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USA Cycling reintroduces radio ban

Jonathan Vaughters

Jonathan Vaughters (Image credit: Beth Seliga)

Just over a week after it lifted a radio ban for the National Racing Calendar (NRC) and national championship events, USA Cycling has today reversed its decision.

When USA Cycling made the decision to reintroduce radio contact between teams and their riders, board of directors president Bill Peterson said: "We have spent considerable time discussing this issue with many experienced racers, team managers and race organizers; we have yet to find anyone make a convincing case to eliminate race radios. Therefore we are allowing radios within the races we control, and I suspect many countries around the world will follow our lead."

The UCI objected strongly to the decision, sending a letter of reprimand to USA Cycling. Just what was in the letter is not known however. Given today’s decision, it was enough to sway opinion over the controversial issue.

"After consultation with the UCI, it is apparent that allowing race radios in domestic NRC races would negatively impact the UCI-registered teams and riders who would no longer be allowed to compete in these events," explained Peterson via statement a press statement.

"The absence of UCI registered teams and riders would have a highly detrimental impact, not only on the team sponsors, but also on the hard working NRC promoters and the sponsors and communities who support these races."

Steve Johnson, USA Cycling CEO added: "While we remain convinced of the value of race radios with regard to their potential for increased safety for riders and spectators... we will respect the UCI's request to continue the ban of race radios in national calendar races and national championships."