Simonson and Sornson win Mohican 100

For more than a decade, the Kenda Mohican 100 has challenged racers along some of the most popular trails in Ohio, spanning the four counties that make up what has become known as "Mohican Country". This year, nearly 600 racers took up the challenge.

A stray downpour managed to sneak in on Friday night for a few minutes around 8:00 pm. However, the storms slinked off into the night without much effect on the mountain bike trails. To the delight of racers on Saturday, the forecast of 99% chance of rain and severe thunderstorms failed to materialize, instead, moving northwest within site of the finish line.

The race nearly took a tragic turn from the very start when bumping handlebars sent two racers to the pavement and another to the curb. According to Peter Dy (BikeSource of Columbus), "I lined up on the right side of the start about 10 rows from the front. Once the horn went off, I eased out with the riders around me and started making my way forward." The incident happened about a quarter mile from the start.

"There was a wide gap, probably two handlebar widths, between two riders that I was going to move through. I progressively accelerated to overtake them and as I got level with them there was movement to my left. The rider to my left erratically veered right and into me and tangled our handlebars. He leaned on me. I think I tried leaning back on him. Then blackness - everything went fuzzy. I came to in the ambulance on the ride to the hospital."

Fortunately, both riders were released and Dy returned to aid station one to help out his teammates at BikeSource who headed up aid station one. The racer who hit the curb suffered a dislocated shoulder but returned with Dy to enjoy the post-race festivities.

Women: Sornson gets fifth straight NUE win

Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) racked up her fifth straight win at Mohican, finishing in 7:59:34. Her teammate Kathleen Harding came in second at 8:55:24 with Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Race) capturing the third spot on the podium.

"The start of the race was huge as usual for Mohican with the 100 mile and 100 k starting together," said Sornson. "The Mohican 100 offers.... brutal gravel grinds bookended by swoopy fun singletrack."

"The course was marked beyond belief and fortunately the weather was merciful on us," said Simril. "I felt strong and steady throughout and was - as always - ecstatic to catch my first glimpse of the tents at the campground coming into the finish!"

Rounding out the top six on the podium were Denise Coppock (Titletown Flyers) in 9:35:35. Ohio's OMBC Series Champion Shannon Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) in 10:26:03 and Christina Buerkle (Trek) in 10:49:28.

Men: The SiMonster gets his first NUE Series win

With last year's race winner and 2011 NUE Men's Open Champion Christian Tanguy (Team CF) forced to drop out of the race due to sickness, the door swung wide open for host of racers hoping to get their shot on the Mohican podium.

Micheal "SiMonster" Simonson (616 Fabrication) who finished second last year at Mohican, took it to the field to get his first NUE Series men's win in 7:15:42, along with a top prize of $1000, complimentary entry to next year's race, plus a $200 prime for being the first racer to reach the city limits, an annual cash prize offered by Kim's Bikes and The Loudonville-Mohican Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"I broke away on the climb just after the covered bridge, but I wasn't making a lot of time on them. It wasn't till I hit the run-up where I really drilled it and ran all the way to the top that I was able to get completely out of sight," said Simonson.

"I was slowing down a bit near the end with heat and humidity and then I looked back and saw the NUE Singlespeed Champion Gerry Pflug chasing. He got around me on one the very last hills near the end. I tried to rally for a chase but I was pretty smoked from the all the efforts early on. It was a little bittersweet, but I still got to stand on the top step of the podium. It was a good day."

Six minutes later, Rob Spreng (Team CF) finished in 7:21:41.

"I led through the woods for a while, maybe 10 miles or so. Eventually Kevin Carter and Mike Simonson came charging up behind me. For a while, it was the three of us and eventually a couple of 100k guys," said Spreng. "After the covered bridge, before aid 1, Simonson went off the front, leaving Carter, me and two 100k guys. Shortly after aid one, Pat Blair joined our group. Once we hit the road Gerry Pflug charged by and Carter suffered a flat."

Three minutes later, Chris Peariso (Adventure212 / Specialized) rolled in and moved up to first place overall in the NUE Series. "This is the first 100 I have ever done where I am in damage control less than one hour into the race! At the end of the day, I was completely destroyed and could not wait to get my finisher growler filled with some beer to celebrate a hard fought third," said Peariso.

Singlespeed: Pfluginator gets the overall win and SS, too

Gerry Pflug (Team CF) who will be 45 this year, smashed the field with a time of 7:12:12, five minutes faster than last year's winner, and not only got the singlespeed victory but became the first singlespeed racer ever to win the overall at an NUE Series Race. The four-time champion now leads the series with four straight wins.

"When I eventually saw Mike in front of me, I could tell he was tired. I shared some words of encouragement and then continued on my way when I caught him. I knew if I could get into the last section of singletrack after checkpoint 5 ahead of Mike, I had a chance of being the overall winner of a NUE Race on a singlespeed," said Pflug. "I did make into the singletrack first and had an absolute blast riding the final eight miles of buffed-out singletrack to the finish. Riding across the finish line in the first overall spot was an awesome feeling and being able to do it on a singlespeed made it even more special."

Patrick Blair (Adventures for the Cure) finished second in 7:23:51.

"Just before aid station 2, I was telling Spreng that I was super happy to be with him and KC and that there was no way that Ron or Gerry would catch me now that I was with the best geared racers when, out of nowhere, Gerry zooms past us on an uphill! Spreng and I tried to catch back up to Gerry and his guy but we just couldn't do it. After aid three, I separated from Spreng. Gerry was on fire and racing at a different level!"

Ron Harding (Trestle Bridge Racing) finished third at 7:27:23 with Nathan Annon (PRO Mountain Outfitters/Yeti Cycles) finishing 7:40:36 and Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation/Decorah Bicycles/Twin Six) at 7:43:01

Masters 50+: Petro gets his first Mohican and NUE Series win

Alec Petro (Corner Cycle Bay Hill Capital Management) surprised the NUE Series Champion, Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) with his sub eight victory at 7:59:35.

"My first trip to the Mohican 100, and I was a bit worried about so much climbing so early in the race. I tried to pace myself as I didn't know the course at all. This was my first long race since being diagnosed with a blood clot and pulmonary embolism. I was probably the only person in the race taking Caumadin (blood thinner).... After 30 miles, we had already climbed 6500 vertical feet, and I wasn't feeling very good but luckily passed Ron Sanborn as he was having a bad moment on a climb and never looked back. Once I knew I was winning, I did my best to put the suffering in the back of my mind."

"This was a 'training race' for me as I'm racing Trans Alps with teammate Kevin Hines (former Masters and national cross and mountain bike champion) in July. I plan to race the Hampshire 100 as my other NUE race, and I will be back next year to defend the masters title."

Sanborn took second in 8:18:08 following his win at Mohican last year at 7:43:56. Terry Blanchet (North American Velo) took third in 8:51:29 followed by Chris Irving (Los Locos) in 9:19:11 and Robert Goetz (Nebo Ridge) at 9:19:26. Goetz won the Mohican 100k last year in 5:32:45.

Afterward, Irving offered up some good advice, "After a subpar race with some stomach issues, I was just planning on riding the last five miles of singletrack until I saw a gentleman right behind me that looked like he could be 50+, I decided that it was time to race again and stayed in front of him to the finish, ending up 20 seconds in front of fifth place and three minutes in front of 6th. Never stop racing as you never know who you are racing against."

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Simonson (616 Fabrication)7:15:42
2Rob Spreng (Team CF)0:05:59
3Chris Peariso (Adventure212 / Specialized)0:08:49
4Michael Tabasko (DCMTB)0:10:07
5Greg Kuhn (Rbs MTB Team)0:11:40
6Tom Burke (Einstein Cycles)0:13:49
7James Mayuric (Teamcf Pittsburgh/Pro Bikes)0:22:19
8Ryan Heerschap (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs)0:32:28
9Andy Rhodes (North Mountain Woodworks/Black Dog Bikes)0:51:18
10Brent Mayer (Trek Store Cincinnati Racing, Maxxis)0:54:04
11John Petrylak (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing)1:00:50
12Bruce Stauffer1:01:55
13Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:02:06
14Lorenzo Serra (Pawling Cycle & Sport)1:13:58
15Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing P/B Dogfish Head Alehouse)1:14:17
16Jay Click (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing)1:18:49
17Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team)1:21:56
18Bradley Smith (Orrville Cycling Team)1:22:28
19James Billiter (Biowheels)1:22:48
20Jeff Plassman (Design Physics Racing P/B Endorphin Fitness)1:23:10
21Michael Schena (Team Racing Cyclocross On Lundbecks Cycles)1:24:46
22Joshua Martin (Rotor Bike Usa)1:25:02
23Jesse Kelly (Team CF)1:31:34
24Scott Morman (Stark Velo)1:33:30
25David Silloway (The Bike Zone)1:33:48
26Frank Yeager (Design Physics Racing Pb Endorphin Fitness)1:40:33
27Steve Fields1:43:55
28Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing )1:44:11
29Joe Fraas (West Liberty Cycles)1:45:22
30Alex Schultz (Main Street/Mpi/Kuhnhenn)1:46:27
31Patrick Warren1:46:58
32Thomas Hanrahan (Eager Beaver 100/ Silent Sports)1:48:56
33Burgess Gow (Ghisallo Cycling)1:56:31
34Chase Barnhart (Marietta Adventure Company)1:57:50
35Tom Stritzinger1:58:43
36Brad Rogers (Y-Not Cycling)1:59:00
37Sheldon Laidman (First Capital Cycling)2:01:06
38Ben Bower (Big Bang Bikes / Pomodora)2:06:43
39Jarom Thomas (Combo Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll:)2:11:58
40Tim Yuska (Iron Cycles)2:12:11
41Raymond Willard (Empire Brewing-Syracuse Bicycle)2:12:17
42John Mcnavage (North Allegheny)2:16:36
43Michael Gottfried (Team Defiance / Ksd)2:20:08
44Nathan Updyke (Base Tri Fitness)2:24:18
45Thomas Novitsky (Racing Greyhounds)2:26:28
46Kyle Russ2:26:51
47Matt Kretchmar (Athens Bicycle)2:27:19
48Gabe Rainwater2:28:07
49Tim Smith (Cycle Sport Concepts Chattanooga)2:32:44
50Ryan Miracle (Marietta Aventure Company)2:34:26
51Bryan Wright (Black Dog Bikes)2:35:23
52Adam Helms2:37:53
53Adam Truog (Left 4 Dead)2:39:09
54Cooper Fowler (Bcd Racing)2:43:18
55Aaron Schicker2:49:12
56Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)2:52:50
57Robert Neidlinger (Hc Hooligans)2:53:58
58Karl Emmerich (Racing Greyhounds)2:57:17
59Christopher Hannegan (Base Tri Fitness)2:59:13
60Brian Scharp3:00:02
61Steven Hecht (Toasted Head Racing)3:00:49
62Grant Matthews (Toasted Head Racing.)3:03:52
63Greg Rittler (Adventures For The Cure)3:04:30
64Chris Bryce (Dark Horse Flyers)3:04:31
65Arthur Haan (Drt Racing)3:19:48
66David Hofmann3:20:20
67Robert Carrera (Pinnacle Iii/ Green Mountain Sports)3:24:56
68Kent Mcdonald3:26:38
69David Moore (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing)3:30:46
70Laurence Etgen (Green Mountain Tree Service/Fulcrum Engineering)3:32:03
71Scott Dean (Ride The Elephant Abqhomesearch.Com)3:32:26
72Peri Garite (Team Pc)3:32:40
73Michael Bonsby (Team Mt Airy)3:34:01
74Dan Marshall (Eager Beaver 100: Canada's 100 Miler)3:40:07
75Jeff Rodelas (Left 4 Dead)3:44:45
76Rob Mitzel (Team Rjr / Hometown Bicycles)3:49:34
77Randy Shoogs Larrison (Cadre Racing)3:51:18
78Jody M. Mazur (Cadre Racing)3:58:21
79Victor Gasior (Stanky Creek Cycling)4:02:27
80Jim Havey (Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks)4:10:03
81Paul Freibert4:10:30
82Jurrien Davison (Shine)4:10:50
83Chris Karpowicz (Pirate Cycling League/ Hammer Nutrition)4:11:03
84Jeff Mozer4:11:08
85Randy Patton (Combo Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)4:11:18
86Kenny Kocarek (Knobby Side Down)4:25:48
87Andrew Crow (Knobby Side Down)4:25:49
88Matthew Olearchick4:26:00
89Allen Loy (Paradise Garage Racing)4:26:56
90Christopher Arndt (Team Six One Four)4:27:51
91Jason Wolf4:31:41
92Graceson Parsons (Team Gman)4:31:42
93Philip Klein4:31:45
94Dan Kwasnowski4:37:19
95Michael Wehri4:37:46
96Justin Davis4:43:54
97Peter Joyal (Cycleyouth)5:11:14
98John Percassi5:12:33
99Jared Medler (Morgans Garage)5:16:33
100Harvey Elliott5:21:18
101Andrew Arbocus (Metalmaniac Racing)5:26:00
102Dustin Geraghty (Strummer Cycles)5:26:01
103Jason Ramboer (Little Belgium Bike Gang)5:31:11
104Bill Vermeersch (Little Belgium Bike Gang)5:31:12
105Katie Carney5:59:26
106Jim Thacker (Reliable Oil Equipment Trek Store Cincinnati)5:59:27
107Craig Nadel (Groove Labs/Livemedium)6:16:03
108Daniel Saltzmann (Left 4 Dead)6:18:33
109Darren Steen (Little Belgium Bike Gang)6:34:18
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)7:59:34
2Kathleen Harding (Team CF)0:55:50
3Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:00:16
4Denise Coppock (Titletown Flyers)1:36:01
5Shannon Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing)2:26:29
6Christina Buerkle (Trek Of Pittsburgh)2:49:54
7Victoria Steen (Team Sixonefour)3:01:12
8Lauren Kraft (Jeni's Ice Cream)3:44:00
9Aaron Oswald3:52:34
10Jeni Roosen (7 Hills)3:53:26
11Kristen Arnold (Team Sixonefour)4:00:50
12Niki Milleson (Rose Bike)4:01:51
DNFBethany JonesRow 12 - Cell 2
DNFJulie Whalen (Shine)Row 13 - Cell 2
DNFEleanor Mcdonough (Tvb Race)Row 14 - Cell 2
DNFDana Napurano (Team MTBnj.Com-Halter's)Row 15 - Cell 2
DNSPriscilla BaltzRow 16 - Cell 2
DNSChristie Simon (Wild Bettys)Row 17 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gerry Pflug (Team CF)7:12:12
2Patrick Blair (Adventures For The Cure)0:11:39
3Ron Harding (Trestle Bridge Racing)0:15:11
4Nathan Annon (Pro Mountain Outfitters/Yeti Cycles)0:28:24
5Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation/Decorah Bicycles/Twin Six)0:30:49
6Richard Trent (Dickhouse)0:51:05
7Daniel Atkins (Race Pace Trek Mtn Team)0:53:03
8Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing)1:01:31
9Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles And Twin 6)1:07:39
10Vinni Kish (Athens Bicycle)1:13:01
11Scott Green (Toasted Head Racing)1:26:48
12Taylor Kruse (Paradise Garage Racing)1:28:20
13Rob Lochner (Ynssr / Pro Bikes / Xxc Mag)1:39:50
14Samuel Dobrozsi (Swallow Bicycle Works)2:00:49
15Wilson Pyle (Sewickley Cycling)2:12:00
16Thomas Swallow (Swallow Bicycle Works)2:45:46
17Chris Hays (Pro Mountain Outfitters)2:51:36
18Bob Sowga2:57:42
19Chris Joice (Dirty South)2:58:03
20Craig Akers (Hc Hooligans)3:05:59
21Joseph Delaney (Black Dog Bikes)3:14:25
22Doug Trojan (Bike Loft East)4:02:15
DNFMichael ChambersRow 22 - Cell 2
DNFBill Ostrowski (World Bicycle Relief)Row 23 - Cell 2
DNFCorey Volz (Big Bob's Bailbonds And Smoke Shop)Row 24 - Cell 2
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Masters men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alec Petro (Corner Cycle Bay Hill Capital Management)7:59:35
2Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing)0:18:33
3Terry Blanchet (N A V - North American Velo)0:51:54
4Chris Irving (Los Locos)1:19:36
5Robert Goetz (Nebo Ridge)1:19:51
6Todd Winget1:22:26
7Mark Drogalis (Cycle Center/Champion System)1:35:35
8Andy Ording2:57:50
9Tony Papandrea (Team Repairmax / Mt. Airy Bikes / T.R. Racing)3:10:23
10Kevin Sparks3:27:20
11Dan Mock (Wheels On Fire)3:38:58
12Jeff Plassman4:47:20
13Tim Morgan (Morgans Garage)5:04:18
14Jeff Smart (Fit Livin')5:23:42
15Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling Club)5:33:32
DNFTodd Mcneilly (Racing Greyhounds)Row 15 - Cell 2
DNFTony Achacon (Pmba)Row 16 - Cell 2
DNFDon Fella (Hammer Nutrition)Row 17 - Cell 2
DNFIngo Mayr (Marlee Kahler)Row 18 - Cell 2
DNFCraig Morris (Racing Greyhounds)Row 19 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Jolin (Stark Velo)Row 20 - Cell 2
DNFFraser Cunningham (Zephyr Wheel Sports)Row 21 - Cell 2
DNFRick GraszlRow 22 - Cell 2
DNFMichael McclintockRow 23 - Cell 2
DNSRobert Herriman (Trek/Wsc/Acfstores.Com)Row 24 - Cell 2
DNSHenry Mccullough (Team Trappe Door P/B Poa)Row 25 - Cell 2
DNSPeter RajcaniRow 26 - Cell 2

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