:04:40
266Lin Fong Neu4:07:51
267George Paterson4:09:33
268Paulo Grilo5:09:33
269Andrew Thompson
270John Gosling
271Constantino Noronha
272Alfred Lay
273Roy Mackay
274Joao da Conceicao
275Brian Mathew
276Peter Wallace
277Kevin Soh

Women stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melinda Jackson4:37:49
2Katherine O’Shea0:00:04
3Kelly Bartlett0:08:28
4Naomi Hansen0:13:05
5Peta Mullens0:13:24
6Kea Mumford0:14:32
7Amity McSwan0:21:52
8Eleanor Patterson0:28:09
9Meg Carrigan0:29:48
10Jo Williams0:40:27
11Turi Berg0:43:45
12Bathsheba Turton0:49:16
13Francelina Cabral1:00:09
14Toni Spinks1:10:08
15Philippa Featherston1:11:40
16Lauretta Howarth1:11:41
17Lesley Sutton1:11:43
18Annette Outtrim1:17:30
19Gill Fowler1:19:36
20Karen Wilson1:39:12
21Meredith Hiemstra1:39:16
22Libby Reardon1:48:38
23Filomena Araujo2:01:23
24Jade Forsyth2:04:28
25Ana Patricia Ferreira2:08:21
26Freya Bennett2:27:33
27Jessica Huston2:38:27
28Rose Donnelly2:44:17
29Anne Tosky2:44:40
30Amanda Wallis2:58:51
31Merle Weber2:59:03
32Liz Drummond2:59:06
33Kate Gibson2:59:52
34Maria Esmeralda3:04:39
35Penny Davis3:20:37
36Nicola Wunderlich3:21:58
37Lisa Perrett3:22:00
38Christine Quigley3:22:01
39Stephanie Sleen3:23:28
40Barbara Maria Rohmann3:24:26
41Kylie Gaffel3:26:01
42Catharina Williams-Van Klinken3:28:32
43Julie Souness3:31:51
44Helen Spittle3:34:20
45Imaculada Remedios4:34:20
46Robyn Fried
47Juvita da Silva
48Tami Oginuma
49Marcelina Barreto
50Vera Lucia Mendonca

Men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Fetch17:57:05
2Paul van der Ploeg0:04:45
3Adrian Jackson0:09:25
4Tinker Juarez0:15:44
5Scott Liston0:33:47
6Rohin Adams0:42:34
7Alex Denham0:44:58
8Ben Mather0:54:44
9Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi0:56:40
10Christopher Hanson1:06:08
11Nelson Silva1:10:07
12Shahrin Amir1:20:40
13Ashley Hayat1:21:24
14Kel Boers1:23:05
15Mohd Razif Mohd Salleh1:31:04
16Phillip Orr1:34:57
17Andrew Bell1:39:58
18Duncan Murray1:40:47
19Matt King1:46:47
20Sean Hurley2:10:22
21Samuel McGregor2:21:21
22Brett Kellett2:30:47
23Mark Mcinnes2:33:21
24Jeremy Doolan2:38:38
25Orlando Da Costa2:39:34
26Craig Peacock2:42:38
27Sugianto Binjai2:54:13
28John Groves3:05:33
29Neil van der Ploeg3:06:37
30Wan Mohammed Najmee Wan Mohammed3:06:39
31Jacinto Da Costa3:17:54
32Silas Everett3:26:51
33Antonio Martins3:27:28
34Ahmad Yani3:32:07
35Greg Murison3:41:48
36Tim Retchford3:50:45
37Jeremy Soawyer3:50:52
38Christopher Loynes4:01:29
39Ivan Kallaur4:12:02
40Phillip Brownscombe4:17:20
41Carl Maroney4:20:33
42Phil Mawbey4:21:43
43Bill Murphy4:27:42
44Ray Giddins4:29:21
45Jason Finlay4:36:13
46Stuart Gee4:43:55
47Andrew Barcroft4:45:36
48Mark Norden4:55:03
49Nuno Cardoso5:00:18
50Matthew Turner5:04:50
51Greg Newton5:15:14
52Evan Acheson5:18:30
53Shane Cody5:28:52
54Ryan Hawson5:29:03
55Jeremy Winfield5:29:13
56Guy Falla5:33:51
57Nick Westwood5:37:36
58Stephen Harries5:50:20
59Arthur Gatt5:57:40
60Abe Yoga5:57:48
61Peter Talbot5:59:13
62Tim Ferres5:59:52
63David Dennis6:11:28
64Hideyuki Takeuchi6:14:33
65James Sloan6:18:45
66Toby Lanzer6:31:31
67Adam Humphryson6:32:07
68Charlie Stephenson6:39:30
69Azhari Yusuf Lubis6:42:01
70Alberto Da Costa6:45:11
71Roger Decurtins6:45:27
72Murray Thornton6:45:33
73Aaron Caden6:46:57
74John Oliveri7:01:05
75Joao Matos7:01:56
76Johny Dobe7:06:21
77Phil Blum7:08:12
78Pedro Lopes7:11:29
79Amir Mahmud7:16:02
80Nick Cooke7:16:15
81Karri Golding7:26:30
82Mark Lackenby7:28:25
83Michael Smith7:36:12
84Tome Soares7:40:17
85Hugh Williams7:43:03
86Kersten Jauer7:52:28
87Laurence Guttmann7:52:31
88Cameron McDougall7:54:07
89Sirko Schroeder7:59:20
90Simao Fernandes8:14:52
91Paulo Pereira8:15:59
92Bonifacio Martins8:20:21
93Joel Hossack8:34:09
94John Roy8:34:51
95Carlos Godinho8:38:07
96Kim Kwee Ng8:44:17
97Dylan Reilly8:45:26
98David Lyons8:45:45
99Craig Junor8:55:19
100Christian Patouraux9:09:10
101Cameron Dalton9:21:11
102Ben Psaila9:26:26
103Daniel Gilfillan9:27:49
104Martinho Pinto9:39:38
105Kieran Laughton9:39:56
106Nathan Dalton9:45:57
107Warren Matulick9:49:01
108Januari Fernandes9:57:52
109Andrew Packer9:57:56
110Afriano Lopo9:58:34
111Januari M. Da Costa10:07:53
112John Parncutt10:11:47
113Abel Martins10:18:43
114Domingos Pereira10:39:32
115Scott Davis10:42:37
116Mark Jensen10:43:39
117Gene Till10:45:59
118Evaristo Varela10:46:10
119Patrick Giddings10:49:59
120Rob Rutherford10:53:03
121Andrew Duff11:02:21
122Jorge Silva11:05:53
123Chris Clarke11:07:02
124Stephen Malloch11:12:47
125Kurt Proctor-Parker11:17:56
126Carlos Lopes11:18:53
127Gareth Scott11:19:53
128Leandro Soares11:24:13
129Rabilas Aniceto Jr Tabangcura11:24:50
130Mark Mathews11:26:05
131Tony Marker11:27:54
132Fernando Pereira11:36:23
133Marco Bottari11:37:35
134Feliciano Mendonca11:42:58
135Marcelino Fernandes11:54:07
136Antonio Magno11:59:13
137Shane McCarthy11:59:51
138Joao Pereira12:06:02
139Tito Carvalho12:06:30
140Adam Fletcher12:08:53
141Phil Wilson12:12:24
142Pheng Khoon Benny Goh12:14:50
143Timothy Stats12:17:45
144Jason Honrado12:18:58
145Angelo Barros12:24:47
146Julian Edwards12:34:19
147Steven Peterson12:35:37
148Colin MacInnes12:35:46
149Michael Stone12:37:09
150Stephen Draper12:37:18
151Camilio Colo12:37:37
152Richard Vernon12:40:51
153Carlos Silva13:00:35
154James Hardman13:01:45
155Feliciano Araujo13:12:15
156Henrique Santos13:12:47
157Xavier Caximoro13:14:27
158Jeff Prime13:25:00
159Paulo Grilo13:25:12
160Gregorio B. Correia13:26:14
161Remy Christian Izendooren13:32:30
162Peter Svara13:33:57
163Julito Marques13:48:35
164Chris Bray13:48:52
165Helge Suhr13:49:29
166Mario Belo13:53:38
167David Sheley13:55:56
168Jacinto Soares13:56:52
169Charlie Van Der Lit14:02:08
170Brenden Koh14:03:38
171Gary Perkins14:06:38
172Andrew Carter14:11:19
173Agustinho Guterres14:14:42
174Jan Hiemstra14:15:29
175Hiroshi Yoshimura14:15:47
176Marcus Peters14:20:27
177Ian Kruger14:21:40
178Evan Armstrong14:42:50
179Timothy Wallace14:45:52
180Daniel Moriarty14:46:40
181Alcino Baptista14:53:42
182James Scott14:56:11
183Cristian Da Costa15:06:56
184Florindo Moreira15:13:08
185Jack Fisher15:14:15
186Joe Young15:16:55
187Jon Stagg15:17:44
188Pete Wallis15:18:04
189Colin Smith15:27:23
190Nick Corrie15:29:00
191Zeferino Belo15:29:18
192Matthew Fitzgerald15:29:19
193Brendan Gibson15:34:15
194Jean Francois Bijoux15:37:24
195Daniel O’Brien15:41:20
196Daniel Walker15:41:32
197Ramang Kristian15:48:26
198Liam Sibly16:04:57
199Ivan Lay16:05:11
200Carlos Savio16:12:54
201Sean Tisdale16:16:30
202Andrew James16:18:56
203Michael Laing16:26:55
204David Craven16:28:01
205Joanico Lopes16:33:33
206Carlos Colo16:39:49
207Darren Francis16:40:38
208Bruno Samuel Efido16:41:02
209Peter Pearse16:44:26
210Marcelino Manu16:45:05
211Manuel Guterres16:47:09
212Ananias De Araujo16:51:22
213Peter Murphy16:58:37
214Brenton Jenke17:04:24
215Torben Sko17:08:09
216Mike Sweeney17:09:07
217Bryan Baker17:10:35
218Ian Donnelly17:10:58
219Januario Mota17:22:37
220Agusto Soares17:26:15
221Kiang Chen Tan17:26:22
222Guilhermino Orleans17:33:08
223Victor Borges17:42:17
224Marcos Martins Cachola17:53:30
225Barry Collins17:57:05
226Rosito Jesus18:06:08
227Zitu Baptista da Costa18:07:00
228David Natoli18:08:51
229Manfred Greitschus18:09:15
230Matthew Perrett18:15:46
231Mukhtar Assis18:20:21
232Franscisco Marques da Conceicao18:22:03
233Derek Chua18:22:09
234Carlos Pereira18:30:15
235Bryce Stuart Paterson18:31:08
236Michael O’Dea18:41:49
237Manuel Barreto18:45:50
238Mark Korsten18:51:05
239Greg Hinds19:18:53
240Tim Greenwell19:20:04
241Jason Pyne19:28:40
242Austin O’Hearn19:35:42
243Andrew Thompson19:36:28
244Matt Schmidt19:40:55
245Will Strong19:45:12
246Dan Gosling19:54:00
247Martin Hanssen20:13:07
248Domingos Bras20:14:24
249Domingos Oliveira20:15:03
250Keith Reynolds20:15:09
251Pat Jonklaas20:19:25
252Robert Spittle20:33:30
253Julio Da Costa20:33:46
254Jaquel Da Silva20:51:02
255Jimmy Lim20:56:23
256Tim Ogden21:08:08
257Ezaquiel Paulino21:30:55
258Rob Williams21:44:28
259Michael Loufman21:50:20
260Orlando Gomes22:15:01
261Jun Hao Foo22:21:28
262Antonio Soares22:38:52
263Mervin Jumawan22:48:41
264Grant Knisely23:00:32
265George Paterson23:07:03
266Daniel Spasojevic23:20:15
267John Gosling23:38:03
268Sze Hiong Terrence Tan24:32:13
269Alfred Lay25:15:59
270Constantino Noronha25:22:45
271Roy Mackay25:33:03
272Jarrick Lay25:39:49
273Brian Mathew26:31:50
274Joao da Conceicao26:36:17
275Lin Fong Neu26:59:12
276Peter Wallace27:17:45
277Kevin Soh28:04:51

Women general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peta Mullens20:54:06
2Katherine O’Shea0:03:38
3Naomi Hansen0:18:41
4Melinda Jackson0:21:50
5Kelly Bartlett0:53:03
6Amity McSwan1:49:35
7Meg Carrigan2:11:20
8Eleanor Patterson2:15:44
9Kea Mumford3:14:24
10Jo Williams3:18:48
11Turi Berg4:31:03
12Bathsheba Turton5:19:36
13Francelina Cabral6:08:38
14Lauretta Howarth6:16:19
15Lesley Sutton6:16:28
16Gill Fowler7:15:36
17Annette Outtrim7:59:11
18Jade Forsyth9:17:20
19Philippa Featherston9:25:28
20Karen Wilson9:27:32
21Toni Spinks9:28:26
22Filomena Araujo10:15:57
23Jessica Huston11:10:11
24Meredith Hiemstra11:33:18
25Ana Patricia Ferreira12:20:01
26Freya Bennett12:26:54
27Merle Weber12:34:42
28Amanda Wallis13:55:50
29Liz Drummond13:57:28
30Rose Donnelly14:13:58
31Maria Esmeralda15:23:17
32Kylie Gaffel15:38:49
33Anne Tosky15:53:00
34Libby Reardon17:17:50
35Helen Spittle17:36:00
36Barbara Maria Rohmann18:11:17
37Lisa Perrett19:42:45
38Penny Davis20:17:19
39Julie Souness20:24:27
40Kate Gibson20:36:53
41Christine Quigley20:43:47
42Catharina Williams-Van Klinken20:48:57
43Nicola Wunderlich20:56:50
44Stephanie Sleen21:10:27
45Imaculada Remedios21:44:01
46Robyn Fried22:41:58
47Tami Oginuma23:02:21
48Juvita da Silva23:49:27
49Vera Lucia Mendonca24:19:32
50Marcelina Barreto24:21:13

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