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Ilesic makes it two on the trot

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Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type 1) wins the Hanes Park Classic.

Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type 1) wins the Hanes Park Classic. (Image credit: Lyne Lamoureux)
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The Hanes Park Classic podium (l-r): Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita-Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light), Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type 1) and Ben Kertsten (Fly V Australia).

The Hanes Park Classic podium (l-r): Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita-Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light), Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type 1) and Ben Kertsten (Fly V Australia). (Image credit: Lyne Lamoureux)
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Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1) wins by a mile.

Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1) wins by a mile. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Erica Allar (BMW-Bianchi)

Erica Allar (BMW-Bianchi) (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Kat Carroll (TIBCO)

Kat Carroll (TIBCO) (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Tonya Lail (BMW-Bianchi) in the women's race.

Tonya Lail (BMW-Bianchi) in the women's race. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Ben Faulk

Ben Faulk (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Jonathan Page

Jonathan Page (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Crash! (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies) gets a douse of water while waiting to be pushed back in.

Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies) gets a douse of water while waiting to be pushed back in. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Jonathan Page (Harley Davidson)

Jonathan Page (Harley Davidson) (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Hamblen hammers in the break.

Hamblen hammers in the break. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Jon Hamblen (DLP) was the solo breakaway.

Jon Hamblen (DLP) was the solo breakaway. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Rahsaan Bahati (Rock Racing) tries to go across, but doesn't make it.

Rahsaan Bahati (Rock Racing) tries to go across, but doesn't make it. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Davide Frattini (Colavita) chasing.

Davide Frattini (Colavita) chasing. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Jon Hamblen (DLP) in the break with Tom Soladay (Mtn.Khakis)

Jon Hamblen (DLP) in the break with Tom Soladay (Mtn.Khakis) (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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(Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Rahsaan Bahati is US criterium champion.

Rahsaan Bahati is US criterium champion. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Davide Frattini on the front.

Davide Frattini on the front. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Ilesic gets pushed back in after a flat with a handful of laps to go.

Ilesic gets pushed back in after a flat with a handful of laps to go. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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The fight for the front is between Mt. Kakhis and Colavita.

The fight for the front is between Mt. Kakhis and Colavita. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Colavita tries to get control.

Colavita tries to get control. (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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There were a few crashes...

There were a few crashes... (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1) takes the win in Hanes Park

Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1) takes the win in Hanes Park (Image credit: Emory Ball)
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The pro men's podium (l-r): Haedo, Ilesic and Kersten.

The pro men's podium (l-r): Haedo, Ilesic and Kersten. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Jonathan Page (Battley Harley-Davidson) on his way to 24th place.

Jonathan Page (Battley Harley-Davidson) on his way to 24th place. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Jacob Keough (Kelly Benefit Strategies) on his way to fourth place.

Jacob Keough (Kelly Benefit Strategies) on his way to fourth place. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Davide Frattini (Colavita) gets his bike checked out during a mechanical lap out.

Davide Frattini (Colavita) gets his bike checked out during a mechanical lap out. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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The men's field was strung out as the racing got a little hectic.

The men's field was strung out as the racing got a little hectic. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Aldo Ilesic wins convincingly in Winston-Salem.

Aldo Ilesic wins convincingly in Winston-Salem. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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A happy Aldo Ilesic after making it two wins on the trot in Winston-Salem.

A happy Aldo Ilesic after making it two wins on the trot in Winston-Salem. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Team Type 1 rider Aldo Ilesic speaks to reporters after the finish.

Team Type 1 rider Aldo Ilesic speaks to reporters after the finish. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Aldo Ilesic explains how the race was won

Aldo Ilesic explains how the race was won (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EP-NO) looks spent after the finish.

Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EP-NO) looks spent after the finish. (Image credit: Jon Safka)
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Lucas Sebastien Haedo (Colavita) recovers with a can of Coke.

Lucas Sebastien Haedo (Colavita) recovers with a can of Coke. (Image credit: Jon Safka)

Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type 1) proved to be the fastest sprinter at the Hanes Park Classic, winning the bunch kick with a commanding lead ahead of reigning Commonwealth Games kilo champion, Ben Kersten (Fly V. Australia) and Sebastian Haedo (Colavita-Sutter Home), who placed second and third respectively.

"We wanted to keep the field together because my teammate Ken [Hanson] and I were feeling strong for the sprint," said Ilesic. "It was a good reason to keep everything together. In the end, I had the best legs and I won but the team did a perfect job so thanks to all of them."

Ilesic went into the criterium slightly disappointed after placing second in the previous night's Presbyterian Hospital Invitational. A strong Team Type 1 lead-out carried him through the last kilometre protected and in perfect position to sprint. He kicked with 250 metres to go and held a downhill run at the line, all it took to redeem himself in a victory salute.

"I knew today would be a nice race," said Ilesic, who pinched his tyre just outside five laps to go. "The guys made a perfect lead out and I just put the cherry on top."

With 160 riders lining up in typically humid North Carolina summer conditions, the 90-minute criterium got underway a three in the afternoon as temperatures touched 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The course ran in reverse compared to the previous year. It began with a lengthy up hill drag that was followed by a technical descent through Winston-Salem's neighborhood streets and back down to the finish line.

Riders from local professional team DLP Racing kicked off the race with several strong attacks followed by teams Aerocat, Batley-Harley Davidson, Geargrinders and Kenda Tire. Mid-race, several short-lasting breakaways included a mix of riders from teams Bissell, Team Type 1, Kelly Benefit Strategies, Colavita-Sutter Home, Texas Road House and OUCH p/b Maxxis.

The city's local pro, Jon Hamblen (DLP Racing) surprised his cheering section when he initiated the first move of the day that stuck. Hamblen was later joined by the USA Crit Series runner up, Thomas Soladay (Mountain Khakis) and the pair maintained a 20-second advantage for more than 12 laps.

Hamblen and Soladay worked well together but their power of two was not enough to hold off the field and they were reeled in at the onset of Colavita-Sutter Home's lead-out train with three laps to go. The squad held a quick tempo at the front of the field to avoid further attacks and keep sprinter, Haedo in a good position. "My teammates were on the front for three laps but on the last climb things reshuffled," said Haedo. "I was sitting on Kelly Benefit's train when Aldo went. His gap opened fast and I'm a lot lighter on the downhill so it would be difficult to catch him."

With half a lap to go, Team Type 1 surpassed the Colavita-Sutter Home lead-out and carried their speed down through the technical corners to the finish line. Ilesic capitalized off of his momentum and started his sprint at the 250m-to-go mark. Kersten, a silver placed medallist at the track world championships, reacted first but Ilesic was already gone.

"It was a weird kind of sprint that I was trying to figure out during the race," said Kersten who is also a 30-time Australian national track champion, specialising in the kilo event. "I think a lot of the sprint was done on the back side of the course through the corners before the descent. After that it was really just hanging on because you really couldn't move up on the downhill."

Miller's marvellous weekend gets better 

US National criterium champion Brooke Miller (TIBCO) won her second race in one weekend at the Hanes Park Classic. After a close sprint, Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci) took second place ahead of USA Crit Series leader Laura van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) in third.

"It's a real treat to win two," said Miller. "Thanks to my teammates. When we started picking the roster this year I couldn't have imaged more of a dream team. They're all incredible athletes and any one of them can win any race. No one on our team would ever hold back 10 percent for themselves. I have confidence that our team can win over and over because everyone is selfless, does their job and has a great attitudes."

Team TIBCO pulled through with an organised lead out with one lap to go to ward off attacks over the climb on the back end of the circuit. Cliff-Ryan, a former US national criterium champion, caught Miller off guard by starting her sprint through the winding down hill finish. Miller wound up enough leg speed to catch Cliff-Ryan and narrowly hold her off for the win.

"I thought the line was closer than it was and when I saw her come under me at the line I thought, 'uh-oh, that would've been bad," said Miller who threw her arms in the air as Cliff-Ryan was throwing her bike at the line. "I've seen that happen to other sprinters before and I don't want it to happen to me. She had a great sprint."

Attacks from the women's peloton started a little later than normal due to the uncomfortably warm temperatures. Team Type 1, who missed out on many of the breaks in the previous day's Presbyterian Hospital Invitational, made up for it by igniting a flurry of attacks that forced teams TIBCO, Value Act Capital and Colavita-Sutter Home to play defensively.

"We had to really bust our butts out there today and we had to really improvise," said Miller. "Team Type 1 raced an awesome, aggressive race which kept it fast and we were chasing a lot of late attacks. The girls were doing such a good job of keeping me in position, it was a solid team effort."

Several breakaways included one rider from each power-house team but none seemed to carry the right combination of riders. Many were reeled back in by individuals riders from Hub Racing, LipSmackers and BMW-Bianchi and Kenda Tire.

Rachel Warmer and her teammate Kacey Manderfield (Team Lipsmackers) took individual flyers but their efforts were also short lived because of the faster momentum that the peloton carried through the down hill.

"The race was really aggressive but it was a hot day," said Cliff-Ryan. "I don't know if anyone really wanted to get away for the whole race in this heat. It was a good race and I love it when the women's field is attacking the whole time."

Van Gilder relied on experience to take her to a podium finish. She and her single teammate, Kristin LaSasso, rode into several key moves, picking their battles wisely to save energy. "Kristin and I have been battling it out with the bigger teams all season and we have learned to pick the moves that we think are the most dangerous," said Van Gilder. "We read the races very well. I'm really happy with the podium because it's been difficult but I think we work off of our instincts well."

Colavita-Sutter Home started a lead out with two laps to go for Tina Pic only to be passed by TIBCO and Miller on the last lap. Team Type 1 swarmed the front over the climb with half a lap to go for their sprinter Jen McRae. Cliff-Ryan surprised everyone when she jumped on the descent. Miller chased after her, both gaining speed as they approached the line.

"I went really early and hesitated before the last curve," said Cliff-Ryan. "Brooke shot through on the inside and I thought, 'Oh crap.' I was able to get another run at her and I thought it was going to be close but she got me."


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1)0:28:27
2Ben Kersten (fly v australia)0:00:01
3Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)0:00:01
4Jacob Keough (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
5Anibal Borrajo (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)0:00:01
6Charles Huff (Jelly Belly)0:00:01
7Alexander Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
8Ken Hanson (Team Type 1)
9Bernard Sulzberger (Fly V Australia)0:00:01
10Karl Menzies (OUCH p/b Maxxis)0:00:01
11Andrew Pinfold (OUCH p/b Maxxis)0:00:02
12Shane Archbold0:00:02
13Yosvany Falcon (Champion Porsche P/B Herbalife)0:00:02
14Frank Travieso (Champion Porsche P/b Herbalife)
15Mark Hekman (Team Mountain Khakis)0:00:02
16Emile Abraham (AeroCat Cycling)0:00:02
17Andrew Crater
18Kirk Albers (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)0:00:02
19Peter Latham (BISSELL Pro Cycling)0:00:03
20Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EP-NO)0:00:03
21Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis)0:00:03
22Jermaine Burrows (We Stand United (W.S.))0:00:03
23Chad Hartley (Team Geargrinder)0:00:03
24Jonathan Page (Battley Harley-Davidson)0:00:04
25Stephen Kincaid (Agisko-Viner-Cycling.TV)0:00:05
26Joey Rosskopf (Jittery Joe's)0:00:05
27Daniel Zmolik (Agisko-Viner-Cycling.TV)0:00:05
28Morgan Schmitt (BISSELL Pro Cycling)0:00:06
29Andy Jacques-Maynes (BISSELL Pro Cycling)
30Oscar Clark (Jittery Joe's)
31Turner Johnson (Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA-C)0:00:06
32Rahsaan Bahati (Rock Racing)0:00:06
33Thomas Brown (Jittery Joe's)
34Daniel Holt (Team Type 1)0:00:07
35Jared Nieters (Haymarket Bicycles/Function Dri)0:00:07
36Benjamin Zawacki (TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Develo)0:00:08
37Shawn Milne (Team Type 1)0:00:09
38Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)0:00:10
39Zach Bell (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
40John Grant (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)0:00:11
41Cesar Grajales (Rock Racing)0:00:12
42Anthony Bennett (Jittery Joe's)0:00:12
43Ben Faulk (Giordana-Clif Bar)0:00:16
44Luis Alberto Romero Amaran (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)0:00:17
45Carlos Calcerrada (AeroCat Cycling)0:00:17
46Scott Zwizanski (Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:00:17
47Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)0:00:18
48Valeriy Kobzarenko (Team Type 1)0:00:19
49Diego Garavito (AeroCat Cycling)0:00:20
50Robert Mcconville (AeroCat Cycling)0:00:23
51Joe Eldridge (Team Type 1)0:00:23
52Boyd Johnson (DLP Racing)0:00:24
53Giancarlo Bianchi (We Stand United (W.S.))0:00:24
54Matthew Spohn (Dynaflo)0:00:24
55Gavi Epstein0:00:24
56Ryan Dewald (Battley Harley-Davidson)
57Michael Margarite (Agisko-Viner-Cycling.TV)0:00:24
58Michael Midlarsky (Champion Porsche P/B Herbalife)
59Scottie Weiss (Kenda Pro Cycling P/b Spinergy)
60Igor Volshteyn0:00:25
61Ryan Mele (Richmond Pro Cycling)0:00:25
62Keck Baker (Battley Harley-Davidson)
63Matthew Howe (Inland Construction)0:00:25
64Joseph Carpisassi0:00:25
65John Delong (Hincapie/Gary Fisher)
66John Murphy (OUCH p/b Maxxis)
67Matt Lee (The Window Gang)0:00:27
68Clayton Barrows (Agisko-Viner-Cycling.TV)0:00:28
69Thomas Soladay (Team Mountain Khakis)0:00:32
70Spencer Beamer (Team Mountain Khakis)
71Aaron Gate0:00:32
72Jay Cox (Mock Orange Racing)0:00:32
73Adam Farabaugh (Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA-C)0:00:32
74Dotti Juan Pablo (AeroCat Cycling)0:00:38
75Daniel Ramsey (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EP-NO)0:00:46
76Davide Frattini (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)0:00:47
77Euris Vidal Paulino0:00:56
79Rich Harper (Kenda Pro Cycling P/b Spinergy)0:01:06
80Roman Kilun (OUCH p/b Maxxis)0:01:07
81Winston David (Zmotion)0:01:07
82William Elliston (Van Dessel Factory Team)0:01:07
83Michael Freiberg (Aussi Crates)0:01:07
84Bobby Lea (OUCH p/b Maxxis)0:01:08
85David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:09
86Matthew Winstead0:01:25
87David Fuentes (Battley Cycles/Harley Davison/H)0:01:28
88Luke Servedio (Krystal-Hincapie)0:01:30
89James Stemper (Team Geargrinder)0:01:32
90K Frank Pipp (BISSELL Pro Cycling)0:01:32
91Christopher Monteleone (Kenda Pro Cycling P/b Spinergy)0:01:37
92Luca Damiani (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)0:01:59
93Adam Bergman (HRRC/ Trek Stores)0:01:59
94Guido Palma (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)0:01:59

Elite and Cat. 1/2/3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO)0:47:12
2Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci/Breakaway Racing)0:00:00
3Laura Van Gilder (C3 Sollay)0:00:01
4Christina Smith (Veloforma)0:00:01
5Tina Pic (Colavita Sutterhome p/b Cooking)0:00:01
6Jennifer Mcrae (Team Type 1)0:00:01
7Joanne Kiesanowski (Team TIBCO)0:00:01
8Lauren Tamayo (Team TIBCO)0:00:02
9Katharine Carroll (Team TIBCO)0:00:02
10Sinead Miller (Unattached)0:00:02
11Joelle Numainville (Team Kenda)0:00:02
12Robin Farina (Value Act)0:00:02
13Rebecca Larson (Value Act)
14Kristen Lasasso (Mellow Mushroom)0:00:02
15Cath Cheatley (Colavita Sutterhome p/b Cooking)0:00:02
16Sheba Farrin (Hub Racing)0:00:03
17Hilary Billington (Lip Smackers)0:00:03
18Toni Bradshaw (Lip Smackers)0:00:03
19Kirsten Davis (Sorella Cycling/BVM Engineering)0:00:04
20Amy Mcguire (Hub Racing)
21Sarah Caravella
22Leigh Hopkins (C3 Sollay)0:00:05
23Emma Petersen (Team Ultralink)0:00:05
24Veronica Martinez (Hub Racing)0:00:05
25Erica Allar (BMW/Bianchi)0:00:05
26Kristin Sanders (Value Act)0:00:05
27Laura Mccaughey
28Tonya Lail (Capital Cycling Club)0:00:06
29Jennifer Wilson (Vanderkitten Racing)0:00:06
30Melissa Sanborn (C3 Sollay)0:00:06
31Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1)0:00:07
32Jessie Maclean (Verducci/Breakaway Racing)0:00:07
33Silke Wunderwald (Team Kenda)
34Kate Veronneau (Altarum Women's Cycling Team)0:00:11
35Shontell Gauthier (Colavita Sutterhome p/b Cooking)0:00:14
36Elizabeth Morse Hill (Hub Racing)0:00:15
37Allison Lampi (Team Ultralink)0:00:15
38Emily Joyner (River City Womens racing)0:00:15
39Andrea Dvorak (Colavita Sutterhome p/b Cooking)0:00:16
40Kelly Benjamin (Colavita Sutterhome p/b Cooking)0:00:16
41Jenette Williams (Altarum Women's Cycling Team)
42Jennifer Reither (Momentum Cycling Powered by Haw)0:00:18
43Alison Powers (Team Type 1)0:00:27
44Christina Ruiter (Value Act)0:00:27
45Rachel Warner (Juice Plus Cycling)0:00:30
46Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO)0:00:31
47Rachel Heal (Colavita Sutterhome p/b Cooking)0:00:34
48Julie Kuliecza (Marshall Mechanical/ RCWR)0:00:36
49Evie Boswell-Vilt (BMW-Bianchi)0:00:43
50Kathryn Clark (Team Kenda)0:00:43
51Ashley Anderson0:00:48
52Emily Helmboldt (Team Marshall Mechanical/RCWR)0:00:52
53Melissa Petty (Giordana Clif Bar)0:00:52
54Liz Leyden (Hub Racing)0:00:52
55Kate Ross (Lip Smackers)
56Dale Tye (Altarum Women's Cycling Team)0:00:53
57Josephine Giddens (Hub Racing)0:00:54
58Samantha Schneider (Team Type 1)0:00:57
59Lauren Shirock (BMW-Bianchi)0:01:25
60Emma Rickards (Team TIBCO)0:01:32
61Laura Bowles0:01:32
62Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1)0:02:49
63Rebecca Blatt (Team Kenda)
64Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda)0:02:50
65Nicole Johnson (Team Kenda)0:02:50

Master men 35+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chip Hoover (Latitude/ABRT)0:41:59
2Charlie Brown (Carolina Masters)0:00:01
3Pete Cannell (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:01
4Todd Hancock (IS Corp)0:00:10
5Chris Knetsche (Hincapie/Gary Fisher)0:00:10
6Grant Mcallister (Carolina Masters)0:00:10
7Mike Buechel (IS Corp)0:00:10
8Derek Powers (Carolina Masters)0:00:11
9Jonathan Wirsing (Rite Aid pb Shebell & Shebell)0:00:11
10Kevin Gordon (ITS Kane)0:00:11
11J Thomas Smith (Sycamore Cycles)
12Thomas Craven (Hearts)
13Michael Vandenheuvel (Flight Club Velo p/b NC Army Na)0:00:11
14Matt Botting (Standard Pacific Homes)0:00:11
15Jim Blattner (Bicycle Shop Race Team)0:00:11
16John James (POA)0:00:12
17Peter Leousis0:00:12
18Steven Brumley (Mock Orange Racing)0:00:13
19Michael Stearns (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:13
20Rodney Simpson (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:13
21Matthew Albanese (Atlantic Fitness)0:00:14
22Ronald Wilson (SCO)0:00:15
23Jakob Helmboldt (Marshall Mechanical)0:00:16
24Paul Tindall (Simple Green)0:00:17
25Walter Bixby (Flight Club Velo p/b NC Army Na)0:00:17
26David Leduc0:00:44
27Billy Jones0:03:04
28Cameron Brantley (Crosstown Velo/Renaissance Bicy)0:03:04
29Darrin Dexter (ITS Kane)0:04:09

Master men 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Leduc0:40:29
2Todd Sanders0:00:07
3John Patterson0:00:11
4Gene Fowler0:00:57
5Thomas Craven (Hearts)
6Kelly Holmes (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:58
7Ronald Wilson (SCO)0:00:58
8Name Name0:00:59
9Kirk Port (Raleigh All-Stars)
10William Hart (Raleigh All-Stars)0:00:59
11Bill Gros (Evolution Cycling Club)0:00:59
12Chuck Ambrose (Team Pfeiffer Cycling)0:00:59
13Chip Duckett (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:59
14Doug Jones (ITS Kane)0:00:59
15Garnett Abbey (D'Ornellas)
16Timothy Gavin (Bicycle Post)0:01:00
17Thomas Sunday (Forest Acres Junior Cycling Tea)
18Kevin Walsh (Team Pfeifffer Cycling)
19Nigel Duckworth (Carolina Bicycle Company)0:01:00
20Michael Berry (Carolina Masters)
21Jeff Murray0:01:01
22Paul Steagall (Team Pfeiffer Cycling)0:01:03
23Eric Beatty (ITS Kane)0:01:03
24Dean Hesterberg
25Roger Friend (Unattached)0:01:03
26Daryl Rains (Mock Orange Bikes)0:01:04
27David Moore (Standard Pacific Homes)0:01:06
28Peter Leousis0:01:11
29Randy Shields (Carolina Masters)0:01:16
30John O'leary (Carolina Masters)0:01:19
31Kerry Shields (Carolina Masters)0:01:19
32James Mead (Giordana Clif Bar)0:01:32
33James Austin (Flight Club Velo p/b NC Army Na)0:05:19

Junior men 10-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Guillen (Raleigh All-Stars)0:28:26
2Weston Coker (Forest Acres Junior Cycling Tea)0:00:10
3John Greenwood (City of Forest Acres Cycling Te)0:00:10
4Luis Guillen (Raleigh All-Stars)0:01:14
5Paul Price (Forest Acres)0:02:12
6Marshall Thurmond0:02:56
7Ryan Facer0:02:56
8Jack Wixson

Junior men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cam Mancuso (Death Row Velo)0:27:53
2Wyatt Briggs (
3Baird Sills (Clemmons Bicycle)0:00:01
4Eric Ciminelli0:00:01
5Chris Holmes (Carolina Masters Team)0:00:01
6Max Kaplan (Colavita Racing)0:00:02
7Justin Evans (Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4)0:00:04
8Justin Belcher (Moses cone/Cycles de oro/ First)0:00:04
9Daniel Ward0:00:05
10Austin Wood (Carolina Masters)0:00:06
11Philippe Reagceature (Garneau-Crocs)0:00:19
12Maxwell Robb (unattached)0:00:25
13Julian Patterson0:00:38

Men Cat. 2/3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil Bezdek (GS Mengoni)0:52:21
2Mitchell Luck (Triangle Velo)0:00:01
3Parker Mcconville (Triangle Velo)0:00:01
4David Jordan (Triangle Velo)
5Josh Tucker (Clemmons Bicycle)
6Madison Siegrist (Clemmons Bicycle)0:00:01
7Joseph Collins (Locos Grill & Pub)0:00:01
8William Messenger (Mock Orange Bikes)
9Benjamin Miller (Standard Pacific Homes)0:00:01
10Jacob Arnold (Unattached)
11Cory Greenberg (NOW-MS)
12Jonathan Black (Southeast Investments / Rock Hi)0:00:02
13John Fender (Carolina Masters)0:00:02
14Keith Gerarden (Triangle Velo)0:00:02
15Evan Burkhart (ITS Kane)0:00:02
16Eric Haakonssen (Wake Forest University)0:00:03
17Shawn Kane (DLP Racing)0:00:03
18Kyle Eckley (Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA-C)0:00:03
19Casey Vedder (Ridge Rellers Velo)0:00:04
20Kris Stein (Triangle Velo)0:00:05
21Lee Showers (AVX)0:00:05
22Benjamin Swaim0:00:05
23John Wofford
24Aric Shipley (Triangle Velo)0:00:05
26Name Name
27Andre Vandenberg (Globalbike)0:00:06
28Parker Smith (Locos Grill & Pub)0:00:06
29Jeff Wright0:00:06
30Thomas Rodgers (Paceline Bicycles)0:00:07
31Peter Chiu0:00:07
32Andrew Shetler (Bitter Dose Cycling)0:00:07
33Frank Deal (JRVS/Casey Auto Group)0:00:08
34Lucas Joppa (Triangle Velo)0:00:14
35Ross Barnhardt (Paceline Bicycles)
36Danny Mathis (PVS/Painpathways)0:00:29
37Jonathan Speer (Triangle Velo)0:00:36
38Landen Wark-Acebo (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent)0:00:36
39Adam Little (Hincapie/Gary Fisher)0:00:46
40Patrick Malarkey (Hearts)0:00:46
41David Chiu (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent)
42Dean Lyons0:00:46
DQLuciano Pavan

Men Cat. 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dan Rutter (Hilton Cycling)0:30:20
2Brian Long (Cycles De Oro)0:00:01
3Jeff Varner (Mock Orange Racing)0:00:02
4Robert Paynter (unattached)0:00:03
5David Moore (Standard Pacific Homes Cycling)0:00:03
6Burke Hutcheson (unattached)0:00:03
7Russell Rutter (Hitlon Cycling)0:00:04
8Eric Phillips (Clemmons Bicycle)0:00:05
9Thomas Johnston (unattached)0:00:05
10Bruce Stauffer (Trek Bicycle Store Charlotte)0:00:06
11Ryan Sauer0:00:06
12Richard Kirby (Cross Creek Cycling Club)0:00:06
13Chris Riggins (unattached)
14Chris Gibby (Piedmont Velo Sports)0:00:07
15Robert Holmes (Carolina Masters Cycling Club)0:00:07
16William Macy (Carolina Masters)0:00:08
17Paul Paisant (Mock Orange Racing)0:00:08
18James Pennington (unattached)0:01:46
19Gary Kidd (Reutimann- Dryman)0:02:39
20David Strickland (Westwood Superior Cycling)0:02:40
21M.A. Abramowicz (Team Toms Shoes)0:06:18
22James Gallagher (Tri Cyclists)0:06:18
23Michael Gearren0:06:21
24Thomas Pirro0:08:30

Men Cat. 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Damore (Compass Elite)0:45:10
2Michael Tennyson (Mock Orange Investments)0:00:00
3Travis Beane (Clemmons Bicycle)0:00:00
4Jeff Fabian (Team Reutimann Drymon)0:00:01
5Charles Von Isenburg0:00:01
6Neil Gargis (Unattached)0:00:01
7Jack Brown (Fiets Maan Racing)0:00:01
8Greg Robitaille (Inland Construction)
9Tupper Cole (ITS Kane)
10Scott Morris (PVS/Painpathways)0:00:01
11Gregory Smith (Tri Cyclists)0:00:02
12Tripp Dean (ITS Kane)0:00:02
13Tommy Wallace (Clemmons Bicycle)
14Jerry Rebo (Mock Orange Racing)0:00:02
15Josh Carter (ITS Kane)0:00:03
16William Hawkins (Unattached)0:00:03
17Lee Reavis (hearts racing club)0:00:03
18Justin Evans (Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4)0:00:03
19Robert Land (PVS/Painpathways)0:00:03
20Barry Woosley (Clemmons Bicycle)0:00:04
21Kevin Fox (unattached)0:00:04
22Gregory Hoffman (Bike Doctor)
23Mark Noredar
24James Cole (Westwood Superior Cycling Club)0:00:05
25Jim Payne (Woodlands Cycling Club Race Tea)0:00:05
26Matt Chambers
27Stephen Golinski0:00:05
28Jim Martin (Piedmont Velo Sports)0:00:06
29Ted Harris (Latitude/ABRT)0:00:07
30Eddie Murphy (Paceline Bicycles)0:00:07
31Jay Walsh (Specialized Grassroots/Paul's)0:00:08
32William James (Southeast Investments)0:00:08
33William Sumner (Piedmont Velo Sports)0:00:09
34Scott Webster (Spirited Cyclist)0:00:11
35Patrick Rimron (PVS/Painpathways)0:00:15
DQRyan Sauer

Men Cat. 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lance Lacy (Team Latitude/ ABRT)0:42:13
2Robert O'gorman (ITS Kane)
3Sterling Swaim (Benissimo)0:00:00
4Richard Nance (Hearts)0:00:00
5Grant Lawyer (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:00
6Michael Niehous (Carolina Cyclone Jr. Developmen)0:00:00
7Alexander Timkovich (The Spirited Cyclist Cycling Cl)0:00:01
8John Jay (ITS Kane)0:00:01
9Tyler Plain0:00:01
10Justin Lowe (Myers Center)0:00:01
11John Wofford0:00:02
12Robert George (ITS-KANE)
13Benjamin Swaim0:00:02
14Jeremy Shirock (South Mountain Cycles)0:00:02
15Hunter Stephenson0:00:03
16Alex Bowden (Bike Clicks/Team Louisville)
17John Best (Jittery Joe's Devo Team)0:00:03
18Scott Harris (Standard Pacific Homes)0:00:03
19Brian Sullivan (Try Sports)0:00:03
20Wyatt Briggs (
21Ronald Hutchins (Cycle Therapy)0:00:03
22David Johnson (Greensboro Velo Club)0:00:04
23Kevin Burgess0:00:04
24Edward Adamy (SCC)0:00:04
25Brent Nixon (Uptown Cycles racing)0:00:04
26Richard Melencio (Mock Orange Racing)0:00:08
27Matthew Miller (Jittery Joe's)0:00:12
28Frank Mullins (Mock Orange Investments)0:00:13
29Steven Brumley (Mock Orange Racing)0:00:13
30Don Burgoon0:00:14
31Jason Chapple (Vic Chisholm Racing/Benissimo)0:00:14
32Thomas Rodgers (Paceline Bicycles)0:00:15
33William Richter (Carolina Cyclone Jr. Developmen)0:00:16
34Jonathan Rummel0:00:18
35Micheal Hitz (Vic Chisholm Racing/Benissimo)0:00:21
36Matt Brooks (Bike Clicks/Team Louisville)0:00:42
37Michael Ventola (Wolverine Sports Club)0:00:46
38Maxwell Robb (unattached)0:00:56
39Andrew Kimble (Team Velosports)0:01:00
40Timothy Gavin (Bicycle Post)0:01:04
41Gene Dimenna (Carolina Bicycle Company)0:01:10
42Nigel Duckworth (Carolina Bicycle Company)0:01:10
43Nick Fishbein (Carolina Bicycle Company)0:01:28
44Danny Mathis (PVS/Painpathways)0:01:34
45Brian Tester (Benissimo)0:01:46
46Scott Donovan0:01:53
47Brendan Johnson (Bitter Dose Cycling)0:03:05
48Avery Telligman0:03:54
49William Sellers (Team OSP/Savannah Wheelman)0:03:54

Women Cat. 3/4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Tommerdahl (Unattached)0:38:59
2Angela Geib (Hincapie/Gary Fisher)0:00:01
3Debbie Gillespie (Greenville Women's Cycling Team)
4Sara Tussey (PVS/Painpathways)0:00:01
5Rip Nicholson0:00:02
6Kate Mahoney (Team Cycleworks p/b HDR)0:00:02
7Virginia Ball0:00:03
8Nicole Overeem (BMW/Bianchi)0:00:03
9Catherine James (Greenville Women's Cycling Team)0:00:12
10Sirena Lundsford (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:15
11Carolynn Berry (Painpathways/PVS)0:00:18
12Kathryn Gill0:00:19
13Hope Ann Snyder-Walsh (Specialized Grassroots/Paul's)0:00:20
14Monti Beasley (PVS/Painpathways)0:01:44
15Emily Shields (Carolina Masters)0:01:58
16Sonja Van Holderbeke0:01:59
17Kristine Gum (OSP)0:02:20
18Hannah Coughlin (Standard Pacific Homes)0:02:32
19Katherine Shields (Carolina Masters)0:02:49
20Julie Paisant (Mock Orange Racing)0:02:49
21Janet Trubey (NCCX)0:03:41
22Beverly Robinson (Champion Hearts)0:06:01
23Theresa Dawson (Mock Orange Racing)0:07:56
24Robin Nance (PVS/Painpathways)0:07:57
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Kirsten Frattini is an honours graduate of Kinesiology and Health Science from York University in Toronto, Canada. She has been involved in bike racing from the grassroots level to professional cycling's WorldTour. She has worked in both print and digital publishing, and started with Cyclingnews as a North American Correspondent in 2006. Moving into a Production Editor's role in 2014, she produces and publishes international race coverage for all cycling disciplines, edits news and writes features. Currently the Women's Editor at Cyclingnews, Kirsten coordinates global coverage of races, news, features and podcasts about women's professional cycling.

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