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Tanguy, Carey win Shenandoah Mountain 100

Perfect weather and ideal course conditions greeted a record 500+ racers Sunday at the championship race of the Kenda National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series. The 2010 season featured a best four out of eight races with all ties decided at the Shenandoah Mountain 100 in Virginia.

The Shenandoah Mountain 100 takes place at Stokesville, near Harrisonburg. It heads up high into the mountains, with amazing views of the surrounding misty blue Appalachian mountains of Virginia. Racers enjoyed many singletrack sections, mixed in with fireroads.

Although the men's and masters' divisions were already decided at the Fool's Gold 100 in Georgia, just two weeks ago, the women's and singlespeed divisions were still up for grabs as well were all other podium positions.


Christian Tanguy ( had played second fiddle to the defending NUE men's defending champion, Jeff Schalk (Trek Mountain Co-op), all season; however, this Sunday would be different for Tanguy who posted his first NUE victory in just 7:03:14. With his finish, Tanguy also earned second in the series.

Schalk, still recovering from a muddy Fool's Gold 100, took second at 7:08:25, five minutes behind a possessed Tanguy, yet became just the second racer ever to complete all eight series races, winning the men's series for a second straight year with five wins.

Michael Simonson (Gary Fisher/SRAMM XX/Notubes) rounded out the top three in the NUE Series, finishing eighth in a top 10 that featured the who's who of XXC, including third place Chris Beck (Subaru/Trek), fourth place Brandon Draugelis (, sixth place Jens Nielsen (Sport Systems), seventh place former NUE Champion, Chris Eatough (Trek Mountain Co-op), and fifth place Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Team), who had what became an extremely difficult race after suffering a flat on Narrow Back Mountain, just 12 miles into the race.

"After suffering a flat, I was passed by at least 50, maybe 70 racers while making repairs in the weeds," said local favorite Bishop. "Afterward, I was forced to pick my way through the field along narrow singletrack to try to make my way back to the lead pack." In an amazing display of strength, Bishop clawed his way back and finished fifth on the day, 7:32:28.

Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Racing) finished 12th for the day, entertaining the gathered crowd with a hard sideways skid just past the finish line and improving his score just enough to edge out Andy Applegate (Champion Systems/Cannondale) by one point, securing fifth place in the men's series, his best series finish ever.


The women's race became a battle between two giants of the sport when Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) stepped back into the series with a win at Fool's Gold. Carey, facing a formidable and motivated series leader and 2008 NUE Champion, Cheryl Sornson (Team CF), knew she had her work cut out for her yesterday but found a way to make it happen in just 8:23:02, capturing first place and her first NUE Series title.

"The SM100 was the best and hardest NUE of the year for me as I had the pressure of riding with Sue Haywood up until mile 75," said Carey. "I was pushing the pace as I was constantly aware of Cheryl being somewhere behind me. I knew Sue had no reason to work, so I was determined to ride as hard as I felt I could all day. I had some mechanical trouble that kept me from descending as well as I can, so I really had to make time on the climbs when I could. Sue and I were in the pattern of climbing close by then she would gap me on the descents, and I would catch back on the flats up until mile 75. Then I decided to really go for it after aid station 5 and I never saw her again."

"Although I started the race with the goal of winning the series midway through, I was confident enough to try to make a plan to go for the win. Glad it worked out as I only decided to go for the series after winning Mohican and Cohutta."

"Leadville complicated my schedule, so I had to have four perfect races for it to all work out as I only did four of the NUE series. Anyone who races ultras knows that so much can go wrong during an 8-10 hour ride so I am extremely fortunate to have pulled this off this year!"

Carey says she's looking forward to doing more of the NUE series races next year, especially with additional races out west. "I think that in order for the series to grow we need more dates out west so it's not so hard for the west coast and Rockies riders to go for the series. Right now it really favors the east coast."

Hot on her heels was the former national champion, now retired, Sue Haywood (SBC/Turner Racing) finishing just five minutes behind the NUE Champion. Even in retirement, Haywood continues to be a force whenever she shows up.

Sornson, despite missing her high mark, had an incredible season, finishing second in the NUE women's series after securing podium spots at nearly all of the NUE Series races this year.

"The SM100 was a perfect ending to the NUE series. The weather cooperated, the trails were riding great, and the event was run seamlessly," said Sornson. "I felt a bit tired going into the event and was not sure how I would perform. I can't say I had a great day or that I was burning it up out there, but I can say that I kept it together and gave what I had. Of course, I would have liked to win, but what I really wanted was a sub-nine hour day and I got that. For that I was thrilled. Amanda and Sue are great competitors and they definitely burned it up for great finishes."

Sornson competed in all eight series events. "It was an exciting season. Although I did not end up with the overall win, I won in many other ways. Each event provided me with a different epic experience. Be it the crazy weather, the beautiful weather, the awesome trails, the trails at 12,000 feet, the endless amount of climbing, the sweet descents, the travel time with friends, or best of all the wonderful people I met along the journey."

The next three spots in the series were also up for grabs Sunday, and in the end, just one point separated third, fourth, and fifth place. Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) nearly lost the podium when competitors Karen Potter ( and Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles) finished fourth and fifth respectively. However, Simril with her sixth place finish was able to hang on to her lead, taking third overall. Loreen Coffelt (Velosoul/The Natural Way) was not present however her four finishes allowed her to capture sixth place in the NUE Series.

In all, 40 women competed in what was the deepest women's field in the NUE Series.


The singlespeed division, like women's, was undecided heading into the final showdown. Defending champion Gerry Pflug (Salsa/SPK/Pro Bikes) was facing the former men's overall champion, Harlan Price (Team CF), who had soundly defeated him at Cohutta, Mohican, and Fool's Gold. Price, who suffered a high speed crash down a mudslide at the Fool's Gold two weeks ago, was still recovering from bruised ribs and a gash that required eight stitches.

With the series championship at stake, the 42-year-old Pflug took full advantage of the situation with an amazing display of strength, finishing in 8:02:10, 17 minutes ahead of his nearest competitor, Mike Ramponi (Independent Fabrication) who took second.

"I was a little worried a day or two before the race. I just finished off a real hard ten days of training and my body was feeling a little fatigued from the hard efforts," said Pflug. "In addition, I was having some stomach and GI track issues on Saturday and into the morning on Sunday. Fortunately, everything cleared up for me before the race actually started.

"Mistakenly thinking that the race started at 7:00 am, I arrived at the venue a little after six and went out for a short warm-up ride. I got back to the car around 6:30, decided to take a leak and the next thing I hear is a bunch of noise and then I noticed the large race pack racing past my car. Scrambling, I put my helmet and gloves on and also had to load my jersey pockets with my food supplies for the day."

"By the time I was able to jump into the pack, more than half the field went by me. I had to spin my butt off to get through the group and bury myself further on the first climb to make it towards the front of the race. Eventually, I located the lead single speed riders, Harlan Price and Matt Ferrari. We pretty much stayed together for about the first 25 miles or so. "

"On a paved road section a few miles before checkpoint two, I saw a group of geared riders about 200 yards ahead of the three of us. I made a hard effort to catch the group ahead and figured Matt and Harlan would come along with me, but when I looked back they had not come across the gap. From that point on, I pretty much rode my own race alone, but would occasionally ride with a geared rider that I would catch out on the trails. It was an absolutely perfect day out on the trails for me and (promoter) Chris Scott put on a top-notch event as he always does."

Just one minute behind Ramponi, an energized Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw/Hubcap) finished third, threatening to move up to second place in the NUE series unless Price managed at least a fifth place finish. One minute behind Ferrari, Dylan Johnson (Oasis Bike Works) sprinted across the line and banged the gong, set up to ring out finishers as they cross the line.

Price admittedly wasn't 100 percent, but he certainly wasn't willing to give up any more space on the NUE podium as he finished fifth at 8:25:20, just enough to give him a one-point lead over Ferrari and second in the NUE Series.

Rounding out the top eight in the NUE Series Singlespeed Division was fourth place Ron Sanborn (Mclain Cycle & Fitness), fifth place Jason Pruitt (29er Crew), sixth place Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes), seventh place Roger Masse (Gary Fishser 29er Crew), and eighth place Robert Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop-State College).

Master's 50+

Robert Herriman (Trek 29er Crew/ACF Stores) was not present, yet he had already wrapped up the NUE Masters division with wins at Cohutta, Mohican, Lumberjack, and Fools Gold. This was Herriman's first NUE Masters Championship.

Bill Nagel (Guy's Bicycle Racing) sat out the race as well, gambling that his 15 points would be low enough to carry him to second place in the NUE Series, where racers receive series points based on their finishing place. Lowest points determine the winners. It was a risky proposition that nearly failed as Erik Lenzing (Freeze Thaw Cycles) and David Grauer (Orthopro), both with 18 points, fought it out in a desperate bid for the remaining two podium spots.

Todd Henne wasn't contending the NUE Series but proved his muster as the first Masters 50+ to cross the finish line in 9:12:20. Three minutes later, William Simms (Cycle Lodge) took second followed by Denis Chazell (Z Adventures), Jim Matthews (MBR), and former NUE Master's Champion, John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE) whose fifth place finish also gave him fifth overall.

Nagel's gamble paid off as he held on to his second place position in the series. Lenzig's seventh place finish was three minutes ahead of Grauer, who finished eighth in the series, but it was not quite enough as Grauer captured the final podium spot, finishing third overall.

The NUE Series awarded US$16,000 in cash and prizes. Every racer who completed the four-race minimum receives awards that included four Velocity wheel sets, Kenda Tires, 15 Yakima Racks, and Ergon Grips. NUE Champions also received custom made, personalized award plaques along with custom made NUE Champion Jerseys courtesy of Endura Technical Apparel.

Racers who completed the four-race minimum but were not present can request their prizes by sending their mailing address to Ryan O'Dell at

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christian Tanguy (
2Jeff Schalk (Trek Mountain Co-Op)0:05:11
3Chris Beck (Subaru/Trek)0:08:47
4Brandon Draugelis ( Racing Team)0:24:50
5Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:29:14
6Jens Nielsen (Sport Systems)0:35:18
7Chris Eatough (Trek Mountain Co-Op)0:42:32
8Michael Simonson (Trek 29er Crew/SRAM/Stans No Tubes)0:45:34
9Chris Michaels (Schwalbe North America)0:45:44
10Patrick Mosler (Pedal the Planet/Lexington, KY)0:47:26
11Kevin Carter (Team First Descents)0:48:45
12Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:49:26
13Robert Spreng (Dirty Harry's)0:49:53
14John Burns (
15David Hauber (Louisville Fire Fighters)0:59:48
16Sam Koerber (Trek 29er Crew)1:04:30
17Andy Applegate (Champion Systems/Cannondale)1:06:51
18Ryan Fawley (Trek Mountain Co-Op)1:06:54
19Morgan Olsson (GVC/Cycles de Oro)1:07:44
20Andy Gorski1:07:58
21Pat Wallace (Kona/E'ville Bike Shop)1:08:29
22Michael Tabasko (DCMTB)1:08:45
23Daniel LaRocque (Tiger Cycling Foundation/Wampold Racing)1:10:36
24Kyle Lawrence (Trek 29er Crew)1:11:49
25Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:14:13
26Michael Runnals (JRVS/Casey Auto)1:15:12
27Dennis Baldwin (Ellicotville Bike Shop)1:18:59
28Charlie Storm (Inland Construction)1:19:56
29Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:23:54
30David Wood (Trek 29er Crew)1:23:57
31Mike Keefer (Gettysbury Bicycle/Cupcake Factory)1:27:12
32Matthew Farquharson (HBCC)1:28:05
33Dustin Manotti (Earl's Bicycle Store)1:29:24
34Bradley Schmalzer (Team Magazine)1:29:49
35Mike Cushionbury (MountainBike magazine/
36Joe Fish (Design Physics/Rowletts)1:31:13
37Les Leach1:32:11
38Drew Scharns (Boone Bike and Touring)1:32:22
39Peter Schildt (Engin Cycles)1:32:23
40Pat Miller1:35:04
41Jason Murrell (Larry Hill Ford/Scotts Bikes)1:37:44
42Wesley Young1:38:11
43Joey Riddle (Joey's Bike Shop)1:39:10
44Blair Saunders (Ben's Performance Bikes)1:40:00
45Stewart Staton (Plum Grove Cyclery)1:40:33
46Kevin Roop (Dogma Athletica)1:42:25
47Jason Hilimire (Geneva Bicycle Center)1:43:04
48Brad Cobb (Motor Mile Racing)1:43:24
49YT (Boone Bike and Touring)1:43:51
50Mike Schultz (Dirty Harrys/Highland Training)1:43:54
51Chris Quinn (Combo/Roll)1:44:07
52Jeff Dickey (Scott RC Mountain Bike Team)1:44:51
53Brian Shernce (Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft)1:47:23
54Rodger Carter (Kelly Benefit Strategies )1:49:45
55Charles Knoll (
56Jonathan Posner (Sterling Wolfpack Unicorn/Trek Mtn Co-op)1:51:21
57Kenneth Wiley (Team Pinnacle/Claremont Cycle Depot)1:53:51
58Watts Dixon (Revolution Cycles, NC)1:54:15
59Daniel Kotwicki ( / SRAM XX)1:57:23
60Justin Raynes (SEAVS RACING)1:59:39
61Connor Bell (Gripped Racing)2:00:23
62Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)2:00:46
63Daniel Rapp (MYFAM)2:03:14
64Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)2:06:42
65Batbayar Bathuluun2:06:52
66Matt Smith (Wilderness Voyagers)2:07:00
67Madison Matthews (MBR)2:08:01
68Chris Nystrom (C3 - Beer Frites Waffles)2:08:12
69Dr. Evil (Cupcakes)2:08:20
70A Wenzel (Horst-Benidorm-PRC Cycling Team)2:08:49
71Andy Rhodes (Rhodes LLC)2:09:52
72Michael Hosang (Tripower
73Petr Minar (Calleva)2:10:00
74Dan Williams (Holly Street Bikes)2:10:04
75Chris Larsen (Team Ale)2:11:12
76Greg Kuhn (Team Fraser)2:12:27
77Scott Miller (Team Saddleblock)2:12:39
78James Kelly2:13:09
79Ben Poss (BioWheels)2:15:10
80Eric Sauer (GVC/Cycles d'Oro)2:16:23
81Scott Miller2:16:35
82Tim Collins (D+Q Racing)2:16:40
83Douglas Pepelko (Applied Security Inc.)2:17:31
84Spike Mclaughlin (Horst-Benidorm-PRC Cycling Team)2:18:34
85Zach Rogers (540Cycling)2:20:13
86Greg Hylton (Team Moonstomper)2:20:18
87Colby Waller (Gripped Racing)2:22:53
88Stefan Schwarzkopf (NCVC / UnitedHealth Group)2:23:31
89Coleman Devlin (Luv Cycles)2:24:50
90Jon Rittling (N/A)2:25:50
91Tim Winters (SORBA-GATR)2:25:53
92Mike Buchness (Team Bike Lane)2:28:49
93Jason Laxton (Specialized/Dumonde Tech Racing)2:28:51
94Mark Russell (IF Racing)2:29:14
95Mark Sackett (Paceline)2:30:10
96John Weber (Joey's Bike Shop Elkins WV)2:30:19
97Daniel Sluzas (Specialized Bicycle Components)2:30:44
98Rob Campbell (Bike Line)2:31:35
99Matt Lough (Gripped Racing)2:33:16
100Collin Snyder (Trail's Edge Plymouth, MI)2:34:16
101Kyle Rodland (Independent Fabrication)2:34:18
102Andrew McKinney (Asheville Bike Race Club)2:34:20
103Fred Oberer (Gettysburg Bicycle)2:34:42
104Michael Phillips2:34:44
105Stephan Borkoski (Race Pace Bicycles)2:34:46
106Andrew Blatecky (JV Squad)2:35:29
107Charles von (Mock Orange Bikes)2:37:14
108Steve Schwartz (Speedgoat Bicycles)2:38:45
109Chris Salway (None)2:39:13
110Steve Godlewski (North American Velo/
111Mark Drogalis (Team CF)2:43:29
112Kevin Baird (Team Kevin)2:44:03
113Tim Covington (Family Bike Shop)2:44:36
114Martin Kozera (SweetSingleTrack)2:45:41
115Dirk Servine2:45:44
116Michael Bonsby (MBHVAC)2:50:07
117Jamie Webster (Team A List)2:50:49
118Marty Quinn (Foof)2:52:20
119Mike Carpenter2:52:22
120Paul Buschi (Giro D'Ville Baby)2:52:23
121Matt Donahue (DCMTB)2:52:42
122Andy Kinley (Goldman Sachs)2:53:48
123Jason Boeckmann (Team Broski)2:54:48
124Pete Dzirkalis (
125Lance Ohlsson (Gripped Racing)2:57:37
126Mark Jackson (Just Riding Along)2:58:42
127David Henrickson (
128Christopher Facas (Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capitol)3:00:32
129Chris Smith (Smitty's Smoky Burgers)3:01:25
130Ken Bell (Gripped Racing)3:01:46
131Anthony Hergert (Nouveau Velo Cycling Team)3:02:23
132Pete Sothheimer (Gettysburgh Cupcake Factory)3:02:55
133William Gilmer (Tri-Power)3:05:00
134Robbie Bruce (Blackwater Bike Shop)3:08:13
135Doug Milliken (ABRT/Bike Doctor of Frederick)3:11:17
136Mike Pierce (Inertia Racing)3:11:38
137Scott Fitzner (Team DIRTShack)3:12:04
138Marc Calderone (Gold's Gym Glen Burnie)3:13:53
139Jake Davidson (Fast Forward Racing)3:14:21
140Michael Hirn (Serena, Linc, Laine)3:14:37
141Lee Salway3:14:55
142Erik Steudle (My wonderful wife)3:15:36
143Joe Moerschbaecher (Team SOG)3:17:00
144Davy Hazlegrove (Blackwater Bike Shop)3:17:13
145Todd Green (Design Physics Racing)3:18:32
146David Wrona (Family Bike - Massachusetts)3:18:37
147Sam Lindblom3:19:07
148Mark Rucker (BioWheels)3:20:32
149Paul Deeble (Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition)3:20:51
150Ben Reisse (Race Pace Bicycles)3:21:50
151Carl Peltzer (Skeleton Crew)3:21:53
152Thori Wolfe (Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle)3:23:10
153Kevin Horvath (VBW)3:24:07
154Robert Sawyer (Tri-Power)3:24:10
155Bryan Burns (Haymarket Bicycles / Homevisit)3:24:46
156Jerry Hadley (Tripower)3:26:40
157Wirun Sae-Lao (Rickshaw Racing)3:27:28
158Brent Harlos (Chicken Ranch-Hodsons Bay)3:28:40
159Eric Werner (Meathead Racing)3:28:56
160Jason Harris (Contes)3:29:48
161Jesse Tubb (None)3:29:50
162Matt Vander (Endurance Adventure)3:31:35
163Thomas O'Connell (Barfight Cycling)3:32:53
164Stephen Simmons (Gripped Racing)3:33:37
165Paul Souchar (NCVC/United Health Group)3:33:49
166Ryan Delaney (JV Squad/Potomac Velo Club)3:34:42
167Joel Wilson (DCMTB)3:36:20
168Robert Shaver (Trek Regional Co-op)3:37:07
169Michael Langrill (Princton Sports)3:37:10
170Doug Trojan3:37:46
171Al Inigo (Fooftown)3:38:16
172Jonathan Hinkle (
173Collin Vento (Shenandoah Bicycle Company)3:41:57
174Mancil Gray (Chainsmoke Racing)3:42:19
175John Tinman (None)3:42:49
176Tony Vachino (Forest Friend Racing)3:45:08
177Joshua Neider (Trails Edge)3:45:45
178Brad Copeland (Contes)3:45:48
179Jeff Olson (Wife and kids)3:46:34
180Patrick Norton (Team Shambody)3:46:49
181Jason Stephens (Team Ed)3:47:28
182Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery, Plymouth, MI)3:47:59
183Paul Del3:48:09
184Daniel Drumwright (Contes)3:50:05
185Paul Lara (Jen and Olive Aid Station Specialist)3:50:37
186Jay Dicharry (Giro D'Ville)3:50:44
187Charles Buki3:51:08
188David Sanders (Saddleblock)3:52:12
189Tom Newton3:52:19
190Sean Schmitt (Family Bike Shop)3:52:22
191Kent Baake (DCMTB / Continuum Solar)3:53:02
192Mike Klasmeier3:53:04
193Brad Jacobs (Team Saddleblock)3:54:57
194Robert Condon (Princeton Sports)3:55:59
195Mike Davis (Contes)3:57:38
196Jonny Ritchie3:57:42
197Brian Poochigian (DCMTB/Family Bikes)3:58:29
198Peter Fraker (Plum Grove Cyclery)3:59:04
199Erik Spahr (Phenom Technologies, Inc.)4:00:43
200Hans Schmidl (Baltimore Bush Doctors)4:01:26
201Jody Bailey (HPC/Spokes)4:02:39
202Angus Mackenzie (
203Matthew White (Haymarket Bicycles)4:02:45
204Lee Mebel (Git Some)4:03:09
205Stephen Lindsey (NCVC/Spokes Etc.)4:03:13
206Randy Gorman (None)4:03:23
207Brent Goldstein (Team First Descents)4:03:58
208Gary Morris (Team First Dscents)4:04:01
209Eric Brooks (Team First Descents)4:04:06
210Andrew Christman (Cafe:ine Racing)4:07:24
211Yimmy Zymanski (Breakaway Bikes)4:08:32
212Keith Jackson (Fooftown)4:09:45
213Roy Huber (VELOCAVORE)4:09:48
214Todd Plunkett4:10:40
215Chad Rathbone (Kazane)4:10:53
216Paul Panetta (My wife and kids)4:12:27
217Jeff Plassman (Design Physics/Rowletts)4:12:55
218Ben Brown (Team Moonstomper)4:13:08
219Bridge Cox (CRC)4:14:06
220Jason Pilato4:14:22
221Scott Stahl (Seavs Racing)4:15:33
222Martin Griffin4:15:48
223N Bruce (Just Riding Along/CrankSkins)4:16:25
224Keith White (Nexpa Holdings)4:16:44
225Matt Trybus (Black Dog Bikes)4:17:02
226Vashek Vancura4:17:38
227John Claman (The Bike Lane)4:17:51
228Andy Green (Team Satori Adv. Racing, Dunkin Donuts)4:18:05
229Jonathan Evans (Black Dog Bikes)4:18:23
230Joshua Ence (Piper & Cali Corp.)4:19:45
231Chris Eklund4:20:14
232Andrew Sunderland (Bottlecaps)4:23:14
233Frank Dubec (Team Vevlo Eel)4:23:27
234Jim Plichta4:23:36
235Matt McCluskey (Secret Henry's Team)4:23:45
236Jeffrey Hellner (Casey Auto Group/JRVS)4:23:52
237Adam Harris (Spoke n' True Bicycles and Fitness)4:24:20
238Scott Burkholder (Baltimore Love Project)4:25:37
239Jay Bateman4:25:39
240James Paterniti (Just Riding Along)4:31:02
241Trevor Miller (Family Bike Shop, Crofton MD)4:32:26
242Adam Garcia4:33:03
243Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)4:35:28
244Mark Hartman (Geneva Bicycle Center)4:35:34
245Edward Ross-Clunis (TriQuest Training)4:35:36
246Mark Nicholson4:37:05
247Jay Cullen (Endorphin Fitness)4:37:07
248John Billingslea (Team Satori)4:38:17
249Trevor Emond (Family Bike)4:38:22
250Jef Hackett (;O)4:38:56
251Brendan Graves (Team Carolyn)4:38:59
252Kris Kjellquist (Who Dat Ninga?)4:39:46
253Andy Etters (Inland)4:42:22
254Michael Park (TriPower)4:43:13
255Mike Bender (Potomac Velo Club)4:43:36
256Ryan Kleman (Buffy)4:44:40
257David Osgood4:45:39
258Luke Reich (Hard Knocks)4:45:45
259Bob Butsch (CycleSport Bike Shop)4:46:11
260William Hunt (Race Pace)4:48:45
261Todd Henson (Queen City Cycling)4:48:54
262Milton Rojas (Potomac Velo Club)4:49:13
263Joseph Rowe4:49:19
264Andy Bacon (Spokes Etc./
265Kevin Jones (WNR)4:53:34
266Alexander Castro (Spokes Etc)4:53:40
267Jim Mitchell (Potomac Velo Club)4:57:00
268Joe Younkin (All About Bikes Racing)4:57:04
269Mike Lang (Browntown Transcontinental Trading Co.)4:57:14
270David Lee (The Bike Lane)4:57:27
271John Worozbut (Team Brown Liquor)4:57:39
272Benjamin Teller (NCVC)4:57:51
273Kimani Nielsen (Dominion Cycling)4:59:24
274Tom Haines (Design Physics)4:59:27
275Jay Pelletier (I like to Mtb race...)5:02:04
276Russell Petts (Racing Greyhounds)5:02:10
277Jim Kutz5:02:15
278Shannon Emery ( Sux)5:02:55
279Douglas Coleman (Neo-Retro)5:03:18
280Brian Hyland (
281Jim Seguin (Bike Factory)5:04:38
282Marc Genberg (The Bike Lane)5:04:48
283Thomas Snook (Bike Line)5:05:58
284Brian Bartell5:06:01
285Robert Maye (BikeBeat Inc)5:06:06
286Eric Magrum5:06:20
287Victor Lin (
288Bradley Hunter (
289Seth Wood (Solo)5:08:44
290Mike Danielson5:08:48
291Dennis Throckmorton (Design Physics/Rowlett's)5:09:54
292Josh Miller (Skeleton Crew)5:10:08
293Andrew Riess (SELF)5:11:36
294Bob Jenkins (Team Shaft)5:11:48
295Paul Diemer5:14:32
296Timothy Abbott (Gripped Films Racing)5:14:48
297Matt D'Reaux (Plum Grove)5:15:12
298Rick Webb (Baltimore Bush Doctors)5:15:35
299Kristopher Hayne (The Bike Lane)5:16:27
300Chris Bayne (Pack Fodder Racing)5:16:50
301Benjamin Taylor (TBD)5:16:52
302Daniel Brodeen (Mountain Valley Bicycles)5:17:08
303Chris Gorman5:17:59
304Buddy Hardesty (Ride Avalon)5:19:36
305James Anderson (SPADAC Inc)5:19:48
306Yueqing Xie (Ying)5:20:28
307Steve Agostino (WNR)5:20:37
308Bryan Findley (None)5:20:52
309Michael Moscato (Dick Chainring)5:20:56
310Brian Gillies (Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors)5:21:52
311Tim SanJule5:22:43
312Harris Melby5:24:15
313Alec Thurman5:24:56
314Jeff Gould (Bob Dylan)5:25:12
315Erik Arnold (Plum Grove Cycle)5:27:33
316Andrew Martin (Skeleton Crew)5:29:21
317Christopher Martens (Martens)5:30:15
318Paul Flannigan (Conte's Norfolk)5:30:17
319Adam Switzer (3Sports/Nature's Path)5:32:37
320Mick Lynn5:34:38
321Benjamin Mattox (Fat Frogs Bike Club)5:34:51
322Larry Camp (Michaux Green)5:36:12
323Nick Kruczynski5:37:19
324Damien Talese (Your Mom Trebek)5:39:17
325Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing)5:41:09
326Andrew Moore (Spoke 'n True)5:42:07
327Donald Gabrielson (US NAVY)5:43:04
328Brandon Vincent (HPC/List)5:43:36
329Brown Sharp (N/A)5:46:06
330Woody Elliot (Virginia Off Road Series)5:47:58
331George Scott (
332Joe Tucker (Dinsmore & Shohl)5:50:07
333Steve Bourque (Log Posse Racing)5:51:37
334Patrick Pemberton (None)5:53:41
335Brian Wurster (Applied Security Inc.)5:54:24
336Travis Williams ( 6)5:56:59
337Chris James5:58:11
338Sean Norville (Highland Hydro)6:04:22
339Michael Adkins (Widow Maker)6:07:10
340Justin Plymale (East Coasters)6:08:06
341Jason Miller (Team XXL_)6:09:36
342Brian Poore (Honey Stinger)6:09:53
343Tim Trotter (Claremont Cycle Depot - Team Pinnacle)6:10:10
344John Mosmiller6:10:49
345Robert Niemeyer (Skeleton Crew)6:11:25
346Peter Dula6:12:05
347Kent Pruett (N/A)6:13:03
348Brian Piccioni (VMI Old Corps)6:16:45
349Brian Lancaster (NCVC)6:19:00
350Steve Lancaster (Fat Old Slow)6:19:04
351Barry Quigley (Team Green)6:20:11
352Phillip Esempio (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)6:21:23
353Paul Leeger (Design Physics p/b Rowlettes)6:21:31
354Gary Frank (Z Adventures)6:22:20
355Jonathan McCune (Big Lead Pipes)6:22:45
356Leonard Lucas (Mud, Blood, and Beer)6:22:47
357Ken Keister6:25:17
358Brian Brokterman6:25:35
359William McQuate (Hug and Tug Racing)6:25:41
360Ryan Wallace6:25:50
361Ty Simpson (AOAT)6:25:56
362Fernando Torres (Bike Line)6:26:17
363Ron Baker6:27:32
364Stephen Ryan (Team XXL)6:28:12
365Thomas Nolen (Pimpin' Ain't Easy)6:29:57
366Russ Adams (The Bike Lane)6:31:04
367Bryan Racine (Team Rad)6:31:40
368Aaron Basmajian (AVRB)6:32:16
369Larry Etgen (Halter's Cycles)6:34:21
370Jan Feuchtner (Oasis Bike Works)6:35:54
371Dan Mahlmann6:37:28
372Mike Baker (All About Bikes)6:42:51
373Joseph Surina (Hug and Tug Racing)6:43:48
374David Viens (None)6:46:46
375Brookes Brumstd (Snow Plow)6:47:18
376Peter Schultz6:51:00
377Carl Nasr6:51:03
378Scott LaFever (Lala’s Cook)6:53:25
379Carlo Alfano (Pedal Pushers Club)6:54:46
380Donald Loomis (Winchester Wheelmen Race team)6:57:27
381Michael Burton (Hug and Tug Racing)7:02:59
382Jody Mazur (CADRE RACING)7:05:12
383Jeff Minnerick (Wife)7:10:46
384Jason Gull (Wheels of Justice)7:17:32
385Adam Croft (JRVS/Casey Auto Group)7:19:04
386Paul Croft (JRVS/Casey Auto)7:19:06
387Benjamin Dillard7:24:30
388John Liitle (Pickle Juice)7:27:43
389Peter Cloutier (Team America)7:29:01
390Curtis Brubaker7:33:53
391Mark Veerman (SVBC)7:36:03
392Nick Gramsky (Your Ad Here)7:39:31
393Jeff Hyland (Spokes Etc. Arlington, VA)7:40:47
394Andy Thompson (The Death Valley Boys Choir)7:50:31
395Howard Thompson (Appalachian Outdoors Adventure)7:50:33
396Martin Mork (Takoma Park Tree Huggers)8:07:57
397Clay Lyons8:12:05
398Brett Lyons8:12:09
399Luke Mills8:20:56
400Raphael Silvestro (Innovation TechWorks)8:23:11
401Roberto Galindo (Team Galindo!)8:23:17
402Carlos Espinoza (Spokes Etc. - Vienna)8:23:24
403Keith Garrett (Hug and Tug Racing)8:25:47

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Carey (Kenda-Felt)8:23:02
2Sue Haywood (SBC/Turner Racing)0:05:24
3Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)0:24:59
4Karen Potter (
5Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:37:52
6Brenda Simirl (Motormile Racing)0:44:49
7Laura Hamm (Virginia Tech)0:54:44
8Cassie Smith (Smith Insurance)1:28:59
9Lindsay Honaker (Log Posse/Potomac Velo Club)1:31:40
10Johanna Kraus (Velo Bella)1:32:06
11Jennifer Wolfson (SVBC)1:39:04
12Sarah Caylor (HBCC)2:06:05
13Andrea Wilson2:07:22
14Mandi Riddle (Joey's Bike Shop)2:12:28
15Anna Kelso (Gripped Racing)2:16:00
16Emily McDonald (Gripped Racing)2:28:18
17Beth Del (Ellicottville Bike Shop)2:46:18
18Suzanne Hartman (Geneva Bicycle Center)3:16:48
19Julia Pollock (Team SOG)3:18:42
20Liz Notter (The Bike Lane)3:19:29
21Whitney March (Shenandoah Bicycle Company)3:28:07
22Simona Vincenciova (Team XXL)3:29:03
23Lisa Vible (Secret Henry's Team)3:31:10
24Al Tufano (NVRC/CardioSports Lab)3:39:24
25Rachael Mirvish (
26Andrea Slack (Bike Line)3:49:37
27Melanie Nystrom (T & G's Mom)3:52:13
28Ann Toler (Spin Mafia)4:19:13
29Stacey Seidel (Me)4:23:07
30Becky Bafford (The Bicycle Escape/Single Speed Outlaw)4:29:41
31Karen Talley (The Bike Lane)4:29:51
32Renee Bousquet (Racer-X)5:01:58
33Julie Guy (The Bike Lane)5:03:04
34Loretta Torres (Bike Line)5:06:25
35Dee Reeb (The Bike Lane)5:11:10
36Leah Rhodes (Black Dog Bikes)5:11:46
37Amy Gentzel (Log Posse)6:21:03
38Jennifer Whedbee (Bike Factory Race Team)6:41:34
39Amanda Gilbert (Contes)7:10:55
40Rebecca Walizer (Bike Beat)7:27:00

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gerry Pflug (Salsa/SPK/Pro Bikes)8:02:10
2Mike Ramponi (Indepent Fabrication)0:17:16
3Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw/Hubcap Cycles)0:18:04
4Dylan Johnson (Oasis Bike Works)0:20:45
5Harlan Price (Team CF)0:23:10
6Ron Sanborn (McLaw Cycle & Fitness)0:33:29
7Evan Ellicott (Bike Doctor)0:34:54
8Jason Pruitt (29er Crew)0:51:01
9Nikolas Obriecht (RacePaceBicycles)0:54:13
10Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)1:02:15
11Chad Miller (Independent Fabrication)1:02:22
12Travis Coldsmith (Indie Fab / Cupcake Factory)1:03:28
13Roger Masse (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)1:05:34
14Morgan Miller (WV Night Club)1:07:23
15Russel Henderson (Industry Nine)1:16:39
16Buck Keich (Gettysburg Bicycle/Cupcake Crew)1:20:57
17Matt Ruscigno (Swarm!)1:26:10
18Rich Dillen (TeamDicky)1:28:28
19Greg Bell (Revolution Cycles, NC)1:31:59
20Hal Batdorf (D and Q Racing)1:35:07
21Aaron Anaya (Dark Horse)1:37:18
22Clay Chiles (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:40:26
23Luke Sagur (Carolina Bicycle Company)1:41:23
24Gary Chambers (TEAM ED RACING)1:42:20
25Robin Oscar (Motor Mile Racing)1:43:39
26Ed Bush (Engin Cycles)1:44:27
27Robert Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop)1:52:40
28Daniel Atkins (Adventure for the Cure)1:53:44
29Cliff Hatchett (True Wheel, Blfd WV)1:53:50
30Mike Boyce1:54:11
31Donald Powers (Pro Bikes / Twin Six)1:59:52
32Kelly Klett (Trips for Kids Triangle)2:00:03
33Eric Nord2:01:33
34Eddie Velasquez (Team Martys (jajaja))2:02:06
35Jonathan Wheaton (DCMTB/Continuum Energy Solutions)2:05:27
36Jason Morgan (Industry Nine)2:11:26
37Jeff Bushong (Chicken Ranch Crew)2:12:47
38Kevin Stapleton (DCMTB)2:25:57
39Nathan Shearer (MUDD)2:26:24
40Shane Cusick (BikeWalk VA Stijl Cycles)2:29:37
41Robert Clifford (Dire Wolf Racing)2:29:49
42Brett Wyckoff (Saucon Valley Bikes/ Magic Hat Racing)2:31:54
43Josh Hepler (Water)2:35:08
44Mark Waters (Dark Horse Cycles)2:38:01
45Albert Greene (Yellow Breeches Racing)2:48:16
46Chris Merriam (4 Boys Racing)2:50:16
47Lee Cumberland (Adventures for the Cure)2:53:19
48Steven Cardwell (The True Wheel, Bluefield, WV)2:58:20
49Joseph O'Brien-Applegate (William & Mary Spoke N True)2:59:38
50Ken Kazmierczak (Ellicottville Bike Shop)3:18:03
51Kirk Felton (SOC)3:24:43
52Billy Raynor (Two Wheeler Dealer)3:25:56
53Matt Hoey (Monger)3:39:04
54Joey Lim (Team Jalim)3:43:10
55Jeremy Pugh (Phat Nancys)3:49:30
56Lance Shelley (Team Granny Gearless)3:59:01
57Craig Foster (Phat Nancy's)3:59:24
58Jimmy Kim (Lucaya)4:02:11
59Dan Allen (Skeleton Crew)4:05:46
60Dominic Cilento (Mobtown MonoVeloce)4:35:40
61Allen Campbell (Blackwater Bike Shop)4:37:40
62Matt Briskie (The Flying Monkeys/Trek Bicycles of Raleigh)4:50:42
63Chris Stone5:11:53
64Carlos Matutes (Brothafromanothamutha Racing)5:50:57
65Brice Stivers (Brothafromanothamutha Racing)5:50:59

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Henne9:12:20
2William Simms (Cycle Lodge)0:03:14
3Denis Chazelle (Z Adventures)0:23:58
4Jim Matthews (MBR)0:36:07
5John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE)0:39:39
6Scott Davis ("Scottie D")0:58:07
7Erik Lenzing (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:03:38
8David Grauer (Orthopro)1:05:55
9Harry Mathis (Cycle Center/Carolina Velo)1:06:27
10James Deschaine (Competitive Edge Ski and Bike Shop)1:12:29
11John Wyrick (Team Brad/Biowheels)1:19:59
12James Wilson (Team CF)1:29:59
13Richard Pence (Van Dessel Factory Team)1:35:24
14Tim Starkey (Tri-Power)1:49:37
15Paul Worley (Shan Sockanathan)2:19:08
16Ed McCalley (Team ED)2:46:10
17Jack Ford (Family Bike/RRR)2:56:10
18George Hollerbach (Newton Bike)2:58:45
19Dennis Murphy (Founders ALer Racing)3:05:24
20David Simpson (The Bike Lane)3:07:23
21David Hall (VeloSports Racing)3:09:46
22Martin Ruhl (Hodson's Bay/Allstate/Haybush)3:24:06
23Ernest Rodriguez (The Bike Lane)3:29:14
24Mitchell Potter3:33:55
25Robert Travers4:01:50
26Michael Talbert4:13:49
27Stephen Miller (
28Buzz Fackler (TriPower Cycling Team)4:38:15
29Joel Kennet (Team XXL)4:56:51
30Carl Schwab (AARP)5:52:22


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