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Schalk crushes the competition by more than 17 minutes for Lumberjack victory

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Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) rides to a win in the Lumberjack 100

Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) rides to a win in the Lumberjack 100 (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)
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The women's podium at the Lumberjack 100.

The women's podium at the Lumberjack 100. (Image credit: Summit Photography)
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Namrita O'Dea (Topeak / Ergon) rides to fifth.

Namrita O'Dea (Topeak / Ergon) rides to fifth. (Image credit: Summit Photography)
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Jeff Schalk (Trek Co-op) leads the pack at the Lumberjack 100

Jeff Schalk (Trek Co-op) leads the pack at the Lumberjack 100 (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)
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Gerry Pflug (Salsa/spk/pro Bikes) is victorious in the singlespeed category at the Lumberjack 100

Gerry Pflug (Salsa/spk/pro Bikes) is victorious in the singlespeed category at the Lumberjack 100 (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)
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Jeff Schalk (Trek Co-op) celebrates victory at the Lumberjack 100

Jeff Schalk (Trek Co-op) celebrates victory at the Lumberjack 100 (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)

The sixth annual Lumberjack 100 is on the books, with no major surprises or upsets. Jeff Schalk (Trek Mountain Coop), defending champion, and Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) took home the wins.

The race started with the usual two-mile roll out on the pavement and a new sweeping turn into the singletrack. The fast guys lined it out single-file and pushed the pace stringing out the field, making for a safe start. Overnight storms never materialized, and only slightly above average temperatures posed no serious threats to racers and left only the black flies and mosquitoes to contend with this year.

The race came down to four real contenders: Schalk, Mike Simonson (Gary Fisher 29er Crew), Christian Tanguy (Team CF) and the always present potential spoiler in the race, road pro Derek Graham (Bissell Pro Cycling).

Flats early in the race by Simonson and Graham caused them to drop off the pace and left Schalk and Tanguy together to battle it out. It was a question of who would drop off first.

"I was experiencing one of those fatigue period that just cannot be ridden through," said Tanguy on the Team CF blog. "My stomach was like a balloon, my vision was shaking up and down and every part of my body was telling me to stop in the shade and take a two-hour nap."

"I was eventually left all alone with Christian..., and I was cautious for the majority of the second lap, trading pulls in the lead, keeping the pace high," said Schalk on his blog. "However, he began to show signs of fatigue shortly after the halfway mark, so I went on the attack. Having an uncharacteristic bad day, he backed down, and let me slip away. I was very motivated and in good form, so I tucked down and went to work to secure the win."

Schalk pulled away from Tanguy, leaving him to fend off some attempts from these two to regain the second spot. He was able to hold on to his pace and stay in "best of the rest" postion though Simonson briefly held the second place during the later part of the race.

Graham pulled out a huge comeback from behind to get back into third and Simonson held out for fourth. Another new face in the NUE series, Andrew Fellows, out of Queensland, Australia, came in just after Simonson for fifth.

In the women's race, Sornson dfeated Jen Hanks (Revolution/ by eight minutes, and Danielle Musto (Salsa/Twin Six/Kenda) was third, one minute later. Karen Potter (Zanconato) and Namrita O'Dea (Topeak Ergon) rounded out the top five.

The singlespeeders love the Lumberjack course, and this year was no exception as they proved it with two racers in the top 11. Gerry Pflug, Salsa/spk/pro Bikes, almost met his goal of a top five, coming in 6th overall, and 11 minutes ahead of nearest competitor Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw/ Hubcap). Tim Finkel (Gary Fisher 29er Crew) rounded out the top three.

Further proof that this is the single speeders haven, Musto was third in the women's field while racing her singlespeed.

"I was really happy to make the podium while racing a singlespeed," said Musto. "Normally I don't race on a singlespeed, but I had just gotten the Salsa Selma and really wanted to race it. It worked out because the Lumberjack course is really singlespeed friendly."

In the old guys' class, as predicted, Rob Herriman (Gary Fisher 29er Crew) smoked it, beating his competition and last year's winner Jack Kline (Pure Balance Water) by 20 minutes. Jim Jordan (Black Sheep racing) came in third.

The big winner of the day was promoter Rick Plite who had instituted the new three-lap, versus the old four-lap, course for 2010. Racers loved it.

"Less lapped traffic made for faster riding," said former time trial National Champion Andy Applegate (Champion Systems).

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Schalk (Trek Mountain Co-Op)6:33:49
2Christian Tanguy (Teamcf.Org)0:17:45
3Derek Graham (Bissell/abg)0:18:17
4Michael Simonson (Gary Fisher)0:27:17
5Andrew Fellows (Ay Up Lights, Tomac, Onza, Lognition)0:28:05
6Travis Mullen (29er Crew)0:39:24
7Steve Dempsey (Bell's Brewery/quiring Cycles)0:44:49
8John Meyers (Bells Brewery / Quiring Cycles)0:45:43
9Garth Prosser0:46:27
10Andy Applegate (Champion Systems / Cannondale)0:49:10
11Ezra Mullen0:54:01
12Eddie O'Dea (Topeak-Ergon)0:56:00
13Adam Naish (Rbs Cycling Team)0:56:56
14Bradley Schmalzer (Team Bikeman.Com/kenda Usa)0:58:55
15Dan Kotwicki (29ercrew.Com / Sram Xx)0:59:23
16Thom Parsons (Gary Fisher 29er Crew/international Bicycle Centers)1:00:32
17Joe Slonecki (Farm Team Racing)1:08:26
18Steve Schwarz (Speedgoat Bicycles)1:10:50
19Andrew Kroese1:12:09
20Robert Spreng (Dirty Harry's Team)1:16:48
21Matt Thourot (Bicilibre)1:22:35
22Dave Norton (Thebonebell.Com)1:23:51
23Doug Davis (Gateway Cycling Club)1:26:42
24Matt Craig (Thepedalstop.Com)1:27:47
25Jan Roubal (Velorution)1:30:54
26Matt Hudson (Bay City Cycles)1:31:19
27Kelly McKnight (Bay City Cycles)1:31:20
28Benjamin Caldwell1:32:02
29Joshua McCreedy (Sisu Cycles)1:32:05
30Tom Scott (Rapid Wheelmen/village Bike Shop)1:34:08
31Mike Best (Gateway Cycling)1:34:53
32Ryan Schultz (Comotion Sports/yeti Cycles)1:37:14
33Chris Patterson (D2labs/admirroration Racing)1:37:46
34Robert Foshag (Saturn Of Toledo)1:41:32
35Matthew Nelson (Peace Coffee Racing)1:41:50
36Ben Bonney (Bike Shop 1919)1:42:58
37Eric Patterson (D2 Racing)1:45:03
38Brandon Leach (Johnny Sprockets)1:45:47
39Mitch Johnson (Ghisallo Racing)1:46:54
40Mark Donakowski (Racing Greyhounds)1:47:40
41Kevin Daum (Solon Bicycle | 331racing.Com)1:48:19
42Tom Payn (Precisionmtb)1:51:43
43Chris Maltby (Terry's Cycle)1:51:54
44Todd Gillihan (Team Skin)1:52:57
45Jeff Zimmerman (Cyclefit Multisport)1:57:21
46Tom Markley (Roll Models Bike Shop)2:00:45
47Collin Snyder (Midwest Cycling Group Trails Edge)2:01:41
48Doug Milliken (Abrt)2:02:45
49Brian Parker (Xxx Racing/athletico/thebonebell)2:02:50
50Ethan Millstein (Mercenary Mountain Bikers)2:04:40
51Tony Gwin (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)2:06:04
52Paul Johnston2:15:21
53Mark Quist (Q Factor)2:17:11
54Daniel Sterling (Racing Greyhounds)2:17:53
55Todd Dohogne (Momentum Racing)2:19:05
56Brad Verstegen (Bcoc)2:20:56
57Bruce Grell (Double I Cycling Experience (dice))2:22:38
58Joel Bierling (Rapid Wheelmen)2:24:37
59Damon Marxer2:25:44
60Brad Jerris2:30:19
61Michael Seaman (Specialized)2:30:28
62Mark Cole (Adventure 212/specialized)2:31:53
63Layne Peters (Team Awesome)2:32:37
64Bryan Deal (Precisionmtb.Com/klm Bike & Fitness)2:33:38
65Rob Nishman (Cyclepath Markham)2:35:05
66Jeremy Karel (Founders/alger Racing)2:37:16
67Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery)2:37:27
68Chris Kreple (Hup United)2:38:08
69Tom Stritzinger2:38:32
70Derek Delzer2:40:08
71Michael Adams (Racing Greyhounds)2:40:23
72Sean Palmer (Johnny Sprockets)2:40:29
73Ray Smith (Humana/cycler's Cafe)2:41:30
74Ron Van Diepen2:41:31
75Andrew Brown (Soul Cycles/wtb/mtb-Life.Com)2:45:02
76Chris Torrance (Racing Greyhounds)2:45:07
77Mitch Bernskoetter (Cycle City Racing)2:45:17
78Jer Walker (Certainteed)2:45:42
79Mike Jones (Cycle And Fitness)2:46:33
80Mike Neeley (Off Camber Racing)2:46:42
81John Kline (Singletrack Outfitters)2:46:45
82David Woodfine (Wild Rock Outfitters)2:47:27
83Vincent Schultz2:49:04
84David Przybyla (Cycle Haus)2:52:24
85Shaun Welch2:53:58
86Kenneth Sipe (Custer Cyclery)2:55:22
87Matt Verona (Acf/wsc Elite Mtb Team)2:57:20
88Scott Thenikl (Founders/alger Racing)2:57:29
89Brent Krmpotich2:59:16
90James Malta (Genuine Innovations)3:00:58
91Matt Remmelts (Founders/alger Racing)3:01:39
92Peter Hall (Rbs Cycling Team)3:02:34
93David Lintemuth (Fusion Cycling Team)
94Ben Doctor3:02:42
95Jeffrey Scofield (Rapid Wheelmen)3:03:30
96Tim Fargo3:03:59
97David Groen (National Engineering)3:04:24
98Cameron Kohn3:04:43
99Todd Holtmann (Ghisallo Racing)3:10:35
100Joe Verstegen (Big Cock Of Cable)3:11:41
101Michael Verploegh3:15:54
102Matt Hotts (Macomb Bike And Fitness)3:17:39
103Tony Bruce (Paint Creek Bicycles)3:17:40
104Mark Ignasiak3:17:58
105Mark Farmer (Ohio Orthopedic Center Of Excellence/moro Cycling)3:19:09
106Jim Leikert (Trails-Edge.Com)3:24:25
107Ralph Oppermann (Team Afd)3:28:42
108Jason Aric Jones (Bell's Brewery/quiring Cycles)3:29:43
109Marc Heneveld (Dirt Dad's Racing)3:30:41
110Tim Devost (Racing Greyhounds)3:35:38
111Ralf Scharnowski (Founders/alger Racing)3:39:56
112Pascal Tremblay3:40:04
113Russell Petts (Racing Greyhounds)3:43:18
114Lloyd Lind (Rbs Cycling Team)3:47:30
115Kevan Millstein (Mercenary Mountin Bike Team)3:48:51
116Jim Snyder (Rolex Usa)3:48:52
117James Vreeland (Team Angry Monkey)3:49:33
118David Appel (Sustainable Cycling)3:51:45
119Jeff Dullard (Team Skin)3:53:39
120Lee Shaw (Precisionmtb.Com/farmington Therapeutic Massage)3:54:02
121Daniel Henshaw (Breakaway Bicycles)3:54:03
122Eddie Karow (Lcr Misphits/behind Bars/ramsev Bike Shop)3:58:06
123Kevin Flanders (Peace Coffee Racing)4:02:07
124Scott Chiesa ((rbs) Rochester Bike Shop)4:04:44
125Joshua Burrows (The Motion Initiative- Mibike.Org)4:05:47
126Scott McBain4:06:12
127Steve Gray (The Motion Initiative)4:06:26
128Scott Bosley4:12:07
129Neal Blatt (Trails Edge)4:15:40
130Roger Inman4:17:42
131Kris Armstrong (Macomb Bike & Fitness)4:18:00
132Jason Schneider (Team Sandbag)4:21:47
133Patrick Bagi (Custer Cyclery)4:22:56
134Mark Fraker4:27:58
135Jon Haines (Macomb Bike And Fitness)4:30:39
136Jerry Hesch (Racing Greyhounds)4:36:18
137Nick Yetter (Team Taylor)4:40:48
138Glen Ruczynski (Racing Greyhounds!)4:45:11
139Darrell Greathouse (Team Lakeview Animal Hospital)4:47:13
140Mike Peterson
141Christopher Wiederhold (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)4:47:59
142Denis Hall (Annarborphoto.Com)4:48:04
143Todd Shupe4:48:36
144Joshua Duggan (Rapid Wheelmen/pedalgr.Com)4:56:35
145Chad Schut (Powered By Sram / Team Sandbag)4:57:18
146Todd Powers (Team Sandbag)4:57:19
147Kevin Cleary (Trikats)4:58:15
148Rob Ritzenhein (Racing Greyhounds)5:01:39
149Jeff Minnerick (Rawanus)5:03:46
150Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds)5:05:13
151Eric Vogt5:09:35
152Gary Cadelina (Lucban)5:56:16
153Darin Bartachek (Team Red Eye)6:09:20
154David Scott (Team Evomo/hayes Bicycle Group)6:20:49
155Donald Wood6:27:18
DNFScott Cole (Adventure 212/specialized)
DNFJohn Sotir
DNFShannon Boffeli (Mtbracenews.Com)
DNFMike Hufhand (Matthews Bicycles/hmba)
DNFBrian Czarnecki (Off Camber Racing)
DNFTak Kakiuchi (Trails Edge)
DNFBrian Rex (Maumee Valley Wheelman)
DNFPaolo Urizar (Xxx Racing-Athletico/the Bonebell)
DNFDavid Tietz
DNFGreg Aronson (Dice)
DNFRon Gratop
DNFDan McGraw (Ada Bike Cycling Club)
DNFRyan McKinnie
DNFRobert Simetz (3 Girl Tribe)
DNFJoshua Neider (Trail's Edge)
DNFShawn Crowley (Founders/alger Racing)
DNFTim Raymond (Dirt Dad's Racing)
DNFErik Silvassy (Trails-Edge.Com)
DNFDennis Howell
DNFTrevor Smela (No Boundaries)
DNFSean Geary (Aavc)
DNFNick Shue (Trails Edge Racing)
DNFMarshall Michmerhuizen (Macatawa Cycling Club)
DNFBrad Bacon (Founders/alger Racing)
DNFJason Lewis
DNFDean Kilton (Life Time Fitness)
DNFRyan Houston
DNFCharles Bittman
DNFDouglas Bowman
DNFRoger Green (Team Ipa)
DNFBrian Oppmann (Hot Route)
DNFJason Teggatz
DNFNicholas Mehl (Tri-City Cyclits P/b Jack's Bike Shop)
DNFMichael Thomasma
DNFErnesto Marenchin (Speedgoat.Com)
DNFJeremiah Gantzer
DNFDavid George (Rapid Wheelmen/village Bike Shop)
DNFTom Crimp (Auxiliary Racing)
DNFDavid Johnson (Drake's Coffee)
DNFDave Kramer
DNFCraig Hays (Cross Country Cycle)
DNFDave Dilno
DNFRon Grant (Team Ipa)
DNFEric York
DNFScott Krahn (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFJesse Ward (Zerogoo Human Fuel)
DNFRobert Pelto (Michigan Youth Cycling)
DNSWade Bagnall (Founders/alger Racing)
DNSJamie Cracchiolo
DNSJonathan Evans (Hup United)
DNSJoe Greer Ii
DNSDominic Kiomento
DNSJason Lummis (Bells Brewery/quiring Cycles)
DNSJarod Makowski
DNSCory Mortensen (Ekho Heart Rate Monitors)
DNSJimmie Colflesh (Mom & Pop Racing)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cheryl Sornson (Team Cf)8:19:51
2Jen Hanks (Revolution/mtbracenews.Com)0:08:01
3Danielle Musto (Salsa/twin Six/kenda)0:09:10
4Karen Potter (Zanconato)0:12:37
5Namrita O'Dea (Topeak-Ergon)0:41:59
6Marilyn Kamp0:59:02
7Miki Kedo (Bush League Bike Mafia)1:08:16
8Melissa Sundermann (Team Dirtilicious)1:25:43
9Ruth Cunningham (Pro Bikes)1:26:21
10Elizabeth McCalley (29er Crew)1:42:57
11Jennifer Nowlin (Peace Coffee)1:55:46
12Jill Napiwocki2:11:51
13Ali Bridson (Racing Greyhounds)2:23:35
14Sue Swiger (Founders/alger Racing)2:47:29
15Wanda Alvarado (Racing Greyhounds)2:52:18
16Marcia Dibbs (Bcoc)3:05:54
17Carrie Sansome3:17:07
18Karen Holtmann (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)3:19:24
19Tammy McCullough (Team Dirtilicious)3:42:49
20Deanna Koscielny (Wsg)3:52:53
21Renae Verstegen (Bcoc)4:27:58
22Kristi Heuvers (Trails-Edge.Com)4:58:38
DNFKelly Paterson (Wolverine / Acfstores.Com)
DNFKaat Tahy (Velo-City Cycles)
DNFValerie Dosland
DNFSarah Anderson (Wsg/range Mountain Bike Club)
DNFMonica Tory (Velo Bella)
DNSSara Krause (Krause Sports Performance)
DNSAnne Grofvert (Bicilibre)
DNSBetsy Shogren (Dynamic Physical Therapy Clinic)

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gerry Pflug (Salsa/spk/pro Bikes)7:11:13
2Matthew Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles-Hubcap Cycles)0:11:42
3Tim Finkel (Gary Fisher 29er Crew/wsc/acfstores.Com)0:19:51
4Ron Sanborn (McLain Cycle & Fitness)0:23:51
5Jorden Wakeley (Racing Greyhounds)0:28:38
6Jason Pruitt (29ercrew)0:33:48
7Zac Wheeler (Wild Rock Outfitters)0:36:24
8Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)0:36:53
9Craig Gietzen (Priority Health)0:42:18
10Adam Wheeler (Precisionmtb.Com)0:44:57
11Lee Unwin (Cycleops)0:54:48
12Wayne Cook (Team Fraser/specialized)1:01:18
13Dwayne Goscinski (29er Crew, Cyclewerx, Crankbrothers)1:04:09
14Brad Hranach (Team Sandbag)1:04:40
15Paul Belknap (Bay City Cycles)1:07:57
16Philip Vanderlugt (Grand Rapids Opthalmology)1:19:16
17Stephen Cain (Dexter Bike And Sport)1:24:52
18Curtis Cline (Bay City Cycles)1:25:26
19Joseph Seidl (Trails Edge)1:33:52
20Steve Kunnath (Ada Bike Cycling Club)1:49:19
21Mike Woods (Racing Greyhounds)1:52:51
22Craig Akers1:54:56
23Ryan Flesher (Terry's Cycle)1:56:55
24Nathan Kearns (Treefortbikes.Com)2:01:33
25Brad Wagner (Afd)2:11:39
26Brian Gillies (Runjohnrun.Net)2:11:40
27Jeff Bliss (Pfeiffer Infiniti)2:20:22
28Kevin Laroe (Wheels In Motion)2:30:57
29Patrick Olson (Trails Edge)2:31:30
30Christopher Roper (Racing Greyhounds)2:37:03
31Brian Bratney (Racing Greyhounds)2:45:42
32Michael Campbell (Iron Cycles)2:55:42
33Mike Connolly (Spokedrunkies/liberty Street Brewing)3:03:38
34Mike Loria (Team Fraser)3:12:03
35Noah Hall3:33:47
36Mike Clark (Velo City Cycles / Hup United)3:49:49
DNFJustin Pokrivka (Pro Bikes/cohen & Associates)
DNFBrian Harris (Cross Country Cycle)
DNFJoe Deloss (Team Ridiculous)
DNFBill Ostrowski (World Bicycle Relief)
DNFDan Socie (Leadout Racing)
DNFBrian Schultz (Ohio Orthopedic/moro Cycling)
DNSGunnar Shogren (Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling)

Master 100 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Herriman (Gary Fisher 29er Crew/wsc/acf)7:38:43
2Jack Kline (Pure Balance Water)0:17:19
3Jim Jordan (Black Sheep)0:31:17
4John Williams (Bike Line Of Newark, De)0:51:29
5Bill Nagel (Guy's Racing Club)0:57:05
6Mark Armstrong (Saturn Of Toledo)1:08:28
7Jeff Doerr1:21:58
8James Wilson (Human Zoom/pabst Blue Ribbon)1:25:51
9Mark Boese (Custer Cyclery)1:33:26
10Will Botens (Rbs Cycling Team)1:35:36
11Rob Pulcipher (Two Wheel Tango / Morgan & York)1:47:35
12Craig Morris (Racing Greyhounds)1:51:40
13Robert Larson (Team Mongo)1:55:43
14Michael Johnson2:00:51
15Art Fleming (Rbs Cycling Team)2:00:52
16Jeffrey Surnow2:06:47
17Scott Lint (Mmmbm)2:09:23
18Jim Sarks (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)2:25:06
19Chip Ellison (Qcw/pearl Izumi)2:29:58
20John Kowalczyk (Rapidwheelmen)2:30:25
21David Hall (Velosports Racing)2:45:57
22Mark Johnson (Trikats)2:50:10
23Ed McCalley (Team Ed)2:52:16
24Paul Popielarz (Founders/alger Racing)3:18:29
25Christopher Greene3:21:58
26Randall Yost3:46:03
27Richard Bowling (Racing Greyhounds)3:49:58
28Russell Udowitz5:27:17
29Tim Riekena (Green Hills Trails)5:43:36
DNFMorris Wheeler
DNFRob Nicey
DNFKirk Walter (Macatawa Cycling Club)
DNFRandy Bultman (Velo-City Cycles)
DNFJames Gallagher (Team Active Racing)
DNFDavid Ward
DNFDavid Thompson
DNFCullen Watkins (Wolverine Sports Club Acf)
DNFGerry Davis (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)
DNSSteve Mork


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