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Wallace and Caylor win solo categories at Old Pueblo

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The NoTubes Teams put on quite a show this weekend.

The NoTubes Teams put on quite a show this weekend. (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Lots of riders lost chains on this bumpy descent

Lots of riders lost chains on this bumpy descent (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Gold shiny shorts fit right in this weekend

Gold shiny shorts fit right in this weekend (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A team Innovations racer near the front of the field

A team Innovations racer near the front of the field (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The NoTubes 5-person team riding to victory

The NoTubes 5-person team riding to victory (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The Team Pirate racer had an interesting bonnet

The Team Pirate racer had an interesting bonnet (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Sarah Kaufman riding her first race for the NoTubes Elite Women

Sarah Kaufman riding her first race for the NoTubes Elite Women (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A spectator and her son seem to have survived the weekend in the desert

A spectator and her son seem to have survived the weekend in the desert (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Shannon Gibson (NoTubes) had to ride under 1:15 on her last lap.

Shannon Gibson (NoTubes) had to ride under 1:15 on her last lap. (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Cory Wallace (Kona) riding an incredible 293 miles to take the solo men

Cory Wallace (Kona) riding an incredible 293 miles to take the solo men (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Rebecca Rusch (Specialized) trying to decide whether to go out for one more lap

Rebecca Rusch (Specialized) trying to decide whether to go out for one more lap (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Twenty-Four Hour Town

Twenty-Four Hour Town (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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These sisters seemed to have survived the night on their sofa

These sisters seemed to have survived the night on their sofa (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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There was an assortment of energy drinks on hand this weekend

There was an assortment of energy drinks on hand this weekend (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Barry Wicks (Kona) riding his last lap to give his team second place

Barry Wicks (Kona) riding his last lap to give his team second place (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Not everyone ws intent on winning

Not everyone ws intent on winning (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Sarah Kaufman (NoTubes) riding her last lap

Sarah Kaufman (NoTubes) riding her last lap (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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An Oro Valley Racer enjoying home court advantage

An Oro Valley Racer enjoying home court advantage (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A racer checks out a technical descent ahead of him

A racer checks out a technical descent ahead of him (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Spencer Paxson (Kona) wins the 1/4 mile Le Man

Spencer Paxson (Kona) wins the 1/4 mile Le Man (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Hundreds of runners attempting to find their bikes

Hundreds of runners attempting to find their bikes (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Chaos reigned at the start as bikes and runners were all on course at the same time

Chaos reigned at the start as bikes and runners were all on course at the same time (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A rider filming his daring descent with a helmet camera

A rider filming his daring descent with a helmet camera (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Mikes Bikes ride begins a slickrock descent

A Mikes Bikes ride begins a slickrock descent (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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An Epic Endurance rider sailing to victory in the 4-person men

An Epic Endurance rider sailing to victory in the 4-person men (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Riders had views of the snow-capped Catalina Mountains

Riders had views of the snow-capped Catalina Mountains (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The terrain had plenty of challenges in the form of boulders

The terrain had plenty of challenges in the form of boulders (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Sunrise in the desert

Sunrise in the desert (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The Luchadores wresting team showed up to ride

The Luchadores wresting team showed up to ride (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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For this gentleman it was a weekend long bachelor party

For this gentleman it was a weekend long bachelor party (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Kona Factory Team with their new carbon King Kahuna

Kona Factory Team with their new carbon King Kahuna (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Melanie Meyers-Colavito was supporting her husband this weekend while her elbow surgery heals

Melanie Meyers-Colavito was supporting her husband this weekend while her elbow surgery heals (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Specialized rider hits the rock drops

A Specialized rider hits the rock drops (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Spencer Paxson (Kona) riding a 55-minute lap

Spencer Paxson (Kona) riding a 55-minute lap (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Form Cycling racer is watched intently by the crowd

A Form Cycling racer is watched intently by the crowd (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Shannon Gibson (NoTubes) after riding her last lap

Shannon Gibson (NoTubes) after riding her last lap (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/

Thousands of people enjoying racing and supporting racers at the 24 hours of Old Pueblo in the Arizona desert over the weekend.

Among the solo racers, Cory Wallace and Sarah Caylor emerged victorious with 18 and 14 laps respectively.

The Epic Endurance team of Bryan Alders, Chris Baddick, Samuel Morrison and Jordan Williford won the four-person men's category with 23 laps.

The Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's team of Sarah Kaufman, Susan Haywood, Jennifer Smith and Susan DeMattei took top honors in the four-person women's category.

For complete results, see below.

The following video was produced by Devon Balet / and provided by Epic Rides /

Full Results

Solo Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
Cory Wallace
2Light & Motion-Nunn-Feed The Machine18laps
Cyril Jay-rayon
3Curt Wilhelm17laps
Curt Wilhelm
4Backcountry Alaska15laps
Anthony Berberich
5chuck wheeler15laps
Chuck Wheeler
6Mike Hughes15laps
Mike Hughes
7Taylor Lideen14laps
Taylor Lideen
8Flight of the Burrito Brother14laps
Neal Lawrence
9AK Backcountry14laps
Mark Davis
10Tom Stack14laps
Tom Stack
11Kyle Colavito13laps
Kyle Colavito
12Steve Schaefer13laps
Steve Schaefer
13LA Velocity13laps
Wes Barton
14PJ Lingley13laps
Patrick Lingley
Jim Sipe
16Seemed Like A Good Idea at The Time12laps
John Shumaker
17Lucky Break12laps
Brent Silvester
18David Loehrs12laps
David Loehrs
19Pat Collier12laps
Pat Collier
20Tim Lutz11laps
Tim Lutz
21Mike Park11laps
Mike Park
Rick Jacobson
23Cal Skilsky11laps
Cal Skilsky
Shawn Gregore
Toby Ford
26Turd Ferguson11laps
Paul Dewitt
27Geoff Bragg10laps
Geoffrey Bragg
28Jeff Curry10laps
Jeff Curry
29Team Keevin10laps
Keevin Blue
30Chad Sheirbon10laps
Chad Sheirbon
31Ok n AZ10laps
Gary Epple
Jason Butler
333 balls 2 wheels 1 chain 24hr Virgin10laps
Jonathan Pettit
34Brad T10laps
Brad Tollefson
35Kip J Biese9laps
Kip J Biese
36TEAM DAVE9laps
David Mcafee
37Green and Gold Dynasty9laps
Severn Thomas
38What have I done9laps
Jb Stearns
39Al Lewis - Team Rhino/Cirrus Visual9laps
Edgar Lewis
Matt Rotando
Ron Bell
42frequent eko8laps
Noel Ortiz
43WHAT TEAM?8laps
Steven Pollnow
44It helps if you spit on it first8laps
Adam Graehl
45Eric Gutierrez8laps
Eric Gutierrez
46harry cooper8laps
Harry Cooper
47Scratched and Dented8laps
Mark Vancas
48Team TNT7laps
Tom Nieman
49Tucson Pedaler7laps
Damion Alexander
50Gears and a Prayer7laps
Jim Norine
51Jemez Jellions7laps
Lyle Golightly
52K-Blue Racing7laps
Scott Thomas
53Me go long time!7laps
Tony Arroyos
54Cupcake & A Stud7laps
Stephen Jordon
55Russ and Bon7laps
Russell Peelman
56Horton Hears a Who7laps
Ted Horton
57Wait, This Isn't a Road Bike Race6laps
Patrick Falkenstine
Ron Strand
59T.J. Frisbee6laps
Steven Leatham
Doug Kellner
61slow and steady6laps
Ceasar Perez
Will Ward
Brian Barton
Steve Gibbs
Jon Hilton
66Chuck Brown5laps
Chuck Brown
Cody kuklski
68Michael bennett4laps
Michael Bennett
69The Bike Boner4laps
Paul Lumsden
70Old Long-Haired Dude You Have to Pass4laps
Steve Ross
71Bryce Phinney4laps
Bryce Phinney
72Dung Beetle Keeps on Rolling4laps
Jim Didomenico
73Sunday Cycles Drunk Cyclist3laps
Joe Berman
John Boswell
Rob Young
76Lazy P Racing2laps
Fred Pearce
77One Banana Shy1
Rolland Waters

Solo Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Caylor14laps
Sarah Caylor
2Janice Tower14laps
Janice Tower
3CTS Gearl14laps
Michelle Thiry
4Elizabeth Sugar Boese13laps
Elizabeth Boese
5Team SS13laps
Sara Stanford
6Crankin for a Spankin12laps
Nicole Gunton
Timari Pruis
Patty Jo Struve
9Little Monkey11laps
Amber Monforte
10Ronda sundermeier11laps
Ronda Sundermeier
11Bikes For Boobs (Mammograms In Action)11laps
Heidi Slominski
12Team Helen's11laps
Liza Dunham
13michele bliss11laps
Michele Bliss
14Helen's Cycles10laps
Tiffany Meyers
15Big Mamma10laps
Rebecca Menke
16Team Stella9laps
Stella Tong
17What, What, What Am I Doing?8laps
Bonnie Szumski
Elaine Seasly
19Team Rhino5laps
Tara Trumbull
20Zia Rides5laps
Lisa Wishard
21Keri Brown5laps
Keri Brown
22Jessie Rice4laps
Jessie Rice
23Jen Klausner2laps
Jennifer Klausner
24Actual Size1
Audra Hahle
25Cycle Analysis1
Angela Rose-lane

Solo - Single Speed Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rollinlikea Twenteefore18laps
Michael Melley
Neil Becwar
3Shawn Gregory17laps
Shawn Gregory
4It's personal16laps
Eddie Urcadez
5Solar Greengo16laps
Simon Zmyslinski
6Pete Basinger15laps
Pete Basinger
7WTF???!! That Ain't the PLAN!!!15laps
Trever Bushnell
8Rich Maines15laps
Rich Maines
951 solo single14laps
Kevin Koch
10Ah Man I'm Not Burt Reynolds14laps
Tim Bolton
11Pedlin' Slow14laps
Jeff Wood
12Deadgoat Racing14laps
Shaun Taylor
Nick Llewellyn
Rhys Newman
Tim Huber
16Jeff Wortzel12laps
Jeff Wortzel
17El Freako From Rico12laps
Jeff Hemperley
18Tim Hull / Ironclad Bicycles12laps
Tim Hull
19MY Solo11laps
Mykyta Yurtyn
20Focus Cyclery11laps
Lane Sanders
21Jeff Poitras11laps
Jeff Poitras
Bryce Dupriest
23Thump Monkey11laps
Eric Newville
24Deanna's Lapped Dog11laps
Walt Lopus
25Ben Hammer10laps
Ben Hammer
26Matt Donaldson10laps
Matt Donaldson
27TEAM DUKE10laps
Ryan Webel
28Might and Lotion10laps
Micheal Browne
Cutler Ferchaud
30Dirty Munchkin9laps
Barry Richards
31Team Duke9laps
Gavin Hayes
32One Gear and Three Cojones9laps
Jeff Kellum
33Back of the Pack Racing9laps
Tedd Rohwer
34Rocky Mtn Racing8laps
Drew Sprafke
35It's winter in Indiana8laps
Brian Poitras
36Estrella Mtn Cyclery8laps
Jim Tryonas
377 more then 29 and Keener8laps
Bryan Keener
38Big Al8laps
Alex Christensen
39Jonathan Buchanan8laps
Jonathan Buchanan
40Back of the Pack Racing7laps
Scott Devonshire
41Solo Single But Not Available7laps
Richard Bogan
42One Gear Wonder7laps
Tony Trevino
43Back of the Pack Racing7laps
Judd Rohwer
44Scandinavian Jesus6laps
Pat Murrish
Brian Miller
46Team Free Lunch4laps
Steve Fannon
47Mad Rhino - B.P.R. AZ4laps
Rhino Neiffer
Chris Deturk
49The Caboose2laps
Alex Fannon
50Dirty of Drunkcyclist.com2laps
Chris Reichel
51Eight Wheels1
Dan Kravets

Solo - Single Speed Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dude where's my team?15laps
Melissa Liebling
2El Grupo Solo15laps
Lauren Frisk
3Sabrosa Cycles12laps
Delena Hanson
4Wendy Skean10laps
Wendy Skean
5Jen Albright6laps
Jennifer Albright
6Your Pace or Mine6laps
Deanna Gates
7Surely Your Not Cirrus3laps
Becky Bliss

Duo Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1El Grupo Duo22laps
Richard Hurst
Alex Strickland
2Pivot Cycles21laps
Brian Bennett
Ernesto Marenchin
3Team Athlete Octane21laps
Dan Maher
Colin Don
4Over The Edge Sedona21laps
Aaron Gulley
Michael Raney
5Twenty2 Cycles20laps
Ben Welnak
Ben Jones
6Team Mooseknuckle20laps
Russell Griffin
Boomer Leopold
Andrew Jorgenson
Tyler Jorgenson
Daryl Roberts
Zach Stanford
92 Kings20laps
Matt Wittler
Trevor Platt
10M&M Cycling19laps
Faron Adcock
Mark Challoner
11Team Name!18laps
Glenn Shoemaker
Kristofer Pleszewicz
12Abercrotchity & Bitch18laps
Gary Hall
Daniel King
13The Lester and Bill Show18laps
Bill Morris
Les Jaeger
14Romero Bro's, Light & Motion18laps
Paul Romero
Alex Romero
15Adventure SS17laps
Kirk Cox
Clint Lepetich
16Double Vison17laps
Adam Hudson
Mark Hudson
Austin King
Graham Stahnke
18The Tall Pink Ducks16laps
Kyle Thomas D'auria
Sean T. Randolph
19Lost Cause15laps
Bill Brown
Michael Rodoni
Matthew Johnson
Miguel Carrazco
21Hammer & Lightening15laps
Ed Diaz
Henry Svendblad
22The Kakistocrats15laps
Richard Triplett
Eugene Dougherty
23Troubled Minds15laps
Samuel Peifer
David Hargis
24Live Hard15laps
Jonathan Davis
Tanner Davis
25MIT Beavers15laps
Ben Eck
Luke Plummer
Adam Kroger
Cameron Chambers
27Single Minded14laps
Matt Carstens
Eric Reichert
28Stupid is what Stupid does14laps
Kent Taylor
Steve Lingwall
2950/54 Split14laps
Marc Koepsel
James Koepsel
30MIT Engineers14laps
John Romanishin
Marcos Esparza
31Red Hot Gila Monsters14laps
Phil Ryder
James Bliss
32Dad n Grand Dad14laps
Evan Unger
Craig Olson
331 Taco Short of a Combination14laps
Evan Leonard
Pat Costigan
34Two legit to quit14laps
Michael Sainz
Eric Tidd
3528 Gears14laps
Richard Emery
Kurt Mindy
36average joe's14laps
Ryan Smith
Griffin Ken
37One Niner One13laps
Anthony Neely
Gregory Bury
38Gears & Beers13laps
Brad Walker
Scott Mauthe
39Strider Online Fast & The Furriest13laps
Scott Jones
Matt Williams
40Aged Duo13laps
Gary Bakken
Et Collinsworth
Kirk Rhinehart
David Sammeth
42Dos Gringos Lentos13laps
John Schilling
Seron Eaton
43Brothers in Pain13laps
Steve Carlson
Mike Carlson
44Shut Up and Ride13laps
Randall Cohen
Brett Stallworth
45Evil Gazebo12laps
Marc Basiliere
Alexander Leonard
46Lucky & El Capitan12laps
Brian Kochert
Shawn Wagner
47Riding Blind12laps
Cory Schmelzer
Jeff Berger
48George Michael Cover Band12laps
Patrick Rinckey
Karl Groll
49Old Order Men at Night12laps
Jim Mcintosh
Chris Schlabach
Brian Gaume
Ryan Hammerel
51116 Inches of Fury12laps
Ryan Nelson
Daniel Topley
52Uno Bicycle Studio12laps
Clint Hinman
Bruce Rhoades
James Boyle
Matt Mason
54Like 11011laps
Mike Turner
Matthew Turner
Roberto Gonzalez
Arturo Garcia
56Logan's Run11laps
Craig Morton
Mike Minton
57Bravo & Supa11laps
Michael Chairez
Joel Clapick
58Trek Bicycle Store - Boulder11laps
Michael Scott
Jeremy Young
59Professor Monkey11laps
Pete Rogan
Brad Harris
60Old Growth Hoosiers11laps
Jason Pilarski
Arthur Keith
61Redline Sisters10laps
Benjamin Molina
James Workizer
62Jackalope Massacre10laps
John Woodson
Dave Thompson
63All Night Long Larry10laps
Laurence Kluck
Laurence Kluck
64No brakes10laps
Andrzej Pawlowski
Piotr Macech
65Mike & Mike Green-Choice-Solar10laps
Michael Whitehead
Mike Vines
66Single Speed Steeds of Steel10laps
Michael Rogers
Chris Carnes
67Brothers from Another Mother10laps
Michael Cramer
Rolando Murillo
68Trail's End Cycling9laps
Randy Profeta
Dan Profeta
69MT Beer9laps
Matt Barnes
Mike Giuliani
70Prickly Pear Paddle Wackers9laps
Jeff Bauman
Chad Wilkinson
71Gruesome Twosome9laps
Thomas Knobbe
Andrew Merrill
72400 Pounds of Eng8laps
Nils Eng
Eric Eng
Brian Dill
Steve Oddie
74Rough Riders8laps
Bill Sundermeier
Darin Swanson
75Slow Flat Mice8laps
Brian Grube
Martin Ince
76Bomberos an't Scared8laps
Damien Clark
James Friend
David Culp
Lee Becker
78Magic Man & El Diablo8laps
Jacob Lindenstein
Phillip Edgars
79Champion Cooling8laps
Cid Martin
Trevor Medina
80Kinda Solo7laps
Raymond Harris
Matt Murphy
81Erroneous Johnson7laps
Eric Cheever
Jeffrey Cheever
82The Mediocre Duo7laps
Lance Hensien
Anthony Falgiano
83Black and Yellow7laps
Bobby Harris
Bryan Gillmore
84Sheber Fever7laps
Dilyn Sheber
Drake Sheber
85Everything’s Better with Lube6laps
Mike Plunkett
Sean Culliney
86The Men of Sorrows6laps
Michael Julien
Michael Warrick
Chris Manny
Phil Swafford
88The cryptozoologists6laps
David Bush
Pon Go
89Honu Boys5laps
Greg Landers
Blake Landers
90Los Zapatos4laps
David Schumacher
J.p. Schumacher
91Cheat Commandos4laps
Keir Kosco
Keir Kosco
92My Taint Hurts3laps
Ken Harrison
Carson Dodds
93Afraid Of The Cholla2laps
Mark Hahle
Dustin Eckhoff

Duo - Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Spatula!13laps
Elizabeth Miller
Jaime Brede
2Team Logan/Cure SMA11laps
Holly Agajanian
Virginia Fretz
3Boulders on Broadway Vixens10laps
Kate Hillman
Erin Holohan
4Tater Juice9laps
Anaka Norfleet
Emily Clary
5Biggest Little Drunk Cyclists6laps
Rose Demanet
Jessica Yurtinus
6Team OCD3laps
Rita Gonzales
Janella Masse

Duo Co-ed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1King and Queen of Pain19laps
Rebecca Rusch
Nat Ross
22:00 AM Demons19laps
Tracy Thelen
Nick Thelen
3Noxid Knar R. R.17laps
Marlee Dixon
Jeffrey Rank
4Who's the Weakest Link?14laps
Andrew Chlup
Allison Showers-chlup
Peggy Brennan
Greg Choat
6Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks13laps
Neil Mcleod
Erica Bennett
7Pardee of Two13laps
Veronique Pardee
Bevis Pardee
Paul Norris
Melanie Norris
91 Horseman and his Intervention12laps
Carly Watson
Martin Apolinar
10Cole'd Lemonade12laps
David Lemon
Kim Cole
11The honey moon is over11laps
Stephanie Hawthorne
Mark Hawthorne
12Make it Burns9laps
Eric Burns
Peggy Burns
13South Florida Oxymorons8laps
Tyrone Minton
Brandon Bostwick
Marissa Reno
Lorenzo Trujillo
15Back Row Romance7laps
Rachel Estacion
Matt Miller
16Newlywed Skidmarks7laps
Richard Heermance
Robinson Cecil
17Eric Post Law5laps
Eric Post
Sheila Foraker
18D.C. Crew4laps
Dan Cox
Corina Cox
Michelle Waters
Stephen Baldwin
Rob Bauer
Michele Bauer
4 Person Men openTeam Name
1Epic Endurance P/B The Gear Movement23laps
Bryan Alders
Chris Baddick
Samuel Morrison
Jordan Williford
2Kona Factory Team22laps
Barry Wicks
Kris Sneddon
Spencer Paxson
Sean Babcok
Chris Mears
Todd Cassan
Mark Gilbreath
Grant Folske
4Beaver Valley21laps
Brad Winn
Mathias Marley
Patrick Means
Matt Slaven
5Johnny Cash Slept Here20laps
Tad Fagerholm
Josh Borgmeyer
Jory Henry
Kyle Hornbeck
611th Hour Racing/ RockyMounts20laps
Joseph Gratcofsky
Randell Meier
Charlie Nowacki
Greg Kocke
7Mike's Bikes #120laps
Chris Helgerson
Kelley Hale
Ezra Colman
Jared Franzoia
8Sinaloa's Best20laps
Gonzalo Reyes
Ricardo Avendaño
Carlos Angulo
Juan Gamboa
9The Four Locos20laps
George Howard
Jordan Lancaster
Tyson Lancaster
Louis Fidel
10The Terrible Thunderlizards20laps
Jeremy Graham
Dan Quick
Gerrit Mack
Thomas Faeh
11Man vs. Cholla20laps
Paul Dellorco
Rob Shaver
Tad Zgoda
Robert Laroche
12Arizona Cyclist20laps
Ryan Tiffin
Jeff Plant
John Conyer
Colby Moeller
13The Kickstand + one bad ass20laps
Gary Ruddell
John Hammond
Teddy Rael
David Jordan
14Old New Mexicans20laps
Crockett Howard
Ken Gauthier
Chris Ziomek
David Vaughn
15Team Bitch19laps
Philip Thomas
Phil Wilson
Dave Mandley
Joe Delong
16Sunday Cycles and Green Choice Solar19laps
Dave Speller
Fred Grey
Brett Laycock
Craig Bengtson
17Team Honey Badger19laps
Markus Zimmer
Jon Gorman
Craig Nelson
Jason Ransdell
18I was like DANG19laps
Mike Rice
Clint Sparks
Matt Liljenquist
Chis Neal
194 Pigs19laps
Kelly Varney
Joe Roberts
Craig Church
Mike Miller
20Team Bacon Strip19laps
John Sagebiel
Michael Henderson
Shawn O'meara
Scott Carothers
21Rodder Racing19laps
Matthew Reeves
Scott Holland
Milin Balsara
Ed Prince
22Little Lebowski Urban Achievers19laps
Parris Humphrey
Neil Stitzer
Jeremy Jonas
Chadwick Mcginnis
23Jemez Jellions19laps
Ralph Wrons
Randall Lynn
Eric Olson
Bryan Struve
Jeff Powell
Brett Butterstein
Geoff hickcox
Eric Wienk
25Golden Belt and Friends19laps
Doug Chambers
Bobby Smith
Mike Johnson
Chris Chambers
26Team America19laps
Tanner Morgan
Dick Pack
Jim Sessions
Aaron Guidry
27Bobcat, Buffalo, Mustang & Toro19laps
Grant Taylor
Colton Taylor
Mike Norberg
Tod Thornton
Steve Delong
Stefan Sbiera
John Adams
Jason Welborn
29Lagartos La Primavera19laps
Fernando Zamora
Hector Zazueta
Martin Diaz
Israel Ramirez
30Vive La France19laps
Brad "t-bone" Knox
Matt Knox
Jordan Janes
Ed La France
Byron Buckley
Guy Bizek
Allan Hansen
William Carter
32Rumblin, Bumblin, Stumblin19laps
Scott Smith
Bryan Cline
Jeff Steiner
Brian Nath
33Whiskey Knights18laps
Ryan Porter
Andrew Laskowski
Dave Pearson
Ryan Thigpen
34Flesh Lights18laps
Israel Romero
Erik Deroche
Danny Milner
Kevin Noble
35TREK Store Colorado Racing Team18laps
Lance Risi
Adam Haid
Dave Wert
Aaron Uhl
36Manifesto: The Ministry of Cycle18laps
Jay Jose
John Paul Jose
Bryan Muri
Scott Steves
37Scattered 118laps
Steve Lemley
Craig Davidson
Shawn Ackerman
Eric Prime
38Trek Bicycle of West Phoenix18laps
Patrick Murphy
Jason Wieser
Pret Wongmanee
Brian Abraham
39Cactus Hammers18laps
Bryan Kopp
Tanner Robison
Justin Humphreys
Kevin Hornibrook
40TEAM DUKE18laps
Chad Lusk
Jason Lusk
Casey Taylor
Jeff Hughes
41Filfy Basterds18laps
Doug Mers
Mark Magaldi
Alan Bonsett
Sean Buckman
42Dirty Deeds18laps
Patrick Mattie
Gavin Flury
Michael Holmes
Randy O'brien
43Honey Badgers18laps
Jim Young
Brad Vanderley
Rob Seals
Mike Lust
44Aferrados Team18laps
Jorge Ricardo Schiller
Luis Ezpinoza
Ivan Tarriba
Marco Breceda
45BlipSnips - Life Happens BlipSnip.it18laps
Paul Rahn
Lynn Ellis
John Bliss
Adam lock
46Kitchen Pass18laps
Phillip Crabtree
Allan Rodrigue
Mike Marinshaw
Joe Struttman
47Spacely Sprokets18laps
Erik Lantz
Andrew Crook
Stephen Bumbalough
Mike Weaver
Rachel Yellowhair
Brent Barber
Ulrik Christensen
Tod Duncan
Chris Florence
49Party Rock17laps
Jame Carney
Joe Hemmer
John Koury
Josh Ryan
50University of Arizona Cycling Team17laps
Ethan Burns
Schuyler Burns
Samuel Gross
Dylan Peterson
51Perky Knobs/ Squishy Grips17laps
Kent Loganbill
Paul Koenig
Micah Clinger
Tim Kimble
52Beers, Brats, & Big Rings17laps
Rj Weibly
Brian Comstock
Scott Frank
Roy Rauch
53Four Play17laps
David Lash
John Lupo
Doug Hall
Scott Akins
54Phat N Tired17laps
Bill Mulroy
John Foster
Chris Gambs
Robbie Wright
554 Dudes for 7 Bitches17laps
Alexander Zilberman
Craig Raney
Chick Martin
Dana Balderrama
56Whiskey Club17laps
William Rucker
Michael Sullivan
Brian Deblanc
Terry Bandstra
57Where's the throttle?17laps
Eric Wilkey
Ian Wilkey
Jeremy Wilkey
Stephen Gaston
58Los Crucburqueans17laps
Jack Kirby
David Halliburton
Mark Castelo
Colin Lewis
59No Fork 'n Brake17laps
Marc Berg
Daniel Ronhsoldt
Khurram Jamil
Peter Wilke
60Blind Rage16laps
Josh Biggs
Matty Norcross
Ben Proctor
Matt Braun
61Crotch Rot16laps
Kyle Cramer
Tim Rauch
David Meredith
Rob Hyldahl
623 Dicks and a Chick16laps
James Greer
Troy Vargas
Mimi Ford
Dick Young
63Numb Nutz16laps
Nick Bliss
Luther Smith
Christian Mannsfeld
Mike Slettebo
64Ride My Face To Chicago16laps
Jered Hansen
Joe Sweet
Mike Skoko
Jeff Coleman
65Black Dog Racing16laps
Peter Lines
Eric Wilson
Erik Goodfriend
Neil Brashnyk
66Medical Attention16laps
Dan Shippee
Mark Ihnot
Eric Paulk
Bill Wildenberg
Hugh Donahue
Jeremy Barrett
Tony Brown
Neal Wright
68Old Pueblo Firefighters16laps
Craig Boydell
Troy Held
Duane Robins
Trevor Mulligan
69Equipo # 1716laps
Ricardo Hernandez
Oscar Ostos
Jammes Simmons
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Sean Daley
Issac Abernethy
Glen Burks
Robert Mitchell
Ramiro Hernandez
Benjamin Hernandez
Rey Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez
72rollin rollin man my nuts r swollen15laps
Chris Miller
Joe Miller
Jim Miller
Brian Moon
73Dada Carnages15laps
Michael Herrick
Dave Kareus
Dan Coxall
Dane Griffin
Andrew Shroads
Hunter Mcanally
Craig Speicher
Treye Konrath
75Collectors of Cholla Spines15laps
Mark Woods
Mario Marquez
Travis Hudson
Nick Cap
76Old School Bike & Brews15laps
Jason Hammond
Blair Mclaughlin
Mike Loos
Jordan Loos
77Team Moose Knuckles15laps
Derek Johnson
Brandon Ebert
Rich Eddings
Hans Church
78Four Bent Cranks15laps
Marc Schmittenberg
David Hyson
Bernard Schaack
Scot Coffey
79MJRT Racing15laps
Tom O\'brien
Rob Sweador
Joe Manning
Mike Kuzel
80Cactose Intolerance15laps
Steve Andresen
Tor Andresen
Randy White
John Hanson
81Shady Pirates14laps
Michael Mckisson
Zach Macdonald
Art Gillespie
Tom Linn
82Die Trying14laps
Terry Dodd
Marc Baca
Jake Branch
0 0
83Is It Loaded?14laps
Arnaldo Nazario
James Johnson
Alan Cole
Rick Smith
84Journey Cycling14laps
Zachary Ross
Tom Ford
Chuck Martin
Dennis Roodvoets
85Whisker Biscuit14laps
Rob Dintaman
Eric Marsh
Russell Copp
Nathan Suida
86Los Retardados14laps
George Toro
Jason Meador
Pete Stephens
Rob Brown
87you signed me up for what?14laps
Tim Prasser
Ryan Van Vleck
Tommy Parkinson
Bryatt Fischer
88Tucson Mountain Wheelmen14laps
Jeff Mitchell
Ted Rasoumoff
Aaron Kamp
Spencer Wilde
89Team Smurf(t)14laps
Dan Fletcher
Jonathan Bearce
Paul Truog
Jason C. Radabaugh
90Gene Yang Gang13laps
Wes Baker
Kevin Burns
Steve Crash
Jim Hatfield
91The Inflatables13laps
Jay Ingham
Brandon Bechtol
John Mcguire
Eric Dunn
92Rubbed Raw Racing13laps
Erik Gilbert
Stan Maxam
Anthony Saenz
Chris Patton
93Stonefree Davison13laps
John Harrison
Roy Firestone
Aaron Davis
Patrick Freel
94no bitches13laps
Steve Fisher
Tony Martinez
Glen Hudak
Adin Sloan
95Jag Mats13laps
Mike Worth
Simone Canciotti
Ryan Labar
Cory Blackwood
96Team Peloton13laps
Todd Fedell
Matt Dean
Don Garrett
Jim Symonds
973/4 gringo and 1/4 chino13laps
Keng-yu Chuang
Cory Kempton
Neil Jensen
Dan Hayakawa
John Cattles
A.j. Cattles
Kenny Darby
Keith Brett
99The 4 Dirty Dogs12laps
Douglas Owens
Neil Barrett
Roger dumbolton
Orin Witt
100Tubeless Cabras12laps
Kirk Jellesma
Chad Edwards
Rick Banbury
Scott Ahlskog
101The Cactus Whackers12laps
Kyle Vessell
Nate Young
David James Rapp
Keith Allen
102Inglorious Cranky Bastards12laps
Michael Gutierrez
Daniel Sanchez
Joey Fresquez
Phil Grosskaus
103The BeardBelters12laps
Matthew Freeman
Lukas Kummer
Armand Boudreau
Mark Montri
104Cactus Crashers12laps
Scott Voth
Jon Voth
John Adamchak
Dane Dye
105Crack Monkeys12laps
Arthur O\\\'neil
Mike Willingham
Jason Hailer
Erik Markoff
106Sore Weak & Angry12laps
Patrick Allcock
Randy Zima
Jim Norton
Jim Dickerson
Lisa Lake
107Flat N Tired11laps
Paul Johnston
David Delean
Chris Bohnsack
Daniel Amarillas
108TMB To Many Birthdays11laps
Gabriel Lucero
Tommy Collins
John Donovan
Tom Cararetta
Jason Bowersock
Alex Sotelo
David Robinson
Vaughn Whited
110Meat Fruit11laps
John Hale
Chris Janick
Kent Fischer
Mark Pomilio
111Knights of Cyclonia11laps
Larry Swedbergh
Richard Swedbergh
Todd Castle
Edmund Lucey
112Old & In The Way11laps
Lonnie Calmes
Todd Baker
Pat Hanning
Ryan Redford
1134 Play in the Desert10laps
Rene H. Valencia
Milo A. Borich
J. Ignacio Torres
Mario Zozaya
114GTSJ Pedaling Fools10laps
Graham Keenan
Troy Owens
Scott Newham
Jim Chubon
115Team Rip10laps
Jp Hope
Robert Russell
Steven Wilson
Christopher Smith
John Hays
Michael Winegar
Scott Howard
Gary Wixom
117Team RJ10laps
John Jasper
Bob Jasper
Alan Shoemake
Aaron Cooper
118Team Super Grover10laps
Sam West
Brian Cooley
Jeff Bogan
Craig Der Ananian
119Sonoran Pirates - Magellan's Finest10laps
Jake Boen
Thomas Betts
Derek Regan
Nick Nash
120Poco Loco9laps
Larry Green
Jeff Weiler
Sam Vosburg
Geoff Maaske
121Team Sharkbird9laps
Rob Wellborn
Rick Wellborn
Josh Wellborn
Robert Wellborn
122Hold my beer,watch this9laps
Chris Janick
Dave Votto
Doug Gauntt
Eric Geiger
Phillip Escobar
Noel Guercio
Kevin Hafer
Mike Saunders
1243 beans and a cracker7laps
Nacho Lopeztello
Gilbert Limon
Efran Bello
Josh Wozniak
Kristian Watkins
Dan Feeney
Zach Fralc
Josh Nace
126Is This Course Pager Friendly?7laps
peter Shibuya
Adam Mcdaniel
Bob Burns
Freddie Martinez
127Sonoran Pirates Michigan Militia7laps
Joshua Anderson
Warren Anderson
Matt Brown
Neal Mcquinn
128Team ToDoIt6laps
Colin Kelly
Peter Damian Fay
Bill Jolley
Tony Childers
129The Team6laps
John Henderson
Andrew Frits
Robert Wolf
John Doe
130Tres Perham y Otro5laps
Daniel Perham
Jeff Perham
Tim Perham
David Garcia

4 Person Women's Open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stan's NoTubes Elite Women20laps
Sarah Kaufman
Susan Haywood
Jennifer Smith
Susan DeMattei
2Single Speed Sweetness19laps
Paula Bohte
Alice Drobna
Kristi Olson
Sarah Gibeau
3Good Mojo18laps
Callie Burt
Lajuan Kelley
Lori Kipp
Debbie Hunter
4Backcountry Babes17laps
Jill Valerius
Julie Berberich
Darcy Davis
Kristin Wolf
5Rivet Racing17laps
Willa Johnson
Michelle Cyr
Sarah Sherwood
Jennifer Hill
6GS Boulder / Trek Store17laps
Jacqui Pesa
Dana Albright
Heather Mcfadden
Jill Duster
7Teenage TapouT16laps
Erica Allar
Val Brostrom
Hanan Avles-hyde
Christy Blakely
8The Spinerettes14laps
Pacifica Sommers
Marielle Smith
Rosaleen O'Gara
Ariane Mohr-Felson
9Broke Bike Saints11laps
Andrea Gibson
Rachel A. Kubishin
Anne Carine
Breann Rocksund
10Foxy Ladies10laps
Christina Cowgill
Rachel Effros
Celia Dervan
Juliette Oldfield
11Desert Divas9laps
Christine Stirling
Tammy Smith
Leonora Fimbres
Holly Balderrama

4 Person Singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Single Minded22laps
Travis Mcmaster
Yuri Hauswald
Kaolin Cummens
Keith Marchando
Scott Spangler
Dan Swinton
Chad Watson
Alex Phipps
3Kokopelli Racing20laps
Terry Gorsuch
Jeff Fox
Paul Adams
Ralph Schultz
4Los Grandes Huveos Rancheros20laps
Aaron Johnson
Dominic Garcia
Issac Burligh
Matt Maienza
5Living in Sinners19laps
Kenny Jones
Heather Gilbert
Cory Jones
Emily Hawkes
6Single Speed Coffee Roaster19laps
Sam Richmann
Jon Ofner
Jay Reitz
Ryan Smiley
Samuel Johnson
Jefe Branham
Michael Barnes
Jordan Carr
8Sons of the Red Sand18laps
Curt Bunting
Duane Sullivan
Chris Pettigrew
Mark Weston
9SS Santa Cruz18laps
Rod Markell
Don Hart
Dan O'connor
Justin Robinson
10Singles Sells SeashellsbytheSeashore18laps
Quincy Haarer
Byron Mcclurg
Christopher Coville
Eliseo Romero
11Zeitgeist Racing Singles Club18laps
Nicholas Nesbitt
Herb Bool
Jason Rosson
Willy Dommen
Brent Quillin
Alan Vanongevalle
Teel Atkinson
Joe Praeger
13A Derailleur Killed My Family17laps
Chris Brown
Donald Scott
Craig Turner
Kaare Wagner
14One Speed Wonders15laps
Steve Perkins
Christopher Mcnamara
Daxton Valles-wallace
Steven Plevel
15Los Terribles Luchadores15laps
Jacob Fasel
Matthew Miner
Eric Todd
Josh Fearno
16One Gear Full Beer14laps
Tim Ferguson
Greg Decori
Bill Jackson
Jake Braaten
17Damn Buckeyes13laps
Victor Rudolph
Tom Ober
Eric Walecki
Kirby Bryant
18Single Scorgasms12laps
Filip Kobylarz
Randy Young
Paco Galvan
Trevor Long
19Abusement Park9laps
James Cobb
Jamey Heinze
Chris Mosch
Tim Irby

5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1El Grupo Cinco20laps
Ignacio Rivera De Rosales
Lizzy Caputo
Donovan Caputo
Logan Boyd
Ron Stanage
2El Grupo Quatro19laps
Daniela Diamente
Nathan Franklin
Ben Duncan
Nick Ellet
Daniel Yakusheuich
33 Drinkers and a Rider18laps
Nathan Ewert
Amber Markey
Traver Jones
Michael Sowers
Nathan Ewert
4El Grupo Tres17laps
Emily Franklin
Keenan Duncan
Luke Murray
Tyler Stites
Colin Holmes
5El Grupo Dos17laps
Christian Timmerman
Jesse Gilmer
Nichilas Harris
Connor Adkinsson
Olivia Bohn
6Cactus if you can!15laps
Jesse Hibbs
Brett Wham
Khoa Hua
Onica Ramey
Jennifer Weingartz
7Maloney Plastic Surgery14laps
Carolyn Maloney
Pete Anderson
Chris Maloney
Anne Donnellan
Jr Madrid
8Big Test-Cycles13laps
Aaron Tarin
Michelle Howell
Eric Fodran
Matthew Directo
Jon Krellwitz
9El Grupo Uno12laps
Mike Geddes
Mose Geddes
David Anaya
Liam Murray
Sabina Quiroz

5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Light & Motion22laps
Dax Massey
Ezekiel Hersh
Kyle Stamp
Kelly Boniface
Nate Miller
2Epic Endurance P/B The Gear Movement21laps
Bill Wheeler
Kelly Feagans
Brian Sells
Jason Hilimire
Deidre York
3Chainring Circus21laps
Crystal Petrocelli
Dominic Petrocelli
Chuck Gibson
Ryan Davis
Marcus Hayward
4Man Up!20laps
Nicette Quintero
Suzanne Marcoe
Kirk Telaneus
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider
5Denver Cycleton Fab Five20laps
Jason Kolar
Dan Wisdom
Paul Majors
Ronie Graczyk
Jeff Emrick
6TVB Race19laps
Eric Ohlgren
Scott Smith
Chris Newell
Hollie Ernest
Kaysee Armstrong
7Spoonie Luv and the Puddin' Cups18laps
John Todd
Naomi Haverlick
Jared Vigil
Martin Cisneroz
Jeremy Hendricks
8wrasslin Hillbillies17laps
Randy Conner
Larry Simmons
Rachel Montgomery
Eleanor Mcdonough
Joel Simmons
9M&M Cycling17laps
Mike Baltunis
Mertie Stompro
Anna Trader
Laurel Pierquet
Mike Pierquet
Matthew Holland
Jeff Silvyn
David Plotkin
Kieran Sikdar
Camila Thorndike
11Desert Yard Sale16laps
Tom Woodward
Steve Vancoillie
Trevor Turcott
Kristin Elise Fukuchi
Nate Fleege
12Disco Kitty & the Saguaro IPA riderz16laps
Julius Charlie
Christopher Bornemisza
Donnie Shepard
Brian Culligan
Kiley Berry
13The Breakfast Club Survivors15laps
Steve Beall
Samuel Sanford
David Jackson
Manny Chavez
Carolina Chavez
Jeff Dunn
Michelle Shaw
Rory Blakemore
Mark Hogland
Mike Rasmussen
15DART Endurance Racing14laps
Aaron Rhoderick
Todd Wright
David Hamlow
Erica Pontes
David Schaffner
16Pound the Round14laps
Denton Young
Cliff Dawson
Jared Hanson
Nicole Scozzari
Ben King
17La Suprema14laps
Kate Mchugh
Jonathan Hayt
Lynn Hudson
Ed Foster
Mike Toma
18Yohimbe Tribe of the Durty South14laps
Drew Mcintosh
Alix Pfennigwerth
Russell Marek
Will Johnson
Micah Reynolds
19Payton the Wonder Dog12laps
Christopher Cunningham
Tauna Rignall
brian Cunningham
Eric Huggins
Wayne Morris
Adrienne Yarnish
Eric Touhey
Hans Bradshaw
Steve Kimme-hea
Dean Trammel Jr.
21Cactus Cartel12laps
Johnny Chavez
Matthew Irlmeier
Robert Nieuwenhuis
Shannon Wilson
Thomas Tucker
John Tennant
Laura Tennant
Ryan Greget
John Tennant Iv
Dan Heacock
23Dirty Tucson Tri Girls & Token Dude11laps
Krista Manus
Liane Ehrich
Kari Angeley
Kathy Cunningham
John Henneberger Jr.

5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stan's NoTubes Weapons of Ass Destruction22laps
Philip Simpson
Dave Million
Michael McCalla
Kenny Wehn
Shannon Gibson
22Wheels, 4Jones &1 Set of Headlites20laps
John Camoriano
Jennifer Camoriano
Phil Panipinto
Travis Jones
Nathan Franke
3Team Geomangear20laps
Reade Jackson
C. Kevin Utley
Beth Utley
Randy Harris
Denver Mckinney
4Team Pivot20laps
Ken Bennett
Iida Airola
Brian Gonzales
Sean Kennedy
Dani Harginen
5Rolling Mayhem18laps
Dan Gurrieri
George Thul
Zephanie Blasi
Chad Blasi
Mark Carlson
Jurgen Leiser
Gordon Leiser
Jurgen Bergeron
Michael Haptonstall
Solange Whitehead
7The Rolling Iguanas18laps
Alex Mlawsky
Robert Chorost
Cathy Stewart
Marco Bonellii
Tim Crist
Kevin Lockart
Mary Halfman
Daniel Friedman
Tom Stenerson
Rick Brazil
9Four Tubes and a Tubeless17laps
Jeff Mcgaughey
Miriam Hill
Jeff Reese
Larry Mcdaniel
Jamie Thomson
10Four and a Half Men17laps
Dave Sewell
Michael Taylor
Steve Lummer
Jeanette Wesley
Tom Stotler
11Rhino Relix17laps
Dave Burnett
Rick Scofield
Eric Wodraska
Steve Davenport
Caroline Leonard
12The Laptastic Five17laps
Brett Johnson
Tim Medcoff
Mark Hamer
Rod Clary
Amy Jo Taormina
13my mom thinks i'm fast17laps
Chris Korte
Scott Mcbride
Josh Calkins
Willy Guenthner
Amanda Pearson
14Just Keep Rockin16laps
Patricia Gilbert
Tony Rivera
Marlin Price
Sidney Rumsey
Vinnie Hunt
15IIWII - Single Track Attack16laps
Tom Ela
Elizabeth Schnittker
Fred Jones
Chuck Bodie
Wendell Ela
16Cinco Stinko Pinkoes15laps
Len Kovats
Robert Gibson
Molly Renner
Gerrit Velthoen
John Stillwell
17Pony Express15laps
Bob Kaplan
Stephen Cohen
Robert Glaser
Jeffrey Scott
Michael Blaker
189 Good Ankles15laps
Louis Norman
Deb Mcneil
Justin Miller
Doug Popham
Paul Chinnock
19SpeedDream Wheels15laps
Alan Shelton
Roy Bury
Darrin Posey
Ed Baker
Marcia Kon
204 Grinders and a Taco15laps
Bud Heintz
Susan Snow
Steve Hughes
Bob Williams
Jimmy Matt
21Scattered 215laps
Kevin Cronk
John Lish
Bart Hendershott
Cathi Hendershott
Pat Hughes
22The Flying Whip-poor-wills15laps
Bryan Barr
Dan Malone
William Hughes
Ann Taylor
Walter Schmidt
23Periodic Riders14laps
Dominic Mcgrath
Oliver Monti-masel
Cyrus Miller
John Pollard
Katrina Miranda
24Beers and Bicycles14laps
Kris Dimon
John Craft
Krista Gibson
Tom Haffner
Joe Changose
Gus Markes
Ernie Villa
John Jackson
Steven Morgenstern
Michelle French
26Overeducated. Undertrained.13laps
Kurt Griffin
Steve Braun
Carol Sable
Ed Hileman
Bruce Jorden
27The Wild Hares13laps
Karen Mlawsky
Candace Porter
Joey Rodriguez
Mary Hegstrom
Steve Stratton
28Victoria's Secret12laps
Lew Hart
Daniel Graf
Mary Caton
Shellie Molina
Victoria Porter
29Pass the Wine Buddy12laps
Mike Ingram
Heather Rimmereid
Joey Ambrose
Jim Lersch
John Mertes
30It's A Dry Hop12laps
Julia Strange
James Burge
Philip Hinz
Grant Williams
Chloe Black
31Fat Tire11laps
Jessie Huebsch
Larry Huebsch
Jeremy Huebsch
Joey Urena
Anthony Gozum
32Green Choice Solar Partay 210laps
Paul Broaderip
James Robinson
Dana Allen
Don Beale
Jimmie Alexander
33Good For What Ales You10laps
Josh Brodesky
Chris Sugar
Stephannie Innes
Douglas Miller
Alton Ciha
34Green Choice Solar Party Team10laps
Art Macfarland
Wendy Macfarland
Tom Crosetti
Matt Berault
Bryan Raines

Corporate Teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Area 5122laps
Richard Biocca
Chuck Hess
Jason Tullous
Steven Beeler
Tyler Ford
Michael Malisewski
Chad Bakken
Kipp Metzger
2Hosie Cows / Team Cirrus22laps
Matt Blair
Bryan Blue
Kyle Akin
John Spiker
Jay Guyot
Rene Ortega
Peter Chegaris
Ryan Floden
Kevin Clegg
Dan Naef
3Team Colleen21laps
Chad Mcglamery
George Varhola
Max Shoenberger
Bruce Stauffer
Jo Roberts
Elliot Damart
Steve Gerlings
4Oro Valley Bicycle & DC21laps
Cory J Foster
Clifton "buffalo Soldier" Redig
Paul T Carbone
Christina Carbone
Chad Kasmar
Mark Fuller
Riley Post
5Fly'n Naked Apes21laps
Dan Mellady
Ed Erler
Pat Mellady
Tim Mellady
Steve Haider
Mike Mellady
6Swing Links19laps
Andy Waterman
Yannick Oven
James Juang
Joris Birnie
Lou Mazzante
ghost ghost
7Hammer Time19laps
Lane Mondeau
Craig Keane
Jeremy Cox
Mike Mazura
Ryan Mazura
Bear Simonson
Brian Fox
8Pistolas De Deserto19laps
John Cento
Erik Bakken
Allen Sacra
Dan Bithell
Jonathan J. Gompf
Cam Welander
Ywane Klix
Alex Paterson
9Polka Dot Speedos18laps
Pierre Burton
Benjamin Lacoste
Adam Newman
Brad Titzer
Mitchell Scott
Chris Mandell
10Serious Visuals / Team Cirrus18laps
Brandon Blair
Matt Toliver
Eric Fairfield
Donna Fairfield
Mike Miller
James Mandolini
Chris Carls
David Krieger
David Midel
Daniel Lust
Cj Kaufman, Jr.
Jeramy Bohne
Andrew Rogers
Todd Keller
Mike Tatusko
Brandon Fadden
Don Peters
Justin Keller
Mike Sadonsky
Matt Sadowsky
122 White Trash, 1 Jap and 3 Beaners walk into a bar18laps
Hillary Mathis
Carlos Resto
Alejandro Gonzales
Alex Gonzalez
Nathan Goldsmith
Robert Neifert
13Beyond Bread18laps
Shelby Collier
R. Hill Johnson
Brian Montgomery
Scott Mulay
Bill Van Hook
Michael Piech
Michael Lopez
14The CrankArmStrongs17laps
Sean Hall
Greg Stack
Josh Dean
Ryan Young
Chris Laird
Terry Parham
Bryan Huot
David Dreyer
John Cherrey
Scott Dillard
15Wheels of the Kingdom17laps
Duane Brown
Julia Brown
John Mount
Todd Rasmussen
Kaleb Rasmussen
Nik Johnson
Andrew Simboy
Zachary Rasor
Jacob Wilkinson
Luke Perry
16Vensure Vigilantes17laps
Tom Lindsay
Dan Lonetti
Jason Dolence
David Mckenna
David Lindsay
Oleg Muravoyov
17Niner ProGold16laps
Dejay Birtch
Bruce Dickman
Kenny Gensel
Chris Sulai
Kelly Mack
Frank Orello
Larry Dunham
Paul Pena
Christopher James Vincent
Rebecca Gross
18Team Tool16laps
John Maciulla
Jason Rice
Douglas Culpepper
Joe Vaskovic
Keith Hubbard
Jason Culpepper
Kris Hanning
Danielle Culpepper
19Tolero Mountain Racing16laps
Kerry Zuber
Lawrence Knight
James Jones
Jamie Graves
Dustin Rollins
Kris Haws
Chad Agredano
20Pivot Hooligans16laps
Daniel Limburg
Mikko Raty
Cindy Cocalis
Ian Moore
Grant Kruft
Josh Baker
Bill Kibler
Matt Mayoros
Stanton Kibler
21CBC Team16laps
Brian Vance
Jim Nixon
Evan Pilling
Evan Stevens
Bert Ehrmann
Brandon Bell
Greg Schuster
Franco Chimienti
Joe Cook
Jeff Handy
22Canyon Vista R/C15laps
Jason Lopez
Brian Lopez
Richard Lopez
Danny Levitt Jr.
Ralph Jordan
James hohl
Carin Eldridge
Conor Eldridge
Zach Orman
Deborah Oslik
Josh Smith
Matthew Voss
Ian Farquhar
Corey Mccroskey
Dan Aul
Kurt Vine
Dave Ruby
Troy Gielish
Kenda Lenseigne
Scott Carnahan
Paddy White
25Poop Flingers15laps
Hiram-jesus "jessie" Cruz
Don Stapleton
Lionel Duarte
Tony Espinosa
Brandon Johnson
Gilbert Carrillo
Hector Cruz
Jacob Noel Talavera
Ramon Diaz De Leon
26TDC of Arizona15laps
Stephanie A. Johnson
Chris Whetten
Howard Dow
Dustin Olayvar
Ryan Richardson
Kevin Raba
Micheal A. Sandford
27Mountain Movers15laps
Dave Leedy
Cody Stearns
Brandon Bond
Charlie Gerhardt
Michael Maier
28Ridin Dirty14laps
Dave Lindsey
Topher Bentley
Bob Powell
Kyle Ackerley
Matteo Ghiotto
Sean Watkins
Lee Middleton
29Bokonon, and so on.14laps
Dave Newman
Barry Brown
Eric Naughton
Ryan Doak
John Vanuk
Scott Maxwell
Gary Desselle
Steven Shoemaker
Will Neese
Craig Cannizzaro
Ross Teske
Roger Knapp
Karl Mason
Nathan Hattala
31Fat Spatula14laps
David Fay
Tom Partridge
Tracy Nuttall
Bruce Shoemaker
Evan Shoemaker
Matt Packard
David Sadort
Tim Martin
Brett Stanton
Corey Arvizu
32UMC Emergency Medicine13laps
Nicola Baker
Slaten Bickford
Cody Van Haren
Tim Hanson
Sara Bush
Josh Ennis
Aaron Stitz
Grant Roper
Nic Hawbaker
33Fair Wheels Rules13laps
Adrian Schmacher
Rachel Alter
Bruce Parks
Curtis Gunn
Paul Johnson
Rick Volk
Ralph Phillips
Jeff Bradley
Bob Marken
Kevin Kaplan
34Chilly Sacks13laps
Chris Workman
Jim Munson
Chris Davila
Joe Chitester
Heath Brown
Nick Averaino
Joseph Lee
Tim Mobley
Greg Bloss
Keith Checca
Chris Genau
Renae Moomjian
Ian Macfarlane
36Bottoms Up!11laps
Octavio Real
Anne Thames-real
Drew Palmer
Joyce Palmer
Eric Preiss
Kurt Constenius
William Schaffer
Karl Bohn
Aaron Thornburg
Eric Sredzinski
Rhys Fleig
Ted Kiracofe
Josh Zollinger
Andy Hayt
David Tang
Nathaniel Woiwode
Jim Ghys
Ryan Sanchez
Jeff Rhody
Rick Gray
Jose "odes" Acuna
Geoff West
Matt Frye
David Capaccio
Mike Fleishman
Paul Correa
Clariza Clark
Andy Green
Tom Green
John Stoughton
40Copperhead is Good10laps
Justin Bailes
Joshua Abbott
Jeff Wilson
Nathan Sprankles
Ron Tornberg
41Willow Springs Ranch Hands8laps
Stacey Weaks
Bridget Weaks
Kevin Tarbox
Bryce Dallman
Ajay Madhvani
Michael Laatsch
Josh Puntenney
Erik Menten
Joseph Gamboa
Chad Simpson
Jimmy Gamboa
Ernesto Melendez
Aaron Pratt
Rene Valenzuela
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