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Wahoo creates custom Elemnt Roam computers for charity

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Wahoo Elemnt Roam Leave It On The Road

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam LIOTR collection (Image credit: Wahoo)
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Wahoo Elemnt Roam Leave It On The Road

Limited to just 15 computers, all follow the same design but no two computers are the same (Image credit: Wahoo)
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Wahoo Elemnt Roam Leave It On The Road

The computers are available via auction, from which, proceeds will go to the ACGT Foundation (Image credit: Wahoo)

Wahoo Fitness has created a collection of 15 custom-designed Elemnt Roam cycling computers in collaboration with Leave It On The Road, a non-profit organisation based out of Portland, Oregon, whose simple mission is to 'Ride Bikes. End Cancer.'

The computers are currently available via auction on eBay, and according to Leave It On The Road, every penny from the purchase prices will be donated to the ACGT (Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy) Foundation, a charity that specialises in cancer cell and gene therapy research and trials. 

Despite all of the designs following a similar brief, none of the 15 computers is exactly alike, meaning each auction winner will be receiving a truly unique edition of what is one of the best cycling computers on the market. The colours on offer range from bright yellows to pastel pinks, with a range of blues, purples and greys between. All come with a two-tone blend from front to rear, with the traditional Wahoo branding featuring in the usual places. 

The auctions all began at the Elemnt Roam's standard retail price of $379.99, and with three days remaining, each computer has already had at least one bid. The lowest current price sits at $394.99, with the most sought after colourway being the high-saturation yellow-to-orange fade, which has had 11 bids and sits at $660.00. 

In addition, as part of Giving Tuesday, the annual day of charity that occurs on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and thus the Black Friday weekend of sales, Wahoo will be donating five per cent of all of Tuesday's sales on (up to a max of $5000).

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