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Tour of Austria's third stage endangered by rock fall

Grossglockner 3-D map

Grossglockner 3-D map (Image credit: RCS Sport)

The Tour of Austria is at a loss as to how to carry out its third stage, as a massive rock fall has blocked the only road between Salzburg and the East Tyrol. The road is not expected to re-open until the fall and even the planned bypass will be opened too late for the stage, which is to be held on July 2.

"Race officials are in constant contact with local officials and unfortunately the situation has deteriorated,” race director Ursula Riha said in a press release. “Right now we have a huge problem, as we don't know how we will come to East Tyrol and the finish of the third stage in Matrei.

“We need not only a Plan B, but also a Plan C and D, because also the Großglockner could be closed due to the current weather conditions.”

The Großglockner climb is scheduled for the second, third  and fourth stages, “but what will we do when the weather continues to be so crazy and there is snow? The Felbertauern Road was also supposed to be the alternate route for the fourth stage, if the Großglockner is not open.

“We are working all out on a solution and hope to find one by the time the race starts!”