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Vandenbroucke "inactive" in light of court hearing

Frank Vandenbroucke has been placed on the "inactive list" by his team Mitsubishi-Jartazi, after the Belgian rider was linked to a cocaine investigation. "After mutual consideration between the management of the Mitsubishi-Jartazi cycling team, the sponsors of the team, Frank Vandenbroucke and Paul De Geyter, manager and representative of Frank Vandenbroucke, it was agreed to place the named rider on the inactive list. This is in anticipation of further and clearer information on a possible judicial study of this person," the team announced on its website.

The Belgian media reported on Wednesday that Vandenbroucke's name had arisen as a customer in an investigation of gang drug dealers. "VDB" is alleged to have purchased a small amount of cocaine for his personal use earlier this year.

"Frank Vandenbroucke has indeed been called in a drug case", said prosecutor Marie-Christine Durieu to the Belga news agency. "As a minor customer, he is just one on a long list. But he has the misfortune that his name is Frank Vandenbroucke."

Vandenbroucke had been in Italy and was scheduled to return to Belgium Wednesday. The Belgian had not yet been questioned by the court. "But his file is being investigated. It seems very probable that he will be questioned," his attorney, Johnny Maeschalk said.