Tostado wins Breckenridge 100 by eight minutes over Thompson

The sixth Annual Breckenridge 100 tested the limits of endurance for racers from all over the US with participants from as far away as New York, Oregon and many states in between. On Saturday July 17, soloists and three-erson teams competed along a grueling 100-mile high, altitude race course that crossed the continental divide three times. Beginning at 9,000 feet in Breckenridge, Colorado, headed into the clouds, The B-100 mile race started at 6:00 am as the sun was just peaking over the mountain top. At 10:00 am, the B-68 mile and B-32 mile races began. It was a hot day in the saddle as a record 270 racers competed in the three races.

The 100-mile course consisted of three loops, each one ending in Carter Park providing an opportunity for spectators to follow the action as racers rolled through between loops. A large crowd of spectators gathered to cheer racers on and Breck Velo was on hand offering mechanical support and a quick squirt of lube to keep the dusty chains operating as well.

Men's open race

In the men's open division, the much anticipated repeat battle between local favorite and five-time champion, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) and Jeff Schalk (Trek MTN Co-Op) fell victim to mechanicals as Schalk's double flat on loop one took him out of contention for a first place finish. With just one tube and two flats, Schalk ran several miles and picked up a tube at a nearby bike shop in Frisco, before blasting off in a desperate attempt to get back in contention.

Despite his difficulties, Schalk, the reigning Kenda NUE Series Champion and current series leader with three wins under his wheels, stepped up to the challenge, and fought his way back to a very respectable third place.

"Jeff and I were neck and neck, if he hadn't flatted it would have been a battle, but that's racing," said Tostado. Many racers reported flats on the rough descent off of Wheeler pass.

After the race, Tostado, who went on to win his sixth straight Breck 100, was calm and contemplative. "I feel like I'm going to lose every year. I don't put a lot of pressure on myself. It comes from others, friends, and other non-racers. But I don't win all the time."

"I've been expecting to lose," said Tostado. "I'm fortunate and happy that I've been able to win a race six times, not a lot of people can say that. I'm blessed." In just 8:23:47, Tostado completed the grueling 100 miles of high altitude racing with 13,719 ft. of climbing, shaving 10 minutes off of last year's finish time.

Despite having a reputation as the toughest 100 in the country, some first timers were up for the challenge including second place finisher Joey Thompson (Mountain Bike Specialists) from Durango, Colorado. This young man was the talk of the day, coming in just under eight minutes behind Tostado.

"I didn't know what to expect," said Thompson, "I've never done a 100 miler before. I didn't know how to pace myself I just tried to focus on eating and drinking. I tried to stay with the front guys but I never saw Josh again after the first climb. This is definitely his race." Keep an eye on this young newcomer, no doubt, everyone will be watching next year.

Women's open race

Jari Kirkland (Team Alpine Orthopedic) not only rocked the women's race but the entire field finishing in just under 10 hours and placing 17th overall. This was her first time competing in the Breckenridge 100 and before the race, she said that she was "really, really, really, really... excited to be here" as she considers Breckenridge to be her home.

Kirkland, who currently resides in Crested Butte, started riding here and has always wanted to return for the race. "I left everything out there. It lived up to every expectation. It was a perfect mix of everything, singletrack, technical singletrack, climbing... Wheeler pass was really high and the descent was really sketchy, super loose and rocky", but she didn't go down.

Her greatest challenge came on the last climb. Even though it was only 100 yards, she had to coach herself through, repeating "come on Jari, you can do this".

Eszter Horanyi (Waltworks Space Cowgirls) of Crested Butte, although a bit disappointed in the day, stating "it was a rough day in the office", was happy with the overall turnout taking second in the women's 100. When asked what would have made the day better she repeated her request for "Cabana boys at the top of all the climbs".

2008 Kenda NUE Series Champion, Cheryl Sorensen, (Team CF) put on an amazing performance as well. Coming from low altitude in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, she was all smiles after the race and seemed happy with her third place finish in the high country. Equally as impressive was the showing by women's singlespeed winner Andrea Wilson of Cordova. Wilson completed the 100 miler in just under 13 hours.
Singlespeed race

Mark Thompson of Breckenridge (Wilderness Sports) took the singlespeed win for a second straight year. "It was hard but I felt good. With 17 tough contenders, "It was a good field for singlespeed, I felt like I had a target on my back since I won last year," said Thompson.

On loop 2 he hit the ground hard, adding suffering on the next climb but he managed to push through, finishing with an impressive 10th place overall. 45 minutes behind Mark Thompson was Michael Melleny (Landis/Red Rock) of Chandler, Arizona, followed closely by Gerry Pflug (Salsa/Spk/Pro Bikes), Reigning Kenda NUE Series Champion and current NUE Series singlespeed series point leader.

Master’s 50+ Race

The closest race among leaders was in the masters 50+ division where the top three were separated by just minutes. After 11:35:57, it was Larry Dewitt (Pro-Cycling) of Colorado Springs that took top honors. Just five minutes behind the leader, NUE Series contender, David Grauer, (Orthopro) of Niwot crossed the line with Carl Gable ( of Santa Fe just seven minutes behind Grauer.

Also impressive, was Master's 50+ women's racer Sharon McDowell-Larson, (Pro Cycling) of Colorado Springs who was the only finisher in her age division at 12:13:08.

The top 10 men's and top five women's podiums received a cash pay-out. Top finishers in every category received a custom mug filled with a little something courtesy of Polar Water Bottles, Chipotle, WTB and Kenda Tires.

The Breckenridge 100 is an epic adventure that tests the endurance and fortitude of all participants and Keisuke Nishimoto couldn't agree more. Nishimoto finished the 100-mile challenge in 12:50:06. Resting comfortably in the shade of the Ergon Grips canopy after the race, Nishimoto stated that it was much more difficult than any of the three Ironman Triathlon races he had completed.

For some the day's work was over by 3:00pm, but many racers filed across the finish line late into the evening. Each rider was treated to a buffet dinner and beer. At the end of an epic day of riding, a full belly, a cold beer, and a smile that comes from completing what is arguably the toughest race in the series, was a reward in itself. And for those that didn't finish, the knowledge gained from this year's event will, no doubt, become the building blocks to a successful finish next year.

From Colorado, the Kenda NUE Series heads to the hills of Pennsylvania, where racers will take on the Wilderness 101 in State College on July 31. Nothing has been decided and all divisions are still undecided heading into race number five in this best four of eight race series.

The NUE Series rewards all racers who complete the four race minimum with cash and prize awards courtesy of Kenda, Ergon, Terry Precision Cycling, Yakima Racks, and Velocity Wheelsets. Division winners also receive custom jerseys, courtesy of Endura Technical Apparel.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Tostado (Bach Builders / Santa Cruz)8:23:47
2Joey Thompson (Mountain Bike Specialized)0:08:10
3Jeff Schalk (Trek Mountain Co-op)0:19:05
4Colby Pearce (Cannondale)0:22:59
5Max Taam (Honey Stinger/Trek)0:35:55
6Jesse Jakomait0:41:19
7Matt Woodruff (BrokenSpoke Cycling)0:56:47
8Doug Andrews (
9Doug Johnson (Bandwagon Racing)1:06:34
10Kip J. Biese (Pearl Izumi/Old Town)1:22:25
11Stewart Gross (Alpine Orthopeadics)1:29:21
12Daniel Nelson (Racers Cycle Service)1:31:03
13Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory)1:33:00
14Keith Collins (Bach Builders)1:37:54
15Josh Cullen (Honey Stinger / Trek)1:38:38
16Andrew Carney (Big Wheel Racing)1:42:28
17Dean Hill1:44:38
18Curt Wilhelm (Trek Bicycle Store)1:47:10
19Sam Sweetser (Cole Sport/ Shred Op)1:50:42
20Thor Loechell (Primal First bank)1:51:06
21Steve Reiter1:56:14
22Matt Williams (
23Steve Peterson2:00:02
24Richard Fiske (Kenwood)2:03:05
25Jeffrey Rank2:03:49
26Matthew Perry2:08:16
27Phillip Marino2:09:42
28Paul Tanguay (Fort Collins Cycling)2:09:49
29Brian Stevenson2:14:13
30Fred Hankinson2:19:15
31Adam Hoppe (Team Sol/The Bicycle)2:25:04
32Stephen Carney (Big Wheel Racing)2:28:31
33Jonathan Davis (Team Trek Bike Store)2:32:23
34Todd Kennedy (Honey Stinger - Trek)2:34:39
35Scott Patterson2:36:04
36Brad Grohusky (Big Wheel Racing)2:39:00
37Steve Rane2:39:52
38Scott Leonard (Mountain Flyer magazize)2:42:10
39Lucas Chandler2:43:43
40Sean Clancy (Sho-Air/Sonce Vitarg)2:46:43
41Carlos Vulgamott (Golden Bike Shop)2:54:48
42Micheal Malecki2:57:38
43Scott Morrison (White Pine Touring)3:00:57
44Christopher Richmond (The Amazing Carvelo)3:02:21
45Drew Sprafke (Rocky Mtn Racing)3:05:19
46Bradley Burgtorf3:08:48
47Ed Palmer (Fusion Hi-Tech Inc)3:09:44
48Jon Haftel3:10:05
49Jerry Oliver (The Kind Bike)3:13:15
50Paul Foster (hitarock)3:14:31
51Collin Price3:20:57
52James Lindenblatt (Mountain View Sports)3:21:10
53Ralph Kuhlmeier3:23:15
54Zach Brace (Mesa Cycles)3:27:43
55Greg Leschisin (Singletrack Builders)3:30:27
56Justin Hankins (Wild Hares)3:34:34
57Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)3:39:58
58Warren Schick (Riverfront Club)3:46:56
59Tim Lutz3:50:01
60Michael Chavez (Cycles of Life)3:53:53
61Sean Karre3:54:34
62Kevin Cole4:01:39
63Jeff Dohlby4:02:24
64Wade Lawrence4:02:36
65Jacques Mailloux4:02:37
66Brian Evans4:03:04
67Dan Schrad4:07:57
68Luke Duster4:09:44
69Brett Donelson4:15:24
70Andrew Cummins (Sunset Cycles)4:17:56
71Tim Winters (SORBA-GATR)4:19:35
72Dan Hamann (Elm Street Posse)4:24:58
73William Posanka4:25:25
74Keisuke Nishimoto (Ericsson)4:26:19
75Chris Peterson (Midwest Cycling)4:27:03
76James Herrera (Performance Driven)4:28:26
77Sean Fey (Adrelin Cycles)4:30:43
78Matt Carlson4:34:19
79Nicholas Glasser (Clockwork Construction)4:37:57
80Angelo Forero (450 Club)4:41:15
81Warren Rohal4:44:12
82Thori Wolfe (Route 1 Velo/Arrow)4:44:13
83Toti Larson4:49:11
84Jeff Johnston (The Bike Way)4:56:04
85Mike Bartels (Midwest Cycling)Row 84 - Cell 2
86Scott Peipert (Wild Trak Bikes)5:00:36
87Joe Dyer5:13:48
88Trent Newcomer5:14:04
89Matt Scotton (Wrecked'em)5:17:32
90Dennis Newell5:26:17
91Kevin White5:27:14
92Brian Husmann5:28:57
93Brett Ebben (Ride Against the Mac)5:30:46
94Abbott Gilbane (Mom and Dad)5:32:54
95Jim Kanter5:33:40
96Ryan Carlson (Twin Six)5:34:16
97Vance McMurry5:49:20
98Mike Davis5:52:07
99Charles Parsons5:52:34
100Bill Hade (Cranford Bike Team)5:56:07
101Jim Easton (Wild Hares)6:15:38
DNFGraham GiffordRow 101 - Cell 2
DNFSamuel Morrison (FFR/ProBikes/Cannond)Row 102 - Cell 2
DNFChris CornacchiaRow 103 - Cell 2
DNFMichael ElhadjRow 104 - Cell 2
DNFGreg HolleyRow 105 - Cell 2
DNFGreg Koeka (GS Boulder/Trek)Row 106 - Cell 2
DNFJoe LeslieRow 107 - Cell 2
DNFMatthew RungeRow 108 - Cell 2
DNFJohn Salskov (Pactimo)Row 109 - Cell 2
DNFJeff Taylor (High Desert Bicycles)Row 110 - Cell 2
DNFJay James (Occam's Racer)Row 111 - Cell 2
DNFGlenn KubiakRow 112 - Cell 2
DNFDirk LongRow 113 - Cell 2
DNFMichael SokeyRow 114 - Cell 2
DNFTim SpencerRow 115 - Cell 2
DNFKevin GilinskyRow 116 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jari Kirkland (Waltworks SpaceCowgirl)9:59:07
2Eszter Horanyi (Team Alpine Orthopeadics)0:21:42
3Eliza Walthers (Team CF)3:44:11
4Tina Martinez (Motor Mile Racing)4:20:46
5Cheryl Sornson (Team Bob)1:21:24
6Brenda Simril2:04:38
DNFJulie Urlaub (Taiga Company)Row 6 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Thompson (Wilderness Sports)9:33:55
2Michael Melley (Landis/Red Rock)0:43:27
3Gerry Pflug (Salsa/Spk/Pro Bikes)0:47:42
4Vince Anderson (cloven hoofed sharks)0:52:57
5Matt Turgeon (Big Wheel Racing)1:11:24
6Jeffrey Carter (Spot Brand)1:17:57
7Ryan Friedman (MORF)1:39:25
8Cameron Gallegos (Rocky Mounts)1:44:13
9Brian Lehman2:13:41
10Terry Wickland (Team evergreen racing)2:30:44
11Daniel Boromisa (Single it up)2:36:04
12Jordan Reigel3:40:24
DNFBrent Cannon (Mi Duole/Barbacoa)Row 12 - Cell 2
DNFTimon FishRow 13 - Cell 2
DNFJohn Gorrilla (Excel Cycle)Row 14 - Cell 2
DNFDoug LowhamRow 15 - Cell 2
DNFRon Sanborn (Mclain Cycle & Fitness)Row 16 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Wilson (Waltworks)12:53:46
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Master men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Larry Dewitt (Pro Cycling)11:35:58
2David Grauer (orthopro)0:04:51
3Carl Gable (
4David Goldberg0:39:37
5JL Fetzer1:14:11
6Tom Liebl (Hammer Nutrition)1:24:39
DNFRob BurgardRow 6 - Cell 2
DNFDerick LevyRow 7 - Cell 2
DNFRussell PetersonRow 8 - Cell 2
DNFScott Summey (Velobrew/Open Road)Row 9 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Master women 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sharon McDowell-Larsen (Procycling)12:13:08
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men's teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Natural Grocers P/B9:06:38
2Justin's / Titus1:17:53
3Arapahoe Peak Health1:35:36
4Scream'in Perineums2:03:31
5Old Enuf 2 Know Bett2:48:33
DNFMonument MountaineerRow 5 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Co-ed teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adrelin Cycles10:33:21
2Cranial Disharmony0:22:00
3BFC Racing1:22:53
4Two Hares and a Bear1:51:46
5Blackwater Bike Shop2:24:24


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